This is a work of fiction

Cheating on a sick and rich man is never a good idea. You never know how you are going to be punished for it.

My employer Alex, has a personal harem of 4 women.

Yeah, you read that right.

4 women between the age of 23 – 32.

You can’t call them mistress because Alex is not married.

He’s just a successful businessman who knows how to enjoy himself.

What’s so special about Alex then ?

He has money, of course he can afford to have all the girls he wants.

He just needs to keep throwing money at them.

Keep them as sugarbabes or something.

As long as there is money, women would spread their legs at you isn’t it?

This is how the world works right ?

No. You’re wrong.

Alex is rich alright. He owns multiple properties and a few lucrative businesses which I help manage.

As for the women that Alex keeps, they are not there for the money.

How do I know that?

All 4 of them hold full time jobs in companies not associated with Alex’s business.

They make their own keep. They earn their own money.

Sometimes they buy gifts for Alex, sometimes they splurge on staycation, on holidays.

With their own money.

I must repeat that.

With their own money.

Mindblowing isn’t it ?

Alex is generous with his money, I know. I help manage them.

And he has never used the temptation of money on these 4 girls before.

Not ever.

No promises of properties, or holidays, of allowance. Nothing.

No promise of a future. Nothing.

Aside from the occasional meals, movies and gifts like all dating couples do, Alex never threw money at them.

I haven even come to the best part.

All 4 of them knew each other exists.

Yes. No shit.

The 4 girls get along with each other as if they were close sisters.

Close sisters sharing the same man.

From my perspective, I knew there must be some sort of secret.

Black magic.

Vodoo or something.

Maybe some magic drug.

If not, how is this possible in modern society?

4 women, with absolutely no relations to one another, agreeing to be with the same man.

The man that promised them nothing.

It’s intriguing no matter how I look at it.

I decided to ask my boss about it and he laughed.

Alex : There are no secret voodoo James… hahaha…. Just treat them well ….respect them…. And they will come…. And remember, if you need to buy them with money, they will never be yours… haha..

If only it were that easy.

Anyway, Alex is turning 45 and he wants to leave a legacy.

He wants to have kids without the commitment of marriage and the bondage of a legal document that favoured only the women.

I was at the same table when Alex broached the subject of having a child with each of the 4 girls seated around the table.

The child can take the mother’s surname, it’s ok. All of them will raise the kids together.

As a family.

Each of the kids will get their own property held in trust until they turn 21.

All expenses incurred with bringing the child up, will be taken care of by Alex.

This includes helpers, childcare fees, everything.

If they want to study overseas ? Done.

They want to do so locally ? done.

Money is not an issue.

The only condition that comes with this is that all the 4 girls must remained employed and continue earning their own keep.

Alex : I find women with a career attractive…. And should you be stuck at home taking care of kids 24/7, I might find your level of attractiveness diminish… hahaha….

One of the girls threw a half eaten potato at Alex and rolled her eyes at him.

Alex : I hope all of you will consider my offer….

Arial : No need to consider Alex… I will do it….

I could not believe it. The youngest of the lot. Arial, at only 23, agrees to bear Alex’s child just like this. At 23 ?

Brenda spoke next, raising her glass to the rest of the table.

Brenda : To motherhood then….haha…

At 26, Brenda was the hottest among the lot. She is also the one I always masturbate to. If I have the chance to have a girlfriend, I want her to look just like Brenda.

She is that hot babe walking confidently down the promenade in Marina bay in tight figure hugging dress. The one that looks the best in high heels.

Casmine : Well….. I can’t possibly say no… when the younger sisters have said yes right… hahah…

The oldest of the lot at 32, Casmine is that hot milf in tight office wear that you would love to bang in the office.

She may be past 30 but she looks as youthful and vibrant as a fresh graduate.

32 is not old, but among the 4 of them, she is the eldest and most matured of the lot.

The kind of conversation topics Alex discuss with Casmine is of a different level.

Dawn : what can I say…. I can’t possibly be left out of this can i…. hahah…

Dawn is 25 and the latest addition to the Harem.

She may be new but she is that bubbly girl that is guaranteed to spice up every gathering. Spontaneous and loud, Dawn has this infectious laughter that is guaranteed to draw you into the laugh with her.

Dawn’s breast must be the smallest of the lot. A modest A cup but she has never been shy to talk about it. At times, she would deliberately pushed up her breast in an attempt to level the field with her so call sisters in a funny way.

I like Dawn. She’s corny and funny.

There is also this charm about small chested girls that appeals to me personally.

Alex laughed and everyone’s glasses touched, toasting to the unanimous decision to carry Alex’s seed.

Alex : James… join us… where your glass… ahahah…

James:  Oh… ok… ok…

We toasted and enjoyed the sumptuous dinner.

As I ate, I could not help but envy my boss as I thought about the scene when he gets to have sex with all 4 beautiful women, creaming them and leaving his seed inside their fertile womb.

After the girls left for the day, I settled down with my boss by the pool of his massive bungalow.

He lit a cigar and asked me to take a seat.

Alex : James… are you tired… ? can you stay for a chat before you knock off for the day….

James : Not at all… I can stay as long as you want me to….

I took a seat by the deck chair as I inhaled the sweet scent of the cigar.

Alex : There is something I want to tell you….

James : Yes… ?

Alex puffed on his cigar and turned to me.

Alex : I want my girls to be pregnant.

James : hmm.. ok…

And then he dropped the bomb on me, causing me to nearly fall of the chair.

Alex : but there’s a small problem…..2 of them are cheating on me….

James : what… ?

Alex nodded and said he is not angry.

He understands perfectly.

The girls are young and he’s already an old man.

James : If they are cheating on you, why would they agree to have a child with you ?

Alex laughed.

Alex : cheating is cheating James…. this is a different matter…. Women will stay with the man that will give their child and offspring the best chance of survival in this world…. And I am that man… ahhaha

I laughed.

James : who…. Who are the 2 cheating on you… ?

Alex took a puff of his cigar and told me it’s Arial and Brenda.

Alex : They have been seeing a couple of guys on and off and they are sexually active…..

James : But….but…. why… ?

Alex told me he hired a private detective to follow the girls for a while.

Alex : It’s nothing more than a fling for them… they craved that excitement….things eventually will get bored….

James : I see….

Alex : I want to have a child with Arial and Brenda regardless…..but….

James : But what… ?

Alex : as a punishment…….. I want them to carry your seed…..

I stared dumfounded at my boss, unsure if he was joking or just fucking around with me.

He was not kidding.

He was serious about it.

He took another puff of his cigar before adding.

Alex : And i don’t want them to know the child they are carrying…. Is not mine….

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