This is a work of fiction

Mr Tan is my boss. 

He’s turning 58 in a few weeks but he doesn’t let his age slow him down. Always quick on his feet and sharp on his thinking. He was someone I looked up to. He’s eager to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation and did i mention he’s a party animal.

If not for his mentorship, I would not be the position I am in today.

I knew this company is a little different when I was invited for an interview 2 weeks after I submitted my resume. Nothing special except that the interview location is not in an office, but in a pub in Purvis street. 

Not knowing what to expect, I brought along my portfolio and reached the pub at 6pm sharp. There was only a number from the HR for me to call so I settled down onto one of the couch and got myself a beer before dialing the number. 

15 minutes later a uncle looking man came towards me and extended his hand towards me. 

James : Hi I’m James. 

Tan : I’m Teng kwok, call me Tan. 

James : Nice to meet you Mr Tan. 

Tan did not have to make an order for his drinks, the same sweet girl who brought me my beer brought Tan 2 glasses of drink. Whiskey would be my guess. 

One neat, one on the rocks. 

Tan drained the one on the rocks immediately before settling back into the couch for a chat with me. 

As we chatted about my experiences and views, I can’t help but notice the way Tan is dressed. 

Berms .


He’s in berms, a polo t with 2 sticker from a flag day donation drive and he has a waist pouch around his waist. One shoe dangled flimsily from his foot as he described the person he’s looking for in his company. 

I really thought he needed someone to sell chicken rice. 

The initial 30 mins felt a little weird as I’ve never had an interview conducted in this manner before. Tan must have had at least 4 drinks before he started flipping through my portfolio.

However 1.5 hours later, after a couple more beer , I began to feel more relax and after my 4th beer and at least 2 toilet trips, it’s like chatting with an old friend. 

I offered to pick up the tab when Tan went to the washroom but the staff just shook her head at me.

Staff : Sorry, I can’t. Tan will scold us . 

I left the pub 30 minutes later, a little tipsy yet confident that I’m going to get an offer. 

The offer came 2 days later. 

HR agreed to my asking pay, which is 17.5 percent higher than my current drawn. Downside is my annual leave is 14 days, compared to 18 which I’m currently having. I have to work alternate saturdays too.

I accepted the offer one day later. 

When I started work one month later, I was a little shocked when I saw the office. It’s a place from the 60s. Yellowish ceiling boards, lots of 2nd hand furniture, obiang paintings and calligraphy don the walls of the office. 

I counted around 20 staff including me. Quite an equal proportion of girls and guys, no gorgeous SYT, I’m thinking most are old staff which stuck with the company through thick and thin.

Took a while to get settled into an old desk by the corner of the copier and by the time I managed to log into my machine, it’s already lunch time. 
Colleagues are friendly, and a group of 3 guys jio-ed me to join them for lunch. 

As I exited the old office block reaching OG at the bottom, I saw Tan arriving for work. 

He gave me a waved and disappeared into the old lift. 

Following close behind him, I saw another 2 person. 

A guy and a girl. 

As I turned to look at the closing lift door, my eyes met with the girl who is now my wife. 


I never believe in love at first sight. Lust maybe ….but not love. 

For some reason I can’t explain, there was something in that pair of eyes I caught for that brief moment. They say your eyes are the window to your soul, that barely 2 seconds of contact with that girl left an impression in my mind. I felt this weird feeling running through my spine, it made me want to pee, or maybe shit.

I don’t know. 

I couldn’t shake that image of that girl from my head. 

As I shook the bunch of tangled noodles with my chopsticks, I realize I can visually remember every single detail about that girl. 

She is not very tall, probably 1.6m I would say. She’s not young, my bet would be late 20s or early 30s. Her eyes are big, natural long lashes. Her hair reaches far below her shoulders to her breast. I can sure she can do what Ayumi hamasaki did for her album cover more than 10 years ago if you get my drift. 

She was wearing a dark grey cardigan, I can’t tell for sure what was on the inside as I bit down on my char siew. 

Her skirt is short, tight fitting but sadly no flesh exposed for my eyes as she has on a pair of tights. The feet, clad in a pair of flats that seemed a little damp from the light rain and probably the puddles of water on the ground on her way back. 

Her neck is smooth, white and slender, I bit into my wanton as I thought of myself as a vampire, sinking my teeth into her skin. 

Sipping my tea, I continued my casual chat with my colleagues, but I just can’t shake the thought of this girl out of my head. 

This girl .

Heading back to the office, I scanned the place for her before finally locating her seat behind a mountain of documents and drawings. 

It’s still my first day afterall , I spent a bit of time arranging my desk and reading through some documents Tan passed to me. 

With each page I flipped, I adjusted the location of some folders, calanders, organisers, clock. 

When I reached the 13th page, I have a direct diagonal view of the girl from my desk. 

Her head was buried in some documents as she munched on some biscuits. 

I lingered around the office a little before leaving at 6.15pm on my first day. 
Tan had just spoken to me about a project I will be handling, I’ll be going to site with him the next day at 9am sharp. 

I like to be punctual. 

In fact real early. 

I couldn’t sleep that night.

It sounds crazy but I work up at 4.50am the next morning. I made myself a coffee and got ready for work. 

Despite taking my time to shit and shave, I left my place at 5.45am .

I stepped into the lift of my office at 6.35 am . 

I entered the password to my office barely 3 mins later and switched on the lights. 

Taking a deep breath, I settled down into my seat and turned on my machine. 

I spent a good 10 mins exploring the office, making sure there were no cctv of any kind. 

I casually strolled to the pantry and made myself a coffee, my eyes never left the seat where the girl sat.  


As the first light of the day start to break out of the morning sky over the horizon, I walked over to the seat that never left my eyes since I stepped into office. 

I took up a piece of her namecard and I mouthed 

‘ Xu pei Ling , Eve’ 

I pocketed one of her name card before settling down into her seat, keeping my ears and eyes open in case someone turns up early for work. 

Her desk has an array of pens and markers, I flipped through her sketchbooks and her calander. 

Her drawers were locked but I found a bunch of keys in a pen holder and voila ~ . 

Documents, a makeup pouch, some envelopes. The usual stuff girls keep in the office. 

I replaced them in order and locked the drawer. 

My heart is still beating a little fast as I stood up and checked out the office again. I even walked to the lift lobby to check out the lifts. 

Heading back to Eve’s seat, I can’t help it but took her mug and place my nose close to where her lips were. 

There were no particular scent I can pick up except for the tea but it still gave me an erection. 

Replacing the mug, I went back to my seat. 

The first colleague arrived at 8.15am while more started coming in at 8.45. 
No one even noticed I was the first. 

Eve arrived at 8.55am. 

I felt my day lifted upon laying my eyes on her, even the motion of her shaking dry her umbrella sent some blood to my manhood. 

The secret smile did not leave my face as I stole glances at Eve until at 9.00am sharp the other guy I saw the first day came into office. 

Walking straight to Eve’s desk, he smiled and passed her coffee and a bread. 
I knew from the way Eve smiled and looked at him, something is going on. 

Barely 30 seconds later , Eve offer a mouth of her bread to that guy.
This wiped the smile off my face in an instance. 

Tan appeared right about then as said. 

Tan : James , ready to go ?

I nodded and left the office with Tan. 

Through a casual chat en route to my new project, I asked about the colleagues I saw him with yesterday. 

Tan : Everything ok so far ? HR brought you around ? 

James : Yeap, met with most of the people, so far so good. Haven got chance to talk to the 2 who you were with yesterday though.

Tan took out a fag and offered me one which I declined as I have my own. After he inhaled his first puff, he said. 

Tan : Oh. That’s Adam and Eve. 

James : haha. You got to be kidding. Who is the snake ? 

Tan : haha. KNN, si bei talk cock ar James. 

James : Are you serious about their names ? haha 

Tan : Adam is from Philippines , Eve is local, really coincidence la. I put their name in the project flow chart consultants also thinks I’m joking.

James: haha. Then they are couple ar ? 

Tan : Yah, nothing I can do right, they are quite professional when I comes to work. Only got together a couple months back . 

Tan : Why ? interested ar ? 

James : Bo la. Just curious. 

As I entered the site with my boss, the name Adam remained etched in my mind. 

I will be the serpant 

I will offer the damm apple.

There’s just a small problem. 

We are both attached.


I saw a few familiar faces during the meeting but made no attempt to acknowledge them openly in front of my new boss. 

The contractors and consultants knew better to cosy up with me now that I just joined a new company, furthermore with my boss by my side. 

There are some cards in life that you keep close to your chest, playing it only at the appropriate time

Everyone was professional, the owner was pleased with the progress so far and has taken to me quite well upon introduction by my boss. 

I will be replacing my boss as the lead person for that project.

Lunch was a simple affair with Tan at the foodcourt at Sim lim square. We chatted about work, life before capping the lunch with another smoke. 
Surprisingly, there were only 3 smokers in the office. 

Tan , me and the pantry uncle. 

Tan will call me at 5pm everyday for a coffee and a smoke if he is not out. 
This went on for a week before the calls stopped and we will just meet straight at the coffee shop. 

I made sure I’m always a min or 2 early, and there is a ‘Kopi gao’ waiting for Tan. 

Yes, yes. I know how to ‘sarkar’. (Suck up) 
This is part and parcel of life, if you need to do it, just do it tastefully. 

The first week was more than enough for me to adjust to the work culture in my new office. I am generally fine with most of the colleagues. It didn’t take long for me to realize there are a few groups in the office, as I have my own projects, I made sure to keep out of their politics. 

I’ve had the opportunity to have lunch with almost everyone except Adam and Eve. 

Aside from the courteousy nod and smile when we pass each other at work, we hardly spoke a word to each other. I tried to time my pantry trips to meet Eve whenever Adam is not around, but aside from some casual exchange, nothing much was achieved. 

I told myself to be patient, no point rushing things. Afterall, I’m about to shit where I eat. 

The least I could do is try to shit a little slower. 

The next 3 weeks passed in a blur.

I collected information about Eve, machiam like a stalker. 
Small things like which colour of post it she like to use, what suppliers she used for her projects. I like to see her scribble mindless notes on her organizer when she talked on the phone. 
Talk about stalking and being a psyco, I was even pushed to change my phone to match hers. 

Giving up on my trusty nokia to switch over to blackberry took some adjusting.

I took note of how she liked her coffee, and the brand of her teabags. I even knew which are the days she hit the gym with Adam. Monday for that energy boost to kick start the week, Thursday for a spinning class, and always Friday at 6pm sharp for a run before coming back to work around 7 plus. 

I made sure I’m always the first at work, just to spend that extra few minutes lingering at her desk. 

I knew Eve liked tube tops, she clocks at least 3 tubes per week. But she made sure she always have a outer coat or cardigan over her shoulders, the only time i get to stare at those smooth white shoulders is at 6.30pm everyday when the central A/C shuts off. 

I would stare discreetly at her bareback, sometimes seeking that slightest peek of her bra, or perhaps just gaze at the mole she has near her right armpit bordering her triceps. 

What i wouldn’t do to kiss it, to smell it. 

i couldn’t even start to count the number of times i secretly brought Eve’s heels and slippers to my nose, and her shawl which she changed twice a week on tues and friday. 

I even toyed with the idea of peeping at her in that old toilet once afternoon. 

If I didn’t knew myself better, I would say I am getting obsessed with Eve. 

One particular Tuesday morning I reached office at 7am with breakfast in toll. I did a quick check before heading over to Eve’s desk, snooping around her work space. 

My hand accidentally brushed against the mouse and the monitor blinked back to life. 

The system is locked, but the wallpaper is a joint picture of Adam and Eve. 

I visually blured out Adam and for once really looked at Eve face to face. 

Her features are sharp and chiseled. Well defined cheekbones with a straight set of teeth. Her dimples however, only appeared on one side, her left. Her eyes sparkled on that lcd screen. 
Her lips, shiny and gloss, pink is the colour of health. 

I could feel my blood getting excited as I stared at her image on the screen. 
I turned off the monitor and went back to my seat. 

How ? 

How do I separate Adam and Eve ? Who can give me a fucking apple? 

And for the first time I believe god has a sense of humour. 

He put newton into the picture.

You got to be shitting me you say…. But what else can I say. 

Newton really provided the apple. …

At 10.30am that morning , Tan asked me into his room. 

Moments later Adam entered. 

Tan : Morning guys, I have a new job. A possible new job actually. 

He passed over some documents for us to flip through. 

Tan : I hope you guys can work on this together, I hope we get this. 

I couldn’t believe my ears when Tan asked us to meet him on site after lunch. 

Tan : See you 2 at Newton after lunch. 


Now I’m generally fine with working in a team and with others so I really didn’t give this much thought when it landed on my lap. I’m seeing it as an opportunity to get to know Adam better. 

Even before I can sink my thought further, Adam requested a moment alone with Tan. 

Adam : Boss, can I have a word with you ? 

I did not score a zero for my EQ so I knew when to excuse myself. 
Standing up, I acknowledged Adam with a nod and out of courteousy, spoke his name and I repeated the same gesture with Tan, making sure I looked them in the eyes. 

What they discussed was anyone’s guess. 

My money is on why Eve is not being assigned to this together with Adam, but well, I’ll never know. 

I did not want to waste time on mindless questions but immediately studied the design brief in front of me. I took note of the site, the surroundings and while stealing glances at Eve’s back view and screen, I even checked out the place I’m going to visit on google earth just to get a feel of the ground. 

I had already filled a page of my notebook when I saw Adam returned to his seat. Keeping a lookout from the corner of my eye, he did not seem happy with the discussion.

I saw Eve gave a tilt of her head as if asking what is wrong but Adam did not reply. 

Moments later, Adam started typing furiously on his keyboard. 

Having written countless emails, I knew from the speed at which he is typing, it’s got to be something of a personal note . 

Why ? 

Too fast too furious, never think. 

Tap tap tap tap tap . click and off he went to the pantry. 

Barely a minute later, Eve started doing the same thing. 

Tap tap tap tap tap and a click. Followed by a look towards Adam as he returned from the pantry as if telling him she gave a reply. 

I’m curious by nature . 

I couldn’t concentrate on my own screen but instead tried to discreetly look at Eve’s but her body is covering most of her monitor. 

Are they talking via email ? MSN ?

I tried MSN on my own computer but it’s blocked, so I ruled that out. 

I don’t think they will be gossiping or talking about personal stuff via work email. They wouldn’t risk it. It’s not professional as well. 

I gave up after a while and continued my work. 

Adam and Eve snuck out for an early lunch, leaving the office at 11.45am. 

Seperately by the way. 

But it’s kinda obvious to me. 

I was already queuing for my lunch when I realized I left my notebook behind, I’m supposed to head straight to newton. 
I tompang an order of chicken rice and I made a dash back to office. 

The lights were off, and I guessed I’m the only person around. 

I grabbed my notebook and was considering whether to check out Eve and Adam’s PC but thought the better of it. 

The PC aside but I cannot help but notice the paper bag Eve has by her table. 
Making sure there were no one around, I quickly shuffled over to her desk and lowered my body. 

Keeping my eyes at the lift lobby, my hands reached into the paper bag.

It’s a pair of altered pants, the receipt read G2000 Jurong point. 

I snapped a picture of the alteration receipt and replaced the pants. I saw Eve’s open bag and I took a quick peep, her purse is inside the bag, she usually brings a small wallet out to lunch. 

My heart was thumping as I kept turning to check the office entrance. 
I found her IC and I snapped a picture of her details. 

Eve is 2 years my senior. 

There are 2 pads in her bag. Is she having her menses ? Will she be changing again today ? Is it possible to steal a freshly changed pad from the sanitary bin ? 

Replacing her purse back into her bag, I saw her sports bag in a corner of her desk. 

Will there be soiled clothes in them ? Is her shoes there as well ? 
How does her sweat smell like ? 

Will I ever be able to smell the fresh perspiration from her body? Is she still a virgin? 

Did she try the Pinoy kuku jiao already?

So many questions flooded my mind and I wished I had more time to explore her private belongings.

I decided I did not want to take the risk and I quickly shook the thought from my head. 

Adjusting the erection from the excitement, I left the office. 

Talking about sick people, i think i top the list in terms of perversion.

I got back to my lunch kahki to see my lunch waiting for me and we washed the lunch down with a ice cold sugar cane. 

That was when one of the guys , Tom started this new conversation. 

Tom : Eh James, you working with Adam ar ? 

James : Wah, how you know ? 

Tom : Office got no secret one leh…. Haha. 

Samuel, the only indian PM in the office which the old birds always make fun off added. 

Samuel : Good luck to you ar James, haha. 

Tom : Ah neh, don’t scare him off ok ? haha

I was a little puzzled but the guys refused to let on more, saying that they prefer to let me experience it on my own. 

I took their conversation with a pinch of salt and made my way to newton. 

I reached the designated site at 1.48pm and I lighted up near the gate. 
Tan arrived soon after and joined me. 

Adam arrived in a cab at 2pm sharp. 

I entered the office and saw a few more familiar faces. It’s a small industry after all. 

I knew the 2 sub-contractors that does pretty good carpentry, I smiled at the M&E consultant that I flirted with quite often. 

A wink from one of the lighting consultants told me this is going to be a fun project as I recalled the KTV session he insisted on having, just to show me what his lights can do. 
His proudest work are not GCB ( Good class bungalows ) but are KTVs …

I gave a curt nod to the RTO who settled down 4 seats from me and he replied with a mock salute with 2 fingers. 
Afterall, he calls me ‘Sir’ for 2 weeks every year. 

Then I begin to see Adam perform, or choot pattern, and i wonder if this is what samuel and Tom meant ? 

What did I meant by performance ? 

In a really abrupt delighted voice, Adam greeted each of the consultants that he is familiar with, walking over to shake their hand and asking how are they doing. 

He was buddy buddy with the contractor and cracked a couple of jokes that earned some sympathy laughter from them. He tried to show his ‘seh’ by doing straight to the project director, asking how is his wife doing. 

From the looks of it, it seems Adam has done quite a bit of work and knew most of the people quite well from previous jobs. 

He seemed pretty determined to cement his seniority

If Tan was impressed , he didn’t let it show. 
His face remained passive. 

Adam tried to play it cool as he settled down beside me and made introductions to the few consultants that were within earshot. 

The exact words he used as he gestured to me were. 

Adam : Eh guys, my junior , James. Take care of him ar. Don’t bully ok ? 
The only reply he got was a few smiles and nod. 

I chose to keep my silence and just smile politely. 

The owner arrive and spoke his piece, everyone listened intently, taking notes. 

We were invited to submit our proposal by the owner as he concluded his brief. 

I hung back as the room got into action, people leaving , standing up. 

Tan went forward to have a word with the owner while Adam squeezed his way to the front to shake the owner’s hand, saying that he looked forward to work with his team, cutting Tan in the middle of his conversation. 

I remained in my seat, fiddling with my phone, waiting for the crowd to clear. Adam saw me hanging back in the chair and paid no further attention to me as he continued to talk to the owner together with Tan . 

15 mins later, Tan and Adam turned to me, as if telling me that it’s time to leave. 
I nodded but I looked passed them and straight to the client who walked pass both Tan and Adam towards my direction. 

I lifted my right hand to my forehead, palms downwards and I smiled as I stood to mock attention and gave a salute. 

James : Afternoon CO Sir. 

The gesture was returned and I shook hands warmly with the ‘uncle’ I work with 2 weeks every year.

Client / CO : Love the Nassim road job you did. How are you ? 

The look on Adam’s face is priceless. 

What can I say

It’s a small country, it’s a small industry. 

And for Tan… If he was impressed, he didn’t let it show either. He just nodded slightly, deep in thought.

老板。。。.就是有老板的 ’seh’ …..

I had a quick chat with my CO / client as Tan gestured to me that they will be waiting outsite the gate. 

Adam did not seem pleased at all. 

But i really did not do anything…..

I decided i need to do some damage control if i want to get Eve. I won’t benefit much from Adam always badmouthing me. 

I tried to control my laugher in Tan’s car. 
I haven even started my nonsense, Adam already cannot stand me. 

I’m really curious how much of me he can really stand. 

As we went up the expressway, my mind drifted and i can only think of Eve…

How can i get her… ? 

I closed my eyes in the smooth ride Tan is driving and i started to think.


During my 5pm kopi with Tan that day I told him that I could tell Adam really wants to work on that new job he assigned both of us.  I’m ok if he wants to take it by himself.

James : Seriously ar boss, not as if you giving me commission for each job. I don’t want everyone to start off on the wrong foot. 
Tan : Commission ar, wait long long ok. 
Tan : Adam is a little difficult to work with I admit, but he does his job well, I cannot be letting him have his way with everything. 
Tan seemed pretty firmed on that so I didn’t want to argue head on . 
I offered to assist and let Adam take the lead for now which Tan agreed.
Tan : Let’s see how things go. 
I dropped Adam a mail that says I’ll be assisting him should he require anything for that proposal. 

I got a one word answer ‘ ok’ 

And I never saw that proposal until the week after. Adam dropped me a mail to a link in the server which I looked through. 

He didn’t asked for my opinion just a ‘fyi’

I replied ‘ ok ‘

Fine with me actually, I get to spend more time snooping about Eve. 

Tan called me into his office as asked me to look through Adam’s proposal since I worked with the client previously. 
I made a couple of calls and told my boss I’ll need a hour or 2 for a private coffee break. Will explain when I get back.

I returned Tan the proposal  with only one amendment on Adam’s work. 
I changed one roman numeral. 

On Friday the 13th 2010, I kick started my play and move my first piece on the chessboard. 

It’s been 2 months since I joined this company.
The Job Adam wanted was successfully won and he’s handling it by himself. I kept out of his way and I made no attempt to hide the fact that my working style belongs to the ‘ don’t step on my toes, I keep away from yours’ 
Adam seems ok with that and even managed a couple of smiles when we pass each other by the copier lately. 

Back to Friday the 13th. 
I chanced upon some trash in the bin by the copier that looked like an air ticket. 
It’s booked for the following week to Shanghai in Adam’s name. 
This struck something in my mind as I went back to my desk and checked the employee annual leave schedule. 
Adam is booked for a business trip for a presentation from 18th Aug to 20th Aug as indicated. 

