This is a work of fiction

Another old piece of work from way back in 2012

The call came on that rainy tuesday afternoon when i was in the middle of doing my staff’s annual appraisal. I almost choked on my coffee when i hear the unmistakable nasal voice of my class rep back in my poly days.

Gerald was the most ‘on’ person in our class then, always the one to volunteer to print and bind notes. I wasn’t close with him, more of a hi-bye kinda friendship.

I was a little lost for words as it’s been 11years since i graduated from poly, I definitely wasn’t expecting a call from anyone since i didn’t keep really in touch with the class. Exchanged a couple of season greetings on Friendster, multiply and recently facebook, that’s all. 

I was too polite to say no to Gerald as well as he sounded really excited to be talking to me. I could only nod my head as i answered a couple of questions and jot down his contact details and address.

2 weeks later, I found myself pulling out of the ECP, heading towards the class rep’s house for the class get together.

I wound up the car window as i threw away the cigarette butt and turned into sennett road, taking in the large bungalows that flanked both sides of my car.

I looked in awe and envy as i saw the bright lights that lid up a small garden with a A2 poster of our graduating class photo. Gerald’s house is huge.

How many of us could afford to have a place to stay without sharing walls with your neighbours.

I parked my 4 year old mark x which i got it at a steal before the car prices went crazy behind a cream coloured Nissan march and checked my hair before getting out. I could smell the fragrant bbq meat and my ears caught a couple of familiar laughter and shrieks as I approached the entrance.

I heard my name being called, almost to the point of a shout as I looked towards the gathering of people by the small garden. 

‘Gary ! My god, haha, you still look the same ‘ 

I smiled as I opened up my arms and gave my then gf during poly days a hug. 
Cindy put on a little weight, from what I saw on her online pictures, she’s already a mother of 2. It felt a little surreal knowing that the girl I fucked back in school is now a mother and wife to another man. It took me a while to put the image of her riding me after our final examinations away.

Turning to my left, I shook Gerald’s hand and we exchanged some words before I moved along the line, catching up with the rest of the class. 

There is James, my counterstrike kahki back in school days, we used to have a nick that was known throughout the entire katong shopping centre. We left our mark in every lan shop, we knew all the owners, we almost got a membership from the uncle that sold western food in that mall. He delivered food to me and James while we were hard at work, bringing down the terrorist. Those were the days when you can easily get bootleg copies of games, software and art films.

We shook hands and hugged, asking how each of us are doing. 

Moving towards the food, I smiled at Peiqi, the girl I had a fling with when she was attached. It brought back a smile to my face as I recalled the blowjob I’ve gotten from her in the school’s toilet. She returned my smiled before shaking my hand, asking me how I’ve been. 

By the time I got to the food, I’ve spoken to almost everyone that turned up. 

I helped myself to the chicken wings and I felt a tap on my shoulder, turning around, I was pleasantly surprised. 

It was Karen. 

Her hands were a little wet, probably just visited the bathroom. She was drying them with a napkin as she smiled and asked me how have I been. 


I remembered the first day she walked into the lecture hall, she silenced the class. 
Everyones’ eyes were on her. 

I would be lying if I said I didn’t harbor thoughts about her. 

The thing is, Karen is unlike the girls I’ve usually dated. 
She is the model student. So gentle, always so graceful. Her face is framed by her specs which gave her a look of that I can only describe as class. 

You can be rich, but you can’t buy class. 

She doesn’t club, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink. She played tennis, volunteered in a orphanage, went on overseas volunteer trips. 

She had an air of excellence and elegance around her, always so friendly, always so helpful.

The geeks dare not approach her. 

The wannabes know she is too good for them and stayed away. 

The most eligible guys in the faculty could only manage a smile and a greeting.

Even the players were wary, fearful of what the rejection will do to their reputation.

Karen is off limits, that was the unspoken rule, because simply no one in the course believed anyone was good enough for her. 

Karen sat down with me and we briefly caught up with each other’s life and career. My mind wandered as she went on describing her work in a healthcare environment. How many times have I made out with my gfs and Karen flashes into my mind. 

I nodded in agreement to a few comments Karen made as i visually appraised her. She looked good for a 31 year old. Karen had on a light grey work blouse and a waist high black skirt. Her heels lifted her up to my height of 1.7.Her lips looked lush and glossy, I’m not sure whether it’s the oil from the bbq food or she just applied lip gloss. Her hair was let down and I saw a few wet spots on her top and skirt. 

Tearing my eyes away from her legs as she sat down across me, I updated her on my life, my work, the overseas stint. It took all my self-control not to let my eyes drift to her body parts, I maintained eye contact as we chatted. 

Everytime she uncrossed and crossed her leg, I fought back a primal urge to grab them and have her there and then. Sometimes guys will term girls as cock teasers, but Karen is not one of them.
She brushed back her hair as she leaned closer, genuinely interested with what I’m saying. 

Just then, Gerald brought over to the table a fresh batch of sausages he grilled, offering anyone who would accept a second helping. I could sense he did not plan to keep these bbq for his weekend. 

Karen and I took one each for our plate and continued chatting. 

I was telling Karen about my wedding when I saw her wrap the sausage with a napkin and brought it to her mouth. My mind started to wander as I watched she closed her lips around the tip of the sausage. 

Karen bit down on the sausage only to spit it out immediately as the hot cheese within squirted out, staining the sides of her mouth, greasing the edge of her glasses and some landed on her blouse. As she happened to be facing me, the bit off portion landed on my lap, settling near my groin. 

I felt a sudden surge of erection as I watch Karen faced down, waving air into her mouth as a mixture of saliva and cheese dripped onto the grass turfing below. 

As she looked up and saw the piece that landed where it land, she laughed and apologized. 

Karen : haha, my god, I’m so sorry. 

I smiled and replied with a wink. 

Gary : Seems like you need a little guidance on what to do when presented with a sausage.

Shaking her head and removing her glasses to clean it, Karen smiled and replied. 

Karen :Same old Gary…  Brushing off the sausage from my lap, i stood up and went to chat with a couple of other colleagues as i eyeballed Karen into house. 

I deliberately hanged around the powder room area so as to make sure i caught her as her came out. 

Her shirt has a rather big wet patch, the darken colour stood out rather obviously against her lgiht grey blouse. 

I approached Karen and gave her a cheecky smile. 

Gary : You look a little miserable. 

Karen : Yes, i know. No need for you to remind me. I’m just gonna change out. 

Gary : You brought clothes ? to this bbq ? 

Karen : I was at the gym before this, will just change out of this top, the wet patch is uncomfortable. 

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders

Gary : I beg to differ Karen, most girls tell me their wet patch is quite comfortable. 

She rolled her eyes and brushed pass me. I watched Karen walked off towards the driveway. Lo and behold, she went to the creamed coloured nissan march. 

I saw her looked left and right before i realised i must have parked really close to her car. It was not deliberate on my part, the boot of my car is sticking out on to the driveway, i had to shift it in as far as i could go. 

Karen headed back into the compound ans started asking around if the mark x belonged to anyone of us. 

When i stepped out and raised my hand, Karen shooked her head and folded her hands again. 

Karen : Great… Gary… Why did you have to park so close ? 

Gary : hey hey, calm down, i didn;t hit your car. 

Karen : Can you shift it a little, i want to grab something from my boot.

As i approached my car, the sky opened up and started to drizzle. Quickly scrambling in, i reveresed my ride a little, leaving room for Karen. I saw a mad dash for shelter as my classmates covered up food, bringing whatever they can into the house. 

I was covered in damp spots by the time i got back to the house. 

Gary : there, done. 

Karen was looking at the rain falling from the sky before giving me a look that was self explainatory. 

She smiled and only opened her mouth for one word. 

‘ Please ‘ 

She just passed me he car keys before explaining she has a sports bag in her boot. Just bring the whole thing out. 

Gerald offered to bring an umbrella up from the basement but i took a quick look at the sky, it’s still a heavy drizzle, i declined and made a dash to Karen’s car instead. 

The rain got a little heavier as i reached Karen’s car. Opening the boot, i realised, there is no sports bag, what i saw instead was a tennis bag. It’s huge and it’s freaking heavy. 

Seeing no other choice, i lugged the whole bag out and brought it towards the house. 

By the time i got there, i was drenched. 

I entered the house, welcomed by a crowd of cheering classmates. 

Comments flooded the room, ‘ wow, macho man’ , ‘si bei sexy ar Gary’ , the most sacarstic comment of all came from my ex, Cindy. 

‘ Do you have a new prey my dear ? why are you so nice to Karen ? ‘

That drew a few laughter as but i just shrugged and smile. 

Karen smiled and opened the bag to reveal another smaller bag together with tennis rackets, balls, shoe bags and the likes. 

Karen : Thanks Gary. 

As she disappeared back into the powder room, a couple of my classmates chirped in. 

‘ Give it up lar Gary , she’s taken liao ‘ 

‘ She is still out of your reach bro, forget it ‘ 

I gave another shrug as Gerald passed me a towel for me to dry myself. 

The rain got heavier and we piled into the living room, chatting as a group and bitching on our old lecturers. 

I saw Karen joined us in a simple white polo T. 

The night went on and at 11.30pm, the rain let up and everyone started making their way out. 

I went to the powder room to relieve myself before making the small beeline to shake my host’s hand, thanking him for organising this gathering. 

Waiting for me at the entrance i saw Karen smiling at me. 

She looked a little weird wearing work skirt and a white polo T. She dangled the heels on her 2 fingers as she went about barefooted on the wet turfing.
Without a word, she pointed to the big bag by the door and smiled. 

I shook my head and just as i was exiting the door, i heard Gerald called out behind me. 

Gerald : Good luck bro, btw, don;t forget you are married. 

Lifting up the bag, i walked with Karen to her car. 

I waved a series of ‘byes’ to the rest of the cars existing the small road as i help Karen put the bag into the boot. 

I was expecting a thank you hug, a kiss perhaps, but that was just my wishful thinking. 

Karen gave me a thumbs up and said thanks. 

I saw her slipped into her car and fired up her engine. Making a 3 point turn, she stopped beside me and wind down her window. 

Karen : Thanks Gary, sorry bout the pants. 

Gary : No problem at all. When will you be free ? let’s have a coffee or something. 

Karen : No thank you Gary, haha. Coffee didn’t ended well for the rest of the other girls you dated . Don’t deny. 

I burst out laughing and asked what made her say that. 

Karen : What do you think we were talking about before you arrive Gary. 

Her next comment wiped my smile off my face. 

Karen : Stay away Gary, haha, i know i’m the only girl left in the class you didn’t get one way or another. 

I watched the tail light of her car disappear as she exited the private road. 

I didn’t think much about the incident with Karen, in fact i didn’t harbour much hope of bumping into her again. 

I was busy with work, dealing with staff issues and department budgeting, it’s a headache when you have 2 staff vying for a position in the company. Both of them are equally eligible given their experience and qualification, the hard part is i know for sure the losing candidate will leave the company for sure. 

I tried to put the decision off as long as i can but i knew i had to make a decision soon. 

I was heading to grab a quick lunch at subway when i caught a familiar sight. 

Karen was sitting inside the cafe having lunch. 
Her lunch partner was one of the contender for the post in the company. Pete. 

I walked pass deliberetely by the side of the glazing and pete gave me a wave. Karen was a little surprise to see me but made no mention of anything. 

Pete : Hey Gary. 

Gary : Hey, your wife ar ? never introduce ? 

Pete made an introduction and what surprised me was Karen made no mention of her knowing me and that i’m her old classmate. 

She nodded a simple acknowledge and i excused myself, leaving them to lunch. 

Pete was actually my favour choice, now that Karen is his wife, this might actually get interesting. What i couldn;t figure out was why Karen did not want to acknowledge that she knew me. 

When i left my office at 9pm that evening. i got an sms from a number i did not recognise. 

9******** : Hey , did not realise you are Pete’s boss…  Pete is 2 years my junior in terms of age, i know for sure he is rather driven and he knows what he wants. I work well with him and we get along fairly well. He is a rather private person for all i know, but he does his job well. 

I replied Karen’s message out of courtesy, saying that it’s a small world and the likes. 

I am a good superior, and i’m pretty sure Pete has sang my praises in front of Karen, i literally ‘rescued’ him from another department and he has never stopped expressing his gratefulness to me. 

Karen asked for my email, ending the sms conversation with a ‘ keep in touch’ 

Honestly, when i made my final decision to promote Pete 4 days later, Karen was left out of the equation. It was based purely on Pete’s merit and performance. 

I got a grateful email from Karen, thanking me, saying that Pete was thrilled with the promotion. She ended with a PS ” hope it was not because of me ” 

I replied her mail with no evil intention, purely as a practical joke.

‘ Of course it’s about you, everything is about you ‘ 

I added a tongue sticking out smiley for good measure too. 

I did not get a reply from Karen . 

1 week later i sent Pete to shanghai for 3 days. 

On the 2nd day, Karen smsed me, offering to buy me lunch to thank me for promoting her husband. 

I replied ‘ Anyone can buy me lunch, i would prefer if you would cook me lunch ‘ 

Karen’s sms reply was equally haughty ‘ You have someone call a ‘wife’ to cook you lunch ‘ 

I smiled to myself as i drained the last of my coffee. 

I hit the dial button and I heard the sweet voice of Karen on the phone. 

Karen : Yeah ?

Gary : Dinner ? 

She hesitated for a while before asking where. 

I told her it’s a secret , i’ll pick her up from her office. 
She declined and said she’ll meet me at the restaurant instead. She’s driving anyway. 

Gary : How about 7pm, robertson quay ? 

Karen : No. 8pm ? i want to hit the gym first. 

Gary : Is it just me, or you seem to be saying no to everything i suggest. haha

Karen : Gary, girls who say yes to you never had a good ending. haha. See you later. 

Gary : Well, i’m pretty sure they had a happy ending. 

Karen : Very cheeky… now go work and give my husband another promotion. talk later. 

Hanging up the phone, i went over to Pete’s desk. 
Usually i’ll do my usual ransacking of my female staff’s desk, checking out their stuff , i never imagined i will be doing this to a male staff. 

I pretended to look for some documents and i sat down at Pete’s seat to flip through some files. Hardly anyone paid me much attention. I’m the head of department afterall. 

Pete’s desk is neat, stationaries are well organised. 

I took up his organiser and gave it a few flips, its a treasure trove of information. 

Together with his usualy work schedule and meetings,Karen’s birthday, their anniversary, his plans for the month were all listed on the little black book. 

