This is a work of fiction

A predator will never give up the chance to pounce on a weak prey.

This is something that happened to me many years ago.

Till this day, sometimes I still could not believe I did what I did.

I was lucky, I got away with doing what many men wanted to do.

Vivian is my wife’s best friend since Primary school.

I’m talking 20 years of friendship right there off the bat.

2 decades.

When I knew my wife Claire during work, Vivian has always made a regular appearance during our dates.

I didn’t mind her tagging along for our movie dates and meals.

Vivian knew when to excuse herself. She’s a head turner both in terms of her beauty and her figure.

I like her the moment I was introduced to her.

You see, Vivian has that really decent and demure look.

She is very gentle and thoughtful.

The kind of girl that men would queue up just to bring her home to show their parents. The kind that would never cheat on their partner. Her voice is so soothing, if I could pay for someone to read bedtime stories to me when I was a kid, I would choose Vivian’s voice.

Honestly, if I was not attached to my wife Claire, I would go after Vivian.

Vivian eventually got attached 3 years after Claire and I did.

She doesn’t join us as frequently on our dates and outings after that but the lot of us still meet up at least once a month.

Her boyfriend Tom however, isn’t a fan of double dates so he hardly joins us.

Even when he did, he hardly spoke.

Not exactly a very sociable kind of guy I would say.

Vivian is a conservative dresser even though I could tell she has a great body.

She’s not the kind to show off too much skin for attention.

Not too much legs, not too much breast.

Vivian has all the social media accounts but she seldom log in or update them.

According to her, she feels that it didn’t make much sense to her why she needed to upload pictures of herself onto the internet just so people can give her a like or a heart.

She knows she looks good. That all that matters.

Tom proposed to Vivian 6 months earlier than I did, causing me to incur the wrath of my wife.

By then , I had been dating my wife for 4.5 years while Vivian and Tom were together for 1.5 years.

I did not propose because I succumbed to pressure, I was actually saving up for the ring and the downpayment to our new place. I would have settled for a HDB flat, but Claire wanted a condo.

Anyway, all of us got married. We bought our houses and we started a new phase of our lives together.

1 year into marriage lives and things started to go wrong for Vivian.

She suspect that Tom is cheating on her.

I was sipping my coffee as I listened intently to Vivian and my wife talk.

Needless to say, I was dragged into the conversation with comments like ;

“ men are all pigs “

“ they all want the same thing “

“ They think with their dicks…. “

As the 2 girls talked, I looked at Vivian.

She is so fucking hot and beautiful. She looked like the kind that will obediently do whatever you want her to do in the bedroom.

If I could do her just once, I would probably die a happy man.

What the fuck is Tom thinking cheating on her ?

I mean where else can you find such a sweet looking girl like Vivian ?

The once a month meetup soon became a weekly meeting on Saturday mornings at my place.

This went on for a couple of months when one Saturday morning, I opened the door to see Vivian crying while dragging a bag full of clothes.

James : Oh my god Vivian… are you ok… ?

My wife ran out of the room with her toothbrush still in her mouth and the 2 girls shared a hug.

I left them alone and prepared breakfast.

Tom finally spilled the beans and he admitted.

He admitted he did cheat but he did not love the women. It was just a moment of impulse.

He wanted another chance with Vivian.

What an asshole.

Vivian showed me the picture of the girl Tom was sleeping with and I almost vomited out my breakfast.

What the fuck did he see in that 1.5m tall girl that weighs almost 70kg, I would never know. I thought it was a joke until Vivian showed me photos of them together.

Photos she downloaded off Tom’s email.

By the time Vivian stopped crying and calmed down enough to wash up, it was already lunch time.

The 3 of us went out for lunch and at the café, we asked what her plans are.

Vivian : My parents don’t know about this yet…. I don’t want them to know until I’ve decided what to do…

Claire : What is there to decide… ?!!! leave him…!!! You deserve better !!!! that guy is a fucking asshole…. !!!

Vivian : It’s not that easy… i… I still love him and I know he still loves me…

Claire : Please don’t tell me you are thinking of giving him another chance… I will fucking cut off James cock and stuff it down his throat if he ever cheats on me…

My eyes widened as I looked at my wife. I quietly ate my pasta and drank my coffee. A man must know when to act dumb and keep his mouth shut.

This is one of those times.

Vivian revealed that she had booked an Airbnb online for a month.

Vivian : I just need some time to think… to be alone… sobzz…

Claire : what Airbnb… don’t waste your money… come stay with us… we have 2 spare rooms for god sake….

My ears lit up at the thought of Vivian moving in with us but she declined.

Vivian : No… I don’t want to… I want some time alone to think….besides… I don’t want to intrude…

Despite my wife’s repeated pleas, Vivian’s mind is set. She took a month off work too. It will be good for her to have time alone to get to know herself and come to terms with what she really want in this marriage.