Scrolling down to letter E, I saw Eve’s annual leave application. 
18th Aug to 23rd Aug. 

It took a minute for my mind to register this and I left my seat and make my way to the toilet. 

Sitting down on the WC, I slowed down my breathing and I started to think. 

Adam must not fly.

As I pushed the morning’s breakfast out, my mind zoomed in on a few variables. 
Is Eve joining? Chances are she is, but unless I see her air ticket, I can’t be sure. 
If Adam can’t go, will she go ahead without him ? 

I expanded the toilet roll completely and even after leaving the toilet, I still feel like shitting. Time to get into action. 

At coffee and smoke break that evening, I casually asked Tan for his permission to get a supplier in. 
James : Boss, next Wednesday can I get a supplier in for a quick presentation. Some new cladding feature he wants to show us. Was thinking it can be good to gather the guys to take a look. He says should take 40mins give and take. 

Tan  : Next Wednesday ar… 18th. 

Tan took out his glasses and scrolled through his phone. 
Tan : can, but not all the designers are around. Adam is flying to Shanghai to meet a client. Following week can ? 
James  : oh ok. Can. I’ll arrange. 
As I drained my coffee, Tan added something that gave me an opportunity to ask the question I wanted to ask. 
Tan : Eh, can you help Eve on the Serangoon Garden proposal, you CO is the client. 
James : Of course la, towkay 开口。。haha
Tan : NB, James, you si bei know how to sar kar. Haha 
James : kidding la, I’ll check with her when I get up. Eh like that, ok or not ar ? Skarli Adam buay song I help her. Haha. 
Tan : Aiyah , you think too much la. Just ignore Adam.

James : Eh, how come Eve never go with Adam for the presentation ? I thought they wwf tag team ? 

Tan : This is the 2nd round, no need 2 person go la, they went together the first time round already. 

I just nodded and we made our way up to the office. 

I dropped Eve a mail. 

Tan says I’m to help with the serangoon garden job, let me know if you need anything. 

I got a simple reply which melted my heart 

🙂 Sure. Enjoy your weekend ! 

If only she knew how busy I will be this weekend. 

I waited for Adam and Eve to leave for their Friday jog that evening at 6pm sharp. 
I knew Eve’s desktop auto lock is 10mins.
I have timed it before. 
I have no Idea how much Adam sets his

I started distributing some circulation, catalogues, and some ‘stray’ mails around the place. When my watch read 6.08, I went over to Eve’s desk and dropped the mail in the in tray, but not before brushing against her mouse. 
I repeated the same for Adam .
The familiar feeling I get of wanting to pee and shit returned as I kept looking at my watch, making small talks with some leaving colleagues as I distributed more stuff. 
As the rest of the colleagues started to file out, I started to pack my stuff around 6.15pm. 

I quickly grabbed a couple more brochures and I headed over to Adam and Eve’s tray again. Repeating the same trick, brushing against the mouse. 
Only Me and Tom left in the office.
Tom is seated quite far away and I took a risk of just walking over again, empty handed this time round and just quickly give their mouse a brush.

Adam and Eve usually comes back around 6.45pm. 

When the last colleague Tom left with a wave at 6.30pm, my heart was thumping. 
It’s a small window of opportunity. 

I practically flew over to Eve’s desk at 6.31pm and I opened her outlook. …. For the first time in my life, calling up the outlook program gave me a raging erection. 

Keeping my ears open for the chime of the lift I scanned through Eve’s email. 

And I saw it. 
Flight booking from Zuji. 
I took out the crumpled piece of misaligned print I have of Adam’s eticket. 
Same day, same time. 

I sent a copy to the printer. 

My heart was thumping against my ribcage , I stopped breathing through my nose, using my mouth instead

Then I heard the unmistakable chime of the lift reaching my office floor. 

I quickly closed the ticket window and minimize the program. A quick Alt + Ctrl  + Del and I locked Eve’s computer. I barely made it to the printer which is right by the office entrance when a sweaty and red-face Eve entered. 

Eve : Hey, not leaving yet ar. 
James : Leaving now actually.
I returned Eve’s smile as she headed over to her desk while I retrieved the printout and stuffed it into my pocket. 

Adam stepped into the office 2 mins later. 

I left one min after he got in. 

Friday . 6.48pm. 

So little time. So much to do. 
I got home and changed into something casual and I headed over to my girlfriend’s place in Jurong. I needed a quick release. 

When I peeled off the condom at 8.45pm that evening, I was physically satisfied, but mentally I felt myself getting more unsound. 
I made an excuse of meeting friends and I excused myself. 

My mind is filled with Eve’s black and pink running singlet that evening. The random patches of perspiration and the fringes of her hair plastered by the side.
Her shorts covering her modesty yet showing off her toned legs to the lucky few who paid attention to runners on their way home.
I flagged a cab and settled into the seat. 

My destination, Eve’s house.
I need to know more about Eve.



I checked the address as I alighted from the cab by the side of the road. 
I retreated to a corner of the void deck away from the main road to study the information I have.  

I’m armed with the alteration receipt information and Eve’s IC . I have her mobile of course for work purpose but I hardly use it. 

There is only a way to find out if Eve is home, that is to call. 
I got an international calling card and dialed Eve’s home number, adding a +65 in front after keying in my password. This way, it would appear as either private or intl call for the caller ID if there is any. Just a safety precaution. 

Man’s voice : Hello ? 
James : Hello, arhh.. Is Ms Eve ah at home ? Ms Xu pei ling. 
Man’s voice : No she is not, who is this looking for her ? 
James : I’m calling from G2000 Jurong point about her alteration. Her 
handphone never pick up. 
Man’s voice : Oh ok, can you leave your name and contact ? I’ll get her to call you when she is back . 
James : It’s ok, no need. Just need to remind her can come down collect her pants. 
Man’s voice : Ok
James : Thank you for shopping with G2000..

I hung up. 
I did not care that her pants were collected long ago. The boutique will probably think it’s a mistake and brush it off, so will Eve. 

I felt a pang of jealousy when I looked at my watch, 9pm. Eve is still not back. 
Is she out with Adam ? 

I headed over to the opposite block and looked up from the carpark to Eve’s unit which is on the 2nd floor. 

Kitchen light’s is on, quite a bit of laundry. I could even make out a couple of pieces that Eve had worn before. 

I went to the mail box and grabbed some leaflets and scanned the surroundings, making sure no one sees me loitering around. 
An uncle came to the mailbox around a blind corner and I casually flipped through the leaflets I have in my hand, trashing a couple as I read through them. 

When I was sure no one was near, I poke and took a quick look at Eve’s mailbox.  Good that the flap is not locked, I filed away this information. 
I loitered around the surrounding for a while before taking the stairs up to her unit. 

Her main door is open, so I can only observe from a corner. 

My position is dangerous, if Eve returns , she will be coming from behind me, I can only run up. 
Keeping my ears open I quickly took in the surroundings. 

Incense burner bin and bicycle chained to a corner. There is a mahjong table folded up neatly as well.
Some plants, pandan leaves smell nice and aloe vera is sprouting nicely. 

Then my eyes settled on Jackpot. 
The small area of open space has a drying stand. 

I recognized a couple of pieces of Eve’s clothes on the bamboo. Looking through the lot, my heart sank when I did not see any piece of lingerie. 
A couple of T-shirts that I had seen Eve wore before, nothing special. Some old tops and shorts which I didn’t know belonged to who. A couple of rags , well worn Jeans. 

Makes sense not to put valuables in the common area. 
There are sick people like me around. 

Then I saw something which caught my fancy. 
It’s 2 pair of ankle socks. They’re close to me as well. 
I recognize the black socks with orange trimmings with that infamous tick. 
I have seen Eve changed into them so many times before in office. 
What I wouldn’t do to kiss and smell her feet after her run. 

My heart started beating faster as I took a step closer to the bamboo pole. 

The worst that can happen is Eve happen to return at that point in time to see me trying to steal her laundry. Then all will be lost. 
I moved quickly, I undid the clip over a pair and the dropped into my waiting hands. 
Just as I was about to bring it to my nose, my ears picked up footsteps and I quickly darted up 2 flights of stairs while trying to look down the opening in between the railings. 

I saw Eve came up the stairs to her unit, but I couldn’t make out her totally, I couldn’t get a good angle, only her lower body from her waist down. 
She stopped a few feet away from the door and turned around gesturing something to someone. 

I bet is Adam.

I saw Adam appear in my view a moment later. 

They were both quiet. 
Adam leaned forward, presumably for a kiss but I saw a quick dart of Eve’s body. Is she shy ? or she did not want her parents to see in case they came to the door ? 
Have they kissed before ? 
I adjusted my angle as I saw Adam lead Eve to the laundry corner. 
Now I can only see the upper parts of their body. 
They seemed to be whispering something. Then what Adam did sent a jolt of electricity to my pants. His hands reached up to Eve’s left breast and gave them a squeeze. 
I felt excitement and anger at the same time. 
I want to squeeze those breast too. 
Then I saw something surprising, Eve brushed away his hand. 

Adam attempted to reach for them again after stroking her arms for a while but Eve held on to his fingers. 
This reminded me of the girls in ktv who are more shy. Always trying to stop your fingers before they reach the destination. 

I could see Eve’s body turn and shift, and a couple of light slaps on Adam’s arms, trying to push him away as he continued his advances. 
I didn’t understand, is she unwilling or it’s just because she’s outside her house ? 

But it didn’t matter to me as I took in the sight. I’m already stroking myself seeing the Eve trying to fight away Adam. Would she fight me too if I made my move ? 

The exchange lasted almost 5 mins with Adam repeatly making moves on Eve’s breast. And I remained quietly a short distance away, slithering quietly. Hissing silently. 

Eve’s left hand kept pulling her top down and stopping Adam from reaching under. 
With each push Eve gave , I felt my manhood getting more excited. 

She finally managed to break free and I heard a more audible, ‘ bye’  before she quickly entered her unit. 
Adam left after she locked and close her door. 

I checked to make sure there were no neighbours behind me and I unzipped and lower my pants. I cupped Eve’s ankle socks over my manhood and I started to stroke myself, trying to visualize me inside Eve. 

It was not a grand ending, but it kept me sane that evening. I pocketed that pair of soiled sock. 

I work up at 7am on Saturday morning. I was suppose to meet my girlfriend at 11am, so I had to make sure all my preparations was done before that. 

I did not forget my objective. 

Adam must not go Shanghai with Eve. 
I must replace him. 

I bought 2 x 500 ML bottle of mineral water from a convenient stall. When the pharmacy opened at 10, I got some syringes with a rather big needle. 0.3 if I remembered correctly. I got contact laxatives.
Gloves went into my basket as well. 

I went to a hardware shop and bought a spray bottle and ziplock bags and I drew $80 in 10 dollar bills and stuffed them into my pocket. 

I settled down at the coffee shop and checked the time. 10.15am. 
I’m going to be late meeting my gf but I didn’t care. 

I ordered a coffee and I unscrewed a bottle of water. 

Several pairs of eyes were on me but I wasn’t bothered. 

I too, will stare if I saw someone stirring coffee with his left hand while keeping his eyes peeled somewhere a distance away, and to top it off , he was pouring a brand new bottle of water he bought into the grass patch beside him. 

And I waited. 

I only wished my luck was good that morning. 

I finished my coffee at 10.30am. 
I heard the heave brakes of a passing bus right when i saw what i wanted at 10.45am. 

I stood up and approach my target. 



I saw 2 person which I want to try and approach but couldn’t decide which.

One was a blonde hair Malay guy, his eyelids looked heavy and he had tissues in his hands. He kept sneezing and blowing into his used and reused tissue. 

He looked to be in his late teens. Heavily pierced ears and he was sitting on a old motocycle helmet outside the clinic which I was camping. 

When there was no one near him, I made a quick and daring approach towards that guy. 

James : Bro, I know you will think I’m crazy but would you be interested to make 50 bucks ? 

He just stared at me without a word and for a moment I thought he was going to hit me with his helmet. 
Another loud sneeze where I took a step back before he added. 

Sickman : What you want ? 
My head tilted to the carpark and he followed. 

I showed him the bottle of water and one empty bottle.

James : I want you to drink from this bottle then spit into this. 

Without second thought he said. 
Sickman : Fuck you. Who you think you are ? 

He walked away after giving me another stare. 
I’m not surprised, he probably thought I want his DNA for something. 

I approached the next person I shortlisted. 
I repeated the same thing , this time to a pinoy maid. 
She has a look of shock and disbelief when she digested my words.

Maid : Are you joking ? 

James : No. 

As I began adding 10 dollar bills to the 30 I put in her hands, she stuffed the money into her pocket when I hit $60. 

Without wasting time, she took 2 sips from the bottle of water and swallowed them. She took another 2, gurgled and spit into the empty bottle. 

She put both into the ziplock bag I bought. 

I asked for the clump of tissue in her hands and they too went into my ziplock. 
James : What’s wrong with you btw ? 

Maid : Fever, sorethroat, and running nose. 

I packed the stuff away and took a cab home. Biohazard materials took the place of alcohol in my mini fridge. 

I spent the weekend with my gf, movie, sex, the usual. I sort of pre-empt her that I might be flying to Shanghai the following week for work. And I slept with Eve’s ankle socks by my side that weekend. 

I’m so looking forward to Monday. 

I woke up at 4.30am on Monday morning and I left my home at 4.50am. 
I went to a quiet staircase sheltered from sight and wind. Using the heel of my shoe, crushed 12 contact laxatives which I wrapped in a few pieces of paper into powder and I divided them up into 6 portions, each in it’s own po chai pill container.

I wore a N95 mask and put on my gloves as I got to work.
I filled 2 syringes with the gargled water before capping them and putting both in an old spectacle case.

I left the soiled tissue in the ziplock bag.  
I doubled checked I brought along the spare N95 masks that my mum stocked up back in the Sars days before making my way to work. 

5.15 am. 
I had a coffee and light breakfast at a coffeeshop nearby before catching the train. 
I reached my workplace at 5.55am. 

I surveyed the ground and got straight to work. 
Donning another mask, I first replaced Adam’s mineral bottle with the one that was drunk from by the sick maid.

Same brand, same size, same bottle. 

I withdrew the soiled tissues and I went to work on Adam’s usb fan which he like to blast it at himself while he worked. I coated the blades and the switch. I dabbed the keyboard, the mouse, his stationary box. I filled the spray bottle with the gurgled water and I bent below his desk. 

The air is more stagnant here, and this is where Adam keeps his bag, his snacks. 
I gave the entire a good spray down, covering his bottom part of the desk with a blanket of bacteria and virus. I used one of the syringe and gave 3ml of germs and bacteria infested water into what’s left of Adam’s Milo stash. I lifted the side flap, injected the water before gluing it back down.

I sprayed his cup as well, chances are he will wash them but I didn’t care. 
After making sure I covered all bases, I bagged the evidence and I trashed them at a bin 2 floors down. 

I went down for my second cup of coffee. 

I got back to the office and I stood below the diffuser just to verify something. 

7am sharp. 
Central A/C turned on. 

I plotted the path I will be taking for the next couple of days, mentally taking note of the red zone downwind of Adam’s desk. 

Eve is safe as she is one seat upwind opposite Adam. 

Monday began when the colleagues started coming in. 

Adam reached his desk and I kept watched from the corner of my eye. 
He on his usb fan and I saw his hair get pushed slightly as the bacteria filled wind hit him in the face, no doubt travelling down his airways. 
He took a sip of water from the mineral water bottle before going to wash his cup to make his coffee. 

As he settled down, he bent below his seat to retrieve some crackers and to put his bag. 
Soon I heard the tapping of keyboard. 

I saw Adam sipping on his milo when I came back from a late morning meeting. 

I’ve already set the wheels in motion. 

Now I can only pray. 

But to who  ?

When Adam did not turn up for work the next day, I wanted to jump and punch my hand into the air.I wanted to thank the gods but they will not take credit for this. 

I am pretty sure the devil just debited my life ledger. 

But I didn’t care. 

I’ll do anything for Eve. 

Tan called me into his office at 10am asking me to cover Adam’s site meeting at 11.  

And Newton’s apple fell onto my lap. 

Reaching the site one hour later, I was a little lost as I did not know some of the project details. Only Adam can answer them. 

I decided to fuck it and just call him. 

James : Adam, James here. 

Adam : Yeah, what’s up ? 

His voice sounded nasal, I could hear him sneezing in the background. 

James : Tan wanted me to cover for your site meeting, but there are some issues I’m not sure about, you think you can drop by for a quick one just to clarify things. I’ll take care of the minutes and stuff.

Adam : I’m not feeling well James , Those would have to wait. 

I did not want to let him get away and I rattled off a couple of design issues he has yet to resolve with the structure engineer. 
I threw in some of his signature design style saying that would he mind if I change them since the consultants needed something today. 

Upon hearing I’m going to fuck with his design, Adam’s tone changed. 

Adam : No, don’t touch my façade and the green wall. I already planned for those. Tell you what. Gimme an hour. I’ll drop by for a quick one. 

I couldn’t help sniggering in my heart. 

I rushed through the meeting with the consultants since major issues needed to be resolved by Adam. I made everyone leave the comforts of the office and go out into the baking sun. 
Damm, it’s so hot I felt like falling sick myself. 

I saw Adam arrive around 11.55am. 
I steered the group and brought their attention to certain areas but what I wanted was for us to be totally exposed to the sun. No foliage. 

James : Oh by the way guys, Adam just got here, can you all quickly sort out the issues with him . 
I threw in conversations to break the attention here and there , asking questions to stall. 
We managed 15 mins under the baking sun before the engineer suggested to go back into the office. 
15 mins which must have been like 15 hours for a sick Adam. 

I did not want to get into the same room with a sick and infected man so I made an excuse of grabbing coffee for everyone. 

Adam was just about to leave when I got back with the coffee. There were 6 of us in the meeting. 
I bought 12 cups. 

I filled 6 with the laxatives. 

I pushed the holder with 6 tainted cups towards Adam. I took one from the clean holder and excused myself for a smoke.

I told the bangala there will be spare coffee in the room later, help themselves. 

Adam came out at 12.45pm with a cup of coffee in his hands. I had already checked the wind direction with my cigarette and I positioned myself properly and held the cup up to my nose as he told me to help follow up some stuff. 

I left the site at 1pm , feeling sorry for the other 5 unintended victims. 

There is bound to be collateral damage in war. 



I got back to office at 1.20pm and because of the annual Fire drill, the lift is out and I bumped into Eve at the lobby waiting for things to return to normalcy. 
There are people milling about, chatting and talking.
James : Hey. 
Eve : Hey hello. 
James : Take the stairs la, you so fit, always go gym .
Eve : Haha. No la, I rather wait for the lift. Should be soon ba. 
I glanced around and casually asked. 
James : Eh, we go lim kopi ba, stand here and wait also wait, sit down also wait. 
She seemed to be considering my suggestion when I spotted Tom and Samuel a few metres away. 
James : Eh, Ah neh, Tom, here ! 
I waved to them and they squeezed through a few bodies. 
I did not wait for Eve to reply and instead steer the group towards the usual coffee place. 
Eve fell in step beside me and  every subsequent step seems to get lighter. This is the first time walking and talking by Eve’s side. I can’t help but recall the soft feeling of Eve’s ankle socks on my manhood when I masturbated with them. 

I felt my dick rise as I remembered the carass of the sock’s soft fabric as I slept with them plastered across my cheeks. 
Eve is like the sun, she seemed so sunny, so cheerful. She did not need makeups, the little touches she did only brought out more of her radiant beauty. 
I like the way when Eve’s smile gradually gave way to a laugh. 
So natural and sweet. 
The 4 of us chatted casually as we waited for a seat. 

Eve sat down first while Tom and Samuel took to her side and I got the opposite seat. 
But the moment I sat down I got up and said. 
James : Eve, I change seat with you. 
Eve : Huh ? 
Tom : Eh why ? want to see girl ar ? 

Right about then the big fan behind Eve blew onto her head and sent her hair all over her face. 
James : Haha, see. You want to drink coffee or eat your own hair Eve ? 
She swiped her hair aside and smiled before giving way to a laugh. 
Eve : Okay, thank you. 
Samuel : Wah, don’t play play ar . James gentlemen leh. 
Eve just smack Samuel on his hairy arm and I just shook my head, pretending to be disinterested. 
James : What drinks ppl  ? 
I got everyone drinks and we sat down for a chat. Nothing heavy, just casual stuff, a little about work. 
Eve asked about my previous experience and I briefly said something. She mentioned that she’ll need a little input for her project since I knew the client. 
After we’re done drinking , I offered tissue to Eve which she accepted with a smile before adding. 
Eve : Wah, seldom guys carry tissue one wor. 
Tom : James is sensitive new age guy la. Haha. You want wet tissue he also have.
We spent a few good minutes chatting before heading up. 
Right before going up, Tom said. 
Tom : Wah, Eve, don’t know when was the last time we lim kopi together leh.. you always anti social.
Her eyes widen in a cute way as she exclaimed.
Eve : No I am not! You all never ask me along. 
Samuel : Aiyah, wait Adam not happy ar. 
And he gave Tom an elbow jab sharing a knowing look. 
Eve : No la, it’s ok. Ask me next time . 
Tom  : Better not la, Adam very territorial one, very protective of his space. Haha. 
Eve gave a scrunched up face and just shook her head with a smile as we entered the lift. 

I was replying some mail when I saw Eve stopped what she was doing and instead was just furiously sms-ing away on her phone.
For about 30 minutes, she just sat back, typing away on her phone. 
I couldn’t read anything from her body language.
Her office phone rang at 3pm and she entered Tan’s office. She did not appear again until my office phone rang. 
Tan wanted to see me. 

I entered the office to see Eve sitting on the couch going through some information on a folder. 

Tan : James , need a favour. 
James : Yeah ? 
Tan : can you fly to Shanghai tomorrow morning ? 

I wanted to pee again. The thought of upsetting Adam’s trip and being able to go Shanghai with Eve almost made me cum on the spot.
I had to pretend I was a little surprise though.

James : Oh. Ermm.. ok.. what is it regarding ? 
Tan was rubbing his forehead as he explained that Adam is sick, real bad. He won’t be able to make the flight and to meet the client so he’s in a bit of a spot. 