I opened a couple of unlocked drawers, some unlabelled keys, shoes, books, sketches, nothing of interest. 

I found a picture of Pete and Karen at the bottom of the drawer. 

Then i saw a printed e-ticket of a trip to penang. 
1 week from now. 

I pocketed everything and made a copy of it in my room before returning everything to it’s original location. 

I plotted out Pete’s life for the next few months onto an excel sheet, overlaying work commitments with his private life. 

Suddenly i saw limitless possibility, i felt so much in control. This is like playing a game. 

The possibilities that can be achieved with these information is limitless.

I saved all the information into my hardrive as i thought about my dinner with Karen. 

The thought alone made me hungry.  I met Karen for dinner at wine connection at robertson quay. 

Nothing fancy, we shared a bottle of moscato and ordered some Tapas. 

She thanked me again for promoting Pete but i shrug it off. 
I went on to ask how did she meet Pete. 

And further more Pete is younger than her, what made her decide to marry him . Karen laughed, saying that i would never believe how they met. 

Karen : We met at a dating agency. 

My jaws dropped.

Gary : You got to be shitting me, you ? The ‘o’ so mighty and untouchable Karen going to a dating agency ? 

She laughed and threw a nacho at me, going on to explain that precisely because of that fact that she seemed so untouchable, no one dared to approach her. 

None of her male colleagues dared to even try. 

I looked at Karen as she pushed up her glasses and took a sip of wine. Her hair tied up in a bun with the few careless whisp plastered across her forehead. The singlet she is wearing did not serve well to hide the shape of her sports bra she is wearing. 

Her long slacks covered her legs but the lime green running shoes is an attention catcher given that we are seated by the corridor of the restaurant. 

I saw an expat entering the restaurant, his eyes caught by the glare of the neon lime green, screaming for attention. Tracing the owner’s legs up her slacks, his gaze settled on her toned body.

Karen’s relaxed gait fitted nicely into the low chair. 

She went on to explain that she had relatives trying to matchmake her every couple of months, laughing it off she commented that singaporean men are too timid sometimes. 

She attended a few social networking function, and the only people who approached her were caucasians, and as it’s if the ang mohs were casting some sort of witchery or spell, none of the local men dared to join in the conversation. 

Karen : How many times have i wished for someone to just come and save me from those relentless expats. I mean seriously, do i look like an spg to you ? lol 

I smiled and nodded as Karen went on talk about her meeting with Pete. I quietly topped up her wine, passed her a napkin whenever she needed one. 

I adjusted the plates whenever her wine glass decides to find a new place to settle. 

I caught the attention of the waiter whenever she wanted something. 

As we emptied the 2nd bottle of wine, I realised the only connection Pete had with Karen was that they played tennis. They started off as playing partners, eventually hooking up. 

Karen : So , what’s your story ? 

Gary :What do you mean ? 

Karen : I meant you are married too right, what’s the deal with your wife ? 

Gary : haha, what do you mean ? there is no deal. We met, we fell in love, we got married. Simple as that. 

Karen : Come on Gary, i know you won’t settle down that easily. There must be some story behind this. 

Gary : Well, to be honest, i was searching all around for you, but you seemed to have disappeared, so i settled for my wife. 

Karen drained her glass of wine before replying that if my wife were to hear that, she would be very upset. 

Karen : And, please don;t bother using any of those cheezy pickup lines on me Gary, i know you too well. 

Gary : Oh really, do you ? 

Karen :haha, yes. 

Gary : You’ll be surprised, statistics show at the cheesier the method, the easier you get the girl. 

Karen : lol, right, says who ? 

I shrugged my shoulders and just ended the conversation with a smile. I excused myself to the washroom and settled the bill. 

Karen : You have yet to reply me. 

Gary : about ? 

Karen : The statistic. 

Gary :Well, buy me lunch tomorrow and i’ll tell you about it . 

She seemed to be considering but she declined, saying that this will never end. Laughing at my poor attempt at asking her out again she added. 

Karen : My god, Gary, you can do better that that. 

I simply smiled as i raised my glass towards her. 

Gary : To old friends 

Karen : haha, i’m not old Gary. 

Gary : Apologies, you’ll always be the 20 year old that i had a crush on. 

I raised my glass higher and Karen met mine with a ‘clink’ 

Karen : Goosebumps Gary… Goosebumps.. 

Goosebumps it may be, but how do you explain the smile she tried to hide with the wineglass. 

Karen waved for the bill and i stood up. 

Karen : Hey, we are going dutch you cheapo, don’t think of leaving when i’m asking for the bill. 

I laughed and offered my hand to pull her out of the chair, like a dancer asking for a partner. 

The waiter arrived, raised his hand paml up towards me. 

” This gentlemen has paid the bill mdm ” 

Throwing her look back at my outstretch hand, Karen took it and pulled herself off the low chair. 

Karen : Not bad Gary, not bad at all. haha

I did not hold on to her hand like a pervert, instead i let go gently the moment i guided her towards the direction of the exit. 

I walked beside Karen towards her car parked by the side of the small road, 4 steps before the driver door, i widened my pace just as she unlocked the car with her remote as opened the door for her. 

Karen :Wow Gary . going all out har ? 

Gary : Expect nothing less from a gentlemen, didn;t you hear that guy just now ? I’m a gentlemen. 

She gave a girlish giggle and shook her head. 

I perched by the car door as Karen looked up after settling down into her seat. 

She was about to say something when i cut her short. 

Gary : You know Karen …. 

I removed the receipt for the dinner and wine. 

Gary : Since you mentioned you want to go dutch, here’s the receipt. 

I dropped it on her lap

Gary : That will be $52.65 , i’ll sms you my account details. 

Karen’s mouth opened in horror and disbelief. 

Karen : My god Gary ! . You’re amazing. haha. 

She crumched up the receipt and threw it at me. 

I retreated a step and smiled

Karen : I feel humiliated… haha. This is really want the money back ? 

Gary : Of course, i mean it. No offence, you wanted to go dutch. I’m not going to disrespect the lady. 

Karen : haha. fine whatever. 

She was about to close her car door when i added

Gary : Lunch tomorrow ? That’ll give you a chance to humiliate me. 

Karen closed her car door. 

The engined fired up and i saw her did a thumbs up and did a phone signal with her thumb and little finger through the side window. 

Lunch tomorrow it is.  Lunch was a simple affair at amoy food centre, We chatted, nothing of note happened. I suggested grabbing a coffee nearby and Karen agreed, on the condition i drop her off at beach road later, she did not drive as she wanted to avoid the ERP. 

We chatted as we walk, i shared with her my take on the market and she gave her perspective . Arriving at Scarlet hotel, i went to the bar and we took a comfortable couch seat. 

Karen is in a beige longsleeve blouse with 3/4 cropped pants. Her pumps matched the colour of the necklace and her earings. Settling down onto the couch, She fired her first salvo. 

Karen : So, you brought all the girls you know here ? 

Gary : haha , what do you take me for Karen ? 

Taking a sip of her coffee , she shrugged her shoulders.

Karen : I don’t know ? A player perhaps ? haha

Gary : That was back in school my dear.. I’m a down to earth man. 

She laughed that away as she raised her head, taking in the interior of the hotel. 

Gary : To answer your question, I only brought the girls i like here. 

Raising an eyebrow at me, Karen asked. 

Karen : and that will be ? 

She raised up 10 fingers at me. 

Reaching over , my right hand clasped around her left, closing all her fingers. Holding her hand , i slowly put down the rest of her fingers that were upright. 

Closing her pinky. 

I pushed down her thumb. 

I closed her nameless finger leaving her with 2. 

I stared deep into Karen’s eyes and said. 

Gary : All in all, i brought 2 girls here. 

Letting go of her left hand, i brought her 2 finger to my lips and kissed it. 

Gary : I married the 1st one. 

Pulling herself away from me, Karen shook her head and raised her hand, asking for the bill. I saw her smile as she turned towards the waiter. 

I let the moment pass, not wanting to bring it up, Our subsequent chat was professional, work, finances, life etc. 

I dropped Karen off at her office, waving a goodbye as i drive off. I saw her raise the 2 fingers i kept opened at me through the rear mirror. 

I just managed to catch her closing her index finger as she laughed and waved that at me. 

I smiled as i pulled away. 

I ended my day in the office with a message from Karen. 

Karen sms : You know Gary, what you did would have worked on little girls 

I did not offer a reply. 

I ordered a bouquet of flowers to be sent to Karen’s office. Attached a note that says ” from a little boy, to a little girl ” 

I got an sms reply ” Thanks little boy  ” 

Pete was back and we spent some time together discussing about his trip. He took the opportunity to tell me about his leave application. 

I okayed his 3 days leave, i already knew he will be going to Penang. 

Gary : Go ahead . i’ll cover for you in the meantime. 

I suggested lunch with Pete. 

As we were approaching the office entrance, my phone alarm rang and i pretended to answer my call. 

Gary : Ok sure. be right there. 

I made a show of touching my pocket for my keys before asking Pete. 

Gary : Hey Pete. Can i borrow the inventory key. I need to go check something. 

Pete : sure , here. 

Gary : Can you grab a seat first, i’ll be right over. 

Pete : You need me to go with you ? 

Gary : No i’m fine, help me get the chicken thigh hor fun. Be right behind you. 

I pocketed Pete’s keychain. 

Instead of heading towards the Horfun cafe at Maxwell house, i headed to the market. 

I duplicated a copy of Pete’s keys. 

Everyone of them. 

The hor fun is delicious  Retrieving Pete’s address is simple. 

I am a HOD afterall. 

I arranged for a site meeting which i had no intention of going on the day Pete and Karen is going to penang. 

There were a couple of email exchanges between me and Karen, but it didn;t lead to anywhere. We are after all just ‘ keeping in touch ‘ 

I made sure I covered all of Pete’s work, and to direct all the correspondence to me for the next few days. Wouldn’t want him to be disturbed on his holiday. 

Their flight is at 1pm. 

After making sure the flight took off as planned on my iphone app, i made my way to their place. 

I had no idea if they lived alone or they are bunking in with their parents/ in laws. It was a gamble. 

I turned into their estate in Chai Chee and i searched for their block. It’s directly beside the church and expressway. 

I strolled casually to the letter box and i got the right key at the first go. 

Taking a look around, i retrieved all the letters and flyers in the mail. 

I went back to my car , taking my time to look through. 


All the mail were addressed to both of them. Doesn’t seem to have any sign of anyone else staying with them. Still it pays to be careful. 

Dropping the rest of the mail into their box, i kept a singtel bill addressed to Karen. Just in case a neighbour spotted me loitering around, i could use it as an excuse that i’m just returning a letter. 

Taking the stairs up to the 4th floor, Pete and Karen’s unit is facing another within the core. Lucky for me, there’s lesser chance of being spotted. 

Turning to the neighbour’s door. i pressed the door bell. 
After a couple of rings followed by some knocking, i felt safe to proceed. 
I only hope there isn;t anyone peeping through the keyhole, refusing to open the door. 

I turned back to Pete and Karen’s unit and took a deep breath. 

I did not know what was going through my mind when i planned for all this. If i get caught, that’s it. I’m going to jail. I’m going to lose my job, my career, everything. 

For some strange and morbid reason, i felt en erection stiring. It felt weird. 

I feel myself getting aroused as i thought about the fact that i’m going to intrude into Karen’s private space. 

I matched the key to the padlock and i looked around once more. 

Sucking in a breath, i pushed the key in and twisted. 

The lock came loose, and my heart started thumping. 

Hundreds of thoughts rushed through my mind as i slowly undid it from the catch. I brought up a key marked ‘ union’ and tried the main door. 

A loud click. 

I pushed my thumb down the lever and the door opened. 

I kept it ajar. 

I didn;t dare to breath. 

My manhood is straining against my pants as i comtemplate my next course of action. 

Using my shoe, i pushed the door back , bit by bit. letting it open fully. 

I waited for a few more seconds just to be sure. 

Mustering up enough courage, i entered the 3 room flat. 
I closed the gate behind me followed by the main door. 

I’m in. 

My heart is still thumping. Sweat drenched through my work shirt as i took in the house interior. Simple decor, all the walls were painted white to make the space look bigger. 

Karen and Pete’s pictures filled the wall. I took extra care not to touch anything as i explored the flat. 

Everywhere seems neat and tidy, no mess. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Some juice, fruits, yougurt. 

I went to the bathroom.

Lingerie in the basket, some worn clothings here and there. 
I left them as they were. Not my cup of tea. 

I opened the storeroom, shoes, shoes, heels, more female than male.

I left the masterbed room for last.

Pushing open the door, i saw a large potriat of Karen and Pete on the wall. 
The bed was nicely made up, a couplf of towels hung on racks. 

Macbook, ipad on the table. 


It’s the car keys. 

That’s what i came for. 

I took Karen’s car keys off the hook by her dressing table. 

Locking up the place, i left Karen and Pete’s flat. 

Going to the carpark, i located Karen’s car. I stood a distance away and kept the remote in my pocket. Pressing the unlock button, i saw the headlights flashed, responing to my touch. 

I locked Karen’s car and i left the estate. 

I retrieved my car and went back to work. 

I made sure i left work on time, heading to my usual workshop and made a duplicate of the car remote. 

$125 well spent. 

I returned to Karen and Pete’s place the next day during lunch. 

Going through the same ritual of making sure the neighbours are not in, i entered their place again, putting the key back at the same spot. 

I dropped Karen’s singtel bill back into the mail. 

I went back to work. 

Now i can only wait. Bidding for my time.  One week after i’ve gotten Karen’s care keys. 
I remembered the day is 13th September 2011. 

I was busy with work and did not realise that the day just flew by outside my room. 

Massaging the ridge of my nose with my thumb and index finger, i was having a fit at having to go through all the grammer mistake my staff made for a report. My head did not rise until i heard a tap at the door. 

Looking up, i saw Pete. 

Pete : Wah, still here ? I’m going down to grab coffee. You need anything ? 

I reached for my coffee mug only to realise the bottom is caked with dried coffee stains. 

Gary : Yeah, get me a kopi-si. Thanks man. Why are you still here ?

Pete : Preparing some materials for a presentation tomorrow. 

I had a short chat with Pete about the work on his hands and at the back of my mind i concluded that he should be able to take a couple more. How do i pile him up with work without being too obvious to Karen ? 

I’ll need to think about it. 

Meanwhile i got back to the work i had. 