As we ate, Vivian asked if we could spare some time to go back with her.

She wants to grab some stuff and she don’t want to have to face Tom alone.

Of course my wife and I agreed.

Just as we were about to finish polishing off our desserts, my in laws called. My father in law sprained his ankle and they wanted my wife to accompany them to the doctor.

I volunteered to go to my in laws of course so the 2 girls can go sort out the stuff at Vivian’s place but my wife suggested otherwise.

Claire : No.. no… I think I better go to my parents…. James… you take Vivian’s car and help her with her stuff….. and if Tom is there… you can fucking give him a piece of your mind too…. I’ll take our car over to my parents…. We meet again later in the evening for dinner….

Everyone agreed and honestly at this point, I wasn’t reading too much into this arrangement.

I drove Vivian to her place and Tom was not around. I waited for her to pack her things and helped her with 2 more suitcases of stuff down to the car.

Vivian : Sorry for taking up your weekend James….

James : Don’t worry about it….i’ve got nothing to do anyway….

Vivian : Claire is so lucky to have you….

I smiled and we proceeded to the Airbnb studio that Vivian booked in a condo on the outskirts of town.

We moved the stuff up to the small studio that is sparsely furnished. It only had a bed, a dining table for 2 and a small sofa.

Perhaps it’s the emptiness of the space and how foreign it felt to Vivian.

It affected her.

That place just felt so cold and empty.

Vivian started to cry again.

I went to the couch beside her and I gently squeezed her shoulder.

James : Hey… Vivian….

She looked at me and asked if she could borrow my shoulder for a while.

Of course I agreed.

Leaning against my shoulder, Vivian sobbed and cried. I put my hand around her shoulder and stroked her arm gently, trying to get her to calm down.

At this point, I swear I still did not have any indecent thoughts about Vivian.

Then I felt Vivian put her arms around me as she screamed and sob in her empty studio.

I felt a strange sensation coursing through my body when I felt the tender breast of my wife’s best friend press against me.

I started to get an erection.

The naughty thoughts I’ve accumulated over the years towards Vivian started to surface in my head.

Vivian  : Why…. Why James.. ? Why did he do it… ?  sobzz.. sobz….

I could smell Vivian’s hair. Her scent made my erection harder.

I knew I shouldn’t do it but I can’t control myself.

In front of me is a weak woman seeking for comfort and security.

I happen to be able to provide that.

My hand started to move slowly on it’s own.

Initially I was just patting her on her back, near her shoulder blade. I find myself slowly moving down towards where her bra straps is.

Vivian suddenly realised what I was doing and she pulled away.

She looked at me in disbelief. I could tell she is not angry or anything. Just disbelief.

Disbelief that I was trying to take advantage of her at her weakest moment.

I can’t help it.

I’m a predator. I have always been one.

A meat eater. There’s one piece of meat right in front of me.

And when you are one like me, you can smell a prey a mile away.

I didn’t want to give Vivian enough time to think.

It’s a risk I want to take. One that I am confident to take.

I pulled her close to me and I kissed her.

She’s weak and hurt.

This is her moment.

The moment when she needed someone strong, someone dependable. Someone familiar to her.

I will be that someone.

Our lips touched and lingered for more than 5 seconds before she pulled herself away.

Vivian : what …. What…are you doing James !! we cannot do this… !

To me, this is good news.

Why good news ?

She didn’t slap me.

She didn’t storm off. She didn’t scream and throw a fit.

She’s confused and helpless.

Like I said.

She’s at her weakest point in life and to a predator, that just smells ripe for the picking.

James : Vivian…. You are so beautiful…. And sweet…. And kind…i… I cannot imagine any reason why….. Tom would ever do that to you….

Vivian remained in shock and I quickly followed up with more to mess with her head.

James : If Tom does this to you…..and expect you to forgive him….. why can’t you do the same to him… ?

I pulled Vivian towards me and she avoided me but I forced her mouth towards me by pulled her neck close.

We kissed against and I could feel her resistance slowly wearing down.

Vivian pulled back and shook her head.

Vivian : no… no matter what…. i… I can’t… I can’t do this…. Sobzz…sobzz…

I could smell the flesh by then.

The time for me to move in for the kill.

I didn’t kiss Vivian again and instead, I gave her a hug.

She didn’t pull away. I hugged her and I let her cry on my shoulder.

James : don’t do it for revenge Vivian…. Just always remember…. You yourself….need to be happy…. That is all that matters…. You… I want you to be happy….

I slowly pulled back and I wiped the tears from her cheek with my thumb.

That confused look.

That speechless expression.

The lost and helpless wife of a cheating husband.

My hands touched her thighs and I was stroking her slowly.

She looked like she wanted to speak but she can’t.

She’s trying to fight it.

To fight the temptation.

It’s no use.

Vivian did not know it yet, but she has already lost the fight.

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