Tan : You’re one of the few unmarried, commitment free guy eh. How ? Gum bo ? If ok now you go back pack. 
He pointed to Eve whose sorting out some information. 
Tan : Eve will brief you on the specifics, I wanted to ask her to go instead but she’s going on leave tomorrow and I didn’t want to spoil her travel plans. 
I turned and made eye contact with Eve and she gave me a shy smile. 

I got it. 

Eve does not want Tan to know she’s travelling with Adam and they’re going to be using this as the basis for a short trip as well. 

Fine with me. 

James : Oh sure, no problem. 
Eve : Let me check through some stuff, I’ll look for you later. 
James : Ok. 

Tan : James, Get a tic, you will take over Adam’s room. Will get Jenny to help you on that. 
I nodded and left the room. 

I spent the longest time alone with Eve in the meeting room as she brought me through the project specifics. I took notes, punctuated the dry discussion with some jokes and was rewarded with some laughter and a couple of slaps with the files. 
We also manage to squeeze in a bit of casual chat.
One hour into the discussion Eve excused herself to the washroom. I couldn’t help but brought the cardigan she left in the room to my nose for a quick whiff. It’s amazing how much blood one whiff can send to my penis. 
I slid my nose to the area near the armpits and indulge another 2 seconds with Eve’s scent. 
Sigh.. So near, yet so far.

I went out and got 2 glasses of water. 
Eve was a little surprised I got water for her and looked a bit paiseh but I pretended not to notice and just drank my glass while flipping through the documents.

She took a small sip and said.
Eve : Thanks for the Drink James. 
James : Oh, no problem, you can buy me one next time. 
She gave a ‘Tsk’ sound and gave me a kick with her heels.

I have never felt so happy, so blissful, just spending time with a girl. By the time we are done at 6.30pm, I knew what I was supposed to do for the 2 days with the client but deep in my heart, I was worried

Up till that very moment, Eve made no mention of her being on the same flight to Shanghai. 
Will she go  ?
Will she drop the plans because of Adam ? 
Will she cancel her leave. ? 

These are questions I can never answer. 

I took the little pleasure of clearing the glass the used during the meeting. Sniffing the stain from her lip gloss, licking the sweet apricot mark she left by the edge before taking a sip of the water she left behind.

I packed my bags that evening, thinking about Eve. 
Will I see her on the plane ? 
I even packed the pair of socks I stole, now my prized possession into my luggage.

I stare longingly at Eve’s eticket that I printed. She has even selected her seat number. 
No doubt beside Adam. 
I couldn’t take over Adam’s ticket that’s for sure but I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the passengers on Eve’s seat. 

I was at the airport real early. Hoping to catch Eve checking in but I didn’t see her around. 
I was disappointed.
I was hoping to catch her at the departure gates but I didn’t see her as well. 

Right after I sat down, 7 seats behind where Eve will be sitting, I saw this lady walking down the aisle. Her hair is tied up into a neat bun with some fringes framing her face. She had on a pair of stylish shades and is clad in Jeans and a T-shirt. 

My heart skipped a beat as I saw her got closer to her seat. 
An angmoh automatically stood up to help her with her carry on luggage. 

I heaved a sigh of relieve as I watch Eve settle down into her seat, her head scanning around her area, as if she was trying to look for someone. 

And the seat beside her remained empty. 

I relaxed myself for the first time as the plan began it’s 5 hour flight to Shanghai.  

I ignored the inflight entertainment and closed my eyes. 

I needed to start thinking again. 

Eve will definitely be staying at the same hotel as me.  

I need to think. 

I really need to think. 


By the time breakfast was served on board, I had a pretty good idea of what I can do when I’m in Shanghai, but those ideas had a lot of variables.

Things that I cannot control

Decisions I can’t make without first gathering more information. It also depends very much on Eve’s plans in Shanghai.

When we taxied down the runway to the docking berth, I saw Eve stretching in her seat, looking around and checking out other passengers, no doubt wondering where I am. 

I’ve already decided to play dumb . 

I allowed the rush of passengers to alight before slowing grabbing my carry on towards the immigration. Despite the slow exit, I still manage to catch up with Eve. 

I followed a good 20m behind , my eyes never left her figure hugging jeans. 

Immigration was smooth although much could be improved to ease the crowd. The whole world seemed to be coming to check out the Expo. 

I saw Eve settled to a corner at the baggage belt while still keeping a lookout for me. 

I pretended to be fiddling with the network on my phone as I walked straight towards her, stopping a few metres. 

No words could describe the excitement and thrill in my heart as I observed Eve from the corner of my eye dragging her trolley towards me. 

4m away, her step quickened and she cover the remaining distance in a combination of leap and skip. 

Eve : Oei ! 
And I felt the slap of her passport on my shoulder. 

I turned and my jaw dropped 2 inches, my eyes widen to the point that I felt my contact lens is going to drop out. 

I tried to speak but I stuttered a ‘ Whhh aa tt ? ‘

I shamelessly nominate myself for the next Oscar.

James : What ? What are you doing here ? 
I pretended to look around before adding. 

James : Don’t tell me Tan for you to come along ar ? 
Eve was giggling away as she replied. 

Eve : No lah. I’m here for my holiday. 

I considered her reply and added, nodding and giving her a sly look at the same time. 

James : Oh I know…. Must be Adam supposed to be here, then you going to have your secret rendezvous right ? 

Eve : No ! don’t anyhow say ok. 

James : Aiyah, you all couple couple, shy meh ? 

Eve : Don’t anyhow say la. Nonsense.

She gave me another slap on the arm but this time round with a map. 

We retrieved our bags and heading out of the terminal. My guess is correct, Eve is staying at the same hotel as me but I had a surprise. 

She had booked a separate room right from the start. No idea why though.

As I help Eve with her luggage into the boot, I can’t help but wished I had xray vision. 

What clothes did she bring? Any nice lingeries ?

Will I get to steal more keepsake of hers ? 

I boarded the cab and told the driver the address of our hotel , located right at the side of 大世界 station. 

We chatted throughout the 40 min journey from the airport. I found out Adam and her got together barely 3 months ago. 

Officially that is 

James : Erm what do you mean by ‘officially’ ?

Eve : Ermm, how do I explain this ? 

James : I know. ‘Officially’ meant you and him…..

I gave a wriggly eyebrow look that I’m sure she caught on to .

She laughed and shook her head, refusing to answer my question. 
30 seconds later, she asked. 

Eve : Is that your definition of ‘official’ ? 

I just smile and shrugged my shoulders. 

She asked about my relationship and I mumbled something about well, just stagnant. 

I made sure to add words and phrases like, ‘ not working well ‘ , ‘age gap’, ‘different mentality’ before changing the topic. 

During the conversation , I was actually secretly excited. 

Nervous in fact. 

I kept thinking to myself how can I pull the next part of my trick off . 

Eve’s itinerary did not include helping me with my work of course, she planned to visit the wholesale market at Qi pu road after checking in. 
Whereas for me I need to meetup with the Client at 4.30pm. 

I suggested dinner which she is fine with, but she mentioned probably a late one since she will be going crazy shopping. 

I just laughed and shook my head. 

Strolling into the lobby, I waved away a cloud of cigarette smoke that floated across me. 

The lobby had a crowd of mainland business man, if I didn’t knew better, I would have thought they dropped a smoke grenade. 

I saw Eve gave a few wave to clear the air and she coughed a couple of times. 

Eve : Sorry, can’t stand the smoke. 
I spotted a corner which is empty and I guided her over. 

James : wait here. 

Eve : Why ? 

James: give me your passport and room details, I’ll do the check in. 

I motioned her to look over my shoulder and she handled me her passport and a printed copy of her room booking without further question. 

A small queue had gathered in front of the reception. It’s no longer smoke grenade. It’s more like a fumigation party. 

I felt like peeing the moment I got to the counter. 

This is it. 

I turned to check on Eve, she’s reading a map and flipping through guidebooks. 

I’m sure she can find her way around Shanghai, afterall she backpacked through India. 

I’m just hoping Adam isn’t well enough to join her in Shanghai. She mentioned during the cab ride that Adam was down with bad tummy, a little dehydrated, he might be flying over on Friday if he feels better. 

Checking in, I requested for 2 keycards for each of our rooms. 

Eve’s room is 5 doors down from mine. 

While the frontdesk is retrieving my breakfast voucher, I switched one of Eve’s keycard with mine. 

my heart was thumping as i approached Eve

James : Here, your room key. This 1 opens the room. 

I gestured to the one behind which is actually the key to my room. 
James : I got an extra one but this is just a dummy. 

Eve : huh ? Why ? 

James : Eh, you need an extra card to power up mah, like that when you come back from shopping at night, got light got aircon. 

James : Don’t forget it’s August leh, it’s like a microwave here. 

Eve : Wah. Damm James, you are very Singaporean arh ! 

I just laughed as I fingered the key card to Eve’s room in my pocket. 

30 mins later I was just about to head out when my doorbell rang. 
Eve had changed into capris and a spag top, her hair is tied up and covered with a nike cap. Simple flip flops completed her shopping getup. 

She stuck her head into my room and did a look around. 

Eve : I’m heading out. Drop me a message after you are done. 

I gave her a thumbs up and I watch her disappear down the corridor. 

I looked right towards her room direction and I looked at my watch. 

Shaking my head I thought to myself. 

Work still got to come first. Smelling and stealing undies won’t pay the bills.

I left for my meeting with an erection in my pants as i thought about the possilities with that key card in my pocket__________________

The client wasn’t really happy that she is facing a new person with her project but she had no choice. When she left at 5.30pm, I was sure I made her felt better about the project being in my hands. 

I continued the discussion with her team and by 7.30pm. They’ve gotten pretty comfortable with me as well. We should be able to wrap up the discussion within the next 2 days.

I got a message from Eve at 7.35pm saying that she’s done, will be heading back to hotel. 
I simply replied that let’s have dinner at 8.30pm. 

The clients office is a mere 15 mins stroll from my hotel, prob less than 10 mins if I walk fast. I left the discussion at 7.45pm. 

I half walked, half skipped back to my room and quickly showered and changed. 

I dialed Eve’s room at 8.30pm and she answered at the 1st ring. Was she waiting by her phone ? 

Eve : Hey 

James : You ready ? 

Eve : Yeap, I’m coming out now. 

James : See you in the lobby. 

We took a walk 2 streets down to Yunnan street. We choose a restaurant that serves decent seafood, prices were a little high when quoted to me but still acceptable. I could have gone a little further to another place I frequent with my girlfriend but I did not want her cousin to see me with another girl. 

Dinner was nothing special, just a casual dining between 2 colleagues. Not too much flirting, just some teasing here and there and I took the opportunity to dig more information subtly from Eve. 

I found out her plans for the next day, she booked a day trip to Suzhou, will only be back in Shanghai at the end of the day. My heart skipped a beat thinking at the back of my mind that meant me having an entire day to snoop around her room. 

We concluded the dinner with some light drinks along Huaihai road before heading back to the hotel at 11pm. 

Over drinks I found out that Eve has an elder sister, her parents are in the printing industry. We realized several common traits among us, some pet peeves that we cannot stand.

I cannot remember whether Eve was mirroring my every move that evening, I only remembered when I lean forward and rest both my elbows on the table, she did the same thing, bringing our faces closer than ever before as we chatted about our life and our goals.

Eve paid for both drinks and dinners.

I walked Eve to back to her room, keeping a close but respectable distance when we got near her room door. I am not expecting a kiss or anything but I just wanted to make sure she is safe. I stood 2m diagonally away from her room, so I wouldn’t be able to look into her private space. 

We nodded at each other, making eye contact and said our goodnight. 
I kept my hands in my pocket with a slight smile. 

James : Thank you for dinner. Can I buy the next round tomorrow ?

Eve : Sure James. Thank you for the company. 

As the heavy door close, I headed back to my room and quickly got to work on some plans I had thought up during dinner. 

The bus will be picking her up at 6.45am the next morning. 

I’m only due into office at 9am. 

I washed up and slept. 

When my alarm sounded at 5.15am, I got up immediately and made myself a cup of coffee. 

Changing into my gym gear, I hope to run into Eve as she mentioned that she will hit the threadmill in the morning.

Eve is already pounding up the threads when I entered the small gym. 
She gave me a wave through the mirror as I started up mine. 

I discreetly observed Eve as she ran. 

She is not dressed in any fancy gym gear, not even a pair of running shorts. 
In fact she looked a little funny. 

An old t-shirt which I saw along outside her laundry pole and a pair of old berms which looked a little too long for her, making her look shorter than she actually was. She did not look good at all in that getup, I wondered if she slept in those clothes. 

I took a quick discreet look at her socks and I realized that they were not the usual kind she wore. This time round she had on while school socks that seemed a little loose. 


Eve stopped running and waved a quick goodbye at 5.45am. 

Eve : Got to fly, see you later ya. 

I gave her a thumbs up and I left my threadmill at 5mins to 6. 

I did not shower and wash up. Instead I took a chair and camped beside the door, keeping my eyes peeled to the peephole. 

I felt like peeing and shitting again as I waited anxiously. 

I heard the slam of a door few doors down and moments later I saw Eve pass my room door. 
I can even hear the loud Chime of the lobby lift as it arrived. 

I quickly pushed aside the chair and went to the window and looked down on the quiet street. 

I saw a tour bus turn clumsily into the small road and someone who seemed like the tour guide alighted and entered the hotel. 

A couple of minutes later, I saw Eve and the tour guide board the bus. 

As the bus chugged away from view, I left my room with a laundry bag of stuff I packed and went straight to Eve’s room. 

I flipped the ‘please make up room tag’ to ‘do not disturb’ 

Sliding the keycard into the slot I saw the light on the indicator turned green. 
I gave the handle a tug and I entered Eve’s hotel room. 

The room is dark and I could smell the soap from the fresh shower Eve had minutes ago. I turned on the lights and took in the sights. 

Her luggage is closed and locked on the luggage tray, her pair of jeans was hung up in the closet. Neat and tidy tables with no unwashed cups lying around. 

I entered the bathroom and there are still some parts of the mirror is still fogged up from the hot shower she had. 

Both towels were used and they lay together in a clump in the bathtub. 

I wasted to no time as I quickly brought the 2 towels up and folded them neatly, smelling them at the same time I felt my dick rise. 

I placed the one of the used towels in the laundry bag I brought along from my room and I started to strip. 
Checking the time on my watch, I plugged the bathtub and I turned on the tap. 

While waiting for the towel to fill, I went to Eve’s luggage. It’s lock of course with a number lock. 

3 Digit. 
999 possible combination. 

I pulled a chair and I started to try all combination. 

15 mins later the bathtub is almost filled and the catch on the luggage snapped open at the combination ‘512’ 

I left the luggage as it is and I soaked myself in the bathtub. 

I could see some strands of hair floating around, I hope they belonged to Eve. I allowed myself a good 10 minutes in the tub as I stroke myself, imagining myself in the tub with her. 

After washing up in her bathroom, I used Eve’s towel and I dried myself with it, making sure I took in ample whiffs of her scent. I used every square inch on my face, before moving down to my body and further south to my dick. 

If only words can describe the satisfaction that gave me. 

Sometimes you do not need to cum to achieve satisfaction, it is amazing what an erotic act can do to a twisted mind. 

I have a twisted mind. 

I dropped the towel back into the bathtub. I didn’t want it anymore, I still have another one. 

I opened up Eve’s luggage and I looked inside. I took our all the colourful shopping bags and put them aside and I was surprised at the amount of things she brought. 

It’s really quite little. 
Nothing fantastic, no sexy lingerie. 

There is a couple of plain undies and rather well worn bra. 

Then I remembered she is a savy traveler and I quickly pushed her luggauge aside and checked the bin under the desk. 

I lifted up the old top I saw her with that morning. 
As I pressed it to my nose, I felt my dick throbbing against my pants, I lost control and I felt I masturbating when I brought up the old berms next. 
Entangled inside the berms is a pair of old undies. 

And I’ve never doubted gods’ love for me when I saw the socks at the bottom. 

I could almost recreate the scene of Eve coming into the room in my mind. 

Sliding off her shoes, she took off her socks and trashed them while she started the shower. 

She slid off her bottoms and undies together and in they go into the bin as well. 

And the top followed soon after. 

I had already started stroking myself as I relish in rubbed Eve’s sweat soaked clothes onto my face when a thought suddenly dawned on me. 

Where is her bra ? ………………………………….

I did not know what kind of conclusion to draw from not finding her bra in the room. 

Did she rewear the sweaty bra out for her morning tour ? 

Or she did not have any on when she was on the threadmill that morning ? 

I kept the stash of damp clothes into laundry bag, elated with my findings. I folded them nicely with exception of her undies. 

I need to release before I go mad. 

Heading into the bathroom I pressed Eve’s sweat soak undies to my nose and I took in her scent as I stroke myself. 

I imagined the side of her thighs squeezing against both my ears as she hovered over me, allowing me the scent of her sacred nectar. 

Her underwear may be old, but they are soft, the kind of softness reserved for well worn and well washed clothes. 

My cheeks felt cold and damp as I slid the underwear down my nose to my chin with my left hand. 

The strokes got harder and faster as my tongue finally gave Eve’s underwear a lick. 
I felt the tension building up at the base of my dick as I slowly sucked the moisture of that underwear, tasting the woman that I was infatuated with. 

In one swift motion I stuffed Eve’s underwear deep into my mouth with my left hand before quickly reaching for the showerhose. 

The undies gag I had in my mouth stopped me from shouting out too loud as I held on to the head of the hose with shaky hands and I jerked and spasm myself to orgasm. 

I saw the thick glob of semen coat the showerhead and some disappearing into the holes and recessed areas. 

As my breathing calmed down, I felt more normal. 

After all I just rebalanced my hormone level . 

I hung the shower head back, pleased that when Eve showered that evening, she would be doing so with a wave of my sperms. 

I was a little sad when I washed the underwear, but I did not want my saliva to contaminate the rest of the clothes. 

I resumed my search of her luggage. 

I did not want to risk taking her new buys as she would probably realize they are gone. 
Nothing interesting rest at the bottom of the pack and I replaced and locked the luggage. 

I saw the handcarry in the wardrobe and brought it out. 

‘512’ did not work this time round, but instead I reversed the combination to ‘215’ and the bag clicked opened. 

Some makeups, toiletries and bags took up the small carryon bag. 
Nothing interesting except Eve’s keypouch. 

I checked my watch and thought about the events of the day. 

I should be able to make it in time. 

I got dressed and I stuck my head out of the corridor. 
It’s already 7.20am. I need to be at the client’s place at 9am. 

But I’m not done yet. 

I haven finish all that I wanted to accomplished. 

I brought the first bag of stash to my room and I left my room with the 2 pillows I slept with the night before. 

I exchanged them with Eve’s pillow. 
I want to sleep in the same pillow she slept in that night, I want to be able to smell the her hair as I drift off to sleep. 

I did a final check in Eve’s room and I decided to take the bathroom slipper too, after all, Eve’s feet were in them. 

I replace the door tag to ‘ Please make up room ‘ and I started to get ready for work at 7.35am. I did not  know whether is it the shower or the perverse acts I’ve just done that left me feeling fresh and revitalized.

I casually asked one of the team members during the discussion where can I duplicate keys around the area and he point me in the right direction. 

Lunch was a quick affair of fastfood as I waited by the side of the road for the old man who can hardly see probably to give me a set of Eve’s house keys. 

I got back to the hotel at 1.20pm and the door tag is no longer outside Eve’s room. 

I entered a made up room, with clean fresh sheets. I did not linger but instead quickly replaced Eve’s key pouch in her carry on and left. 

I got Eve’s message at 5pm, telling me that Suzhou is nice, I should visit it sometimes, and that she’s on the bus journey back to Shanghai. 

I replied telling Eve, the client that I’m working with is not so nice, and that she should join me for the meeting sometimes, and that inside my heart I wished I was on the same bus as her. 

Eve sms : lol . Nice one. Haha, but you are still buying dinner 

James sms : wouldn’t miss it for the world, it’s the only thing that has kept me sane today. 

I left work at 7.20pm and got back to the room at 7.45pm. 
I did not know if Eve is back but I quickly showered and changed. 

I dialed her room number at 8pm. 

Eve : Helloo… starving…… 
I couldn’t help but laugh at that monotone voice she was speaking in. 

James : Sorry, let’s go. Haha. 

Eve looked a little more radiant that I remembered. Is it the colour in her cheeks ? 
Perhaps it’s the sperm shower. 

We’re both decked out in jeans and t-shirt. Eve was in heels, not too high, probably 1.5 inches. Her hair flowed freely down her head and I could see some damp spots caused by the shampooed hair. 

I took a cab to Xintiandi and got ourself a cosy spot by a fountain and ordered dinner. 

Our converation that evening took on a more relaxed tone, no longer are we asking each other general questions like, siblings, where did you go to school etc. 

We chatted about past relationships which in my opinion is something rather private. 

Something we don’t usually open up to strangers. 

We touched the subject of marriage, out views, our ideal expectations.

We hardly touched our desserts and we laughed at the number of funny traditions when we were the brothers and sisters of friends getting married. 

At 11.15pm. I paid the bill and we left. 

Perhaps it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. It seems Eve and I walked a little closer to each other that evening. A couple of inches closer perhaps, I don’t know. 

I felt more eye contact, and I definitely wasn’t complaining about the few extra slaps on my arms, the few kicks from her heels. 

And I made sure I kept Eve entertained that evening. 

Plently of Jokes, dry British humor, and we went to the extend of trying to speak with a stiff upper lip. 

I felt both out footsteps started to slow as we reached the hotel. 
I walked Eve to her room, still keeping a respectable distance but I inched a little closer this time.

Just a little bit. 

Eve opened her room, keeping it open by one of her heels, our eyes met and she said these exact words.

Eve : Thank you for the meal James. It was lovely. 

‘It was lovely’

How many girls speak like this anymore. 
I’ve heard countless times ‘ jin ho jiak ‘ , ‘ delicious meal ‘ , ‘ wonderful dinner ‘ , but this ? 

I felt a strange feeling I can’t explain as I replied Eve almost a good 2 seconds after she said it was a lovely meal. 

2 seconds is long when you are making eye contact with a person you have a crush on. 

I tried to give my most casual smile and replied.