I stood up and stretched myself and realised it’s already 9pm. Looking out, the office is empty, only Pete’s terminal is on. 

I did a quick check around the office, even the washroom to make sure the place is empty, i even went to the elevator to check on the lift status. They’re both on the ground floor. 

I hurried to Pete’s desk. 

I saw his organiser, i gave it a few flips, he used the same coloured pen for his schedule, i can’t remember offhand if there are new entries. Checking his desktop, i realised his gmail is open .

I brought up the window and gave his mail a quick browse. 

Various tabs, groupons, deals, fundsupermart, some facebook notification.

Karen . 

I’m looking for mail from Karen . 

And there is one right on top

I opened it to see a flight itineary for Jetstar to Bkk.
It was a morning flight for tomorrow. 

Below the mail Karen wrote that she’ll be attending the Medical fair from 14-16th Sep at QSNCC. She’ll be staying at Whereever that is. 

I printed a copy of the mail including the hotel details that she will be staying and returned everything to it’s original state. 

Settling back into my chair, I started to think. 

Should i do it ? 

I will not give up a chance to spend some time alone with Karen in another country. The hardest part is letting her bump into me instead of me bumping into her. 

I decide to fuck it and go ahead. I booked the earliest flight i could to Bkk the next morning. I want to be there before her. 

Pete came back with the coffee and he went back to work. 

It was almost 11pm when i called Pete at his desk, telling him that i need his help with something. 

I explained that i had some personal issues that needs to be taken care of, i need to leave the country tomorrow morning, will be back in a couple of days. Some of my work he’ll need to cover for me while i’m gone. 

Nothing too tedious, mostly administrative matters, the rest can wait. 

I left the office with butterflies in my stomach. I did not know what i was doing anymore, is it the overpowering feeling of not having Karen that is driving me to this madness ? I can;t tell. 

I know i love a challenge. 

Everything i wanted, i will get it. No exception for Woman. 
I’m not a player. 

I want to be the predator. 

I packed light and told my wife that i will be travelling for work for a couple of days, she nodded and asked a couple of questions, reminded me to be careful and call her every night. 

I gave her a kiss and tuck her into bed. 

I was comtemplating what to put in my suitcase. Clothes, toiletries, my notebook and tablet.

I saw a box of condoms on my dressing stand and i packed it as well. 

I worked up the next morning , dressed up in slacks and a shirt. Did a quick brush of my hair and left the house. 

It felt weird getting an erection in midair thinking about Karen. 

I arrived in Bkk. 
This was only my 2nd time here, the last time i came with my army friends when we first ORD. 

I’m surprised at the amount of changes it had gone through. There were constructions everywhere. New towers, malls, hotels. 

I directed the cab to get me to Baiyoke bouqitue hotel.

I got to the hotel at 10am . 

I was the only guest checking in and was attended to by 2 staff. I told them that i’m here to join a group ( i didn;t know if it was a group of just Karen ) that belong to (****) for a medical conference, would be nice if they can arrange me to be on the same floor. 

The manager took a check and nodded, ‘ No problem ‘ 

I pretended to take out the wrong hotel voucher and passed him Karen’s one instead, before doing a loud ‘oops’. 

Gary :Sorry, that 1 my colleague, she will check in later. 

Passing him my voucher, he nodded as he keyed in some details and checked my passport. 

Manager : Sir, you room will be on the 4th floor, your colleagues will be on the rooms opposite you when they check in later. 

Gary : Thank you very much. 

Going up to my room, i stashed some money on me, threw on a cheap shirt and pants. I brought along a old camera. 

Karen’s flight landed 45 minutes after mine. She should be here anytime soon. 

I exited the hotel waving to the manager as i explored the immediate surrounding. 

I found what i was looking for. I ordered a coffee and sat opposite the hotel entrance. 

I can only wait…. for now.  

It was coming to 11am, the area is getting rather busy but the boutique seemed to be tuck in the backstreet, somewhat like a little sanctuary away from the buzz of the 2 tower baiyoke. 

Every cab that pulled over, my heart beat got faster.

It was coming to 12pm when i saw the familiar figure of Karen and another older lady dragging their luggage towards the Hotel. 

The cab driver must have alighted them at the wrong Baiyoke it seems. 

I exited the cafe quickly and went to the alley at the side. I bumped into the manager that checked me in and he was having a smoke in the alley. 

I waved a hi and joined him for a smoke. 

We chatted as the corner of my eye tracked Karen into the Hotel. I asked about the places to go to, where can i get good food. 

I even chatted about the conference i’m here to attend, that i’m the superior of the 2 ladies now that i know there are 2 of them, will be here to check on them and evaluate their performance and stuff. 

It’s pure bullshit. 

Even when i was fabraicating the story, it felt like bullshit.

Sometimes it’s just shit talk. 

I ended my smoke and made my way cautiously to the 4th floor on the stairs. 
Now is not the time to bump into Karen. 

I slid into my room just as one of the door opposite me opened. 
Peering through the hole, Karen is in the room opposite me. 

I saw them changed into formal work wear and went to the lift.

I waited for 10 more minutes before i left the room. 

They should be back so early, time to explore Bkk on my own for now. 
I checked my small backpack that i packed along. 

A plastic cup, a pen knife and a wiremesh scrunchie for scrubbing pots i brought from home. 

More waiting for me.  I couldn’t think of a smart way to find out what time Karen is coming back so i did it the only way i could 

I waited. 

It was a long wait. 

After exploring the surrounding areas, malls, i still have a few hours to kill. 

As the sky grew darker, i’m afraid i will miss her entering the hotel. 

At 8pm. i saw Karen and her colleague. 
They stopped at one of the roadside stalls, checking out a few things after alighting from the cab. 

I drained my 6th cup of coffee and left the cafe. 

Going back to the alley, i looked aoround to make sure no one is looking before removing my stuff from the backpack. 

Using the cup, i scoop up some of the smelly drain water and pour it over my left shoulder. I cut a notch and gave my left sleeve a good rip. 

Using the dishwashing scrunchie, i wrap it around my left forearm and rubbed it down, pulling it towards my palm giving myself a bloodied scratch. 

Throwing everything back into my bag and i felt the sting of the blood and open wound on my left hand. It looks bad but they are just surface scratches. Nothing that will kill me. 

I smash my old camera against the wall, cracking it.

I hid in the shadow, i drewed a couple of stares but no one said anything as they walked pass me. 

Karen and the friend left the stall and made their way towards the hotel. 

I left my hiding place and enter the hotel a few metres ahead of them 

My plight drew the attention of the doorman and he hurried towards me asking if i’m ok. 

I smiled and said i slipped back in the alley, but i’m fine. I think i smell quite bad and i drew quite a few stares from the other guest. 

I heard Karen’s voice behind me chatting with her colleague. Just as the doormen said he will go fetch the first aid box, i heard Karen’s voice again as she past by me and gave a loud. 

Karen : My god. Gary ?

I looked up , pretending to look in the direction of her voice and gave the best ‘ i am shock ‘ look before trying to blurt out a few words.

Gary : What are you doing here ? 

Karen : I should be asking you that…

Before i could reply, She intoduced me to her friend but we didn;t shake hands. 

Karen : Let me help you with that .. 

Karen helped me with my bag and camera just as the doorman came out with the first aid kit. 

The helpful side of Karen seem to take over as she told her friend to go on ahead, she’ll join her in a while. 

Half laughing and out of pity, Karen helped me to the lift after telling the doorman that we’ll return the first aid kit in a while. 

Karen : What are you doing in Bkk ? work ?

Gary : No, looking for a relative. Long story… don’t want to talk about it.. 

I must have looked really pitiful as she shooked her head and led me to her room. 

Karen :Here, Come in. 

I striked preemptively and said .

Gary : Are you stalking me ? I’m staying opposite you. 

Karen :Haha, you overestimate yourself Gary.. 

Gary : Come my room instead, don’t want to dirty yours.

She seemed to consider my suggestion and agreed. 

Entering my room, i went to wash up my wound and i removed my shirt. 

Half naked in a hotel room with Karen. Who would have thought. 

I went out topless and if Karen was impressed with anything, she didn;t let it show. She helped me clean the wound as i sat on the bed. 

Karen : You know Gary, i’ve never seen you in such a state before. haha. ALways so confident, always well dressed, haha.

I did not offer a reply just reached for my forehead with the back of my right hand. 

Karen saw what i did and followed suit. 

Karen : Are you running a fever ? 

Gary : Feeling a little unwell.. 

Karen : I’ve got some panadol in my room. Hold on. 

I forced myself to down a few big glups of water when Karen left my room, and i started digging the back of my throat. Right on que, i vomitted onto the bed, the floor, water and a mix of the coffee and sandwich i had earlier. 

When Karen re-entered the room again, she slap her hand to her forehead. 

Karen : Are you kidding Gary ? haha. Are you dying ? 

I feigned a pathatic look as i tried to get up to the bathroom. 

Karen : Take a shower Gary , you stink. 

She threw a towel at me before grabbing a toilet roll and bent down to clean up my mess. 

I had a quick shower before entering the room with only my towel wrapped around my waist. 

Karen helped herself to a bottle of water on the desk before passing em the same bottle and throwing me a tab of panadol. 

I drank from the same bottle, trying to taste her saliva, her mouth, her tongue. 

She was shaking her head at me with her hands at her waist.

Karen : You’re weak Gary, haha. 

I took a look at the bed, trying to find a clean spot to sleep on. 

Karen : Tell you what, get housekeeping to clean up the room. You can bunk with me. This place stinks. 

I was secretly on cloud nine but i did not let it show. 

Gary : You kidding ? Pete would freak out if he knew we shared rooms. 

Karen : Oh please Gary, normally you would have jumped at the chance. haha. 

I shrugged and accepted her offer. 

Karen help me over to her room and onto the queen size bed. 
I maintained a pathatic look on my face and closed my eyes immediately when my head hit the pillow. 

Karen : I know you are not asleep yet Gary, i’ve got a swiss army knife btw. I will stab you if you try anything. haha.. 

I gave a weak smile but did not offer a reply. 

I turned my back toward Karen and pretended to doze off, careful to keep exactly to the side of the bed, giving her more space. 

I heard her enter the bathroom and the shower came on. 

I could smell the fragrance of the soup Karen used when the bathroom door opened. I heard the hair dyer went buzzing as she dried her hair. 

I maintained my posture, with my back towards Karen . 

Then there was total silence.

I heard the dragging of a chair before i felt Karen’s leg tapping me on my chest. I opened to see her manicured feet nudging me. 

She had on her bathrobe, and she settled back into the armchair. 
She tore open a packet of chips and pushed up her specs. 

Karen : i’ve got questions. 

I adjusted myself and replied. 

Gary : Me too . 

Karen : But first, you jolly well put on something. you are not sleeping on this bed with only that towel on. 

I smiled and tried to get up before saying. 

Gary : Ermm.. i think i left everything in my room. Even the card key. 

Karen threw a chip at me which i grabbed and ate it. 

Karen : You sneaky bastard, did you plan all this, haha. In my room without your key. 

I rolled my eyes and tried to settle back onto the bed. 

Karen : Kidding. How’s the hand ? 

I nodded, saying it’s better. 

Karen : Don’t sleep first. i’ve got something to ask you. 

Gary : me too. 

Karen : Why are you here in thailand ? 

Gary : Looking for my brother-in-law. Family money issue. 

That seem to satisfy Karen as she did not probe further. 

Gary : What about you ? 

Karen : Work. 

Gary : can i ask you something.. Why didn;t you tell Pete we were classmates ? 

Karen seemed to be considering her answer before pouring the rest of the chips into her mouth. 

Karen : Goodnight Gary. 

She stood up and i saw her undid her bathrobe string. My heart stopped. 
It cannot be this easy. No way. 

Removing her bathrobe, i saw she was fully clothed inside in her pyjamas. A pair of shorts and a spag top. 

Throwing the robe at me , she gestured for me to put it on. 

I struggled to put on before removing the towel underneath. I had some difficulty trying the robe due to my injury and Karen stepped in. 

She stood a step away from me and i felt the stir of my erection building up. 

Her hands reached for the robe string and helped me to tie up. 

SHe did a butterfly before sealing it with a dead knot. 

Karen : Don’t even think Gary, don’t even think about it. 

WIth that she pushed me down on my butt onto the bed. 

I went to sleep with a smile on my face as i felt the matteress behind me depressed with Karen’s weight 

Small baby steps. 
I’m taking small baby steps.

I continue my wait  

I couldn;t sleep. 

My eyes were wide opened in the darkened room.
It’s not because of the fact that i’m lying beside Karen. 

It’s the 6 fucking cups of coffee. 

I turned myself to face Karen, trying to keep my movement small.
She’s lying face up, left hand on her abdomen and her right hand above her forehead. 

Her eyes were close, i couldn’t tell if she is asleep or pretending to be. 

My eyes traced the profile of her face, climbing up the ridge of her nose, the cleft of her lips. Her lips are shiny, lush, the small amount of light creeping in from the window lit up the bottom part of her chin. 

I saw her mouth relaxed and her lips parted a little. 

Her chest rose and fall in a fluid motion. The twin peaks seemed unconquerable, no other man had planted their flag on them except for Pete. 

My eyes were denied the rest of Karen’s body as they disappeared beneath the blanket. I felt my manhood awaken, signals rushing to my brain. 

I was about to perch myself up to get a better look at Karen when i felt the itch on my nose and i gave out a series of loud sneeze. 

Erk ceeese Erk ceeese ErkErk Erk Erk ceeese. 

The bed shook with each explusion of air and Karen turned towards me. 

We were now facing each other, her eyes wide opened. Staring blankly at mine. 

Gary : What ? I’m just sneezing.. i didn;t do anything. 

Karen was quiet, continuing her stare. 

A moment later, she asked. 

Karen : How did you and your wife meet ? 

I’m torn between fabricating up a story and telling her the truth. In the end i decided to tell her the truth. 

I could not remember how much time went by, eventually we drifted off to sleep in the midst of our conversation. 

I woke up to see a pair of eyes staring at me. 

Karen : Morning. 

Gary : Morning. What time is it ? 

Karen : 6.30 

Gary : Wow. you’re up so early ? 

Karen : Work. 

She kept to her mono syllabus reply but kept up her stare.

Karen : Were those stories about you true Gary ? 

Gary : What stories ? 

She rolled her eyes again. 

Karen : You know what i’m talking about. 

Gary : They are just rumours. 

Our eyes never left each other, i could see my reflection in her cornea.
Pushing herself up, she disappeared into the shower, but not before looking over her shoulders back at me. 

