This is a work of fiction

James wakes up in a strange room, and he needs to make a series of stranger decision to save his own skin.

I am a lecturer in one of the top Junior college in the country.

I love to teach and of course, the amount of eye candies in their school uniforms is something I look forward to everyday when I go to work.

Putting on a decent front and trying to remain like a true gentlemen, deep inside, I am the polar opposite.

It took everything I could to control myself when faced with my students.

Especially the pretty ones that is coming of age.

It’s like looking at a fruit ripening on a tree, dangling right in front of you yet you cannot take a bite.

I kid you not but I have to masturbate myself everyday after work. I would pick a particular student, think of her dressing. Visualise every detail of her blouse, how it was tucked into her tight skirt. At what length did the hem of her skirt terminate above her knee.

The colour of her sneakers, her socks. Were there stains on those sneakers that I would love to lick it off ?

Her windbreaker, or pullover, proudly adorned with the school’s name and insignia.

I would imagine her carrying her bag, with her pullover draped over her arm, hair tied up in a pony tail as she looked at me with those seductive eyes.

I would end up shouting and grunting in the toilet as I pictured myself removing every article of clothing from my student before proceeding to give her an orgasm she would never forget.

We would cum together with her looking at her lecturer in disbelief as her fertile womb gets flooded with my semen.

Alas, these are just fantasies.

Fantasy scenarios I play out in my mind after work.

I would never risk my career and life doing something like that.

This is too extreme.

While sleeping with my students is out of the question, I allowed myself the indulgence of taking photos of them.


It started with harmless pictures of them doing their work, talking to classmates, having their meals.

Then one day, I accidentally caught an upskirt picture of a particular student.

That flash of pink underneath her school uniform flicked a switch inside my head.

I started taking upskirt pictures of my students.

It became like a game, a game with quest I need to fulfil.

Not only do I want the upskirt picture, I want a clear face and full body picture to go with it.

With a variety of secret spy cameras and some self-modifications to off the rack action cameras, I built up a massive collection.

Massive is the word.

As long as she is a looker, with a good body I would love to make love to, the student would end up as my target.

Within 3 years, I built up almost a terabyte of footage, pictures and sometimes if I’m lucky, their clothes. Yes I would steal their clothes, their sanitary pad and when there are gym lessons, I would steal their panty too.

I’m sick.

I know it but it was the only way for me to control myself.

To continue putting up a decent front as a lecturer in my day job.

Then something happened.

I remembered it being a usual school day and I remembered driving to school.

I’m not sure what happened after I parked my car but when I woke up, I was in a sealed room. The walls are bare concrete on 3 sides and on one side, there’s a large mirror spanning across the entire length one metre off the ground.

My head was spinning.

I tried to move only to realise my hands were locked within this metal case. What remained was only a metal stump connected to a chain on the ground.

There was a student of mine on the floor near me.


She was unconscious and in her school uniforms. Her bag and her windbreaker were placed neatly by the door.

I yanked at the chain that held my hands and I screamed.


“ Nelly!, Nelly are you ok ?” I called out to Nelly as my hands rattled the chain that made me lose the use of my fingers.

Suddenly, there was the sound of static in the room.

Then a gruff and low voice started talking to me.

“ James, I want to play a game with you. “ The voice said as I shouted at him to let me go.

“ Who the fuck are you? Is this a sick joke? I’m going to call the cops on you ! “ I shouted as I turned towards each of the wall in the room the size of a badminton court.

The voice ignored my threats and went on;

“You are a sick man and I know of the videos and pictures you took of your students. “

I froze as I stared at the speaker in disbelief.

It’s impossible.

“ I have unlocked your computer and unless you complete this game in time, all of your videos and pictures will be uploaded into the internet “

“ Your students will know who took their pictures, their videos.”

“They will hate you, they will sue you, and you can kiss your teaching job goodbye and spend your days in jail”

I wanted to speak but nothing came out of my mouth.

The numbers 05.00 appeared on the mirror as the voice continued speaking.

“ You can choose not to play my game, at the end of the 5 minutes, the door would open and you are free to go.”

“However, all your files will be uploaded onto the internet.”

“There is one way, to stop the upload. All you need to do, is open that door and leave this room before the timer reaches zero.”

I yanked at the chain which held the metal stump over my hands and I tried my best to break them.

“ The key to unlocking that chain, is inside your student Nelly.”

“what..?” I mouthed in disbelief

“The key is inside her vagina.” The voice said without emotion like Nelly was a piece of meat.

Just when I thought this could not get worse, the voice went on to tell me the consequences of me taking that key.

“ Getting that key, would meant you need to remove your student’s clothes without the use of your hand. Nelly is unconscious but she will be waking up soon.”

“If you are caught in the act of sexually assaulting her for the key, you are done.”

“If you choose not to do anything, the videos and pictures you took will end up on the internet.”

I shouted and I yanked the chain that is attached to the ground and kicked the lock but it held fast.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this to me !!” I shouted in anguish

The voice replied just when I thought I saw Nelly stirred on the ground.

“My name is Karma, and I know what you have done.”

“Make your choice James, play the game, or choose to do nothing. The choice is yours.”

The speaker went silent and I saw the timer on the glass mirror started it’s countdown.

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