James : It’s lovely only because of the company you had. 

Eve laughed. 

Our eyes lingered for a moment before she said goodnight and closed her door. 

Even today, my wife refused to tell me what she was thinking of that evening

I went back to my room and I had a good sleep that evening after I showered and wipe myself down with Eve’s used towel. 

And I slept in the berms Eve wore for her run. 

Her undies never left my sides as I cuddled the pillows that must had been the luckiest pillows alive the night before. 

I still have a day of work to go through even though it’s Friday. I had an early flight to catch on Saturday morning. 

Eve will be staying in Shanghai that friday and will be visiting 田子坊. An arts and crafts enclave peppered with small quaint cafes, trendy art stores and narrow alleys. Adam will not be coming over so Eve will be spending the weekend alone in Shanghai before catching a Monday flight back. 

The morning ritual on Friday is the same, Eve and I waved and exchanged a smile in the gym and she left before I’m done. 

I did not know what time she left the room but when I tried to call at 8.15am, nobody was answering. 

I saw the ‘do not disturb’ tag and I decided to take a quick look. 

I saw what I wanted and I quickly took over Eve’s used towels. 
And I added her gym gear for that morning to my inventory. 

Work as typical, but perhaps I was in a good mood, I felt the client was nicer to deal with that morning. 

She offered to buy the team lunch and when we got back to the office at 3pm, she left me in no doubt she would like to see me in the team. 

And I fucked up another one of Adams’ opportunities. 

Dinner with Eve on Friday was a simple affair and we took a short walk along the bund , enjoying the night scenary of shanghai. 

We stopped along a segment of Huangpu river and just chatted while we rest our bodies against the railings. 

I casually asked how did she and Adam end up together . 
She just replied with a shrug of her shoulders, saying that she don’t know, before capping it with a laugh. 

I walked Eve back to her room that evening and I waited for her goodnight. 
Eve : Have a safe flight tomorrow. 

James : ok. I’ll have a chat with the pilot. 
She laughed and shook her head at me. 

I kept my hands in my pocket and I kinda shuffled my feet and said. 
James : Be careful ok, Shanghai might be rather safe but you are a girl afterall. Don’t stay out too late. 

She laughed and replied. 
Eve : Don’t worry James, I’m older than you, I can take care of myself. 

We giggled at the silly exchange along the doorway. 

I added one more line just before she closed her room door. 
James : I’m going to miss having dinner with you. 

She smiled and not unlike a typical Bollywood movie, her eyes darted away from my eyes and she disappeared behind the door after a ‘goodnight James’ 

I hardly slept as I work up to catch my morning flight.

When I got back to SG, my gf was waiting to pick me up at the airport. 
We hugged and my mind filled only with the images of Eve. 

Sex was great that Saturday evening, every position I came in I pictured Eve as my partner, I substituted my gf’s moans for Eve’s giggles and smiles. 

I asked for some ‘alone’ time on Sunday afternoon as I started scribbling on my notepad. 
Couple with some flowcharts, I plotted my plans out. 

I did a fancy drawing of a skull at the top of my notebook and I proudly wrote in the title. 
‘How to break up Adam and Eve ‘ 

I doodled mindlessly until I remember an oil painting I saw in Madrid done by Hieronymus Bosch.

I drew a circle and at the bottom I wrote one word. 


And I continued filling in the rest of the circles which I had divided into 7 equal parts. 


Monday was not fun and games for me. There was a ton of follow up work to be done following my trip. I was busy working on my presentation when Tan called me at 9.30am 

I brought him up to speed regarding Shanghai and he seemed pleased with the progress. He kept referring to his screen during the discussion when I brought up certain issues that needed to be address. I also gave him my honest opinions of the client, the good the bad and the ugly. 

When we wrapped up the meeting at 10.30am, Tan had several things for me. 

First, he said the client in Shanghai enjoyed working with me.
Tan : I sent her an apology because Adam was unable to be there. She told me she did not mind a switch and having you take over instead for 
subsequent meets. You auntie killer is it ?

James : Eh no la, haha. Perhaps I can speak 普通话 better than Adam .

Tan : Don’t talk cock with me James. So are you ok ? If I let you handle this ? 

I took a moment to consider before asking a couple of questions about the project and I tested the water . 

James : I’m ok with taking over, but what about Adam ? I don’t want any headaches

Tan : I’ll deal with Adam. His plates are full anyway. I just want to know if you are confident to taking this on. 

James : I am. 

Tan : ok good, let me know if you need any help. 

James : Ok, as long as you are not getting Adam to help me. Haha.

I was at the receiving end of a few paper clips and Tan brought up another matter. 

Tan :It’s a bit last minute, but can you come with me to KL tomorrow morning. We’ll be back in the evening. 

I checked my schedule and asked Tan is he has an issue if I postphoned a non urgent meeting with another client. 

Green light and I told Tan I will see him at the airport tomorrow morning. 

Just before I left the room, Tan passed me an envelope with my confirmation letter. I noted a slight adjustment in my pay, not a lot, an additional $175. 

He also told me to check with Eve when she gets back about her project which I’m supposed to give my  input. 

I saw Adam for the first time in a while when I got back to my seat, he seemed to have lost a bit of weight. He still looks a little pale. He must be very pissed he did not get to go shanghai.

Right when I settled down into my seat, Adam’s phone rang and he too, entered Tan’s room. 

He came out 30 minutes later and just dropped his notepad on his table with a smack. 

He seemed pretty mad but well, not my parsar. 

I wished I could tell Adam I enjoyed my trip to Shanghai with Eve.

I slept on the same pillows she slept on. 

I showered in the same bathroom as her and we used the same towels. 

I love the smell of her fresh sweat and the dampness of her undies. 

I love the touch of her damp undies 

Lunch was a quick one and work took up the rest of my Monday. 

Tan brought me to the premier lounge after we checked in for the first flight to KL on Tuesday morning and we mostly talked about work. 

I was a little exhausted when we got to the clients office at 10.30am but a simple message lit up my day. 

It was a message from Eve . 

Eve sms:Where did you go ? Eat snake ar ? 
I discreetly tapped away on my phone during the meeting and replied. 

James sms: In KL with Tan  . No snake to eat. What’s up ?
I struggled whether to add ‘ miss me arh? ’ in the sms but decided it was too soon.

Eve sms : Need your help to look through something. No rush. When will you be back ? 

James sms : This evening, will be late though, I can reach office probably around 8pm. 

Eve sms : No need to come back office lah, haha. I’ll leave it on your desk. 

James sms : Ok, I thought can get free dinner since I’m helping 

Eve sms : No money to treat  . Spent all on shopping . haha. Breakfast perhaps ? 

James sms : Haha. Kidding la, wait your bf jealous.

Eve sms : 

And the sms banter stopped. 
But the short exchange kept my spirits up for the rest of the day despite the fact that we skipped lunch and only managed a burger king meal at the airport. 

It was drizzling when we reached sg and en route home in the cab, I dropped Eve one more message. 

James sms : My colleague did not wish me a ‘safe flight’ when we left KL today. 

I only got a reply close to 10pm at night. 

Eve sms : Haha.  That’s because your colleague is not as nice as me. Have a good night. 

And I did, ignoring my mum’s comment about the weird berms that I’m wearing.

I got to work early and gave my input for Eve’s project before leaving it on her table. 

I was comparing some material samples which I laid on the floor when a pair of legs came into view and I looked up to see Eve with a cup of coffee for me. 

Her calves were hairless and shiny, the first time I got to see them up close. Her toes tightly packed in the 1.5 inch heels she wore, how I wish I could bend down and kiss her feet. As my eyes move upwards, Eve’s thighs disappeared beneath a skirt.
She looked good that day, a mid sleeve work blouse that is a little translucent over her light coloured tube. 

She did not say a word but instead left it on my desk and stuck her tongue out at me. 

I smiled when I noticed she did not get any for Adam. 

The close up view of Eve’s legs gave me a hardon and for the next 30 minutes and i found it hard to concentrate on my work. My eyes traced the outline of her body from my desk letting my imagination run wild. 

I watched as Eve picked up her phone and while waiting for it to connect, she crossed her legs,left over right, adjusting her skirt at the same time, swiveling her chair a little to the right, allowing me a good view of her thighs. 

I wanted to cum when one of her heel slipped loose as she dangled one on her left toe, toying with it as she spoke with the contractor. 

I wonder how it would feel like if she did the same with my dick, gently touching me with the tip of her toes, gentle taps and tease. 

I snapped myself out of it and got back to work.

I only managed to clear most of my task at hand at 4pm on Wednesday and I started on the next part of my plan. I wanted to make Adam angry. 

I wanted him to be angry and Eve had to be the cause of it. 

I spent the next hour clicking through the project folders on the server, trying to find out as much information as possible. 

I came across 2 pieces of information which will be useful to me. 

First, I found a project that Adam and Eve were working on, and I am on good terms with several of the consultants and contractors. I copied the information into my harddrive. 

The next thing I found by accident was a plain notepad. 

It was located under client correspondence but in an unnamed folder. 
Opening it, I found the method which Adam and Eve had used to communicate in office. 

Via a notepad in the server. 

Very smart. 

I scanned through the contents, there were not much information, I reckon they delete the other party’s message after reading them. 
The message I saw on the pad then was, 

“Dinner in town later ? I’m feeling better, I can send you back after. 
Don’t forget the gathering at my friend’s place this Saturday. It’s going to end late
Stay over at my place ? 


I saw Eve still busy on the phone and she hasn’t replied yet. 

It’s almost time for my daily smoke and coffee break with Tan so I excused myself and left the office. 

A coffee would help me think…………………………………………..
I quickly concluded the coffee break and went back to work.

Immediately after reaching my desk, I navigated to the folder and checked on the notepad. 

“Ok with dinner, don’t need to send me back.
Will drop by for the gathering, not staying too long. 
Having dinner with my classmates.
E “ 

5 mins later I refreshed the file properties and saw that was a latest update and I opened it again. 

“Let’s go to MOF in bugis ? 
A “

Eve only replied at 5.50pm 

My mind was racking for an idea, any idea, any plans as I walked to the washroom. I saw Tan came out from a cubicle and I just tried my luck. 

James : Boss, buy you dinner can or not. Haven thanked you for the early confirmation and all. 

Tan seemed to be a little taken aback and he raised his eyebrow at me for a second. 
Tan : I can eat a lot one you know. 

I joined him at the wash basin as he rinsed his face, wiping them dry. 
James : All you can eat. No problem. 

Tan : haha. Ok. Where shall we go ? 

I smiled and said. 

James : MOF ? just down the road in bugis. 
Tan nodded and went back to the office. 

I saw Adam and Eve leaving the office together.

Tan switched off his office lights . 

We took a slow walk to bugis, chatting a little about his family which I immediately regretted. 
His wife passed away when his 2 daughters are still in primary school. Bringing them up was a challenge. Work kept him busy and he seldom talks to his children.

I switched topics as we went up the escalator towards MOF. 

There was a queue, stretching 4-5 person along the shop front. 
We got behind this young group of students and we continued our talk. 

Just as we were deep in conversation about the economy, I manage to catch hold of the location of Adam and Eve. 

They were seated near the balcony in a 4 seater table, their bags took up the remaining space. 
James : Eh Tan, look. Familiar faces. 

I pointed towards Adam and Eve who were both engrossed with their phone, tapping away.
Tan : How come they so fast can get table.

James : Eh, we go and join them haha. 

Tan : You want to be extra is it ? 

James : Aiyah. Have some fun mah. 

I gestured to the lady who just attended to us to check with Adam and Eve’s table if we could join them as we are colleagues. 
I couldn’t help sniggering in front of Tan and he just shook his head. 

Moments after the waitress approached the table, Eve’s head turned towards our direction and she burst into a laugh. Adam however was expressionless as he had to turned his whole body only to see Tan and me in the queue. 

Eve waved us over. 

Tan took the seat beside Adam as there is hardly any space to squeeze into the other one. 

And I got to sit beside Eve. 

And so instead of a casual dinner, Tan started talking about work. So the rest of us fell into the same topic. 

I asked for the bill when we finished our desserts at 9.15pm. 

Eve reached for her bag while Adam just remained glued to his phone. I was a little pissed at his attitude; he should have at least offered to pay. I did not know whether is it because he’s pissed or he’s just not happy that we interrupted his dinner. 

I took over the bill when the waitress came and I passed her back with my card before Eve could get to it. 

Eve : How much is our share ? 

I just shook my head and wave it off. 
James : It’s ok . Buy me next time. 

Tan asked if anyone needed a lift , Adam was the first to decline. 
James : If it’s on the way I don’t mind not squeezing with the crowd for a change. Haha. 

Eve : My god James, you are very thick skin. Haha. 

Tan asked where I stayed I told him bukit batok, before adding that it’s ok, I can make my own way back. 
Eve : Eh, same direction, I’m heading to boon lay. 

Adam did not offer any comments. 

We left the restaurant at 9.30pm and Tan left us. 

We fell into step as we head towards the train station. 
James : Alright, I think I shall not disturb you guys further, I’ll move on ahead. 

I gave Eve a smile and went on ahead. 

She returned my smile and added. 
Eve : Thanks for dinner James . 

10 minutes later, I dropped her an sms. 

James sms : Your bf face very black. 

She replied 5 minutes later. 
Eve sms : Haha, he’s not happy. Which stop are you at ? 

James sms : Next stop redhill. How bout you ? 

Eve asked me to get off and join her carriage in the next sms. 

For the first time, I was happy that the train is always crowded

When i got to the second last carriage as directed, i could not see Eve as there was a crowd of people in front of me. I finally saw her waving to me near the other set of doorways and i excused myself through a few irritated passengers before reaching her. 

Eve : Hey 

James : Hey. Where’s Adam. 

Eve : He changes at outram. 

I nodded and we chatted casually, Eve said Adam scolded her for letting us join their table but she felt it was nothing and couldn’t be borthered with him. 

As the train jerked to the next stop, instinctively my right hand went to Eve’s waist as i steadied her footing. Her right hand tried to help he body balance and she palmed my chest, pressing down on my left nipple. 

I wispered a soft and quick ‘ don’t molest me’ and she clenched her palm into a fist and gave my chest a few light punch before withdrewing her hand. 

Reluctantly i let go ofher waist too. 

I felt a few additional passenger board the train , squeezing the crowd backwards so i orientated myself and Eve, keeping my back towards the pushing crowd and Eve’s back towards the doors.

As Eve and my body got closer, our conversation stopped.

I tried to control my own body but i could feel the blood rushing to my manhood. Eve looked a little embarassed as we were so close together and she looked away. 

So did i . 

Only when we reached clementi, when more people alighted do we have a litle more space. 

It’s coming to 10.05pm. 

I took a deep breath and decided to take a shot. 

James : Ermm… it’s late. 

Eve : Yeah ? 

James : Can i send you back ? 

And it was then my heart stopped beating as i waited for Eve’s reply. 

As the train pulled away from the platform, i felt like peeing again. Eve seemed to be taking a little long to consider my request. 

Then without a word, i saw it. 

She just nodded her head in a shy manner……………………….

When we exited the station at Boon lay, I tried my best to shield Eve from the crowd jostling for the escalator. I knew from my research Eve’s place is about 2-3 bus stops from the train station, either that we could take a walk that cuts through a couple of HDB. 

I did not know which option Eve usually takes so I let her lead the way. 

I was secretly pleased when I saw her take the path in the opposite direction from the train station as we head towards the estate. A walk beats taking the bus anytime.

As we drift further away from the crowd and deeper into the housing estate, Eve and I seemed to be talking much lesser. 

We are still communicating, lots of silly laughs over silly matters, some questions that did not warrant a reply. Perhaps it’s just my imagination but I noticed Eve always kept to the path when we walked together that evening. 
Regardless of how winding the path is, she refused to take a shortcut, refused to step on the grass. Is she trying to spend more time with me ? 

My eyes took in the surrounding , drifting often to my feet and the ground in front of me, at the same time stealing glances at Eve’s feet. She put each heel in front of each other with such grace and she made it seem so easy to walk with heels after a day at work. 

Every click of her heels felt like a rhythmic chime, music to a sick man’s ears. 

As we approached Eve’s block, I stopped briefly at the lift lobby and Eve laughed. 
Eve : Not there silly. Further up. 

I gave a surprised look and asked. 
James : Is there another lift lobby ? 

She just shrugged her shoulders and replied. 
Eve : I feel like taking the stairs. Haha. 

I caught up to Eve in a couple of skips and we were both quiet for an instance. 

We got to the stairwell that led to Eve’s place and I did a dramatic action of stretching myself, doing two quick jog on the spot before taking in a few deep breaths. 

Eve couldn’t help but smiled and swung her bag at me which I ducked. 
James: What’s wrong ? I don’t go gym often like you ok. I need to warm up. 

Eve: It’s just one floor up duh !. haha. 

I followed closely behind Eve as I watched her head up the stairs. It was a struggle of self control as my eyes could see the slightest trace of a pair of seamless panty against the tight skirt. Is it me or I detected the sweet scent of a woman.

Should I pretend to fall forward and press my face against the full bossom ? 

Can I sneak in an upskirt shot ? 

I wanted to kiss those toned calves and slid my nose along her thighs.

Eve was quiet as we got to her floor, I knew from my voyeur experience that she would prefer to be quiet and did not want her parents to know someone sent her back so I kept quiet 

The main door was still opened that evening as we stood facing each other at the top of the staircase. 

I initiated a goodnight, mouthing the word without making a sound and Eve replied in the same way, holding her bag with both hands in front of her body. 

I gestured with my head for her to go ahead and she did. 

I took a few steps down, still keeping an eye on Eve as she opened the door. 
She turned and gave me a wave before closing the main door. 

Given a choice, I’m sure she would prefer a guy who sent her back without making moves on her breast  but then again, Adam is her bf. 

I’m sure that title comes with certain privileges.

I was keeping still for a moment as my eyes darted to the bamboo pole. There were more clothes today but I did not want to take the risk. I have made decent progress, no point in taking unnecessary risk. 

Instead I head towards the mail box and using the set of keys I duplicated in Shanghai, I opened up the mail and took a quick look. 

Nothing of interests, mostly bills. 

I locked the box and flagged a cab by the main road to head home. 

I made myself a thick cup of coffee as I transferred the documents I copied from office into my computer. I opened every file, read through every correspondence that night, I took extensive notes about the things that I can possibly do. 

At 3am the next morning, I was confident I could pull something off that will make sure Adam throw a huge tantrum. Not at me. 

At Eve. 

I did not manage to be early that Thursday morning but I managed to reach on time. 

I kept a constant watch on Eve’s screen , at the same time I sent out a few smses , arranging a KTV session. 

I knew I should not be too pushy or eager when it comes to girls, not unlike fishing, there are times when you let the reel go, allowing the fish some room before you start reeling in. 

Aside from a couple of ‘hi’ and smile, I hardly spoke to Eve that day. 

After a day of observing Eve at work, I did not come across the opportunity I was looking for.

I left work at 6.30pm, giving Eve a wink as I head out. 
I got an sms shortly after. 

Eve sms : Wah, Zhao so fast? Meet gf is it ? 

I did not reply until 7.30pm when I met up with the contractors. 
James sms : Yeap, we broke up. Heading to her place to grab my stuff. 

Eve sms : omg, I’m sorry .  

I did not reply her last message but instead raised my glass to in the dimly lit room. The initial hour was like peak hour, girls coming in and leaving, and it was not until 8.30pm when there was a moment of peace after the butterflies left for sweeter pollen. 

I poured the contractor a drink and proposed a toast. 

I made my pitch about me needing a little favour. 

When the first girl came back at 8.55pm, a deal was strucked. 

We made no mention of our discussion that evening when I got the bill at 11.35pm. 

I stank of alcohol and smoke when I got back and I indulged myself in a long hot shower.

I went to bed with Eve’s gym tshirt covering my bolster and I snuggled up to it, burying my face in her shirt..


Work was piling upon my desk and I still did not get an opportunity to execute my plan so i decided it will have to be next week. 

I knew Adam and Eve will be heading for a run at 6pm, so it’s unlikely I would get my chance with Eve so I left work at 6.15pm. 
I need to release again. 

The orgasm did not feel as good that evening as my gf was a little naggy, complaining that she hardly saw me recently. 

I made up an excuse and I managed to let go another round before I left her place at 11pm. 

I got a pleasant surprise when I got home and received an sms from Eve at 11.35pm. 

Eve sms : Hey, are you ok ?

James sms : Yeap, still breathing 

Eve sms : Take care ok ? 

James : I will , how’s your run today ? 

Eve sms : Haha. Good ! Do you run ? 

Personally I take it that when a girl is sms-ing you late in the evening asking about your well being, she has some feelings for you, however little however miniscule. Perhaps it’s just my mind playing tricks on me but I know for sure I can hardly be bothered with replying sms of people that I’m not interested in.

At least I knew for sure she is not aware of my panty stealing, socks sniffing and other sick fetishes. 

To Eve, I’m still very much a gentlemen.
I felt comfortable to take it a little further, just a little.

James sms : You asleep yet ? Can I call ? 

Eve sms : sure 

I dialed Eve’s number and she picked up after 2 rings. 
James : Hey. 

Eve : Hey . 

James : What time will you wake up tomorrow morning? 

Eve : haha. What’s up ? Want to buy me breakfast ar ? 

James : haha, maybe after a morning run ? 

Eve agreed and I felt my heart skipped a beat. 

I chose my running gear, feeling guilty I had to test them on before I set them aside. 

Saturday 6.30am. 
I was waiting for Eve at the foot of her stairs when I heard the clank of a metal gate closing. 

Eve looked fresh and ready to go. Her hair is tied up into a neat bun and she had on a neon pink addias running top. Her black sports bra is clearly visible as it stood out against her smooth skin. 

I could still see some blanket marks on her calves reaching up to her thighs as she waved to me. 

I was not disappointed and I tried my best to tear my eyes away from her running shorts. 

As she smiled and stretched in the cool morning, Eve exclaimed. 
Eve : Hey ! , same socks. 

She did a wriggle of her foot, pointing to my socks.

I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled……………………………..We had a quick breakfast of coffee and toast before we parted at 8.30am. 
I had my so call first date with Eve. 

We were both sweaty and wet when we part. 