I hear the water running at the sink but she left the door open. 

I got up and walked slowly towards the bathroom. 

Karen is bent over the sink, brushing her teeth, her behind looked inviting. The tight perky butt of a woman. 

I’ve had my share of young girls, but to really taste the ripeness and maturity of a woman is the fortune of a select few. 

Karen saw my looking at her through the mirror but did not offer a reply. 

I advanced a few steps forward, my hands went apart, holding the door frame. I took another step, joining Karen in the bath room. She did not chase me out. Rinsing out the toothpaste, Karen replaced the glass cup onto the vanity top. 

I could see she had a look of defiance on her. It’s as if she refuse to admit that she is attracted to me one and other. I felt that there seemed to be some hint of an alpha mentality to this woman as well. 

She’s leaning back against the basin, looking at me. Waiting for me to make the first move, say the first word. 

I took another step towards her and i could smell the mint of her breath. 

I closed up the last step until our body almost touched, just a few more millimeters. Raising up my right  hand, my index finger formed a ‘c’ shape and i touched her nose. 

I felt a breath of air on my chin as Karen continued her stare at me, as if daring me to go further. 

Bringing my face slowly towards her forehead, my right hand went behind to support her neck, bringing her closer. I kiss Karen on the forehead and felt the slightest tremble in her body.

Gary :Thank you for helping me when i’m in such a pathatic state last night. 

She was silent, quiet, leaning against the basin. 

I offered my hand as i back stepped into the shower and she took it. 

Closing the shower stall, i could see the confusion and the dilemma Karen is going through. 

I did not want to give her time to think as my hand reached for the shower lever and let loose a torrent of cold water that eventually start to warm up around us. 

I saw the water soak through Karen’s clothes, bringing out the shape of her bra. Every trickle of water that disappeared into her cleavage converged into a larger tributary that made the bottom of her spag top look like a waterfall. 

I would have loved a blowjob right about now but it’s not the time. Karen is still confused, unsure. I believe in giving before accepting anyway. 

I lifted her chin and brought my mouth to hers. Tasting Karen’s mouth for the first time caused my erection to do a ten commandment parting of my bathrobe. My penis throbbing under the splatter of the shower.

I did not french for too long and i retreated. 

Karen’s eyes were still on me as i slowly lowered my self, getting on my knees.

I was gauging her reaction, waiting for her acceptance. 
My hands reached for the button of her shorts and undid the button. 

I was hesitant with the zip but i saw Karen took half a step closer to me and her hands went onto my hair. 

What is there to lose for her anyway ? You have a guy on his knees, his robe is still on. 

I lowered her pants, letting it drop to the floor.

I saw Karen’s manicured feet stepped out of the short, when my eyes rose up again, i was greeted with a  plain grey panty. The wetness of the shower giving her a cameltoe. 

Bringing my face towards her pelvis, i felt the extra nudge at the back of my head. My hands went behind Karen, feeling up her firm butt as i tilted my head sideways. 

My tongue parted the side seams of Karen’s panty and i saw the oasis beyond. I explored the nether region with my tongue, trying to feel my way around, get my bearings and orientation. Karen took the initiative and held aside her undies, giving me access to her privates. 

Cupping my mouth below, i allowed the water cascading down Karen’s body and her pussy to flow into my mouth. I drank them by the mouthfuls, wanting to taste the heavenly juice my goddess has granted for this particular moment. 

I used the bottom of my lip to brush up towards her swollen clit. Karen is unshaven, just the way i like it, au natural. Forming a pout on my lips, i cupped myself over her clitoris. 

Alternating between sucks and the probing of my tongue, i bobbed my head gently, sending shockwaves if electricity into Karen’s body. 

I was more worried about the bald patch that seems to be getting bigger at the top part of my hair than anything else, Karen seemd to be grabbing my hair pretty tight. 

I felt the encouraging nudge of her left hand behind my head and i licked her clitoris more eagerly. I gave up the tip of my tongue but used the middle , flatest portion as far as i could, pressing my warm tongue onto her eager privates. 

The roar of the shower in the small stall is deafening. I caught a couple of moans from Karen but i couldn;t be sure. 

I slithered my tongue near the entrance of her vagina, slipping in and pulling out quickly. 

Suddenly i felt Karen’s leg gave way for a moment and i held her steady.

Something came over her and she stopped the shower.
Karen seemed to be looking around for support when she decided to put her left leg over my shoulder. 

Cradling my head in her arms, she pressed my face towards her privates. 

I swirl up a mouthful of water and saliva, cupping my mouth over her clitoris, long strokes of tongue action followed. 

I heard the sharp intake of air that gave hint of her lost of control

The 2nd sharp suck of hair coupled with Karen pressing me harder towards her told me she is at the peak of her tolerance. 

I switched to quick flicking of my tongue and i heard the first moan escaped from Karen as her legs buckled downwards. Letting go of her undies, the hem of her panty snapped against my nose, pushing me away from her private for a brief moment.

Cupping myself back in, I sucked onto her throbbing clit through the wet panty, refusing to let go as Karen’s moan turned to a wheezing groan. 

Trying to push me away, i got a few sharp slaps across my head before her legs started kicking all over. 

Karen collasped into a heap on the bathroom floor as i felt a trickle of blood at the side of my lips. I tasted the irony taste as i wiped away the cut i got from Karen kneeing me against my cheek. 

Karen : I’m so sorry… I didn;t mean to. 

I collasped onto a heap beside Karen inside the shower stall. 

I could feel the aching muscles of my mouth and tongue throbbing in protest. 

As we both catch our breath in the bathroom, i mentally marked on my imaginary progress board. 

Skipping the check box for breast, i placed a mental tick on the box beside the vagina.

Breakfast never tasted so good before.  As we dried outselves, the moment we shared was of a awkward silence.

Karen did not know what to say, while my mouth is aching from the tongue action and the knee action which gave me a cut inside my cheek.

As she threw on her jacket, i saw her catching a quick glance at me before looking away. 

Slipping on her heels and putting on her lanyard for the medical conference, she stayed a awkward distance from me. 

I was nursing my wound in silence as i called the reception to send up housekeeping and to open up my room so i can get back in. 

After i hanged up, Karen called her roomate, telling her to meet at the hotel cafe for breakfast. 

The clock read 7.45am. 

It’s hard to imagine the woman in her pants suit in front of me right now was moments ago lying on the floor like a rag doll. 

Karen :Ermm. you want to go ? 

Gary : You want to make sure your colleague is not outside ?

Just then Karen’s phone rang.
Answering with a swipe of her hand, i heard went. 

Karen : Morning dear, how are you ?   As Karen chatted on the phone, she opened the door and peek out onto the corridor. 

I gave her a wave, signalling her to go ahead. She replied with a curt nod, pointed to the spare key in the power slot and closed the door behind her. 

I stretched myself back onto the bed, taking a moment to rest.

Hearing several loud knocks along the corridor, i figure it’s the reception coming up to open my room door. 

I wrap the towel around me and went out of the room half naked. 

I thanked the guy with a 100 baht tip and ask him to send housekeeping over right away. Retrieving my phone, i went back into Karen’s room. 

My guess is she must be feeling uncertain and maybe a bit confused as to what happened this morning. The moment was right and things just progressed. She should be sick with pangs of guilt right now as she talks to her husband on the phone realising that she just had her privates licked and serviced clean by another man. 

Today is not the day to push for progress after evaluating the circumstances so i decided to do some admin work instead. 

I went to Karen’s suitcase and opened it. 

First, i double checked the combination lock on her luggage and wrote down the pin in my phone. I opened up her toiletries bag and took a picture of the brands she used, the fragrance she prefer, the moisturisers that kept her skin smooth. 

I noted the date 15th of september again on my phone as i found 2 sanitary pads tuck away in a corner. Her menses should be coming soon. I did not taste any this morning, probably tomorrow might be the day.

I took a picture of the label of her bra size. 34b. Nothing great, but my estimate it should fill my hand quite nicely. They seemed pretty firm too. 

I documented the size of her underwear, her tops, her pants, her skirts. 

Satisfied that i covered everything, i closed her suitcase. 

Her shoebag. 
I noted her shoe size for her running shoes and a pair of flip flops.
Mentally noted that i will check her heel size if i get the chance. 

I did one last look around the room before sloting her card back into the power slot and closing the door behind me. 

Hosekeeping for my room was just about to begin when i left Karen’s room.
The house keeper did not look too please at the mess i left behind. The room stink as well. I gave a sincere apology, explained that i wasn’t feeling well and i gave the lady a 300 baht tip. 

That seemed to soften her up a little. 

I did not idle around in the room but i helped her with the bedsheet.
She was embarassed when i tooked the mop from her trolley to clean up the mess. 

Helping her arrange the toiletries coaxed a smile from her. 

I turned on my laptop and did some work, replying a couple of emails from Pete. 

I went to explore the city, i caught a movie at MBK, had a nice bbq lunch by myself. Did some simple shopping and went for a nice massage. 

By the time i caught a cab back to my hotel it’s coming to 7pm. 

I did not get any messages from Karen on my phone or email. My plan was to just leave her alone for the day, let her dwell on what just happened. 

I had a light dinner of street food as i browse the night market, i gave my wife a call , telling her everything is fine, Will be taking a morning flight back tomorrow. 


I found a street stall selling bbq stuff and i positioned myself downwind from the smoke. I loitered around for a while, letting the smoke smell settle on my body before ordering several sticks of bbq chicken parts, meat , and a bag of sticky rice.

Grabbing 2 bottles of beer Chang, i went back to the hotel. 


I pressed the bell on Karen’s door. 

She opened the door just a crack, peering at me behind the door. 

Karen : Yes ? What do you want ? 

I wanted to reply i needed another taste of your love juice but decided that was too crude. It’s still early in the poker game, i am not revealing my hand. 

I just held up the food and the 2 bottles of beer with the most innocent smile on my face i could without giving a reply. 

Taking a couple of seconds to consider while squinting her eyes into a small slit at me, Karen opened the door eventually. 

I dropped the food off on the table as i settled down onto the couch. 

Karen :Where did you go ? You stink of food. 

Gary : was walking around, doing stuff. 

She was peering through the plastic bags of food i brought as she reached for a bottle of beer. Choosing a stick, she bit and held on to the food with her mouth and went over to her bed. Reaching below the pillow, i saw her brought out a swiss army knife and she popped the cap off the beer, offering it to me. 

My eyes widen as i said.
Gary : My god, you are serious about the knife.

She just tilt her head and gave me a sweet smile.

We tuned in to HBO on the TV and watched Van Helsing. 

Karen’s clad in black slacks and another spag top. Hugging her knees, she sat on the bed, watching the show. 

I remained on my chair as i chewed on the junk food. 

No word was exchanged throughout the show, Karen just waved for another stick of meat occasionally before passing me the empty stick to throw away. 

We ended the show and i bagged up the trash. 

Standing up to go, i told Karen i’m flying back tomorrow morning. 

She nodded. 

I caught a glance of her heels by the door and she caught me looking at it. 
If she had anything to say, she did not let it show. 

I gave her a wam smile and said goodnight. 

Gary : Sweet dreams. 

Karen : You too Gary, You too. 

I closed the door behind me as i left the room. 

Not too bad.
At least she did not freak out or go psyco about the morning. 

I was about to head into the shower when my room phone rang. 

It’s Karen. 

Karen : Hey.. 

Gary : what’s sup ? 

There was a moment of hestitation before she began 

Karen : About what happened.. 

I did not give her a chance to finish her sentance but i cut her short with a laugh. 

Gary : Haha, Karen… nothing happened. 

Gary : Nothing at all. … 

That drew a short laugh from her as she replied. 

Karen : So we’re cool ? 

Gary : Cool ? It was rather cold actually, you did not offer me a towel. 

Karen : haha. go to hell Gary . 

Gary : I can’t.. angels like you are all in heaven Karen… 

Karen : Haha, nice try. 

Gary : Breakfast tomorrow ? 

She took another moment before replying.

Karen : Sure. How about 5.30am ? 

It took me a moment as i register the time in my head. The clock is already reading 1.45am. 

Gary : I don;t know, it’s a little early. I might oversleep. haha

Karen : Hmm.. oh well.. 

Gary : I’ve got an alarm in my room…. It plays nice music too. 

Karen : I’ve got a nicer one, comes attached with an itune playlist. 

We were silent for a while, none of us giving in. 

Gary : Fine, you win. 

Karen : haha. 

Gary : Let me grab a shower.

Karen : See you. 

The click on the phone told me the conversation is over. 

I was just finishing with my shower when the phone rang again. 

Karen :Hey.. 

Gary : Are you that impatient ? 

Karen : haha, i just want to tell you that you can have your rest. I just started to bleed if you know what i meant. 

I did not reply but just hang up the phone. 
Walking across to Karen’s room, i pressed the bell. 

She had a frown on her face, presumbly from me hanging up on her, she looked like she’s going to throw a heel at me any moment. 

Gary : I just want to tell you that you can have my chest, i don’t care if you bleed, but i’ll be over the moon if i could just lay beside you and watch you sleep. 

Karen : haha. did you just make that up. ? 

I smiled as Karen opened the door wider, making room for me to go in. 

I dimmed the lights as Karen went under the blanket.
Pulling the covers up to her chin, i tucked her in and bent down for a kiss on the forehead, at the same time my hand sliding underneath the pillow, retrieving the swiss knife.

Gary : You do not need this tonight. 

She smiled and replied. 

Karen : Do you do this to all the girls you know ? 

Gary : Do what ? 

Karen’s eyes closed and i removed her specs for her. 

I kept my singlet and shorts on as i clamoured onto the bed beside her. 
I did not join her under the covers but i laid by her side, offering her my chest. 

Karen turned towards me , burying her face and hands in my embrace as i fell asleep smelling her hair. 

Another baby step forward. 

Mentally i counted her monthly cycle.
I’m not interested in avoiding her periods 

I want to know when she will be ovulating.     Pete – August 2011

Pete – August 2011

This is a great month for me, after several years of hard work, i finally got 
the promotion i deserved.

I do not doubt for a moment that Gary lent me a helping hand. 

Ever since i joined the company, Gary gradually increased my exposure to other aspects of the business. He gave me opportunities, i felt like he was grooming me for something. What exactly, i don’t know. 

We work well together and i look up to Gary like a older brother, we watch each others back. Come to think of it, if it were not for him, a lousy poly graduate like me would not have that competitive edge that University grads have. 

