I’m sure you noticed it too but you can’t talk about it.

Not to your spouse, or your girlfriend.

Perhaps not even to your friends or colleagues for fear of sounding like a pervert.

As everyone mask up, the shorts people wear are getting shorter.

I see it whenever i head out to grab groceries, or to buy food.

More and more girls are doing it.

Since the pandemic started, i noticed a lot more girls wearing shorts that exposes more of their buttcheeks. Their choice of shorts bring out their legs and bums perfectly, drawing the eyes of passing men.

How short should your shorts be before it’s termed an underwear ?

Some shorts are simply too soft, too translucent and too short to be worn outdoors.

I’ve seen a neighbor who usually dress conservatively go out in shorts so skimpy, i wondered if she is aware how short those shorts are. Even the young babe working part time at the ice cream stall i frequent suddenly appeared in a pair of short denim shorts so tight, i worry for her modesty when she bents over to get my cream.

I meant ice cream.

She’s usually in pants or she wears a skirt of modest length. My latest 3 visits to the same shop sees her wearing different pair of shorts that could barely cover her buttcheeks.

Yes, 3 out of 3 visits. That’s a 100% short shorts wearing rate.

As research for this piece, i visited that place 3 days in a row, chowing down a few thousand calories of ice cream so i could discreetly observe this girl in question.

After she’s done serving the only customer visiting in the afternoon, she would lean back against the table behind the ice cream display and fiddle with her phone.

My eyes did laps up and down her creamy white legs as i scooped spoonfuls of cold Rum & Rasin flavored gelato into my mouth. Many times i was tempted to walk up to her and ask about her choice of shorts but i’m afraid she would slap me.

It’s her right to wear what she wants.

And i cannot complain that she is showing off more of her creamy white legs. She seemed more comfortable too, not just with the pair of short shorts, but also with her choice of top that could hardly contain her love pillows.

*I’m not sharing the shop location*

Head into the supermarket and you can see the hot milfs and young mothers. Strolling down the aisle with their mask and skimpy shorts. Eye contact would be made, they know.

They know you are looking at their short shorts and their legs. I could feel the wave of satisfaction coursing through their body as they realised what you just done.

You looked at her, her body, her legs. And in that moment, something triggered in your mind, you find her desirable, you think she’s hot, and just before you could think about ‘ what if ‘ , reality drags you back down to earth as she walks past you.

Her face is covered, you don’t know her. You only saw her eyes. Chances are you would not meet her again. As your thoughts lingered on that pair of long legs as you shop for your groceries, your eyes began to wander in search for another pair of great legs.

Another hot babe wearing a pair of shorts that is too tight, too short.

Nothing wrong about that right ? As much as it is her right to wear what she wants, we too have the right to see what we want.

Over and over, this weird erotic dance of visual mating ritual play out as you shop in the supermarket.

She dresses to impress while your eyes appreciates the baring of flesh.

The magical moment here happens right after that critical junction. That point after you enjoyed the visual treat of the woman’s body and when you make eye contact.

The satisfaction goes both way. A visual treat for the men, and the look of acknowledgement from the women saying ” i know you are looking at me, but i’m masked up, you don’t know who am i , haha “

In the men’s mind it would go something like this ; ” I enjoyed looking at your legs, you are hot and my eyes probably lingered too long on you but hey, i’m wearing a mask, you don’t know who am i , haha “

This phenomenon has been spreading like wild fire since the circuit breaker measure started. With their faces covered up, women are changing they way the attract men.

A beautiful face no longer attract the same amount of attention.

You need to up the stakes.

Even when masked up, people craved attention. No one is interested in the hair legs of men, this is why we don’t wear shorts so tight that it constricts our testicles and movements.

For women though, it’s another thing altogether.

A nice pair of well maintained legs will not only draw the eyes of men, it will also invite the envy of other women.

Therefore, when they choose to show off their legs, and body, it’s meant as much for other women too.

Like a proud peacock proclaiming ” look, i have it….. do you ? ”

It draws ire as well as attention. How many times have you seen women trading visual barbs with their eyes judging each other on their choice of clothes ?

While we men view with innocent pleasure and glee, it’s nothing short of war for women.

These are my personal observations, and in order to proof they are right, i have to share it with someone to see if they too, notice the change in dressing among the general population.

Who better to share this observation with than my best friend, my partner in life, mother of my kids, my wife ?

I know i run the risk of sleeping on the couch for a week but that itch to proof my theory was worth the risk.

There’s nothing wrong with just looking.

I’m sure she too noticed the change in the length in shorts when we go out. She’s open enough for a discussion of this nature.

I chose a Friday night. It’s the time we usually chill after the kids are asleep over wine, beer and Netflix.

I volunteered to put the kids to bed and my wife will go across the road to grab some beer and junk food.

After the little devils are off to lala land, i mentally rehearse how to put across the topic for discussion without sounding like a pervert uncle. aka BTSS, aka 变态叔叔.

A serious discussion between husband and wife every now and then is important for a marriage.

I powered up my laptop and logged in to Netflix while waiting for my wife to come back.

I heard the beeped of electronic lock and when i turned to see my wife masked up with a bag of grocery in her hand, instead of asking her the question i prepared, i blurted out something else altogether.

James : What ?… you went out in your underwear… ??

Wife : don’t be a dick…. it’s a pair of shorts…..

James : What if the neighbours see you in that… ?

Wife : I’m wearing a mask Duh….where’s the wine opener… ?


James S