Monday August 30th 2010
Work still takes on higher priority, I can hardly find enough hours in my day to attend to all the outstanding issues.

On Wednesday however, I managed to get a window of opportunity. Been a while since I had lunch with the guys, and it was a rather slow day for me. Adam was in KL for the day and Eve decided to join us for lunch. 

Wednesday 1st sep 2010
12.30pm, Lunch, I made an excuse of forgetting something and I headed back to office barely taking few steps away from the lift lobby on the ground floor

Tan is still in his office but the rest of the place is empty. 

I took a quick look around and my heart started thumping. 

I touched Eve’s screen and I called up the drawings folder, keeping my eyes and ears open for anyone approaching. 

Opening the drawing, I saved a copy for my own and I edited her mastercopy. 

I keyed in the command and got to work, stretching the dimension of all the doors in that project she is doing with Adam. 

I added 20mm to every door that needed to be fabricated and I messed up the accompanying excel table with random figures before closing the file .

I was delighted when my seat was beside Eve that afternoon and i had one of the best tasting kuay chap ever. Probably because i was sharing it with Eve……… , and Tom , and Samuel, and Vince. 

What can be more sick than keeping an eye on which organ Eve’s chopstick touched when she picked up her food ? 

I made sure i alway got the piece beside her choice. 

I finished an additional half bowl of kuay chap despite me feeling really full with 2 servings, but that half bowl came from Eve. 

It came from her chopsticks, her spoon, her bowl. 

Eve : Help me finish arh. 

And i drank every bit up. 

The week passed in a flash as I waited for the consequence of my action to surface. 

I met Eve for a run again that Saturday morning, and we concluded our 2nd date with more sweat as we covered a longer distance. 

What would Adam think if I told him I went on a date with Eve and we were both breathless when we left. 

Monday 6th Sep 2010 

This would be a day I’ll always remember. 

It was around 4.50pm, I was about to get ready for my smoke break when I saw Adam and Eve enter the office after their meeting. Adam looked fuming mad , Eve looked pretty upset as well

They hardly sat down when Tan actually came out of the office and asked both of them out for a coffee. 

I did not need him to tell me I can have my smoke with the pantry uncle that day. 

I gave a call to the contractor for an update and things are going according to plan. 

They took a batch of doors from another project which is 20mm bigger than what Adam and Eve wanted. It did not fit the opening at all, but Adam couldn’t do anything as the drawings clearly specified the dimensions and the fabricator just followed. 

It did not help that Eve’s name was on that drawing, and that Adam signed off on it. 

Of course I gave the contractor a copy of the original one, asking him to hold off the works, but in this case, he can still bill Adam for the ‘ammendments’ as the doors needed some adjustments. 

Even if the contractor is nice and just charge Adam $60 per door for the adjustment. For that 65 unit apartment, we are looking at no less than 400 doors of varying sizes and types. 

Well there is always the contingency sum but I’m more interested in fucking up the schedule. 

The smile on the contractor face was priceless when he knew he can bill whatever he wanted , incur no wastage on his side, and yet deliver on time. 

All for delivering one wrong batch of doors.

My recommendation of his services for the rest of my projects was simply more icing on the cake. 

I promised to buy the contractor a meal but he declined, saying that he will be buying this time round.

I was feeling pretty good yet bastard about what I did when at 6.15pm, Eve entered the office. 

Her eyes seemed a little red, it’s not hard to tell she cried. 

I felt a sudden stab of pain in my heart as I digested her painful expression. 

For a moment I asked myself if I had gone too far .

15 minutes later, Tan entered, follow by Adam. 

Tan packed his stuff and for the first time, I heard him slam the office door before leaving the office filled with several stunned workers. 

My heart bled when I saw Eve opened up the drawing and brought out a stack of documents to go through everything again from scratch. 

I felt bad. 

Then Adam erupted. 

He pointed his finger at Eve and spoke at the top of his voice. 
Adam : What were you thinking ? 

He turned away , paced 2 steps before lifting his finger again at Eve. 
Adam : I trusted you , my god ! 

His face is flushed red, and he seemed pretty worked up. 

Before I could react, he just swept a tower of his documents onto the floor with a loud smack and he took his bag and left. 

I stared on as I turned around to see a few of my other colleagues giving me a questioning look. I returned them one as I pretended I did not know what was going on. 

I crossed out ‘wrath’ on my notepad filled with my doodling as I took in the sight of Eve’s slouching shoulders.

I saw some rainclouds gathering outside the window and i really felt the next streak of lightning would find it’s target. 

I was a little shell shocked and i didn’t know how to pick up the pieces. 

7pm. Everyone had left the office with exception of Eve and me. 

I approached her and asked if she’s ok but i did not get a reply. 


I decided to go grab some food for Eve. 


When i returned with fish soup, Eve’s eyes were red as she turned and looked at the door, surprised that someone would still be around. 

She looked away immediately and brought some tissues to her eyes. 

I walked to her desk and left the fish soup by her side. 

She looked up to me in her seat but i didn’t say a word. 

I just smiled and gave the top of her hair a quick rub. 

Taking the seat beside her desk, i rolled my way onto her, pushing and wheeling her aside towards the dinner i bought. 

I opened the fish soup and pass her the utensils. 

Eve just stared blankly at me. 

I just stuck out my tongue at her and i took over the mouse, the documents and the drawing…………………….Eve was motionless for a min or so after I started work on her computer, when she finally put down the utensils and spoke, I could still hear the shiver in her voice. 

The unmistakable shaking in the tone of someone who just cried not too long ago. 

It really broke my heart to hear Eve speak this way. 

Eve : James , I’m fine, I’m not hungry…. 
I did not reply Eve for a good 30 seconds before I gave her a really serious look. 

James : Eve, I’m sorry, I think we have a bit of misunderstanding here……. 
I paused for the dramatic effect as Eve’s eyebrow arched upwards, obviously puzzled by my words. 

Turning back to the computer screen, I clicked away and added. 
James : The fish soup is not for you…

Taking a deep breath, I let it out slowly in the most monotone voice I could muster at that point in time. 
James : You are suppose to feed me while I help you. …

I tried to hold back my laughter but I couldn’t. 

Looking at Eve, I saw a crack appear on her lips as she pressed them hard together before giving way to a sporadic spurt of laugh. 

That chock of a laugh also cause a good squirt of mucus to leave her right nostril, staining her upper lip with crystal like gel. 

A girlish cry of ‘ oh my god ’ was followed by a frantic reach of her tissues as she tried to compose herself in that embarrassing moment. 

We laughed together in that empty office and Eve did a mock throw of her used napkin at me. I would have told her I would gladly take that stained napkin and keep it with me if I could. 

Eve tried to push me away with her chair but I held my ground, I stopped what I was doing and looked at Eve. 

Her hands tried to muscle the controls from me, it was then I held her hands for the first time, I gently caught hold of both her wrist, clamping them together with my right hand. 

I felt the rise in my manhood as I restraint Eve’s hands pointing them away from the screen and pushing her chair further away at the same time. 

I could almost picture myself pressing down on both her hands with mine, I did not let my mind drift further and reluctantly I let go.

I guided her hands to the food and said,
James : Finish that dinner, ……. and we’ll finish this together ? 

She finally relented as she took a bite off that $6 pomfret fish soup I got for her. 

I got a jab in my waist when I saw that she’s done with her dinner and added, 

James : What happened to the feed me part ? 

Fun and games aside, I made coffee for the both of us and we slogged through the night. I could have referred to the original file and took a shortcut but I didn’t. 

We took a break at 11pm, as Eve offered to make me coffee. 
I noted that starting from 10pm, Eve’s blackberry had a few messages and missed calls. The intensity of the messages peaked at 10.30pm before eventually dying off. 

Probably Adam trying to talk to Eve. 

Too bad. 

We chatted over biscuits and coffee in the small table by the pantry and I tried to cheer Eve up. 

We spent a good 15 minutes talking about her one-girl shanghai trip. 
My heart got a warm fuzzy feeling when she said she missed having someone to eat with, all the delicious food just didn’t taste as good without sharing it with someone.

James : So you are trying to say you miss me ? 

Eve : Haha, In your dreams James…….. in your dreams. 
I caught her looking away shyly and I decided it’s time to get back to work

I enjoyed the time spent with Eve, even though it meant putting in a few extra hours at work. 

We left office at 2.25am and cabs were plenty. 

I did not ask for Eve’s permission to send her back but instead got into the same cab as I saw her shifting further into the back to make space for me. 

We were both tired but I felt sorry for Eve, she must be feeling pretty beat up right now for screwing up the project. 

I walked Eve up to her place that cool morning, saying my goodbye at a respectable distance. Not too close to her, yet close enough to hint I want to be more than friends. 

Her tired smile was the sweetest reward I could ask for that day. 

Work kept me busy for the rest of the week , Adam and Eve too were busy with their respective projects and cleaning up the mess I created. 

There were no further surprises that week. There are some things you just can’t rush, whacking people included. 

I was a little taken aback when I bumped into Eve at sim lim square on Friday that week. It’s probably around 6.25pm and I asked what happened to her Friday run ? 

Eve : No mood today, ha, need to grab some things too. 
I volunteered to accompany but she said she’s meeting her parents shortly and I caught the hint. 

James : Ok, I’ll be on my way then. Same time tomorrow morning ? 

She nodded with a smile and we parted ways on the 3rd floor of Sim lim square. 

There was nothing special about the run, we covered yet a longer distance but this time round we did not leave each other immediately after breakfast, instead we sat by a bench near Eve’s place and had a chat on that cool morning. 

Walking her back, I did not expect any surprises too until she asked if I would like some water before I leave. 

James : Oh, ok, sure, but…. Is it convenient ? 
Eve nodded and replied. 

Eve : Parents just flew to hongkong early this morning, will be back next week. Was shopping for a new camera with them last night. 

I felt my heartrate go up immediately despite having done a proper cool down after that 7km run. 

Eve reached for her house keys in her armband, unlocking the thick padlock.

Her hands did a niffy switch of keys and she unlocked the main door next. 

Questions started pouring through my mind again when I stepped into Eve’s place. 

Did Adam get the chance to come into Eve’s place ? Did Adam get to see her parents ? 
Has he stayed over before ? 

My eyes took in the furniture and the layout of Eve’s flat. There is a homely feel to it, old cabinets that were well maintained dotted the walls of that long living area. 

Figurines of 18 inches of 福,禄,寿 took centre place on one of the centre cabinets. 

I saw a collection of old macdonald happy meal toys in the glass display, nuggets on wheels, transformer fries, robot burgers. 

So nostalgic. 

I did not sit on the sofa as I’m still a little sweaty so I took a corner on the floor, near the shoe cabinet. 
There was an array of heels, several pairs of which I had seen Eve in. 

Eve :What are you doing on the floor ? 
She passed me a glass of water with a look of amusement on her face.

James : Paiseh lah, sweaty leh, don’t want to dirty your sofa. 

She giggled a girlish laugh and she joined me on the floor . We had a short chat, probably about 10 minutes before there was a moment of silence. 

Eve took the opportunity to stand up and say she’s going to grab a quick shower and ask me to make myself at home.

I nodded my head with a smile as I watch her disappear into her room. 

Moments later she emerged with a white towel, and a bundle of clothes. She threw me a gym size towel before heading to the bathroom. 
I heard the click of the lock and soon after, I heard the flow of heated water. 

And I stood in the middle of Eve’s empty house and I took a deep breath.


The butterflies wreaked havoc in my tummy as I stood in the middle of the living room. I was hit with a sudden wave of confusion, torn between going closer to check out the bathroom or venture further in to check out the bed room. 

Taking a quick look , the shower is still going strong, I decided to explore Eve’s place a little. 

I stopped in front of this room which was painted in white with exception of one panel of wall papered wall. The white washed wall and matt furniture made the space looked larger than it actually were. The sun shone cheerfully through the window and I could hear the reverse sensors of the cars parking below. 

There are streaks of blue added randomly throughout the room, a rug here, towels, a lamp. I saw some pictures of Eve on the table, school going Eve, in her uniforms, her university lecture hall, even some old school neo prints. 

Eve’s room smells good, the only downside is the occasional whiff of car exhaust coming in. 

I saw some opened letters on the table and I helped myself to them. 

Eve’s mobile bill is $67.59 cents that month. 

Her broadband is a basic plan of 2mbps. 

I glanced through her credit card spendings , nothing out of the blue, shopping, facial installments,restaurants. 

Receipts from various shops.

I saw a wedding invite too.

I did a quick walk to the kitchen to check on the status of Eve’s shower, water’s still flowing. 

Making my way quickly back to her room, I did not wait but instead pressed my nose onto Eve’s pillow , taking a deep breath. 

I felt an instant rush of blood to my manhood as I indulged myself , taking generous sniffs of her pillow, my hand stroking the smooth surface of her bed. I adjusted my manhood as it is straining hard against my shorts. 

Opening her drawer , I was greeted with an array of clothes and lingeries. 

I was about to help myself to one piece when I jumped up from my squatting position, my heart skipping a beat as I heard that thudding sound behind me. 

A drumming thud hitting hard against the table. 

I felt my heart slamming against my ribcage at that point in time, worried that all my efforts will go down the drain . 

My eyes caught the vibrating blackberry on the table. 

It was Adam. 

A plan hatched at that moment and I decided to go ahead .

I rejected the call. 

Adam tried again. I let it go on for 2 seconds before rejecting it again. 

And I did it the 3rd time. 

I cleared all 3 incoming logs for Adam before I replaced the phone. 

It started ringing again but I ignored it . 

3 rejected calls should be enough to piss him off. 

I went to the kitchen and heard no more of the shower . Bringing my glass to the sink, I turned on the tap to give it a wash just when the door opened. 

Eve : Hey James, nevermind, leave it. 

James : It’s ok, I’m almost done. 

Eve’s hair is still wet, every drip of water causing her top to get a little more transparent. 

She had on a ¾ capri for her bottom, hiding most of her legs away from my view. 

I went to wait in the living room, wiping myself down with Eve’s Gym towel again. 

We had a quick chat as she dried her hair beside me, her head tilted to the side, facing down. 

I felt my erection stir as I imagined she has her head in that position, the only difference is me presenting my dick to her. 

I want a rain shower for my dick, a la Eve’s style. 

Wet dripping hair, freshly wash, the cold water dripping generously on my pelvis, before I feel the touch of her hair , and eventually the touch of her lips. 

The cold pelvic region will be a sharp contrast compared to the warmth of her mouth for my lucky manhood. 

Eve got up about 10 minutes later and went to her room when I said I better be going, don’t want to hold up her weekend plans. 

She’s meeting some friends to shop before meeting Adam for dinner.

I nodded with a smile when she told me about her dinner plans, adding a ‘ so nice…’ trying my best to sound envious. I did catch that smile on her face as she walked away

Inside my heart I’m interested to see how would Adam react to the dropped calls. 

I could hear Eve on the phone from the living room, but could not catch exactly she was saying. 

Then the volume grew a bit louder.

And a little louder. 

Then I could hear the last sentence.

Eve : You are not making sense, I’m not going to continue this conversation. 

And I heard a loud thud, instantly feeling sorry for the blackberry. 

I went over to Eve’s room and peek my head to the side and I saw Eve checking her phone, shaking her head with a frown on her face. 

James : everything ok ? 

She just looked at me before her face scrunched up and I could see her bordering the going to cry and trying hard not to cry zone. 

Eve : It’s Adam, he’s being unreasonable. 

She threw the towel aside and shook her head. 
Eve : I was in the shower, how to answer his call ?? and he said he call at least like 5 times , and I hung up on him several times before ignoring his calls.

I saw Eve checked the time on her watch and I knew I should probably go.

Eve walked me to the side road before we said our goodbyes. 
She apologized for her outburst and I told her there is nothing to be sorry about. 

After Eve got into her cab, I called one and went back home. 

I have other things to do. 

One of the receipt I saw was for the GNC store at IMM, for the purchase of whey protein, chocolate flavor. As fast as I’m aware, Eve was not taking any. 

Had to be Adam. 

I remembered seeing some big bottles of stuff near his bottom cabinets

I reached the shop at IMM and I asked the shopkeeper for assistance. 

I left the shop 20 minutes later with a chocolate flavored bottle of massive weight gainer. 

I also went to the pharmacy, spending a while before deciding on a bottle of herbal formula pills that claims to increase appetite. 

Heading back home, I broke the capsules, emptying out the herbal powder. I took an old container that used to be storing new year love letters and I mixed in the weight gain and appetite increasing formula. 

Closing the red lid tightly, I did a jiggling dance in the middle of my kitchen, mixing the formula at the same time.


I tried my luck and dropped Eve an sms . 

James sms : Dinner plans still on ? 

I got a reply around 6pm 

Eve sms :  yes . 

Perhaps it’s the frowning face on Eve sent, perhaps it’s just my imagination, but i had a good meal that evening, and i ended it with another round with my gf, which i’m not suppose to have.

Sunday was spent with my gf, yes, mostly sex is on the agenda. 

I knew my time in a mental instituion will come when i actually brought along the set of gym clothes Eve wore in Shanghai to my gf place. 

I made up a stupid reason of seeing her in something else besides the usual lingerie. 

I spent sunday a satisfied man, having spasm and orgasm as i buried my face into Eve’s clothes, wore by another body. 


I left for work early, hugging onto that bottle of formula. 
My fingers drumming the the top lid with every step i took.


After a little digging, I found Adam’s protein container under his desk, tucked into a corner. 
There’s still around 1/3 of the power left. 

Checking the time, I have around 25 minutes before the central a/c comes on. 

Using a A3 piece of paper, I emptied Adam’s powder into it. I replaced the powder I took out with my special formula. 

I grabbed a plastic bag from my drawer and I kept the original powder. No point wasting it. 
Cost me a bomb too to get them. 

I dragged the vacuum from the storage cupboard and I made sure to get rid of all traces before I left for my breakfast and coffee.

13th September 2010. 
I was informed by Tan that I’ll need to make a trip to Shanghai on Wed. 
Blink of an eye, it’s almost a month since my last trip. 

15th September 
As mine was a afternoon flight, I came back to clear some outstanding work in the morning. Eve knew I was flying that afternoon and she wished me a safe flight. 

James : You need anything from Shanghai  ?
Eve : How about you dabao 小杨生煎包 for me ? haha 
I rolled my eyes and ignored her and  she stuck out her tongue at me. 

Shanghai is not as fun when I don’t have another room to sneak in to. No undies to steal, no lingerie to smell

I did a detour after work was concluded on Friday evening to 黄河路to get the dumplings for Eve, even though I doubted their taste after a 5 hour flight. 

I dropped Eve a message the moment I landed while shopping in duty free. 
James sms : Boo !  What are you doing ?
Eve sms : are you back in sg ? Lazing around at home. What’s up ?  

I did not reply immediately, instead I waited till my cab is on the expressway, headed towards Eve’s place before texting Eve. 
James sms : Can you come down in 15 mins ?  
Eve sms : ?? What’s up ? 

As the cab pulled into the carpark, I made use of the rear mirror and I ruffled and messed up my hair, flattening them on one side. I gave my eyes a little rub, making them a little redder than usual. 
I paid my fare and I dragged my luggage out of the boot. 

Eve’s jaws dropped with an amused look when she saw me wheeling my bag towards her, paper bags in hand. 
Her hair seemed a little puffy that Saturday afternoon. 
Her lounge pants almost led me to believe she just finished yoga. Her baby blue spag top had a little food stain near the bottom, pasta would be my guess. 
Eve : Oh my god James. What are you doing here ? 
I gave an exhausted laugh as I passed her the cheap Tze char circular box I brought along to Shanghai. Inside that transparent box which used to house a curry fishhead, there were 12 pieces of the 生煎包 Eve wanted. 

I saw Eve’s left hand went to her mouth and she couldn’t shake that look of disbelieve from her face. 
Her mouth slowly gave way to a smile, pressing her lips together this time didn’t help to conceal her emotions as she tried to speak but no words came out. 
Eve : James.. I’m .
Then she laughed, hugging on to that box of dumplings. 

I just smiled and said. 
James : I’m not sure if they’re as good though. 
Eve : Haha, after a 5 hour flight ? The skin looks soggy liao. 
Shaking my head I added. 
James : You misunderstood me again, I meant without my company…. They won’t taste as good would they ? 

Eve smiled shyly and just turned her back away, heading towards her staircase. 

She took 2 steps forward before turning her head. 
Eve : Thanks James, it’s really sweet of you.  

I gave her a wave and tilted my chin upwards to nudge her along back home. 

I would have wanted to say more, spend a little more time with Eve. 
But I felt that was enough. 

I took a nap and when I woke up at 5pm, I had a few miss calls and messages. 
I ignored the ones from my gf and went straight for Eve’s message. 
Eve sms : Dumplings still taste great without you :p 

I smiled and replied. 
James sms : I was expecting a dinner invite, Not a dumpling review :p 
Eve called me 5 mins later and we chatted on the phone before I mustered up enough courage to ask her out that evening. 

My heart sank when she rejected me outright. 
Eve : I can’t James. Sorry. 

Just when I was feeling a little shitty in that moment of silence, Eve laughed and added. 
Eve : I’m having dinner with my family tonight, haha. Lunch tomorrow instead ? 

I accepted it right away. 

I arrived at botanical garden at 11.30am, taking a slow walk to the restaurant. I was early, no plans on being late that day. 

Eve’s arrival was less glam than expected. Her denim shorts showed off her legs alright, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw her coming towards me, stopping every couple of steps for a slap on her calves. 
Eve : Haha, so much mosquitoes … 
James : perhaps it’s the weather,.haha 

As Eve settled down to look at the menu, I recommended her a the restaurant’s signature ginger drink .

We chatted, but perhaps not as spontaneous as before. We both knew that this is leading somewhere, there’s bound to be some form of stress perhaps in each of us. 
There were still smiles, laughes, the teases and the conversation topic eventually started to get a little serious. 
As our plates were cleared that drizzling afternoon, we ordered a 2nd helping of drink. 

Eve : Tell me about your ex-gf James . 
I was a little taken aback but I gave her a short summary, nothing sexual although I enjoyed it.

James : Tell me about your current bf Eve . 
She laughed and throw her napkin at me. 

We settled down a moment later before I decided that perhaps I should make my move. 