Happy would be an understatement. I was elated. 
My parents always think i am an underachiever, they never believed i could do well in school. Despite getting 12 points for my L1R5, they objected to my choice of a neighbourhood JC. Their mentaility was for me to join my brothers in Poly and start working. 

I never had a ‘steady’ girlfriend in school. Although i look decent enough, i lack the confidence to approach any girls. I was always too shy. 

How many times i could only envy in secret when i see my friends hooking up with the girls at the club. The geeks like me get left behind. 

I envy my army friends when they book out eagerly to go over to their girlfriend’s home. I can only depend on some online porn and my trusty fingers.

Then my life turned around when i joined a social gathering my friend organised. My eyes fell on this amazing woman which is now my wife. 


She was the attention of the group that day as all the guys crowd around her, vying for her attention. I can only stand by the drinks counter, again, watching in envy. I can only blame myself as i was too shy. 

When it comes to a simple ice breaker introduction, i talked about the only sports i knew, which is tennis. 

Lo and behold, i saw Karen’s eyes lit up and she fired questions after questions about my interest. Tennis is Karen’s favourite sports too, we kept in touch then and before long, i became the envy of my friends whenver i brought her along for gatherings. 

No one believed for a moment that a shy simple man like me could net such a good catch. Karen and i were deeply in love and we dated for 2 years before the wedding bells rang. 

I cannot remember a week that went by without me singing some sort of a praise for Gary. 

It might sound a little Gay but i would say he’s my idol. 

He’s successful, a high achiever and he has the charisma to do his job well. 

What i envy most about Gary was his wife. Sara. 

I first met Sara at a company dinner. Gary brought her along for the first time and when our eyes met, i got a rush of emotions not unlike the first time i laid eyes on my wife. 

After Gary made the introductions, i had a short chat with Sara, asking about her job. She’s sells high end fabrics to design companies and i offered to hook her up with my brother who works for a developer. 

I did not imagine a simple namecard from sara would lead to so much complications. 

It started out as a simple coffee at a cafe where is is passing me a catalogue of materials for my brother. Then we had a drink near my office one evening when i was working late. We hit off well but i’m always looking over my shoulders, worried what might happened if i bump into my boss. It’s going to be really awkward. Me, his employee, having glasses of wine with his tipsy wife. 

The drinks got a little frequent, and before i knew it, i felt something for Sara. A connection of sort. I knew i was in trouble the moment i lied to my wife about working late in office when i was actually meeting Sara. 

The fatal blow came one weekend when Gary was away in Jakarta and Sara invited me over. 

We were just chatting but the wine play tricks on us. 

The couch by the balcony seemed too comfortable and too big for one person. What started off as hugs turned into something that we lost control. 

The next moment, Sara’s dress came off and she was leading me by my hand to her room. 

The large imposing picture of my boss was smiling down at me as Sara straddled me on that saturday afternoon. Thoughts of my wife flashes through my mind as i try to register what was happening.

I wasn’t born with very high IQ and EQ, my mind couldn’t function fast enough. Before i could complete the reasoning with myself, i felt the warmth of Sara’s love hole sliding down my manhood. 

Our hands interwined as our moans fill her matrimonial room. 

I was worried as her riding strokes my penis in a way Karen never did. It’s as if her vagina walls were clamping down on my meatspear, trying to compress it. 

Every withdrawal took my breath away. 

I tried to put my thoughts towards something else as Sara threw her head back, working her way with my dick. The sick pangs of guilt coarse through my veins when we collasped onto each other, shivering and shuddering under the damp sheets. 

Sara has a monster of an appetitie, before long, she mounted me again. 

And again. 

For the first time in my life, i went home that day with an abrasion around the rim of my foreskin. It hurts and i could only pray Karen is not in a needy mood. 

Looking at the appointment letter i hold in my hand, it made me even more guilty as i saw the familiar signature of Gary at the bottom of the paper. THe 15% payrise is good news, but i couldn’t get over the fact that i am an asshole. How could i do something like this to the man that has taken such good care of me for all these years. 

I felt so guilty that i planned a short trip to penang with my wife. I really need to get away from all this. 

I can’t be shitting where i eat but Sara, oh sara. 
Her lush lips, her full bossom. 

And she seemed to be taking all the initiative. 

I don;t know what to do anymore. 

I was having lunch with my wife that day at the subway near my work place when i saw Gary walking pass the cafe. 

Waving excitedly at Gary, i told my wife he’s my boss. 

Pete : Dear, dear, look. My boss. He’s the one i told you so much about. 

I introduced Gary to Karen that day in the cafe, i felt another wave of guilt hit me as i think about the rendevous i just had in the morning with sara. 

It was nothing to brag about. We were just kissing, hands roaming all over each other in her car after my wife left for work. I do not own a driving license and i usually take one of those premium buses to work. 

Ever since sara and i got intimate, she would drop me off at her office in tiong bahru every morning. 

It was probably my brain feeling all the guilt but the way Gary looked at karen seemed as if they knew each other.  

I was determined to work hard and to prove to Gary that he did not make the wrong choice in promoting me. 

Perhaps sub-conciously i just want to make it up to him for sleeping with his wife. 

I started working late more often, always going the extra mile to finsh up my work. 

Sara on the other hand, her appetite seem to grow larger as the days pass.

I remember her picking me up that night when i left the office at 9pm.I was so freaked out because Gary was still in his room. All would be lost if he saw me getting into his wife’s car. 

Sara droved me to a boutique hotel nearby without a word. 

I felt as if i’m her tool. 
As if i’m nothing more than her sex toy, her only reason for choosing me is probably she knew i wouldn’t have to balls to tell on her. 

I entered Scarlet for the 3rd time that month, always going to the last room at the end of the corridor. 

Sara’s is almost the same height as me. Her figure hugging dress often drew stares from other men. Her breast is full, i can’t tell how big they are but they seemed to be more voluptous than Karen. 

Letting the straps drop off her shoulders, Sara nudged be back onto the bed before having her way with me again. 

The release felt good, rejuevenating and refreshing after a hard day’s work. 

The only problem is Sara refused condoms. 

She says she’s allergic to latex. 

If she were any other women on the street, i might worry that she’ll blackmail me when she’s pregnent. 

After re-assuring me that she’s ‘tied’ and she’s clean, i let go without much worry. 

Afterall, what could she want from a simple man like me.  

Getting caught in the act was the worst thing that could happen , thankfully except for a couple of close shave, we were other wise quite safe. 

I remember that afternoon when Gary suddenly suggested lunch just when i was going for the lift. I couldn’t reject him as he is my boss afterall, the damming thing was that Sara’s car is now parked right at the entrance of the office. 

I thought i was dead, there is no way i could call or warn Sara as i was engaged in a conversation with Gary. In my mind i was thinking, this is it. 
There goes everything. 

I was about to throw in the towel when somehow god must have heard my prayers just when we were nearing the office entrance. 

Gary’s phone rang and he stopped in the lobby. 

Gary : Hey Pete. Can i borrow the inventory key. I need to go check something. 

Pete : sure , here. 

Gary : Can you grab a seat first, i’ll be right over. 

Pete : You need me to go with you ? 

Gary : No i’m fine, help me get the chicken thigh hor fun. Be right behind you.

As he turned and walked away, i was thanking my lucky stars that day. 

I exited the office lobby and saw the white toyota at the entrance.

Sara caught my eye and smiled but i mouthed her our panic word. 


The engine fired up and the car disappeared from sight. 

What a close shave.  

I was working late as usual one night when i got an sms from Sara. 
It went something like ‘ booty call ‘ or something. A little too ang moh term for me. 

i replied that i need to get some stuff out and i can’t just drop everything. 

My heart almost dropped when my phone rang and Sara was cooing away on the phone, saying that she wants to see me. Even if it’s just for a short moment. The light in Gary’s room is still on, i don;t like to take unecessary risk, Sara’s penchant for playing with fire is starting to freak me out. 

Wanting to be sure that Gary will not be leaving anytime soon, i popped over to his office. 

Peeking through after i knocked.

Pete : Wah, still here ? I’m going down to grab coffee. You need anything ? 

I saw Gary reach for his coffee mug only to find it empty. 

Gary : Yeah, get me a kopi-si. Thanks man. Why are you still here ?

Pete : Preparing some materials for a presentation tomorrow. 

Gary asked me about the projects i have on hand before nodding and getting back to work. 

It seems he’s quite busy, i only hope he won’t notice the pespiration on my forehead. 

Rushing into the lift, i can’t wait to ask Sara to go off.

We’ve already agreed we can spend some time together since my wife Karen is flying off to Thailand for work for the next few days. Sara was insistent that i invite her over to my place as she says that it would be better than going to a hotel. 

I tried to refuse, telling her that it’s just a 3 room flat in the suburbs, nothing compared to the big apartment she lived in. Sara wouldn’t hear any of it and says spending a couple of hours in my cosy place in my arms beats anywhere else. 

I couldn’t think of any other excuses to reject her so i agreed.

Reaching the lobby, i saw her car at the drop off.

Pete : What are you doing here ? 

Sara : haha, why are you so nervous ? 

The sight of Sara’s cleaveage sent some blood flowing to my manhood but i knew this is not the place nor time to be doing anything. 

Pete : we’re meeting tomorrow evening right ? Why did you suddenly turn up. 

Sara : I was in the area, i missed you… 

The manner which she said that sent a chill down my spine. She seemed a little aloof , i would think she’s on drugs. 

I told her i need to grab coffee for Gary, have to be back in office in a while. 

Sara : Hop in. I’ll send you to the cafe. 

I got in the car after looking around nervously. 

The moment i got in, i saw Sara lifted her already short dress higher to her waist and i knew what she wanted. 

I wasn;t very happy but somemore i couldn;t find the words to rejct her. 

Keeping her right hand on the steering wheel, her left gestured for my head to go down on her. I unbuckled my seatbelt and went down on Sara, kissing her thigh and stroking her privates through her semi moist underwear. 

There was a little pee smell, pungent and choking, but as her wet patch grew, the familiar scent of her love juice overpowered everything else. 

Pulling into the carpark at bestway building, Sara choose a dark corner beneath a low hung frangipani tree and off the engine. She wasted no time and pull back her seat, leaning down all the way. 

Kicking off her heels, She held my head down at her private as i gave up using my fingers and switched to my tongue. 

The interior of the car misted up quickly without the aircon and Sara;s moans joined the warm vapour in the car. 

I felt the tremble coming as she pressed me down harder and tighter as she jerked and brushed herself all over my nose, my mouth and my chin. 

I felt my back aching having bent over in such a weird position. 

Sara had a last piece of wet tissue in her car and she cleaned herself up before offering me the back of the same napkin. 

As quickly as it began, Sara drove me to the coffee stall and i bought the coffee for myself and Gary. I bought a cup of tea for Sara too. 

I rinsed my mouth at the tap before getting back into her car. 

Reaching the office, i only hope Gary wouldn’t ask why am i gone for so long.

Thankfully , he didn’t. 

I was wrapping up my work around 11pm when i got a call from Gary. 

He need my help to cover some of his work as he needs to make an urgent overseas trip. 

I agreed without second thought. Anything for the man who made possible everything i have today. 

I was so tired that i could only manage to give Karen a good night kiss before collasping beside her. 

The next morning i woke up just in time to catch Karen leaving for the airport.

Karen : Bye darling, take care of yourself ok ? 

Pete : Ok , you too. 

I bade my wife farewell and i got dressed for work. 

Sara’s message came a while later saying she will pick me up at the usual spot. I read and immediately deleted it. PErhaps it’s time to get a spare phone.

The moment i got into the car, sara was telling me in an excited tone that Gary will be travelling for the next few days. How great is that ? 

I smiled, my body feeling relaxed that Gary is away. 

Planing my offsite meetings to be in the morning and in the evenings, i am actually looking forward to seeing Sara. 

The next couple of days came and went in a blur. If i could sum it up, it would be just sex and food the moment i got off work. 

On the last evening of our rendevous.
Sara’s made me wear Gary’s clothes when i was over at her place, i felt a little uncomfortable but she says it turns her on. 

The sleeves were too long and they didn;t fit until Sara giggled her war across the bedroom to help me fold it back and put on the cufflinks. 

I looked at the mont blanc cufflinks in envy, i never had the chance to wear anything like that. 

I fucked Sara on the dinning table in Gary’s Hugo suit, I wore Sara’s stockings as she sat on my face, grinding herself down on my mouth, i sat in the bathtub as she rode me with the endless spray of water raining down on us. 

I entered her from her behind when she eas smoking at her balcony. 

She was blowing me when i gave a good night call to my wife. 

I was pounding her when she received hers from Gary. 

Despite the wet sheets and our body sweaty and exhausted from the sex, we collasped onto the bed with the sliding door to the balcony wide open. 
The cool morning breeze carassed our naked bodies as we looked at each other. 

Pete : It’s late, i better be going. Gary will be back in the morning.

Sara : Stay for a while longer, go to work straight from here .. 

I did not hear anything more as i drifted into deep sleep.     Gary

Gary – september 2011

Waking up with an erection beside Karen, i felt a small sense of acomplishment. The girl who everyone said was untouchable will soon be mind. I might not have gotten her yet, but getting to taste her is a milestone nevertheless. 

I stretched myself a little as i checked the time on my phone. It’s coming to 5.30am, i should be getting up soon. My return flight to sg was scheduled for 8.40am. 

My movements woke Karen up as she mumbled a ‘good morning’ 

There was no morning hug, no big show of cuddling. I saw Karen’s hand reach for her privates as she checked her pad for leakage and signs of overflowing.

It probably felt a little heavy as she dragged herself out of bed and went to the bathroom. I heard the tear of the sanitary napkin from her undies and the thud when she threw it into the metal bin. 

I heard the shower coming on as she washed herself before the sound of plastics squishing followed. 

Coming out of the bathroom, she looked nothing like the models potrayed by the kotex companies about girls feeling clean and fresh. She just looked grumphy. 

My presence at the edge of the bed was not acknowledged by her as she slumped back down onto the bed after checking the time. I got up and was about to return to my room but i decided to bent over for another kiss. 

Karen buried herself deeper into the bed and covers, turning away from me. 

Women and their periods.. 

I left Karen’s room. I showered and changed before checking out. I just left a sms to Karen saying that i’m leaving. She has another day of conference before flying back the next day

Reaching singapore, i tried to call my wife on her mobile but i couldn’t get a reply. It’s coming to 12.30pm. She should be having her lunch.

