This is a work of fiction

During a guys trip to thailand, James realised his friends like his wife on a level that made him uncomfortable.

Especially when they fought to hire a sex worker that bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife

An all guys trip to Bangkok disguised as a work trip.

I’m sure you could pretty much tell what we are up to.

Ray, Ben and i do this once a year.

We’re all married and without kids. The 3 of us would use the pretext of going on a work trip to get away from the wives and enjoy ourselves for a few days.

There’s no need for coordinated flight schedule and meeting at the airport. We’re all adults.

There’s no need to wait here and there for each other at the airport, we would meet straight in Thailand instead.

From there, we would link up, go eat, have massages and of course, go have fun in one of those mega houses. One where you get to pick the girl you want from a large stage like fish tank.

It was like any other trip, we have a smoke outside the house, go in for a ice cold beer on the sofa while we marvelled at the girls on the stage trying to seduce us with their body and eyes.

The pimp would come along, explaining to us the different tiers of pricing for different girls. They have different number tags in different colours on their clothes.

We just need to pick the one we like, pay for it and the rest pretty much follows.

The room comes with a large tub and the girl would shower with you naked. She gives you a good rub down, soap you up like a baby while cleaning and playing with your dick and balls.

It’s heaven.

Especially for married men like us.

A little treat we give ourselves once a year.

After the bath, you proceed to do the dirty on the bed. Get your tension released and you come out feeling refreshed and ready to play your role of a faithful husband once again.

Ray, Ben and i were talking among ourselves as we shortlisted a few girls that caught out eyes. We were talking softly when we saw a new batch of girls walking in.

They had just arrived for work.

Ray was the first to see her and he dropped his beer.

He literally jumped and got up as if he were ready to bolt.

Ben was the next to react and their reactions were so violent that even the pimp had a shock.

I looked at where they were looking at and my heart skipped several beat.

One of the arrivals just sat down on the first row. Looking every bit radiant and sweet, she crossed her legs and smiled at the lot of us as we stared at her with our mouths apart.

Ray : bloody hell…. my balls shrank bro…

Ben : What the fuck man…. i really thought we were fucked….

I watched in disbelief at the girl who was still smiling at us.

She looked like my wife.

She bears such a resemblance that even i as the husband, got to admit, that she’s almost 90% similar to my wife Fiona.

The pimp saw our obvious interest in that girl and gestured her over.

When she stood up, we realised she’s a bit shorter than Fiona but other than that, her profile is really close.

Pimp : This is Noy…. her first week… very pretty….. model… Noy is model…. 7000 baht….

Noy has a small tattoo on her ankle and she smiled shyly as she turned and spoke to her friends.

James : I don’t fucking believe this….

As if seeing a close replica of my wife while trying to pay for sex is not enough, i watched in horror as my 2 close friends started fighting for Noy.

Ben : I want her bro..

Ray : I want her too…. i saw her first….

Ben : you don’t cheebye can or not…. everytime also i give in to you…

Ray : dude… chill man… we take turns la… or fuck… we pay for her to leave and stay overnight with us…. !!

I cut into the conversation because the 2 of them were talking as if i was not there.

James : What the fuck man… you cannot be serious about this…. !

Ray : Which part… ? the part of having her overnight…. ?

Ben : Or the part of getting her….. ?

James : bloody hell… what have you all been thinking when you look at Fiona !

Ben : bro.. we’re all men leh.. hahaha

Ray : don’t you think the same of our wives too ? you fucker…

What Ray said was true, i can’t refute that but this.

This feels weird.

My friends arguing to book a whore that looks like my wife ?

They are practically fighting over her.

The other girls were practically laughing at Ben and Ray as they fought over Noy.

Eventually the pimp offered us a solution.

A massive VIP room, we get 3 girls, and we all do it in the same room.

We’re free to switch around and the cost covers the time with 3 girls for a total of 3 hours. We can all take our time with the girls and sort out who goes first on our own inside.

Pimp : good deal ? …. good deal boss ?

Ben and Ray were already nodding their head

And before long, all eyes were on me, including the girl that bears a uncanny resemblance to my wife.

Ben : On la James… i pay for you !

James : Fuck off… i can pay for myself..

I was still trying to make up my mind when Noy came over and tugged my arm, bringing the weird deja vu feeling up a notch. She looks so much like Fiona.

Noy : ok ? …. together… ?

Noy gave me a wide smile and tried to recommend some of her friends to us.

My 2 buddies were literally aching to remove their clothes and i relented and went ahead.

As we paid up at the counter, i thought to myself.

I always knew my friends were wanking off to my wife’s picture because she is so pretty and hot. Now i would probably get to see what really goes on in their head when they have fun with Noy.

The lot of us started walking to the room after picking the other girls and Noy came over to me.

Noy : Your friend say….. i look like your wife…. can i see picture na ? hahah

I took out my phone and showed it to Noy.

Noy : wow… so pretty…. you naughty boy… hahah.

James : look like you.. ?

Noy took a close look at my wife’s picture and she could not believe her own eyes.

She covered her mouth and spoke in Thai, trying to zoom the photo to take a closer look at Fiona.

When she finally snapped out of her daze and amazement, Noy chuckled and replied in heavily accented English

Noy : yes… very close… very very close…. My god……95% maybe… your wife more beautiful…..

She mumbled in her native language again as she asked if I have other pictures of my wife on my phone.

James: Of course….

I let her scroll through a couple of images and Noy kept commenting that Fiona is pretty.

Noy : Very pretty….. your wife…. Very hot na…. you…. Lucky husband…she very pretty….

Before I could bask in proudness having netted myself a good catch, Noy added in broken English.

Noy : your friends…… haha… later you see….. your friend sure think do naughty things to your wife…. … they cannot….. so later…. they do to me…

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