I could almost imagine myself sighting down the aperture of my weapon, steadying my breathing, slowing my heartrate. 
James : So Adam and you are still officially together ? 
Eve : Haha, what is that suppose to mean ? And what’s with that ‘officially’ , don’t copy me ok. Haha

I smiled and I waited a while before adding. 
James : Shanghai is not as fun without you though.. 

I took a sip of my drink as I took in the sights in that beautiful park. The drizzling rain, the cool breeze. The trees seemed happy with the shower , the flowers swaying beautifully in the rain. 

Eve too took a moment before adding. 
Eve : So you’re saying what ? You miss me ar ? haha
She smiled shyly before pressing her lips together looking down at her drink.

James : Yes. 

My reply was so soft, so measured but I was sure she caught it because a smile broke out on her face that caused her to blush.
James : Yes I missed you. I missed the meals, I missed the drinks and I definitely missed the company. 

I caught a hint of mischief in Eve’s eyes when she added . 
Eve : Miss me ‘officially’ ? haha

And I did something that I will never do again in my life. 
My mother told me sometime back, 追女孩子要大胆,追未来的老婆要敢敢。

I took a deep breath and I went. 
James : All I hear is raindrops… falling on the rooftop  
James : Oh baby tell me why you have to go…cos this pain I feel it won’t go away.. 
Eve’s eyes widen in disbelief as I continued in the most awful voice ever as I tried to match the tune of the song. 
James : And today… I’m officially missing you. 

Eve had both hands to her mouth and I detected the faint presence of tears in the corner of her eyes after I finished the 1st segment of that song. 
Don’t get me wrong, I have a lousy voice, I have no doubts I would get paid to keep my mouth shut. 

But at that moment I just felt it was right. 

Eve laughed… and laughed… at my silly act. 
But I didn’t care

I only remember when we the rain stopped that Sunday afternoon, we left the restaurant holding each other’s hands. 

I could have upload a clip with my voice, but it would cause instant erectile dysfunction to most, not the best way to end the year


As we strolled in the part hand in hand that afternoon, two constant thoughts circled in my mind. 
Sex. ( Sorry to disappoint, it’s part of my genetic makeup. ) 


Getting rid of Adam once and for all. 
Knowing him, he will not let Eve go without a fight.


We spent that Sunday afternoon in the park, going around in circles, the occasional light drizzle didn’t really bother us too, we kept our hands clasped, our bodies close. 

Dinner did not even cross our minds that day and I sent Eve back to her place around 8.30pm. 

It was the same ritual, I stopped a distance away from her place, taking care not to make any noise. 

There was no passionate kiss, no goodbye hugs, we just smiled and our hands only left each other when our bodies reluctantly backed away from each other , Eve ascended while I descended the steps, moving further away. 

Eve called me that evening at 10.30pm, we had a short chat, initially she joked that she wanted to check on me, making sure I’m back but the conversation later turned a little serious. 

I touched on the subject of Adam, and what is Eve’s plans. 

She assured me that she’ll break the news to him this couple of days when opportunity arises, and for obvious reasons, we planned on keeping this relationship to ourselves for the time being. 

Sleep did not come easy that night. 
I’ve also got to start thinking of a way to dump my gf. 

20th September 2010

I got into office early as usual, doing a little snooping here and there before starting on my work. 

Eve was late that Monday morning, only coming in at 9.25am. 

I saw her came in in jeans and a white semi transparent shirt. She had her sleeves folded up, tucking the excess shirt smartly into her jeans, pairing it with a rugged brown belt. She had a tube top beneath her shirt, white as well, but it’s a little short, exposing her navel. 

Her hair fell gracefully to her left shoulder and I noticed she did not have her gym gear with her that day.

Our eyes met and although she did not smile at me, I felt the twinkle in her eyes as she turned away , settling down into her seat. 

I saw Adam starting on his furious typing again on the keyboard, before the rattling drew to a stop and he left for the pantry. 

Scrolling to the designated folder, I opened their secret conversation notepad and took a quick look. 

“Are we ok ? Why are you not answering my calls ? 
Can we talk after work ? 

Eve did not seem to be replying as she’s flipping through some documents, so I left it at that.

There was suddenly a furry of work related calls and emails, before I noticed it, I was drown in work.

I had lunch as usual with the guys although I would have wanted some private time with Eve. I did not want to get too pushy at the start of a relationship. 

Getting back to the office after my meal of pontian noodles, I saw Adam eating alone at his desk. 


I received an sms from Eve. 
Eve sms : Having dinner with Adam this evening at Jurong point. Will sort things out with him .Miss holding your hands … 

James sms : Miss being near you too.  

I saw Eve and Adam packed up at 6pm sharp and left. 

I left 5 mins later , taking the same route to the train station. 

I did not manage to see them due to the crowded train and the evening rush hour but I still made my way towards boon lay.

I jostled with the mass of bodies when I arrived, desperate to find out where Adam and Eve were. I could have asked, it’s just a sms away but I wanted to give Eve her space. I’m sure she can handle this matter on her own. 

As I entered the shopping mall, my eye started scanning around, a little afraid that I will bump into them among the dining crowd. I started at the food court, standing across the seatings near the cinema, checking out every stall, every table, every queue. 


I went to one floor above the street of restaurants and I stood by the railings, looking at each table for each restaurant / café. 

30 minutes into the search, I finally found Eve and Adam at Din tai fung. 

They seemed to be waiting for their food so I made a mental note of their location and I went to grab some bites. 

I observed from a distance away, munching on my old chang kee curry puff, they seemed to be deep in conversation. There was quite a bit of gesturing actions from Adam, Eve poke listlessly at her food. Then it was Eve’s turn to be gesturing, while Adam tried to cut her off with his own. 

Then there was just no movement, no words exchanged. Adam started to lean back, looking around the mall and Eve did the same. I retreated backwards, hiding away from view into one of the clothing store.  

I saw Adam ask for the bill while Eve just stared a little blankly into space. 

They got up from their seats 
I followed their paths from one level up, keeping a distance behind. 

They went to the bathroom, reminding me how badly I needed to pee. 

They were heading towards the side exit towards Eve’s place. 

They reached Eve’s block, but they were still deep in conversation.

They continued further on and I followed a distance behind. They finally stopped near a vehicle park along street 75. Eve suddenly stopped and made an abrupt turn, their conversation getting louder.

I was across the street, zipping in and out of the void decks, and I quickly made an U-turn too, keeping my path parallel.

Eve decided to cross the road, heading towards me and I scrambled up a flight of stairs into the hdb 

Half squatting at the railing, I saw her headed towards a seat at the mount of a garden in front of that block. 

She sat down, facing the hdb, Adam stood behind her and continued his gesturing and talks. I was quite near, only on the 2nd floor, I can hear the noises, but I can’t make out what they were saying. 

I found a better spot, an opening along the railing that allowed me a clear diagonal view of Adam and Eve and I positioned myself.

Eve was massaging her feet, her heels must have been torturous to walk on. 

My legs were getting cramps from squatting and shifting. 

They stopped talking. 

At the moment when I finally gave up , deciding to sit down, I saw Adam hug Eve from behind, pressing his nose to her hair, smelling the sides of her head. 
Eve leaned forward, her right hand lifting up, pushing Adam away. 

Before Eve could adjust herself properly, Adam hug her again, saying something I couldn’t make out. 

Eve stood up, distancing herself from Adam. She folded her arms shaking her head, mumbling something at the same time. 

Then I saw something that made my blood boil. 

Adam came from behind Eve, stroking her arms with his before he wrapped himself around her, trying to go for a kiss. Eve’s head tilted to the side, but she could not free herself from Adam. 

I was angry, fuming mad but I wasn’t supposed to be there . I was not supposed to see all this. Eve tried to push her way out but Adam was much stronger, I could see the look of discomfort on Eve’s face as Adam’s hands lowered themselves to her waist, pulling her backwards as he pressed himself against her, Connecting both their pelvis.

Without warning, his right hand lifted Eve’s top , pulling them out from her jeans and he tried to reach under but Eve pushed his hand away. Adam feigned a left grab which diverted Eve’s attention before his right succeeded in going under her shirt, caressing her breast through her tube top. 

I could hear Eve’s voice a little louder , a ‘stop it’ was all I could make out. 

Adam held on, his right hand reaching to the top of Eve’s tube, his fingers sliding in, reaching across for her left breast. Eve fought and push her way out and she tried to push Adam back but both her hands were grabbed instantly by Adam. 

Transferring both of Eve’s wrist to one hand he grabbed both their bags, leading Eve away under the void deck. 

I only made out another ‘ Adam , Stop this ‘ before they disappeared from my sight. 

I quickly stood up, but my legs were a little numb from the position I was in. 
I half hopped and stumbled down the stairs, trying to find where they were headed. 

I saw Adam led Eve to the carpark and I quickened my footsteps.

I followed closely behind, their shadows lengthened considerably by the street lamps, while hiding mine at the same time. 

I caught sight of them again at a junction, as they head towards Eve’s place. Eve managed to get out of Adam’s grasp but he still has one of her hand in his, dragging her away. 

I saw Eve gave a big thug and a shake, finally freeing herself from Adam. 
They just stood by the side of the road, gesturing angrily at each other. 

Then Adam did it again. He went forward to hug Eve, this time round I could see his hand grabbing Eve’s ass as he hugged her from the front. 

He did not care about the passing cars, not the rag and bone lady that was staring at them from a distance away. 

Eve tried to push herself free but Adam was too strong. 

I decided to step out, making my way across the road but Eve managed to get free again somehow and she took off on her heels with Adam following closely behind.

I lost them at a turn into another HDB block.I made my way straight towards Eve’s place and was relieved when I saw Eve and Adam quarrelling near the staircase leading towards her unit. I lowered myself beside the car, looking at them through the window. 

Adam suddently took a step forward, his left arm bringing Eve close as his right tried to slide onto the top of her tight jeans. 

Eve pushed back trying to slap him but could only managed to connect with Adam’s ears. 

Adam did not give up, his right hand went for Eve’s buckle , pulling her close as he tried to explain somehting angrily but Eve shook herself free and this time round, she manage a slap squarely on Adam’s face. 

11.10 pm 
Eve went up the stairs , leaving Adam behind. 

Adam kicked the bin over by the mail boxes. 

Adam flagged a cab by the roadside. 
The moment it drove off, I ran to the road and got into another cab. 

I got into the passenger seat, instead of the back. Pointing my finger towards Adam’s ride, I said. 

James : Uncle, follow him. 

I took off my watch and my wallet, removing my ring too and i zipped them properly into my bag. 

I tighten my bag strap as we headed up the expressway. 

I check my shoelaces too, tightenting them and tucking them into my shoe.

And my eyes never left that cab that was less than 30 metres away from me……………..

There were no dramatic car chases or crazy maneuvers on the road. 

It was a smooth ride. 

We exited at upper serangoon before my cab was stalled by a red light. We managed to catch up shortly after, bumping into Adam’s cab 2 traffic lights away. 

We got nearer to serangoon when my phone rang.

It was Eve. 

Eve : Hey, 

James : Hello. .. Not sleeping yet ? 

Eve : Can’t sleep, miss you . haha. 

I laughed too despite the anger I’m feeling within. 

I did not expect Eve to tell me the events for that evening, she is a strong girl, she would keep everything to herself , refusing to share her burdens with others. I could hear her sprit in her soothing voice, her cheerfulness. 

It was not a long phone conversation, and when I asked how did the dinner go , I felt a sudden change in Eve’s tone before she quickly got back to her cheerful self. 

She told me it’s fine, didn’t really go well but we’ll see how it goes. 

I saw Adam’s cab slowed to a stop and I tapped the dashboard, telling the cab driver to slow down.

I held on to the phone while I scrambled for my wallet which I had zipped away, wasting precious seconds. 

Eve was still on the line when I quickened my pace to catch up with Adam who had disappeared underneath a block of flats. 

Eve : Alright, you have an early night too yah, I’ll see you tomorrow. 

James : Miss you too, good night. 

I managed to catch a glimpse of Adam entering a lift the moment I hung up. 

I stood at the lobby, watching the indicator light stopping at the 4th floor. Instead of rushing into the lift, I ran across to the other side of the road, looking up and I saw Adam stopping at the 2nd unit. 

I got back and entered the lift. 

When the lift stopped at the 4th floor, I heard a flurry of noises coming from the only open door along the corridor. I could not make out what they were saying as they were speaking in tagalog

Machine gun rapid fire of words blurting non stop before others joined in. I counted 5 different voices including Adam in that unit. 

I took note of the address and the exterior of the unit and mentally made a list of tools I’ll need before leaving the flat. 

I spent close to $60 on cab fare that night. 

I pick my battles carefully, not tonight. 

I collapsed onto bed, exhausted and drained, angry that Eve had to go through the terrible evening without me by her side.

I fell asleep thinking about Eve. 

21st September 2010 

I felt better that morning after seeing Eve at work. She seemed normal, Adam too, seemed normal to me. I kept a close watch, ever mindful of his every move. 

Perhaps it’s my mind playing tricks on me, but Adam seemed to be putting on weight. 

Eve had a new shawl with her that day, it’s Tuesday, shawl change day. 

We managed to meet up secretly for lunch at sunshine plaza, enjoying the wanton noodles on that drizzling afternoon. 

We share an additional bowl of soup, that was when I noticed the scratches on Eve’s wrist, there were some bruises on her forearms. 

I held on to her and I just looked into her eyes without saying a word. 
Eve retracted her hands from me, pulling down her sleeves, smiling and adding. 

Eve : I knocked against my cupboard. Very clumsy these days. 

I was not smiling, and it was obvious from my looks I’m not buying her story, but I could see the stubborn look on Eve’s face, if she doesn’t want to tell, nobody can make her. 

I almost broke the utensils during lunch that day. 

I gave Eve a hug before we made our way back to the office. 

Work kept us busy and we made our own way back. 

Eve dropped me a message, saying that Adam sent flowers to her home that evening. 

22nd sep 

Right before lunch, flower and chocolate delivery for Eve. 
Adam was out for meeting. 

23rd sep 
I got to work early, topping up Adam’s protein formula. 
Dinner with Eve before sending her back. 

24th Sep. 
Eve went over to Putrajaya with Tan for the day.

I met some of my sub-contractors for dinner. I casually brought up some private matters that needed to be dealt with and I did not want my hands to get dirty.

They agreed. 

25th Sep Friday 
Adam insisted to have another chat with Eve over dinner, she declined. 
She had plans that evening with her classmates, I’m on my own. 

I went to my gf’s place for a quickie before leaving in a hurry when the clock struck 9pm. 

I stood by the road as the pickup truck swung by my gf place and I got into the passenger seat. 

On the back seat were 2 foreign workers, the driver was a plumber I worked with regularly under one of the sub contractor. 

We arrived at Adam’s place at 10pm. 
I took out a simple plan of Adam’s corridor with some mark outs. 

Heads nodded.
Money changed hands.

It’s still early, we made a detour to serangoon garden and I bought the team supper. 

12am . 
We got back to Adam’s place and I offered smokes. 
We loitered around the carpark. 

We got to work. I went to the hdb opposite Adam’s unit and observed the workers at work. 

The plumber shut off the water supply, jamming the valve with a bolt applied with generous amount of superglue. 

Worker A stood watch at the lobby. 

I assume worker B will be on his knees as he Jammed the locks of the bicycle outside the unit. 

The entire affair is over within a minute and I watch the 3 of them get into the pickup truck and left. 

I went home, looking forward to my date with Eve the next day……………The freshness of the morning air set my mood for that Saturday morning as I waited for Eve to come down for our jog. 

I heard the closing of the metal gate and soon I saw the nice pair of legs appearing at the top of the staircase. 

We greeted each other with a hug that lasted a little too long and I felt the rise of my erection. It was not a long jog, but we were still wet and panting nevertheless. 

We held hands, walking along the road. 

I let go of Eve’s fingers and my right hand reached around her shoulders, she inched closer to me. Our heads fell sideways towards each other as we walked pass that heavy vehicle park that morning. 

We smile at each other in a silly manner and my eyes darted over to the carpark for a moment and Eve gave me a playful slap on my butt. 

Eve : don’t be naughty James . 

I just stuck out my tongue. 

We loitered around Eve’s estate till 8am until she was certain her parents car was no longer in the carpark. 

I sent Eve back to her place and she invited me in, pouring me a glass of water. 

We did not go to the bedroom, but instead hung around the kitchen, keeping a lookout at the carpark entrance. Eve leaned against the window, I hugged her from behind, looking at the array of lingerie out on the bamboo poles. 

I saw some bras which I’m sure belonged to Eve , I have gotten a few peeks at their straps before. 

I saw some nice undies which I would love to press to my face. I smiled in my heart knowing that soon I would have access to all her lingerie, fresh worn lingerie which I would be taken off by me. It’s the same as you visiting an orchard, taking a fresh apple from the tree. 

I could see myself in the garden, taking the bra off Eve, sliding her wet undies from her bottom.

I did not grind myself like a sex starved teenager, instead we just stood there motionless, enjoying the cool morning breeze, and the occasional car exhaust. 

I felt Eve’s head leaning back onto my chest and I pressed my nose to the side of her head, taking in the scent of Eve’s hair and stale perspiration from the morning run. Our arms intertwined and we just stood there like a pair of lovebirds, enjoying the caress of the morning sun on our face. 

It was a lovely position, I tried my best to control my erection but I can’t . The loose comfortable running shorts did not help either and I could feel my hard rod pressing against Eve’s behind. She did not react to it but she would be lying if she said she could not feel it. 

Moments later Eve exchanged position with me, leaning me against the window. Her hands reach behind my neck and we exchanged silly smiles. I could still see a few droplets of stray perspiration on Eve’s neck, one of which rolled downwards, merging with a couple of smaller drops before tumbling down into the middle of Eve’s cleavage. 

Our foreheads connected and I felt her breath on my chest

Eve reached forward for a hug and my hands slid down to her lower waist, grasping the elastic band of her fbt shorts, my fingers hesitating, testing the water.

Then without warning it happened. 

Eve bit down on her lips for an instance and her eyes closed. 

I closed mine too, letting nature take it’s course. 

Our lips connected and I felt the softeness of Eve’s lips, the teasing of her tongue, and I tasted her saliva for the first time. 

It was not a crazy French kiss, we were experimenting…… our tongues like timid rabbits poking their heads out of the rabbit hole, darting quickly in and out, afraid of staying too long inside a hole which do not belong to us. 

We nibbled on each others lips, breaking into smiles whenever one of our action did not match properly with the other. 

I felt the first suction from Eve’s soft lips at the tip of my tongue as she hands slid down to my waist. 

My hands slid upwards instead, feeling the tight embrace of Eve’s sports bra through her running shirt.

I brought her closer to me, our mouth refusing to let go even for a precious gasp of air. 

Then as suddenly as it happened, we stopped. We just smiled in a silly manner, our bodies still connected , our foreheads peppered with more perspiration. 

Eve looked down at my dick, poking bashfully outwards straining against my shorts and laughed, shaking her head. 

I looked away , rolling my eyes. 
James : It’s actually normal, in case you are not aware. 

Eve just hugged me tighter and I kissed the side of her neck, my mouth cupping over a particular sweaty spot and I tasted Eve’s sweat. 

A couple of minutes passed and Eve checked out the window before leading me into the washroom. 
She sat down on the WC , looking up at me. 

And I felt the plunge of the rollercoaster when she bent lower, getting closer to my throbbing dick. 

Then I saw her reach for the hose, turning on the water. 
Eve : There’s mud on your leg silly. Haha 

I gave a constipated kind of disappointed looked and Eve shot a spray of water at me. I tried to grab the hose from her and she screamed. 

We fought for the hose, drenching ourselves at the same time. 

Eve finally stopped fighting and I managed a good shot at her t-shirt, drenching her fully, causing the wet fabric to stick to her body, bringing out the curves , the black sports bra screaming for attention. 

I stopped the water and helped Eve up, she said she better get change, in case her parents are back. 

I held her hands as she walked to her room, holding up a couple of tops and dress for my opinion. 

She checked the time and gave me another hug. 

Eve : See you at 12pm ? IMM ?

Our lips connected again for a couple of seconds before Eve opened the door for me. 

I took a cab back for a quick shower and a change of clothes. 

As I felt the refreshing touch of water that morning, I wondered how is Adam that Saturday morning. No Water, bicycles sabotaged, sucks to be him. 
Let’s see where can they get a plumber early Saturday morning without getting kotok-ed. 

I threw on a t-shirt and berms, dropping my gf an sms that says I’m heading to the office. 

I’ve already changed her contact name to ‘Mr SJ’ , in case Eve chanced upon my phone. 

Just in case things get heated up, I also brought along a spare condom, tucking it deep into the recess of my wallet. 

My phone rang right when I was leaving the house, it’s the plumber from last night. He just told me he’s already bought what I wanted from Malaysia, will pass it to me next week. I thanked him for his help and he promised that this matter would be between the 2 of us. 

Giving my hair a quick brush, I set off for IMM. 

We had lunch at the food court, before changing locations to tiong bahru, then to bugis. 

For some weird reason, we were wandering closer and closer to our office around dinner time. 

By means of pure telepathy , we entered the lift lobby, heading up to our workplace. 

Perhaps it’s the fear of bumping into someone we knew, we did not hold hands. 

The lift door opened with the vibrations of an old machine and I stuck my head out. 

The office is dark

I felt like Tom cruise, entering the keycode into a high security area. 

We entered the office and we just stood at the entrance. 



We switched on only the pantry lights, which is shielded from the windows by some furnitures. 

Eve set the water to boil and she leaned back on the kitchen counter looking at me.Eve made coffee for both of us and we hugged in the quite office, our private space. 

Our lips met each other again, our tongues teasing each other with our gentle flicks and jabs. 

Eve was wearing a dress that day. A flowerly spag dress with a casual belt.

The hem of the dress ended 2 inches above her kneecaps, although she is not in any fancy heels, her flats matched up nicely with her choice of dressing. 

I could see the look of envy from fellow train passengers when they see Eve in my arms, my hand wrapping around her waist, playing with her belt buckle. 

I’m not sure how far I could go since we are in the office, I had to test the limit. 