When i got on the cab, i fired up my tablet and looked at the consolidated information i have gotten about Pete and Karen. Satisfied that my plan is going more or less to plan, i settled back for a short nap.  

I felt a jerk when the cab stopped at the main junction near my place. I stretched and got ready my wallet. When the vehicle made the right turn follow by a left, my apartment came into view.

Dropping my luggage off, i entered the shower to find the floor still wet. 
Perhaps my wife left home late this morning. 

I changed and made my way to the office. 

I had a quick meeting with Pete to bring me up to date with what is happening in the department. Poor guy, he seemed a little burnt out and he looked a little pale. I asked if he’s ok as he seemed a little off the colour. 

He replied he’s probably tired, will be fine after a good rest.

I told him not to worry, handover what needs to be done and go back for an early rest today. As he left my office, my mind wandered off to Karen and the sweet taste of her female nectar. 

When would i get to taste it again. 

I was tempted to check out Pete’s organiser and PC again to update my information but i couldn’t find an appropriate opportunity

The rest of the week past without much of a fanfare, plotting and scheming to sleep with other people’s wife aside, work still needs to be done. 

On Friday Night, i was feeling a little horny but i did not feel like doing my wife, Karen wasn’t ripe for the picking yet. Pete is still in the office, working his ass away, unaware of the evil plots i have in mind. 

Suddenly a sick and twisted idea came to me and i thought to myself. 

Why not. 

Retrieving a condom from a compartment in my drawer, i left the office.

I did not know what was i thinking but i just felt like doing it. 
I reached Pete and Karen’s place in 20 minutes. 

I saw Karen’s car in the lot and i parked a distance away.

Checking the coast is clear, i unbuckled myself, capping my erected dick.
The thought along enough to send jolts of pleasure throbbing through my manhood.

I stroked myself through the condom, thinking of the pleasures i will be deriving from Karen’s body in time to come.

The climax came and i jerked and moaned to myself in my car, unloading myself into the condom. Uncapping myself, i held it carefully and went towards Karen’s car.

Unlocking her car door, i made sure no one is looking. 

I dropped the condom with my sperm under the passenger seat and locked the door

I threw in the wrapper under the driver seat. 

Returning to my car, i went back to office to work. 

Pete is still at his desk  When my butt hit the chair in my office, the gravity of what I just did hit me. 
I was not worried, rather I was excited.

A series of warp ideas and sick thoughts kept coming at me like the endless tide.

I tried to organize my thoughts and within a few minutes, I was good to go. 

Walking out of my room, I saw Pete still buried in his work.

Gary: hey Pete, enough, it’s Friday.mi give you a lift back.

Pete : it’s ok, no need I can still grab the train .

Gary : it’s ok, we can chat along the way.

Pete : erm ok. Gimme a few minutes, I need the bathroom .

Gary : sure, I’ll be at the lobby.

I went to retrieve my car and waited by the lobby. Pete rushed out of the lift and jumped straight into my car.

Gary :woah. No rush man. 

Pete : er, not nice to let you wait mah. 

Pete told me his address and I pointed the car towards the expressway.
Along the way I asked him about his views towards a couple of policies and how can we better manage the team’s resources. We also talked bout organizing a team bonding session for the year end.

I was also asking Pete why he didn’t have a driving license, he mentioned that he is just not comfortable with driving, he leaves it to his wife. 

Turning into Pete’s estate, I saw the corner where the bin centre is and I slowed down near Karen’s car. I was about to ask Pete to what car Karen is driving when he volunteered the information.

Pete: there, my wife’s car. She went back to her mum’s place near little India. She never drives there on Friday night.

Gary : nice. I always liked this car. How’s the interior? Is it comfortable ? Was thinking of buying one for my wife.

Pete : huh ? Oh. Erm , not bad. Quite cozy.

Gary: do you think I can see the interior,? Maybe sit in it and try out or something ? 

Pete took a moment to consider before replying.

Pete: sure. 

He retrieved another key from his bag , I didn’t know he had a set of keys too.

He opened the boot and brought out a bag of stuff, presumably his clothes.

Pete: go ahead, I just need to bring these up later.

Settling myself into the driver seat, I adjusted myself backwards to give myself more leg room. With that, I revealed the condom wrapper beneath.

Gary: nice. Quite cozy.

If Peter saw what was on the floor , he did not comment. He gaze is unreadable, he seemed almost as if he was in a state of trance. 

Settling myself into the passenger seat, I adjusted myself backwards, bringing to sight the used condom on the bottom.

Pete definitely caught sight of the used condom as his eyes widen in shock and embarrassment. 

I feigned mine when I saw the condom and apologies profusely.

Gary: ermm so sorry. I think I better go. 

Gary : thanks for showing me the car. 

Pete was dumbfounded as he waved a hurried goodbye. 

I wonder what would he say to his wife that night.

As I drove off, I saw Pete diving into the back seat and the boot of the car, presumably trying to find more incriminating evidence of his wife’s fidelity. The look of horror on his face is classic although I felt something seemed to be amiss.

I was still feeling the Adreleline of what I just did in my veins when I received an SMS from Karen .

Karen : Breakfast tomorrow?

I agreed,just that I’m not sure she will be in the mood after the confrontation with Pete tonight. 

I hope they quarrel. 

A perverse thought crossed my mind. 

I hope Pete will actually lay his hands on her. 
And I can be there to comfort her…  I reached YCK stadium at 10.30 am on that saturday morning to see a reved up Karen smashing ball after ball across the tennis court towards her opponent. She’s wearing a white nike cap and a polo T. I would have prefered a white mini skirt too to complete the tennis attire but that is not the case. She had on a pair of black shorts. 

I sat a distance away and observed the match. 

The sun is glaring and i’m surprise she can see where the ball is , my guess is she would have an easier time finding my balls in a nice enclosed environment. 

Her match ended at 10.50 and she waved a goodbye to her partner. Grabbing her bag and her bottle, she squeezed a generous amount of water onto her face before drinking it. The squirts of liquid onto her neck and chin gave me ideas that still only exists in my fantasy. 

I stood up and i saw her smile at me. Her facial expression seemed neutral. I could not detect any hint of a quarrel. If she was upset or was confronted by Pete last night, she did not show it. 

Karen : Hey. 

Gary : Morning. 

Karen : Hungry ? 

Gary :Of course… 

I pointed to the paper bag of macdonald breakfast i got from a drive-through nearby. 

Karen : Wow. What did you get ? 

Gary : Food ? 

Karen : Nice, we’re supposed to go eat together remember ? Why the takeaway. 

Gary : When you said to meet here, my guess you’ll be having a game. Just thought you might get hungry early. 

She gave my bum a little smack with her racket as we stroll towards the stadium. 

Settling ourselves on the highest seat, we sat down on the concrete to have our breakfast. 

As the morning sun rose higher, most of the joggers left the stadium, leaving a handful of people doing their own stuff a distance away. 

After eating, Karen leaned against me.

Karen : I’m asked you here today for a reason …. we need to talk. 

My heart rate started to go up. This is it. 

Gary : about ? 

Karen : about what happened… 

Gary : What happened ? 

My mind bordered between talking to her about our incident in Thailand and her current situation with her husband. Did he confront her last night?

Karen : don’t play dumb Gary, we’re too matured for that. I just want to say what happened in thailand was a mistake. 

Karen : I want to let whatever happens in thailand, stay in thailand. 

I was a little lost for words but i let her continue. 

Karen : This is .. just wrong. 

There was a moment of silence before i replied. 

Gary : I know… but whatever we did at that point of time felt right. 

Karen did not offer a reply. 

Sitting closer to her, My left hand went around her shoulders and brought her closer. Instead of leaning against me, Karen turned and stood up, stretching herself, giving me a long good look at her toned legs. 

After what seemed like 15 minutes of non-communication, we got up and walk towards her car. 

Something is wrong somewhere, this wasn’t the kind of morning I expected. 

As we approached her car, my heart started to beat faster thumping against my ribcage. 

Letting her bag drop near her boot, Karen turned towards me.

Karen : Gary , we should… keep our distance. Sorry. 

She gave me a long hug, pressing her firm breast onto my body and I closed my eyes, taking in the smell of her dried perspiration which left behind small sandy crystal of salt on her skin.

I watched the Nissan March pull away from the carpark. 

I was not unhappy , rather I was unsatisfied, returning home, I saw my wife drenched in sweat as she walked in from the balcony of our bedroom. 

Sara kept in shape too, doing the occasional half marathon. Her FBT shorts is wet and plastered to the side of her thighs. Her hair in a pony tail as she looked at me from the corner of her as she drank up from a bottle . 

Sara : You went back to office ? 

Gary : yeap. 

I looked at her exposed abs, streak with droplets of sweat. Her sports bra, a little uneven and out of shape, she must have had one hell of a workout that morning. 

I made my move towards Sara, it’s been a while since I had her. 

Cupping my hand behind her butt, I brought her close to me and we kissed. Her sweat reminded me of Karen when we hugged.

I caressed her breast as we kissed in our room. 

Sliding my fingers down to her privates, I could not tell if she was wet from her jog or she was feeling horny as well. Her lovehole seemed to be well lubricated. 

It seems depriving her of sex for a couple of weeks did wonders to her sex drive. 

Stripping my pants, I brought aside her shorts as she backstepped to my study table. 
Opening her up, I looked down, trying to find my way into her abyss. 

Lifting my chin up immediately, Sara kissed me passionately as she guided me into her. 

The familiar warmth, the soothing wetness, and the security of my wife’s vagina. 

There is no place like home.      Pete – September 2011

Pete – September 2011 

I woke up with a shocked as I felt the warmth of the sun on my face that morning.
Sara was lying on my chest as I scrambled for my phone. 

Damm, it’s already 11am. I’m so screwed, being late for work I can fob up some excuses, Gary is not around anyway, but the thought of Gary arriving home any moment is enough to make my balls shrink. 

I tried to lift Sara off me but when she saw me awake, she clamoured onto me, turning her body around. 

Pete : Sara, get up, quick. It’s 11 already.. Gary is going to be back anytime soon. 

I did not get a reply but I felt her cupping her mouth onto my rapidly erecting manhood. Her pelvis, at the same time gyrate towards my face. 

Pete : Sara, not enough time. Please get up.

I tried to push her off but her thighs and knees clamped my head tight as she straightened up , lowering herself to my mouth. 

I could see the glistening love hole I was pounding on till wee hours in the morning is ready for another servicing. 

Sara : Quick Pete, let me go one more time… before Gary gets back. 

I knew I can’t reject her as I felt the first drop of her love juice hit me on my nose, the second dripped on my lip as I opened my mouth. 

I felt her hand encompass my dick as she started to stroke me while I give her a cat bath on her privates.  

As each moment pass, I felt more nervous that we would be caught in the act. Sara must know what time Gary’s flight is arriving, she would not take such a risk herself. 

I felt a sense of relieve when I heard Sara suck in that erotic gasp of air and in intensified my tongue job on her. 

The next instance, her entire vagina pressed down uncomfortably on my mouth as she rubbed and moaned her way to climax, oblivious to the distress she is causing to my lips and nose.

Releasing me from her death grasp of her thighs, she turned and collapsed onto the bed while I scrambled around the room, picking up my clothes.

I went in for a quick shower, right when I was about to be done, Sara joined me in the shower. 

I got dressed and left Sara place immediately after I dried myself. 

My watch read 12.05pm. 

I got onto a cab and reached home right when I saw Sara’s message at 12.25. 

Sara sms : Have a great day at work : ) , I’m going for spa. Called in sick today. 

Changing out of my clothes when I got home, I rushed down to office and walked in when most of the staff were out for lunch .

My face must be looking visibly pale when Gary entered the office 40 minutes after me. 

He had a short meeting with me to bring him up to date with the work before asking me to take care and leave home early for a rest as I looked exhausted. 

In my mind I was thinking how could I not be when his wife totally drained me of all my energy, and she still seem so energized. 

I left Gary’s office to continue my work. 

My heart was filled with guilt, so much guilt that I wanted to puke. 

Friday came and Sara’s sms got a little more frequent. 
She demanded to know what I was doing, am I thinking of her. She asked for hourly updates of where Gary is, will he be out ? , is he in ?

I am started to get a little freaked out by Sara. 

Somehow, as if I’m in a trance, I smsed Sara at 7pm when I saw Gary heading out of the office. 

My wife is going back to her mum’s place in little india that evening, will prob be back late. I felt the stir in my pants and the butterflies in my stomach, guilt at the same time flooded my mind. 

Still, I gave in to the little head when I hit the sent button. 

Pete sms : Gary left office . 

Sara sms : Sweet. I bought you desserts. Coming over now. 

I did not know what i was doing anymore. 

The office was empty except for me and i buzz Sara to come up. I felt that i am getting bolder. Afterall, she can say she’s here for Gary anyway. 

Sara bought me a serving of Cheng-Ting and we shared it at my desk. We chatted casually and she used the bathroom and explored Gary’s desk. 


Sara and i got frisker as our hands started wandering all over each other. 

Seeing her in that black tube dress after she removed her outer jacket got me excited. To my surprise, she lowered herself to her knees and went under my desk. Her hand reached for the lever beneath my chair and got me lowered to the ideal height. 

Sara : Send my husband a mail while i suck you Pete. 

I felt my penis bursting through my pants. 

The zip went down and i heard the ‘ding’ of the lift when i felt the warmth of Sara’s lips slide down my dick 

I dare not move.

I dare not breath. 

The bobbing motion of her head continued as i watch Gary enter the office and went straight to his room. 

I’m fucked.  The gravity of my predicament slowly sank in on me. 

Looking at Sara, i mouthed a ‘Gary is back’ to her and her expression changed to one of horror. 

She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and i felt the gentle sucking of her mouth. 

I was so worried i might pee in her mouth. 

Sliding my chair further in, i gave Sara lesser space and she opened wider to accomadte my penis deeper into her. 

Still keeping my dick in her mouth, Sara, removed her heels and put it behind a pile of documents. Although i’m scared, it feel safe and warm inside her mouth as i unknowingly thrusted a little as my left hand reached for the hair. 

I am feeling somethign different. 

Something bordering the line of fear and excitement. 

I was so afraid that my heart was thumping, yet at the same time i was so excited that my dick is throbbing. 

Sara tried to raise her head but there wasn;t enough space under the table. 

She could only keep very still, swallowing her saliva occasionally as we bidded our time. 