I kept my hands steady on Eve’s waist as we kissed in the place where we made a living. After a few minutes of tongue action, using my palm, I lifted a little bit of Eve’s dress, keeping my hands still on her waist, I estimated the hem now to be 3inches from her knees. 

We giggled and exchanged bodily fluids, our bodies bumping into the cabinets and the shelves in the small pantry as we waltz around the space. Discreetly, I lifted and inch and a half or so of Eve’s dress.

Looking at the reflection on the window, Eve’s thighs is almost totally exposed, as long as my hands don’t let go , her dress will stay short. 

Really short 

Eve : You continue pulling upwards I’m not going to have any thing left James . haha 

I was a little embarrassed Eve caught on to my little trick so I let go of the excess fabric, letting it fall back down. 

I was beginning to perspire, as there was no A/C , we depended only on an old dusty fan. 

I decided to make my move as I gently nudged Eve towards Adam’s table.

I swiped away his keyboard and stuff and Eve sat down, maneuvering herself backwards, making space for me as we continued to kiss. I pulled Eve closer to the edge of the table and I kneeled down , kissing her dangling feet as I felt her hands ruffling through my hair. 

My kisses went south, to her shoes, with each kiss, I coaxed Eve’s wriggling toes to give up her flats, letting it drop onto the carpeted floor. Working my way up her feet to her thigh, I went down her other leg and did the same thing. 

I took a breath as I watch the 2 dangling feet of Eve lift up, resting on my shoulders and I could see the colour of Eve’s undies. It was light blue in colour. 

I wanted to go forward, to kiss Eve’s privates, to smell her undies but her feet stopped me. Pushing my shoulders back. 

Eve stuck out her tongue at me, shaking her head in a naughty manner. 

I could feel my t-shirt getting drenched by my perspiration as I got up and unbuckled Eve’s belt. She held on to my shoulder and lifted herself up a little, allowing me to push up her dress. 

I dragged Adam’s chair over , sitting down and adjusting myself to a comfortable level. 

Eve’s heels rested on my shoulders and I slid forward, lower myself as I got closer to Eve’s inner sanctum. 

Our eyes met again and I could tell Eve was both nervous and shy. 

My hands slid down both sides of her outer thighs and I kissed the wet patch on Eve’s light blue underwear, my nose taking in a deep breath of Eve’s nectar. 

I could feel my dick throbbing in protest, asking to be let out into the open. 

My mouth sucked on the wet fabric of Eve’s undies, my teeth bit and pulled her undies back, letting it go with a gentle snap. My left hand parted the underwear to the left, holding it in place as I looked at the victor’s price 
Eve’s privates is neatly trimmed, and at that very moment, I could smell fresh perspiration coming from her pelvic region. There was a feminine smell I can only describe as heavenly as I tasted her love juice. 

My nose can smell the soap Eve used that day, I can also smell the softener used on the undies. 

This concoction of scents , coupled with Eve’s nectar on my tongue almost made me have a dry orgasm on that chair. 

I pouted my lips, kissing Eve’s engorged clitoris. I did not suck on them, instead I used my pouting lips, gently brushing them side to side. 

I could hear the shake in Eve’s breath as she said.
Eve : My god James,…. What are you doing ? 

I felt a sudden gush of liquid exiting Eve’s love hole and I slurped them up eagerly, tasting them and swallowing it in a gleeful manner. 

Eve held on to my hair and added. 
Eve : We need to stop James, going to dirty the table. 

Right at that moment an idea came to my mind and I reached for Eve’s phone. 

Throughout the day, Adam had been trying to call Eve, dropping countless messages.

Passing it to her, I said. 
James : Return Adam’s call. 

I saw a look of confusion on Eve’s face before it gave way to a naughty smile. 
Eve : No way ! James, don’t be naughty. 

I did not wait for Eve to react but instead I hit dial and pass the phone to her. 

The moment Eve grabbed onto the phone, my left hand parted her undies again, my mouth cupping over her swollen clit.

I heard a ‘ hello’ from Eve and I gave her privates a long suck, instantly feeling the pull of my hair from Eve. 

I was expecting Eve to hang up, perhaps hitting and scolding me. 

But I was wrong. 

Eve spoke into the phone, asking Adam what did he want . 

I licked Eve’s vagina lips, wishing I could send Adam a picture of what I am doing to his girlfriend, on his office desk.__________________………………..
I could feel my shirt sticking to my body, drenched with my perspiration. Eve is giving monolithic answers to Adam on the phone, and I could also most hear Adam trying to explain his behavior.

I let go of Eve’s undies, letting the fabric snap back, protecting the sacred region from my tongue. Looking up at Eve, both my hands reached for the top of her underwear at the same time. 

Eve shook her head, a little unsure , perhaps it’s the look of reassurance from my eyes, she relented and lifted herself off the table for an instance, allowing me to remove her soaked undies. 

I would have love to press it to my nose but I have a bigger prize ahead of me, the soiled underwear can wait. 

I did not put it on the table, Adam’s table would contaminate Eve’s underwear, God knows what germs the Pinoy carry. I stuff Eve’s underwear into my left pocket, instantly feeling a warm dampness on my left thigh. 

I slid myself closer to Eve, giving Eve’s clitoris a kiss. 

I imagined the clit as Eve’s tongue, the vagina lips as her lips, and I showered it with lots of teasing pecks before going for a full French. 

I did not keep constant contact with her privates, but making sure she is aware that my mouth is near from the breath I blew and inhale near her love hole. I could not see her expression, but the touch of her hand on my hair told me I’m doing the right thing. 

Her heels digging into my back, urging me closer…. Urging me deeper. 

I adjusted myself a little, preparing myself for a tongue workout. 

I gave Eve’s leaking love hole a through catbath, cleaning up her love nectar before I stretched out my tongue . 
Using the widest part of my tongue as much as I could managed, I pressed down on Eve’s swollen clit. 

I kept my tongue still, using my head instead to mimic the motion of a pendulum, swinging in a rhythmic manner . If i had used only my tongue, i would tire easily


Left …. Right… 

Leaving my mouth open has a down side, I can’t swallow my own saliva, my drool mixed itself with Eve’s fountain of youth. 

Every 30 seconds or so I would stop, slurping up the precious fluids from Eve’s vagina. 

I could not remember how long did it take. 

I could only remember smelling a combination of Eve’s natural lube and my saliva all over her pelvic region when suddenly I felt her heels dig hard once into my back. 

Then without warning, her heels gave way to a furry of rapid kicks and I heard Eve spoke a little loudly into the phone. 

Eve : Adam !… I’ll call you back . 

The slam of the poor blackberry on Adam’s table followed almost immediately as I felt both of Eve’s hands on my head, pressing me down harder onto her privates. 

I could hear Eve draw a sharp gasp of air as her heels started to grind against my back as if they went into spasm. 

I only wish I had half the gasp of air Eve had but I did not want to spoil her orgasm. My hands cradled the side of her bottoms and I held on, my tongue flicking on that engorged piece of flesh that is sending millions of electrical signals to Eve’s brains. 

It was a while before I heard Eve exhale that large glup of oxygen and her thighs clamp down hard on the sides of my head as her body turned sideways, toppling Adams documents. 

I retracted myself and sat back on the chair, Eve wiped away the perspiration that has gathered on her upper lip and we just stared at each other for a good whole minute without moving. 

Eve got up first, pulling down her dress, looking a little flustered and lost as she tried to slip her feet into her flats. 

Eve spoke the moment we hugged . 
Eve : I would marry you if you proposed right now.. haha. 

I tickled Eve as she tried to wriggle out from my grasp. 

Eve made no attempt to return favour and I did not press her for it. 

If a girl is willing, she will do it.

We spent a good 10 minutes tidying up the office and the pantry, the next 5 minutes in the bathroom cleaning ourselves up before we shared a chair, positioning ourselves in front of the old fan. 

Eve : And.. where is my underwear ? 

James : What underwear ? 

Eve : haha. Give me back … 

I just shook my head and Eve tried to reach for my pocket, but she gave up a while later, barely trying. 

There was a moment of silence before Eve slid off my lap, lowering herself onto her knees. She rested her arms and hands on my thigh, looking at me. I could immediately feel the bulge in my pants getting back to life. 

She bid her lips again, apparently a little shy as I opened my legs, allowing her room to work with. 

Then in that silent office, I heard a loud growl. 

It’s Eve’s stomach. 
She gave me a ‘oops’ before reaching for my zip. 

I could heard my dick give a loud groan.

I shook my head and stopped her hand, helping her up on her feet. 

We left the office at 8.30pm and grabbed a bite at bugis. 

MOF again. 

Eve made no mention of her underwear that day and I assumed it’s mine.

I sent Eve back that evening, reaching her place at 11.45pm. She gave me a kiss before confirming our date the next afternoon. During the kiss, her hand reached into my pocket, fishing out something that belonged to her, stuffing it into her bag.

She mouthed a ‘ goodnight’ before letting her keys jingle near the lock

The moment she disappeared into her unit, I ran to the road, flagging a cab and asking the driver to speed to my gf place. 

My gf was a little shock at my sudden appearance but she seemed happy to see me, saying that she misses me. I took a quick shower before jumping into bed with her. 

1st round was a little pre mature due to the earlier build up, 2nd was a little better followed by a cim and a bowl of instant noodles before I finally fell asleep in her arms at 2.30am. 

It was already 10am when I woke up and I told my gf that I’m heading back to the office in a while. We  cuddled in bed as she updated me about her school work. I listened a little absent-mindedly , nodding away, thinking only about Eve.

I rushed home for a quick change of clothes before reaching Jurong point at 2pm sharp. 

Eve and I caught a movie, before spending the rest of Sunday in the mall, dinner included. Eve showed me an array of messages from Adam as we picked on the xiao long bao.

Monday. 28th September

There was yet another bouquet of flowers for Eve, this time round with a gift box. I overhead Adam asking Eve out for lunch but she said she’s busy. 

Eve wanted to hit the gym that day but I got some work to clear. 

I met up with the plumber from Malaysia and paid him for the goods he bought for me. 

Tuesday 29th September. 

I got in to work early, topping up Adam’s protein mix with mine own concoction. 

I spent the evening with Eve walking along the river at boat quay. 
Got another kiss when I sent her back 

Wednesday 30th September 

Eve was sick that day, and I brought dinner over to her place. 

Thursday 1st oct 

Adam and Eve were out the entire day for meeting. 
Around 4pm , Eve told me Adam insisted on having dinner that evening to sort things out. 

She managed to hitch a ride from a consultant , leaving the site separately from Adam. 

I could see the fumes coming out of Adam’s head that afternoon. His face seemed puffier, fatter in fact. 

Friday 2nd oct 

There was a office wide meeting / briefing about the direction the company is heading. Tan dropped hints about performance appraisal reports. 

I dropped Eve a message and we decided to grab a bite at city hall after work. 

Just when I was packing up at 6.10pm, Tan came out, asking if I have a minute to spare, he wanted to go through some documents with me. Eve happened to be standing up and Tan added. 

Tan : Eve , can I see you after I’m done with James ? 
She shot a quick look in my direction before replying Tan with a nod. 

I did not want to remain in the office as that would meant Adam bothering Eve again that evening. Eve did not join him for the friday run but Adam still went ahead after preparing his protein shake. 

Our initial plan was to get out of the office before he came back.

I decided to try my luck and asked. 

James : Tan, want to grab dinner ? Can we do this over a drink or something ? It’s Friday leh. 

He seemed to consider my suggestion before adding. 
Tan : Ok. Your treat….. Eve, are you meeting Adam ? if so I’ll go through with you first. 

I wanted to suggest Eve join us for dinner but she saved me the trouble of asking.

Eve : Oh no I’m not, if it’s ok I’ll join you guys too. 

Tan : Wah. Sure or not ? 

James : Why the big reaction ? She usually got curfew is it ?

Tan explained that ever since Eve joined the company, he has yet to see her attend any drinking session. Tan drove us to Dempsey and we settled into a corner at one of the cafes. We went through work while waiting for our food. 

After I’m done with my portion of work, I began surfing my facebook on my BB.

I asked Tan if he had a facebook account and he said no. 

I was fiddling with my phone and I decided to drop a bait and see if the fish would bite. 

I ‘checked in’ at that café in Dempsey, and I tagged Eve. 

Eve saw that tag a little while later and said I’m ‘bo liao’ .
Eve : Grow up James, these are for kids.

Dinner was served shortly and by 9.30pm, our table was cleared and we are well into our 3rd round of beer. 

Tan shook his box of fags at me but I pointed to my throat, telling him that I’m just recovering, gonna pass. 

I’ve been smoking a little lesser lately when spending time with Eve. 

Tan dialed a number on his phone, lighted his cigarette before taking his bottle of beer, walking a short distance away. 

Then in the background, I heard an increase in volume of people talking in rapid fire mode. Before my brain could register the language as tagalog , the 4th chair which had remained empty the entire evening suddenly was yanked back and a figure sat himself down, pointing his finger at me. 

It was Adam . 

I was still registering that moment in my mind when Adam spoke in a rather audible voice, drawing the attention of the tables by our side. 

Adam : What is this Eve ? Is it James ? Are you breaking up with me because of him ? 

His eyes looked bloodshot and a couple of Adam’s friend came over, apologizing, saying he had a bit of drink. 

Adam shook their hands away, standing up in an instance, causing the chair to fall. 

2 male staff of the café immediately came out , asking what is the problem. 

Adam : It’s none of your business. 

Turning to face Eve and me, Adam spoke at the top of his voice.

Adam : How long have you known James ? a couple of months ? Is he any better ? 

Eve was obviously very disturbed by the outburst and I could see tears welling up in her eyes but we both kept our silence. 

Tan approached right at that very moment, pushing himself from the crowd and coming to the table, setting his beer down. 

Tan : What is the problem ? 

Adam looked as if he had been punch in the stomach as he stared blankly at Tan. 

I decided to add a bit of fuel to the flames, adding one sentence. 

James : Adam,…….Tan wanted to discuss some work with us, and we’re just having dinner.

And my finger pointed to the stack of documents behind Tan’s seat, 2 files bearing our company colours and logo. 

Eve’s tears rolled down her cheeks and she added that she did not see the need to continue this conversation.

Eve grabbed her bag and went off. 

Before I could react, Tan went after Eve. 

Adam’s friends pulled him away, leaving me alone at the table. 

I apologized to the tables by the sides, saying that it’s a misunderstanding. 

I asked for a glass of champagne, before asking for the bill. 

There, I solved the problem for her. 

I got a call from Tan a little later, asking me to join him at the carpark. 
Tan sent Eve back before dropping me off. He asked me about the 2 of them and I just shrugged my shoulders, saying that I knew as much as he does.

Eve dropped me a message saying that she would like to sleep in, so the run is off the next morning. 

I went over to my gf’s place and we fell asleep in each others arms. 

I woke up to a phone call. I reached for my phone, pressing it to my ear, turning away from my gf.

It was Eve.
She sounded cheerful, asking if I’m good for lunch. 

I agreed to meet her at Ikea at queenstown. 

I hung up before snuggling up with my gf under the blanket. It was a while before she finally spoke. 

GF : “ Who is it ? ”

I fumbled for a reply as I thought she was still asleep. 
James : Just a friend. 

I heard her take a deep breath before adding. 

GF : Must be a good friend…. I can feel the sweetness in the tone of your voice. 

GF : Something that I haven heard in a while.

I did not know how to end this conversation.

I stayed in bed, thinking of a way out when she turned and faced me, the sleep still evident in her tired eyes. 

I felt a weird tingling sensation in my spine as she reached for me, kissing me on the lips, before straddling over me. 

I came that morning, jerking and gasping for breath as I felt my gf did all the work while I laid on the bed.

The sex was undeniably good with her, but being with her just didn’t feel the same when I was with Eve. 

I washed up before leaving to meet Eve…………………..

I saw Eve waiting at the taxi stand at Ikea when I arrived. 

She was wearing a pair of short denim shorts that drew the undivided attention of the 2 ang mohs who was waiting for a cab with furniture in toll. 

I recognized the white tube top as one I had seen before, either on the bamboo pole or she had worn it to work. 

A grey cardigan and flip flops completed her look. 

Eve transferred the phone and wallet to her other hand as she linked arms with me, entering the warehouse. 

We walked around casually, giving our individual opinions about the furniture, the sample layouts, the colours. 

We even discussed what was our ideal colour theme. 

We had a quick lunch before we took a slow bus ride back to Jurong. 

En route home, we chatted casually, my hands never left her smooth thighs while Eve kept her arms linked with mine. 

Eve’s parents were out and she said they won’t be back till after dinner. I entered her place, this time taking a seat on her sofa as she switched on the TV for me. 

We laughed over some silly variety shows before Eve switched off the TV at 4.30pm and she walked into her room. 

I was not invited. 

I waited dumbly in the living room for a good 10 minutes, fiddling with my phone before I decided to check on Eve. 

I saw her lying on her stomach, her legs up in the air as she flipped through some magazines. I knocked and she turned, looking at with her tongue out. 

I entered her room, closing the door behind me as I looked at her perky butt lying on that inviting bed. I could feel the devil horns starting to grow on my head as I sat down beside her. My hand reached for the back of her waist, stroking her lower back, asking what was she reading. 

Eve showed me a Travel and living magazine, saying that she wanted to visit some of those exotic places. 

I sat beside her stroking her back as she flipped her literature , adding comments about the countries she has yet to visit. Before long, I stopped stroking, instead, my both hands slide up Eve’s white tube top, coming into contact with her bare flesh. My fingers went over to her shoulders, giving her a massage, concentrating on a few pressure points that I am aware off. 

Barely 5 minutes into the massage, I saw Eve close her magazine.
Eve : Can you close the window ? 

I slid the window close, drawing the curtains as I heard the mechanical beeped of the air conditioner behind me. 

Eve turned onto her back, her hair splayed across her bed, looking at me and I knew the moment is near. 

I took my time, slowly covering the 3 steps that led to her bed.

Sitting down on the soft mattress, I felt Eve’s hands reached for my waist as she pressed herself towards my back, before reaching forward to smell my tummy. I got myself comfortable, sitting deeper into the bed as Eve laid her head on my thigh. 

Her phone rang again, and I could see Adam’s name flashing on her phone but she left it alone.

I played with Eve’s hair and we looked at each other. 

Blood was flowing freely to my manhood as she had her mouth right where my dick was. Then Eve’s head lifted up as she touched the top of my erected member using her cheeks before reaching for the button of my berms.

My finger reached for Eve’s button too and there was no resistance.
We mimicked each other’s action, pulling the top of apart like a kid tearing a sweet wrapper. 

I could see Eve’s pink underwear peeking through her shorts. 

I slid down her denim shorts half way down her thighs, stopping at the knee area and Eve let my pants go all the way , throwing it onto the bedroom floor. 

I felt my dick throb as she eased herself out of her shorts on the bed, her bum wriggling, her legs sliding upwards, pushing the shorts down and away. 
I went for a kiss and Eve took me into her arms. 

I could taste heaven as our mouth touched, our tongues longing for the warmth of each others mouth. Saliva were exchanged freely as my hands started venturing into new territories. 

I felt the strange peeing sensation as my right hand slid up Eve’s tube, feeling her breast outside the soft fabric. I cupped and carass her breast, giving it gentle squeezes as I slid my underwear off. You know the sensation sometimes that your erection get too hard it started to feel weird, that’s what I was feeling at that moment. 

Each throb felt weird as my penis begged for the warmth of a vagina. 
Eve’s vagina. 

I straddled Eve lowering my body to hers and my hand reached underneath her tube this time round, feeling the soft bra cups that is holding her love pillows. My fingers traced the shape of her bra cups, my hand caressing the curves as I felt Eve’s body arched upwards. 

I got onto the side of Eve’s body, my left hand pressing down her forehead as I pressed my lips firmly onto hers and my finger slid down south to her privates. 

I felt the unmistakable wet patch on her undies and using 2 fingers, I started to massage Eve’s forbidden fruit. I felt her mouth gave way, opening up to take in a large glup of air before exhaling and resuming her kisses. 

Her love juice is thick and of a smooth texture, and they come in generous amount.

Another minute of fingering , Eve’s hands started to reach for my shirt, pulling it off. She fought me to the bottom as she straddled me. She smiled as she reached for a hair clip, tidying up her already messed up hair before sliding herself lower. 

Eve: Don’t say I never return favour ar. 
Before I could reply, I saw Eve’s mouth go for my erected manhood. 

I felt first the cold touch of saliva before the warmth of her mouth started to set in. Eve’s lips pressed hard onto my uncircumcised foreskin, peeling it backwards and I gave a uncontrolled moan. As her lips worked on my foreskin, her tongue already began touching the sensitive tip of my penis. 

I felt a rush of excitement as suddenly I felt the foreskin roll back all the way, leaving what must have been a very happy and exposed dickhead in Eve’s mouth. Eve sucked hard on my exposed head and I felt my knees go weak, thank god I’m lying down. 

I cannot handle a direct assault on my sensitive head not to mention it’s coupled with a strong firm tongue on the tip.

If there were spectators, they would laugh at me, thinking I’m a bloody sissy, because I was moaning and groaning away at Eve’s blowjob. 

I felt a sudden increase in the contact area as Eve finally let my entire dick slide further into her mouth before pulling it out stopping with a clamp at the sensitive head. 

I felt my world go into disarray as I suck in mouthfuls of precious air. 

Eve increased her tempo , changing position with my dick still in her mouth. She not knelt beside me, mouth on my dick, right hand cradling my balls and her left went straight for my nipples. 

The 3 prong assault left me lost and disorientated. 

I could have easily controlled myself , stopping when I’m about to cum but it seems my senses were jumbled up.

I only managed a 
James : Oh no. 

A pathetic ‘oh no’. 

Eve stopped her blowjob immediately, giving me a kiss, asking me to calm down. 

I was right at the edge of the cliff and I was dangling by a thin strand of thread. 

Eve gave me 30 seconds to calm down before she slid off her underwear. 

She gave me a questioning look before adding. 
Eve : Now James, I am going to ask you a question. You think carefully before you answer ok ? 

I nodded, a little breathless and shaken. 
Eve : Do you have condoms ? 

I nodded again, like a little boy , promising anything and everything to get my candy. 

She pressed both her hands on my cheeks bringing her eyes right on top of mine, 

Eve : Can you control yourself ? 