I was about to cum, the thought of my boss’s wife kneeling and sucking my dick under my table when he is less than 25m away in his office is going to give me an heart attack. 

When i saw him appear at the door, i almost fainted in a mix of excitement and fear. 

Drops of sweat peppered my face and my shirt started to get drenched. 

Gary spoked as he switched off his room lights. 

Gary: hey Pete, enough, it’s Friday.mi give you a lift back.

Pete : it’s ok, no need I can still grab the train .

Gary : it’s ok, we can chat along the way.

Pete : erm ok. Gimme a few minutes, I need the bathroom .

Gary : sure, I’ll be at the lobby.

As the lift left the lobby, i felt a sense of relieve wash over me as i slid out from under my desk as Sara half crawled out. A long drool of saliva left her lush lips, finding it’s way onto the carpet as she massaged her jaw.

Sara : almost got a cramp Pete. 

She popped her head up to make sure Gary is away before taking my dick into her mouth again. 

Pete : Sara, stop, i need to go down , Gary is waiting. 

She ignored me but instead began to suck me harder, longer. 

Knowing that the office is now empty, Sara let herself go with sounds of her uphm, and phmm and ohmm with the occasional pop. 

I held on to her hair as i sat on the chair. Then like a turtle withdrewing his head into it’s shell, i felt my shoulders rise up and my neck lowering down as my mouth gasped open. 

I shook with a jerk and Sara’s hand reached for my nipple, flicking and playing with it. 

I begged for her to stop but Sara sucked me dry, rimming the circumference of my dick head. Swallowing every drop, she held on to me for support before sitting down on my lap and gave me a kiss. 

With much difficulty , i got sara off me as i rushed to the bathroom to do a quick washup and wipe dry my sweat. 

I saw Sara sitting at my desk, wearing her heels and giving me a smile. 

I waved a quick goodbye before running down to meet Gary. 

rushing out of the lobby, i jumped straight into Gary’s car .

Gary :woah. No rush man. 

Pete : er, not nice to let you wait mah. 

I told Gary my address and we chatted on the way to my place. 

We sort of ran out of topic as we turned into my block. Afterall, how much do you haev to talk to your boss about. 

Just as we neared my wife’s car, i thought i’ll just bring up another conversation since Gary was asking about my driving license.

Pete: there, my wife’s car. She went back to her mum’s place near little India. She never drives there on Friday night.

Gary : nice. I always liked this car. How’s the interior? Is it comfortable ? Was thinking of buying one for my wife.

Pete : huh ? Oh. Erm , not bad. Quite cozy.

Gary: do you think I can see the interior,? Maybe sit in it and try out or something ? 

I thought about it for a moment before i retrieved the spare key in my bag. 

I took out some stuff from the trunk that my wife asked me to and let Gary try out the car. 

I was about to ask him if he would like to take it for a spin when i saw the condom wrapper on the floor. 

My heart skipped a beat. 

When the passenger seat went backwards, the used condom sent my heart sprialling down the drain. 

Gary was obviously embarassed about that and he bade a hasty goodbye. 

I waved absent mindedly at him as he left. 

I stared blankly into space. 

I was so worried. 

I did not know what to think. 

I made pretty sure i cleaned up the car properly and sara told me she did not see anything left behind after the session in my wife’s car. We played with a few vibrators that’s all

As i lift up the condom with a tissue, i saw that it’s filled. 

I settled down onto the grass patch and buried my hands in my face. 

I never used a condom with Sara, and it’s been months since i had sex with my wife in her car.  I did not dare to mention a word of it to my wife that evening. 

I did not know how to begin too. 

She told me she’s going to play tennis the next morning with her friends and i nodded. We chatted a little about my in-laws before we fell asleep. 

I followed her the next morning to her tennis game. Settling down into a corner by the trees, i just watched her. 

The sun is getting hot and i regreted not bringing along some water and a cap. I was about to give up and walk off when i saw Gary arrive with a bag of macdonald in his hands. 

He gave my wife a waved and sat down to watch. 

Taking in the scene, i called sara. 

I told her i’m going over. We need to talk.  I was feeling a mix of disappointment and anger as the cab went towards Sara’s place.

As i pulled out my wallet for the fare, i saw Sara stretching and doing some cooldown after her jog. 

Walking towards her , she took a look around the neighbourhood and unplug her headphones, rolling them over her iphone. 

Sara : Hey . 

I did not reply but instead led her by her hand up to her place on the 2nd floor. 

Sara : Pete ? what’s going on ? 

Something must have came over me as i did not bother to explain what i saw, what i suspected, what i think muct have happened. 

My blood was boiling and i can only think of one think. 

You fuck my wife, , i fuck yours. 

I took Sara’s phone and threw it onto the sofa. 

Cupping my hands around her sweat drenched fbts, i pulled her closer to me as she gave a yelp. 

Sara : Pete, are you ? 

Before she could finish, i pushed my mouth roughly onto hers, stretching my tongue into her mouth, licking her furiously like a dying fish gasping for breath.

Pushing me back, Sara tried to speak but i went for her again. 

I grab her by her sports bra and try to pulled it off her but she resisted, trying to push me back. Turning her around to her back , i pushed her down onto the dining table as i unbuckle my pants. 

I pressed down on Sara’s neck, holding her in place as her struggles slowly died down. 

My erection is already throbbing as i looked at her body glistening with perspiration, she only had her sports bra on when she ran and the her legs look taught and firm as i pushed aside the bottom of her fbts. 

Sara : Are you ok pete ? 

I eased myself in slowly and i could feel Sara’s warm and moist vagina slowly enveloing my manhood. 

Pushing my way into her , Sara’s hand reached back to me, I grabbed both wrist with my right hand and  angled it to the right a little, My left hand cupped around the base of her right cheek leading down to her chin. Sara’s mouth gasped for air as i withdrew and plunge into her on that hardwood dining table. 

The crease on her eyebrow deepened as she started to get in the mood. 

I was feeling so mad when i look at her face. 

Gary has got such a wonderful wife, so fuckable, why did he have to go near my Karen. 

I pulled Sara up from the table and i led her over to the balcony. 

Sara : Pete , no, the neighbours… 

I ignored her complains as i made her bend over again before entering her wet love hole. Sara’s vagina felt smooth, her interiors almost always wet and slimy with a good layer of mucus. How could Gary not be satisfied with a wife like her. 

even with her hands on the railing, Sara’s head dipped as low as she could below the parapet as she stifled her moans. 

I felt a surge of energy and anger as i continued pumping her. 

Grabbing her by the waist, i sat on the sofa as i positioned Sara on top of me. 

Pete : Ride me. Ride me hard. 

I could see she was panting a little, after a long run and now having to please me, she sure has a stamina  most women would be envious of. 

I felt her hands on my shoulders as she tried to move, but i was unsatisfied, i moved in tandem with her and in a matter of seconds, i was pumping her upwards and Sara could only moan and hang on to me. 

Feeling the need to change position again, I carried Sara up and went into her room. Her bed. 

I dropped her onto the bed like a rag doll. 

She didn;t even had the opportunity to take off her shoes. 

I grabbed both her ankles, kissing her shin and licking my way down to her short ankle socks, i savoured every drop of her sweat. 

Spreading her apart, i parted her shorts and i entered her again. 

The room was filled with Sara’s cries of pleasure and once again i looked at the potrait of Gary hanging above the bed. 

I no longer felt any guilt, i felt a sense of triumph.

The sensation i was familiar with since i’m 13 started creeping and gripping around the base of my penis. 

My hand hold of Sara’s ankles gave way as i collasped onto her wet body and i emptied my load into her. 

I still felt angry but somehow the image of a petrol guage appeared in my mind and i saw the indicator go from E to F, albeit it’s Sara’s vagina that i’m filling up. 

We were quiet for a moment as Sara carassed my hair. 

Sara : Pete , we need to talk. 

I was about to tell her i want to say the same thing when i her the loud unmistakable beep of Gary’s car. 

Both our eyes widen in horror as we scrambled to get up. 

We made it to the living room to grab my pants as we heard the jingle of the keys outside the door. 

Sara led me to the balcony and pointed to the ledge below, signalling me to go. Tying up her hair, she grabbed a bottle of water from a side table, she adjusted her neck and took in a few breaths.

She got into a stretching position as i heard the door open, hitting the stopper behind it with a thud. 

I continued watching through a opening on the concrete parapet as my eyes settled onto the backview of Sara and a reflection of Gary through 1 of the glass panel 

Sara : You went back to office ? 

Gary : yeap. 

Sara stepped out of my sight and i could only see her through the reflection. 

I saw Gary cup his hands behind Sara’s butt, the same position i was cupping moments before. 

Gary stripped and tried to enter Sara, she was quick to lift his chin up as her legs parted and guided him in.

I was disappointed. 

I was almost sure he would see my cum dripping out of her. 

I hope he enjoyed his wife’s cunt which is well lubricated with my semen. 

I lowered myself on the ledge and stretched out the full length of my body before making the drop. Bending the knees when i hit the floor, my body went into an automatic crouch and turned sideways absorbing the impact. 

I brushed myself off and i could her Sara’s moans in the background. 

My phone rang at this precise moment. It was Karen . 

Karen : Baby, where are you ? 

I was about to reply when she said. 

Karen : We need to talk. 

I flagged a cab. 
Time to go home.  Opening the door to my place, i saw my wife sitting on the sofa in her tennis garb. 

Karen tired to speak but i got to her first. 

Pete : I know. I know all about you and Gary . 

My wife’s mouth was frozen as i told her about seeing her meeting Gary this morning.

Without giving her a chance to to reply , i raised my voice at her for the first time in my life. 

Pete : You think you are the only one fooling around ? 

Pete : yeah, i fucked Gary’s wife too. 

I went on to tell her all the sexual tyrst i’ve had with Sara behind her back as Karen’s sobbing turned into an uncontrollable cry. 

Her entire body shuddered as i continued my barrage of insults and mean words that i regretted after i spew them out. 

But i was too angry to think straight. I did not even give her an opportunity to speak. 

I saw Karen picked up her bag weakly from the sofa and left the house in tears. 

Settling down on the sofa, i began to weep myself. 

I fell asleep unknowingly on the sofa and by the time i woke up, it’s close to 8pm. 

I heard the door opened and Karen came in, looking tired and her eyes red from crying. Without a word , she went into the room.      Gary 

As I withdrew and plunge myself into my wife’s wet privates, it brought back sweet memories. 
Her moist interiors so comforting, her cmf look so inviting. 

What I loved most about her was her moans. 

As I came and collapsed onto her sweaty body on the bed, I felt a strong sense of dissatisfaction , if only this was Karen. 

After taking a shower, I was about to go back to office when I got an sms from Karen.

Karen : Want to meet ?

I felt puzzled and confused, sometimes I think I might not understand women at all, one moment ago she was rejecting me, then for no reason she wants to meet. 

I got into my car before calling her. 

She did not answer my call but instead dropped me a message, asking me to pick her up at her place. 

I went straight to her place to see Karen sitting at her void deck. She looked as if she’s crying pretty bad and she’s still in her tennis gear. 

Gary : Are you ok ? 

Karen nodded her head as she got into my car. 

Pulling out , I asked if she’s hungry. 

I asked if the aircon is too strong for her. 

I asked if she would like to talk. 

Her eyes were closed as I drove along the expressway. 

We had no destination in mind so I just cruised around the island. When I was exiting the KPE and going up the ramp to ECP, Karen did something that almost caused an accident. 

She undid her seatbelt and lowered herself onto me. 

As I passed by the Rochor exit, Karen unzipped my pants to reveal a rapidly inflating dick. 

Gary : Karen, are you ok ? 

As the MBS comes into view, her mouth cupped around the head of my manhood and I had to struggle with the steering wheel. 

I felt a warmth I’ve never experienced before in my life. 

Pulling out of price Edward road, I directed my car straight to Scarlet hotel and I parked behind the Maxwell market. I had to pull Karen away as I tear up some parking coupons. 

Her eyes were swollen and she looked like a wreck, but it doesn’t matter to me. 
If I can have her, I will take her. 

I drew stares and whisper as my hand went around her waist leading her into scarlet hotel. 
The reception asked for both out IDs as she eyed suspiciously at Karen whose eyes was still red and swelling. 

As she retrieved her ID, a drop of tear fell and hit the countertop. 

I led her away from the counter to the lift leading to our room. 

I felt I was being ripped off as they only had a suite left. Still, it came with an outdoor jaccuzzi. 

As the room door open, Karen drifted in like a zombie and left her bag on the dressing table. 

Locking the door behind us, I hung up a Do not disturb sign and I took Karen into my arms.
There was no reaction from her. 

I led her to the bed and laid her down like a rag doll. 
She seemed to be in some sort of a trance and her eyes are glazed over, staring into the distance. 

Her legs still dangled off the bed as she closed her eyes.

Rag doll or not, I will not give up the chance to do her since she delivered herself to me, my only regret was that I just came in my wife, I would have saved the load for her if I knew this was happening. 

I did not have any condoms with me , if I could do her raw, I would.

I knelt down in front of Karen and I bent down to kiss her legs. The salty taste of dried sweat sent my manhood throbbing, I helped her remove her shoes, leaving her socks on, raising her legs, I made sure she is in the centre of the bed. 

Her eyes were still closed, I felt as if I’m trying to have my way with a passed out girl. 

Pulling down her shorts, I spread her legs and pressed my nose down onto her undies, kissing and nudging my way around her clit. Parting her panty, my tongue started to do it’s magic, licking her clit as I took in the smell of her sweaty privates. There was a bit of a pungent aroma probably due to an entire morning of workout but I liked it. I twirled my tongue around her pubic hair, trying to give it an imaginary style she would like. 

A couple of hair came loose and I spit them out onto the bed. 

Despite 10 minutes of tongue action, Karen is still dry. 

I was feeling a little sore on my mouth but she remained stationary on the bed. 

I have waited so long for this moment , I would not let a dry vagina spoil my day. 

I bent down for a kiss on her forehead telling her I will be right back, just need to grab some condoms. 

I did not get a reply and I tried further to get a conversation started. 

Gary : You ok ? You’re not going to disappear and run away right ? haha 

No reply. 

Gary : Are you still awake ? 

No reply. 

Gary : I’ll be right back ok ? don’t disappear. 

I was already nearing the door as I see Karen lying motionless on the bed. 

Gary :I’m going to tie you up to make sure you don’t run off halfway, haha. 

Still no reply. 

I grabbed the two strings from the bathrobe and I bounded both her hands to the corner of the bed as I caressed her breast. 

An idea came at that moment and I sped out of my room after grabbing my wallet. 

I skipped the 7-11 outside the hotel and I ran. 

I ran so fast that I couldn’t remember how long the distance was. 

I passed by the rows of bridal shops and I flew pass the market. 
The banks at tanjong pagar passed by in a blur as I made a right turn at the bread shop opposite amara hotel. 

I went into the pharmacy and I found what I was looking for. 

Why settle for a durex lubricant ? 

I grabbed a bottle of Preseed. 

After paying for my purchase, I took a deep breath as I jogged the long way back. 
My heart is pumping and I could feel the muscles in my body tensed up. 

I should be fully warmed up by the time I got back . My head was peppered with droplets of sweat as i pushed open the door into the hotel. 

As i got into the room, i saw Karen somehow manage to work herself free of the bonds and she is now on her stomach playing games on her iphone. 

She hardly acknowledged my presence as i tried to catch my breath. 

Gary : Hey , how did you get free ? 

Karen just shrugged her shoulders and continued tapping away on her phone.
I hid the bottle of pre seed below the bed and out of Karen’s sight as i pretended to bend down to take off my shoes. 

I did not want Karen to see the brand of lubricant i bought, so i kneeled on the floor as my hand opened up the packaged. 

Pushing all the packaging and the applicator under the bed, i left the tube within accessible reach. 

I gently took away Karen’s phone and looked into her eyes, they were a little swollen and puffy, probably cried a little but who cares. 

I lifted her chin and gave her a kiss. Her tongue slithered into mine and i tasted her saliva and sucked on her tongue with fevour. 

After a few minutes of kissing, i motioned for her to turn around and face me with her private, i told her i want to taste her again. 

Karen hestitated a little before turning onto her back and rotating herself towards me. The smell of stale sweat from her morning workout and the tight confines of her vagina is overpowering. It arouses me and heighten my senses to a point i felt like peeing out of sheer excitement. 

I nudeged my nose close slowly, trying to work out in my mind how much can i smell with the varying distance. The temptation of pressing my nose onto her privates directly is too great. 

The damp shorts and her underwear acts as a barrier or a filter of sort, preventing the full aroma of her love hole from hitting me. Nudging my way slowly to the side, my tongue parted her shorts and undies and i tasted the dry skin of Karen. 

She was not aroused at all. 

There wasn’t a hint of moisture expect for what appears to be damp sweat patches on her panty. 

I pulled Karen closer letting both her feet rest on my shoulders, kissing her inner thighs, i imagined a grid like pattern being projected on her as i covered every square of her thigh. 

I reached for the tube of lubricant and squeezed a generous portion onto my palm. Scraping it upwards to fill the middle 3 fingers, i went under her shorts and panty, pressing the cold gel onto Karen’s clitoris. The cool sensation caused her to gasp before calming down. I massaged my way slowly downwards, edging the gel into her love hole slowly , bit by bit. 

I felt her vagina start to relax a little as i removed my hand and squeeze another generous portion onto my middle and index finger. 

Lifting aside her shorts and undies, i massaged the second batch of cold gel directly onto her love hole, moving is a circular motion, working my way deeper into her. 

I could feel Karen’s breathing hasten as her body arched a little upwards before settling down. 

Letting the shorts cover her well lubricated vagina, i massaged her through her sweat soaked shorts. 

Another loud exhale of breath told me i’m on the right track. 

my hands went to the top of her shorts and i pulled them away, removing both her panty at the same time. 

I lifted up Karen’s top and she raised her head to allow me to work it off her. 

Karen removed her sports bra and put it aside.

Stripping myself, i set free my erected manhood, hoveing near Karen’s private. 

I lowered myself and suckled on her nipple like a baby, carassing her lve pillows at the same time. 

I could not derive satisfaction from her breast alone but i resisted plunging straight in. i’ve waited so long after all. 

Adjusting her position into the centre of the bed, i felt like a king as i towered over her naked body. Karen’s eye avoided my gaze as her hand reacched behind her head and disappeared underneath the mountain of pillows as a sign of submission. 

I parted her legs and lifted them up to my shoulders. 

I hovered my manhood near the entrance of her vagina and i could also feel a wave of warmth radiating from her love hole, tempting me to go in. 

The head of my dick first felt the cold gel of her well lubricated vagina lips as it took a peek into the darkness. 

I felt so lucky and contended that i get to have to vagina on this beautiful saturday. First the well lubed up and warmth of my wife and now, the beautiful and untouchable former classmate of mine. 

There are no words available in my limited vocabulary to describe the feeling of going into the most private region of another man’s wife. The sacred vows she took to be faithful to her husband shattered by my flesh as i inched deeper into her. 

I felt the cold of the lubricant on my pelvis as i hit the hilt of my penis. 

Karen’s eyes were closed and her head tilted sideways as i withdrew and entered her again. 

I worked myself up to a steady rythem and i regretted almost immediately that i came in my wife that morning. 

I might have gone a little overboard on the lub when i realised that the little friction and pressure i got is not enough for satisfy me. Who doesn;t like a tight hole ? 

I plunged in and i thrusted harder as i let go of Karen’s legs and i lowered myself to kiss her but for some reason she turned away. 

Not letting that bother me a bit, i smack my flesh onto hers, filling the room with echos of our body. 

Karen’s mouth was opened and her eyebrows were cast in a frown as she took in short breathes of air. Did she look like this when she was having sex with Pete ? 

I turned her to her sides as i straddle her right leg and let her rest her left over my my right hip. I like this position as it limits my partner’s movement. I must have hit a soft spot as i heard the first moan escaped from Karen. 

Her hands clenched into fists around the pillow as she brought the goosedown pillow to her face while i pummeled her with my meat spear. 

The tightening sensation of my testicles came without warning as i tried to control my orgasm. 

I took a deep breath to calm myself down and stopped all movement. 

It was at this moment when Karen said her first word. 

Karen : Gary, need condoms. 

The small pack of 3 was still in my pants pocket as i seperated it from the lub. 

I nodded and replied. 

Gary : Don;t worry, i’m still far off. i promise to put it on when i come ? 

I gave her a reassuring smile as i carassed her cheek. I started gyrating my hips again as her eye closed. 

If only she knew i’m on the verge of cumming. 

The familiar tightening gripped my manhood again as i felt my orgasm cumming. 

I did not want to let karen know that i’m reaching my climax so i sacfificed the fufilment of the deep hard thrust and the grunts that i like and instead i let the sensation take over slowly as i controlled my movement. 

The tip of my dickhead contracted as i felt the rush of my sperms to the firing chamber. I let a gentle movement of my hips take over as i bit down hard on my teeth and tried my best to stop my body from shaking. 

I let go when my dick is inserted to the hilt. 

The perverted thought of me letting go to an unsatisfying orgasm inside Karen compensated me well as i kept up a steady movement. 

I smiled whenever i saw the fluttering eyelids of Karen opened up. 

Gary :I’m still far away. don;t worry. 

My words reasured Karen as she buried herself into the pillow again. 

I changed position back to missionary and i tried to prevent myself from going limp. I imagined every thrust pushing my sperm closer to her womb. 

I withdrew myself and laied down beside Karen. 

Taking her into my arms, i spread her legs with my as i reached for her swollen clit. 

Her gasps of air hasten as i massaged her exposed region. 

Within minutes Karen;s fist tighten around the pillow as her moans of orgasm erupted as her twitching body shook the bed. 

I felt a gush of liquid left her vagina, a mixture of the lubricant and my semen perhaps. 

Cupping my hands around them, i tried to massaged them back inside Karen but the ticklish and sensitive sensation is too much for her as she pushed me away. 

I let Karen catch her breath on the bed as i got off and back to my kneeling position. 

I pulled her close and rested her legs on my shoulders again. Taking the opportunity to observe her gaping and twitching vagina, i saw semen leaking freely from her love hole with each contraction. 

I reached beneath for the lub and squeezed anther portion, coating it around my manhood. 

I’m ready to go again.   Lifting myself up from my knees , i let Karen’s legs dangle off the bed as i eased myself into her, determined to pushed back as much of my semen as i can. 

Slamming my pelvis onto hers, our pubic hair mingled and i coaxed out moans and a mix of uncomfortable groans from Karen. Her private must still be feeling sensitive as i grind myself against her. 

Trying to sit up, Karen struggled for a while but i pushed her back down gently, i did not want her to look at her privates that is being violated by my manhood. 

I cupped both my hands onto her wrist and i closed my eyes. I pictured her in agony and i converted her moans into screams in my head, the thought of me forcing myself onto her inflated my dick to a bursting point. 

I gasped for air from my mouth as my nose can no longer handle the oxygen i needed to keep up the motion. 

My pumping action send Karen pulling and grasping on the bedsheet as her abused and cum leaking vagina struggle with the onslaught of my penis. 

Karen : Gary , wear a condom… please.. 

I realised i must have been pumping her too fast and i slowed down immediately, the familiar feeling of orgasm is creeping up my spine again. 

Gary : Sorry, am i hurting you ? . i’m still far away, i promise to stop when i’m near ok ? 

Karen relaxed a little and laid back down as i went back to my gentle rocking motion. 

I flipped her onto her stomach and stood her up while her body is bent over on the bed. Holding on to both her hands like reins on a horse, i entered Karen from behind her. 

The angled vagina took me in differently and it felt tighter, perhaps she is using more of her muscles to stand up. I felt a sudden weakness in my knees as i held back a tremble. 

Drips of lub mixed with some of my semen is dripping down the sides of Karen’s thighs with each push i made. I made a mental note to wipe her up before she could deal with it. 

As i pushed and enjoyed the satisfiaction from Karen’s love hole, i adjusted our position and soon i am ready to cum again. 

The feeling wasn’t as strong and intense as before, i bit down on my teeth again and i struggled to slow down my movement as i felt a small squirt left my manhood as i ease in and buried myself deep inside Karen . 

I must have paused too long as Karen tried to turn and check on me. 

Karen : Are you ok ? Are you coming ? 

Gary : No, not yet. i couldn;t bear to come. Didn;t want this to end. 

I gave her a sweet smile but she ignored me and tried to crawl away after prying one hand away. i held on and in a fluid motion, i lifted up the blanket and wrapped around my back before i rolled to the side while lifting Karen onto me and burying our bodies together beneath the sheets. 

Karen’s damp hair tickled my face as i manuvered her ontop of me. 

I slid into her slippery love hole again and i stayed there motionless , only the pant of Karen’s breath by my ears. 

I could feel my rapidly deflating dick and i struggled to hold on. 

Thrusting upwards , Karen got upright and i saw her love pillows jiggle with each of my upward motion. She pressed down on my chest with the tip of her fingers as she tried to balance herself. 

Stray strands of hair were plastered across her face as we rocked the bed in the suite. 

I felt drained and exhausted but i didn’t want this to end. 

Karen : Where’s the condoms ? i’ll get it. 

I declined the offer, saying that i’m still far away. 

Karen : I think we should stop Gary… 

Gary :Okok, i’ll get it. 

I turned and laid Karen down on her back as i bent low to kiss her body, salty from the sweat of our lovemaking. 

I tore open the packet of condoms and immediately went back to Karen. SHe is still lying down and luckily she did not get up to examine her privates. I could see dried and caked stains from our bodily fluids, the lubricant smeared wildy all over her bottoms. 

I had some difficulty capping on as my dick is deflating fast. 

I gave it a few strokes to get it up and quickly capped myself. 

Karen’s eyes did a qucik check to make sure i’m ready before she got up and lowered herself onto me. 

That was when i had a shock of my life 

She started to move. 

Karen moved at a pace which i found it hard to catch up. 

She rode me eagerly, slamming herself down onto my pelvis with her privates. I envy Pete instantly for having such an amazing wife. 

We kept the same position and barely 10 minutes later, it was my turn to grab on to the bedsheet. 

Karen did not let up but instead increased her grinding and i felt the breath being drawn away from my lungs as my mouth opened wide and i grunted and make a few feeble thrust to empty my trickle of sperm into the condom which is snuggly hugged by the walls of her vagina. 

I gasped for breath as i laid on my back.

Holding on to the base of the condom, Karen withdrew herself and collasped beside me.

My hand reached for hers but she refused and turned away instead. 

We were quiet for a moment before i heard the slightest of snore coming from Karen . 

I fell asleep too. 

I was awaken when i heard the spray of the shower come on in the bathroom. 

I was exhausted. 

I saw Karen emerge from the bathroom a while later and she was drying her hair in front of the dressing  table. 

She cast a look at me before putting on her clothes. Our eyes met as she was tying her shoelaces but her gaze betrayed no emotions. 

The look on her face told me this was a one off encounter. 

As she finished with the laces of the other shoe, she got up and she took the notepad and wrote something down. 

I heard the click of the door when she left. I managed to catch a glimpse of the clock that read 7pm before i drifted off to sleep again. 

I woke up at 11pm in a daze, feeling hungry. 

Walking over to the dressing table. i saw Karen’s message. 

” Pete is screwing your wife ” 

I re-read the message again before it dawned on me who the fool really is.   May 2012

Pete – May 2012 

They say time heal everything. 

I tendered my resignation the following monday to Gary who accepted it without a word in september.

I started a new job, i moved house. 

Karen and i reconciled when i apologised. It was an uneasy truce as we worked to regain each other’s trust. 

Our baby will be due next month. 

I put the entire thing behind me and i was glad everything was over and things were back to normal. 

Normal at least until i saw Sara one day with a baby in her hand at Raffles city. 

We said an awkward hi as i eyed the child in her arm. 

Still so tiny, but i could have sworn the baby had my smile. 
I saw Gary in the distance queuing at the customer service and i bade a equally awkward goodbye. 

Gary June 2012 

I was staring at the report in my car as i re-read the details again. 
I was elated when Sara was pregnent, but my suspicions was confirmed when i found out that the child wasn’t mine. 

Karen gave birth yesterday and through a few contacts, i found out her delivery suite and paid her a visit. 

Standing in the distance, i could see Pete smiling and milling about happy relatives. 

I bidded my time and waited till the relatives and Pete disappeared into the lift. Lifting up my cap a little, i approached the delivery suite inside Mt Alvernia. 

I was about to enter when i saw the nurse exit with the baby girl in her arms. 

I smiled and i left the way i came when i saw the red birthmark she had on her left forearm near the wrist. 

As i settled into my car, i brushed aside my sleeve to check the time, nesting beside my rolex is the birthmark carried by all my siblings. 

 The end