I nodded again, feeling my heartrate going up, pumping much needed blood to my body parts. 

I suddenly felt a warm feeling radiating from the tip of my dickhead, before slowing spreading downwards, eventually engulfing my entire shaft. 
My mouth gapped opened like a fish out of the water as I felt the wet comfortable interior of Eve’s vagina enveloping my dick. 

I felt so safe , so secure inside her and my mind was starting to disorient again when Eve added as she tried her best to give a stern look 

Eve : I’ll kill you if you cum inside me James. 

My head nodded as I felt Eve’s hands pressed down on both my palm as she started to ride me, sending jolts of electricity up my pelvis into my brain. 

For the first time in my life, I felt like a raped victim…………………………..
We gazed deeply into each others’ eyes as our bodies moved in tandem , Eve’s kisses is punctuated with ‘ erms ‘ and ‘ughs’ and she raised and lowered her well toned body onto mine.

In fact I was a little conscious of my stomach. Gone were the days where the abs were still passable as decent looking. In place now is just a shapeless stomach with that bit of paunch most working crowd struggle with. 

Eve did not seem to mind the extra bit of cushion as I felt a slighting of sting on the side of my shoulders. 

I will only find out during the shower later on that Eve left a mark the size of a 20 cent coin.

I sat up, hugging Eve as she continued to move her body, we kissed and I pressed my nose against her breast which is still covered by her tube top. I could see perspiration stains emerging slowly from the lower parts of her tube . 

Every now and then Eve will stop her movement, asking me in a serious tone. 
Eve : Are we ok ? I meant it when I said I will kill you. 

I nodded and we laughed before we continued. 

It was a good 15 minutes of pounding action. 

Not from me.

From Eve, before I felt the familiar feeling creeping into my pelvic area. 

I felt a little drained as I just had one round in the morning. I struggled for control as I told Eve to slow down. 

James : Eve, … Eve.. slow down.. I need to get the condom.

She nodded , a little breathless. 

I wanted to sit up to reach for my wallet when instead I felt Eve leaning her body against me, pinning me down. She continued her movement on my dick and she held on fast to a tuff of my hair, pinning me against the bed. 

James : Eve.. erm.. I need to get the cap. 

She kissed me but her eyes remained open, looking at me before breaking into a smile. 
James : Ermm. Eve… we really need to stop. 

Then I felt my world collapse. 

I was suddenly pushed to the edge of the cliff again as Eve continued her riding, I felt both my feet gave way as I struggled to hold on to anything I could grab a hold of. 

James : Eve no ! Wait !

My eyes widen in horror as I gasped in a big inhale of air, bringing me instantly back to the moment when I first tried to inhale a cigarette in school. 

I shook my head in disbelief as I gave out a series of sputtering breaths. 

It was as if someone squeeze a few hundred lemons down my throat, letting that sourish sensation hit my dick like a hammer. 

I groaned out like a lost boy as I felt the rush of semen to the tip of my throbbing dick which is now disconnected from any commands from my brain. 

My hands reached for Eve’s shoulders in horror as she smiled and held on fast, smiling at the look of horror on my face. 

I felt the first spasm like a slap across my kuku jiao as I jerked my pelvis upwards, regretting instantly the amount of sperm I’m sending into Eve’s vagina. 

I tried to stop.

I tried to control but the more I resist, more jerks were coaxed out from my dick as it happily vomit more semen into Eve. 

My mouth gasped for air as I tried to lift Eve off. 

For the first time, I did not feel satisfaction from an orgasm but instead I felt fear. I could feel my dick shrink rapidly at a fast rate, like a turtle shrinking it’s head back into it’s shell. 

Eve laughed and rest her head on my chest and I could feel my dick shrink to the point it existed Eve’s vagina. Moments later, I felt a warm gush of sperm and love juice spreading across my dick, my balls, my entire pelvis. 

James : Oh my god. I’m so sorry. 
I tried to reach to the tissues by the side as I watched Eve’s head bobbing up and down on my chest. 

James : I’m so sorry. You need to wash up. 

I have never felt more lost in my life. 

I was still in the middle of my panic mode when Eve gave a playful slap to my face. 

Eve : that felt really good James, that gush of warmth. So that how it felt like. 

James : What do you mean ? 
She just shrugged her shoulders before getting up, Eve spent a good few minutes cleaning me up despite repeated urgings from me for her to go wash up. 

Eve finally removed her tube and bra before grabbing 2 towels from her cupboard. 

She led me to the bathroom and turned on the shower. 

Despite the touch of 2 naked bodies, my dick remained small, my mind still reeling from what I had done. 

I saw Eve brought the showerhead to her privates, lifting her leg to the wc as she tried to wash herself . 

James : Oh no. We better get the pill later . I’m so sorry. 

Eve : Haha, it’s ok lar. My period is coming tomorrow. 

We showered and changed, despite a few assurance from Eve, I had no appetite for dinner. 

It was only at 11.57pm that evening when Eve called and said her menses just arrived. 

I heaved a huge sigh of relieve and during the chat, we spoke about our past relationships. 

I made not be the first person to enter her but I’m the first to cum raw in her. 

And to answer the earlier question I had in my mind, yes. 

She did try the pinoy kuku jiao twice. I did not see a need to dig further into matters of the past so I did not go further. 

But that did not stop her from digging into my past which I gladly offered up on a platter. 

A watered down version though. 

I told her I’ve had only 4 relationships, including secondary school hold hand kind. Only had sexual relationship with 3 others. 

Eve had 4 relationships too. 

The exact words she used were.

Eve : A JC senior took my first. 

Eve : An asshole campmate came later.

Eve : An idoit got lucky by some accident.

Eve : and.. the 4th which I really enjoyed today. 

I was smiling on my end of the phone. 

Throughout this period of time, it’s always been me infatuated with Eve, she hardly expressed herself openly to me about her feelings towards me. 

James : So that means we are in a relationship ? 

Eve : What do you think James ? 

We laughed as we chatted till 1.30am before Eve said we better get some rest. 

Right before she hung up the phone she asked. 
Eve: Erm.. by the way. 

James : Yeah ? 

Eve : My parents asked if my running friend would like to have dinner . 

I agreed… why not ? 

I could not sleep that night and stayed awake till 4am and millions of thoughts ran through my head. 

These period which I had been 2 timing was partly because I was unsure about the direction Eve was going with me but the phone conversation that early Sunday morning changed everything. 

I struggled with myself as I ran through the time I’ve spent with my current gf in my mind. 

At 5am that morning I was finally at peace with myself having come to a decision.

It’s time to end it. 

Sunday 3rd Oct 
I’m only meeting Eve at 4pm that Sunday evening. I called up my gf in the morning telling her to get change, I want to buy her lunch. 

I initiated a break up with my gf over lunch at IMM. 

She was calm but she refused to accept my reasons about us drifting apart and the apparent age gap.

We spoke about us without raising a ruckus but I could see she is upset. She wanted more time and she is not agreeing to this breakup.

I left IMM at 3.15pm, walking her back to her place. She asked me up to her place but I declined. 

I got on a cab to head towards Eve’s place and my phone started filling up with a slew of messages. 

I only replied once, saying that let’s calm down and we talk about it again after she thought things through. 

I rang the doorbell at Eve’s place and my day felt brighter after seeing her. She was wearing a long skirt that day when she opened the door for me.

We hugged and kissed before she asked be to take a seat and make myself at home. 

I saw her head to the bathroom waving a pad at me mouthing ‘ Chicken ‘ before disappearing. 

She settled down beside me and we watched TV for a while before heading out at 5pm. 

We took a cab to Holland village where we are suppose to meet her parents. 

I was a goody good boy throughout dinner. I made sure everyone’s tea is always filled, saving the waitress at crystal jade the trouble of filling up. 

I made sure Eve get the best cut of meat, the leafiest vegetable, and even when she used up her wet tissue, I offered mine. 

Thankfully it was not a stressful meeting. 

Eve’s Dad insisted on paying the bill, saying that I could get the next round instead. 

We went back to Eve’s place and her dad insisted on sharing a bottle of wine from his collection. 

I left Eve’s place at 11pm that Sunday evening. 

4th October 
Flowers and gifts again on Eve’s table. She shared the chocolates Adam gave with all the colleagues in the office. 

5th October
Tan asked me to confirm the dates for the next shanghai trip 

7th October 
Adam bought breakfast for Eve but she offered it to the pantry uncle. 

8th October 

Tan wanted to have a private chat with Adam and Eve, I was alone for my coffee break that Friday. 

Eve did not offer the information when we met that evening so I did not ask. 

11th October 
HR sent out an email about a company trip to batam. 

Adam is still very persistent about getting Eve back. Going through the itinerary, I started to work on the final plan to get rid of him once and for all…………..
13th October

Adam tried to corner Eve during lunch, blocking her way out of her seat, asking to have a chat over lunch. I could see clearly what was going on but I kept my distance. 

Eve and I had agreed to continue keeping the office in the dark until the time is ripe. 

Adam was almost apologetic after the incident at Dempsey, he tried to smile and we exchanged some greetings when we pass each other. 

I did not know how but when Tom and Samuel heard about that incident, I figure it can only be Tan who leaked out the news. 

I overheard Eve tell Adam that there is nothing to talk about, they are in the office, the least he could do is be professional about his behavior. 

15th October 
Eve’s parents cooked that evening, insisted that I join them for dinner. It was a simple home cook meal and Eve kept on making fun of how shy I was. 

Her parents made a casual comment that they did not mind I was 2 years younger than Eve. 

Eve rolled her eyes and told them to stop their nonsense before she walk out the door. 

Her parents made sure I got the best part of the meat, the leafiest vegetables, and the largest portion of the soup that evening. 

I said my goodnight to Eve and left her place at 10pm. 

16th October
Morning flight to Shanghai, spent the weekend wandering around town. 

17th October
Had a good rest and prepared for my meeting on Monday and Tuesday.. 

I touched down in Singapore in the evening and Eve was at the airport waiting for me. We grabbed a late supper before I dropped her off in the cab and made my way home. 

The cab driver was smiling all the way when I got in and told him 2 places, Boon lay, then come back to bukit batok. 

21st October
I worked pretty late that evening as I got quite a bit of work to clear, not to mention the post Shanghai things to be sorted out. 

It’s been a while since I had sex 

It’s been a while since I topped up Adam’s protein powder. 

I was the only one left in the office at 11.30pm. Eve had her own plans with friends. 

Making sure I was alone after a quick scan I stretched and made myself a coffee. 

I opened the package that my plumber got for me in Malaysia. 
3 magic blue pills. Guaranteed performance. 

Not that I have any need of them. 
It’s just meant for an embarrassing prank. 

I stuffed the pills into my bag. 

By the time I cleared my emails and outstanding stuff, it was already coming to 1am. I lamented at the thought of the 8.45am ferry the next morning to Batam for the company trip. 

After a shower, I packed my overnight bag for the trip. 

Extra condoms. Checked. 

I made sure the batteries were charged for the camera before dropping it in. I hid the 3 small pills in a spare contact lens case. 

I hopped into the last carriage of the train and approached a girl in denim shorts and a semi transparent top. I could see her yellow bikini as I approached . She switched the crossing of her legs, left over right as I sat down beside her. 

James : I did not remember approving translucent tops for my girlfriend. 

Eve shot me a look from the corner of her eye and lowered the shades which she had on top of her hair. 

When it was time to make a switch of trains in outram, Eve lowered my boardshorts in that empty cabin  before adding. 

Eve : I did not approve white underwear for my boyfriend too. You are only allowed red. 

I ignored her comment and we got to harbourfront at 6.55am. 

We grabbed a quick breakfast and waved to a few colleagues who we saw arriving to join us. Soon we grew to a group of 7-8 of us. 

We gathered at the assembly area at 8am and the event organizer passed us our tickets and gave instructions before telling us he’ll see us in Batam. 


We gathered in the function room of the hotel as we wait for the rooms to be ready. 

Our rooms were assigned and Eve was not happy her room is right beside Adam, but as the room numbers were read out by the hotel employee while HR recorded the room and occupant in case they needed to call, it’s a little hard to change rooms. 

I could see a sudden look of glee in Adam’s expressionless face. 

I quickly unpacked and proceed to grind the pills into powder, separating them into 6 equal portion. I cut a straw into 2 cm tubes, sealing one end with fire before putting one portion of powder in it and sealing the other end.

I hid the other 5 and carried one tube out with me. 

Eve called my room number, saying that Adam wanted to talk to her in her room before the company bonding games began. 

She ignored the knocks on her door and he went away. 

We had the usual team bonding games, puzzle solving and some silly challenges. There were lots of laughs, some wet t-shirts and prizes were given. 

We had a late lunch at 2pm and at 3pm, all of us were struggling to stay awake as HR and Finance gave everyone a short talk. 

Tan’s speech at 4pm was given to a room of walking dead. 

I was seated behind Adam during the talk. I could see him nodding off, so did a few other colleagues. There was a supply of coffee in the room so I got up and poured a few cups. I dropped the powder Viagra into a cup meant for Adam. 

I passed a few colleagues coffee, creating a bit of a commotion and Adam turned, I instantly passed him the doped cup which he accepted with a smile. 

There was a break at 4.30pm and everyone returned to their room. 

I flirted a bit with the girl that did the table arrangements for the dinner later in the evening, pretending to say she better not put me in same table with Tan. 

Nobody want to dine with the boss usually, but I’m actually fine with it. I just want to see where Adam was seating. 

I memorized the table Adam’s at and I went over to another colleague, asking if she would like to switch seats with me since her clique is in my table and I can get to talk to Samuel and Tom. 

All is set for the dinner at 7pm. 

I brought all 5 tubes out with me. 

I bidded my time as everyone mingled around, and I waited for the right moment to head over to the seat, sitting beside Adam. 

I have never taken the pills before , I’m just wondering how long it would take effect. 

I only managed to slip another portion into Adam’s drink when no one was looking that evening. 

Some of us were up and about with our drinks but Adam chose to remain seated. It was obvious he seemed uncomfortable to leave his seat. I discreetly saw him adjusted his pants several times while talking to a big boob colleague of ours while sitting down. 

Everyone gathered for an announcement that Tan want to make at 10pm. I excused myself to the bathroom heading to the reception. 

I lit a fag and casually chatted with the counter staff. I offered them smokes too. I tried to be a little embarrassed and asked if they know of any overnight services available in the vicinity. 

They caught on to my hint with a knowing smile and said they could facilitate the services. 

I knew the prices would be inflated but it didn’t bother me. 

I got a number to call and i thanked the staff.

Tan gave a speech about the company’s health and everyone clapped. We can expect a good year ahead. 

Adam and a couple of older staff remained seated throughout the cheers. 

We broke off into groups of individual cliques and dispersed onto the hotel grounds. Eve hung around with some of the admin girls and I saw Adam head straight back to his room. 

I went to the recep and pass the money to the doormen, telling him at 11pm sharp, I want the girl. I gave him Adam’s room number. 

I drank and chatted with Ah neh and Tom near the pool 

I spy with my little eye. I saw this pretty voluptuous girl came through the lobby, talking towards us. She’s a little early but I’ll have to make do. 

I gave my head a tilt towards the girl and drew the attention of Tom and Samuel. 

James : Oei, most of the rooms in that wing is our company one leh. Someone order supper ar ? 

Tom : Wah, si bei tua liap, her neh neh. Confirm fake one. 
Our eyes did not leave her and she smiled at us as she passed, leaving a trail of perfume smell. 

Samuel : Eh, skarli is Ah Tan order one. Haha.

Tom : don’t anyhow say ok. Haha.

James : Eh, come, we go and kaypo a bit. Ahah. See where she go. 

We took our beer and followed a distance behind. 

We lost sight of her a while later but I knew the direction towards Adam’s room , I pretended to take wrong turn here and there before heading down the correct corridor. 

Then we were all stopped in our tracks as we saw Adam talking to the girl in the corridor. There was a instant ‘ Alamak ‘ from Samuel as we saw Adam trying to explain himself to the girl . 

2 seconds later Adam saw 3 of us standing a distance away and his hands reached instinctively to his erected manhood before closing the door on the girl

She mumbled something which must have been vulgarities before stomping off. 

I parted ways with the guys and I went to the reception again looking for the doorman who arranged the girl for me. I apologized, saying there is a change of plans, he can keep the money, and I passed him another 20 bucks, saying that this matter is closed. 

He nodded professionally as he pocketed my money.


I snugged into Eve’s room at 1am and we cuddled up in bed, falling asleep in each others arms. 

Had to wake up at 6am to sneak back to my own room. 

Perhaps it’s just me but I could see secret exchanges between different groups of colleagues during the buffet breakfast. Shadowy eyes darted quickly to Adam before looking away. 

The gossip mongers must have already gotten to work. 

There is this edginess when people spoke with Adam. Adam must have had a shock when Tan went over ask if he’s ok. 

There was a general meeting and feedback session in the morning before the rest of the afternoon is free for us to explore.

I saw Adam head straight back to his room, he seemed pretty disturbed by last night’s event. Now the entire office knew about his indiscretion. Actually from a first eye witness point of view, nothing was wrong actually. 

But I couldn’t figure out the version I heard from the HR girl. 

HR girl : Oh, Eve broke up with Adam, I think he’s quite sad. Yesterday apparently they had a long talk and decided that it’s not going to work or something. Then Adam knowing Eve’s room is beside his, he deliberately ordered a girl over to spite her. 

Switching to a hush voice
HR girl : But who knows, Tom saw him bargaining at the door.

Tan’s version sent a chill down my spine. 
Tan : Eh, heard last night Eve went into someone’s room, then Adam du lan, also go and call one girl or something. 

I widen my eyes and shift my head a good inch looking at Tan. 
James : Wah, like that you all also know ar ? 

Tan : Donno lah, someone see , saw, seen, you know la.

I shook my head in amazement. The story version seemed to change with each passing. The actual fact was we just saw Adam talking to a women. 

Eve and I made our separate ways back to the rooms before I snuck into hers. Knowing that Adam is just next door made me feel like I want to pee. 
We hugged immediately like long lost lover the moment I entered. I’m not sure how good the sound proofing of the room is but I got a pinch on my nipples when I told Eve that we should be doing it at the top of our voice. 

2 walking bodies slowly walked towards the queen size bed before we collapsed onto it. Eve was wearing a light grey pair of denim shorts and a black tube top. I can see her ties for her orange bikini looping around her neck, 2 long trail of ribbons falling down her back. 

We kissed and I lowered the tube top, exposing the bikini fully. My hands reached for Eve’s breast, cradling them softly in my hands. Leaving her black tube stuck somewhere at the bottom of her waist, I unbuttoned her shorts and Eve helped me with my boardshorts. 

The loud ‘ziap’ sound of the Velcro echoed throughout the room and I quickly shook off my shorts. 

I quickly clamored for the dominant spot as I did not want to get raped again. I straddled Eve , smelling her bikini clad breast and I heard her say. 
Eve : Why are you so anxious to be on top my dear ? haha 

I thought for a moment before putting it in a less crude way. 
James : You know, technically I haven got to have sex with you yet . 

Eve : huh ? we did it at my place already what. 

James : Correction. That was you having sex with me, I was like a rape victim. 

She laughed , stretching her hands above her head as I pressed my nose t her breast. I peeled off a cup of the bikini, my tongue slithered in like a snake, going for her nipple. Eve’s erected nipples flicked back with a healthy bounce with every lick of my tongue and I could hear soft gasp of moans coming from Eve. 

As my mouth worked on her nipples, I pulled down her shorts in a clumsy manner, revealing the matching bikini bottom. 

Eve seemed pretty comfortable lying still, allowing me to do whatever I wanted. 

I came the first time, unloading everything into her mouth which she swallowed most of it, but she kept a good portion of my sperm in her mouth. I should have known, given her mischievous nature as she kissed me after forcing her way on top of me. 

She unloaded a good amount of my sperm into my mouth. 

My struggle was in vain as when I tried to spit them out, she would hold me down, frenching and laughing at the same time. Only when she’s satisfied that I swallowed some of my own soldiers, did she get off sticking her tongue out at me. 

I went down on Eve next and needless to say, she struggled for her life when I repeated what she did on me. 

We fucked with our bodies plastered against the wall Eve shared with Adam, slamming our bodies together. 

We soaked and frolicked in the bathtub 

Eve and I did not leave the room that entire day. Room services was ordered and we did it again at 9pm at the balcony that faces the beach. 

I must have left my semen all over that cabana balcony at Harris that evening as I pulled myself out right before I came. 

Eve just pulled on her shorts and we went for a walk on the beach. 
I managed one decent picture.

We did it again like bunnies when we returned to her room at 12.30am. 

I struggled to wake up, exhausted and spent at 6am to go back to my room. 

25th October Monday. 

Tan wanted another chat with Adam and Eve in private. 

26th October 
I overheard unverified claims that Adam had tendered his resignation to Tan . 

I took over Adam’s projects when he left the company. Eve and I still maintained our professionalism during work and we came back frequently on weekends to relive the old days. 

I spent a difficult 2 months trying to break up with my gf, but that is another story for another time.

We managed to keep our relationship under wraps for a good 7 months until we were spotted holding hands by one of our colleagues. 

Needless to say Tan ask me and Eve for a chat, we reassured him that everything is fine. 

Eve tendered her resignation on Dec 20th 2011 after spending 4 years with Tan’s company. 

Ms Xu is my boss. 

She is turning 34 in a few weeks but you could not tell she is in her thirties. She is quick on her feet and very sharp in her thinking. She is someone I looked up to. She’s eager to share her knowledge and experience and did I mention she is a sex starved animal. 

If not for her support behind me, I would not be the man I am today. 

I knew this company is a little different when I was invited for an interview 2 weeks after I submitted my resume. Nothing special except that the interview location is not in an office, but in a hotel in Hoe Chiang Road.

Not knowing what to expect, I brought along my portfolio and reached the hotel at 3pm sharp. There no number for me to call so I settled down onto one of the couch at the reception.

15 minutes later, a lady in a sundress and an overnight bag came towards me and extended her hand. 

I followed her up to a hotel suite. 

I started on my experience, and views, I can’t help but noticed the way Ms Xu is dressed. 

The initial 30 minutes felt weird, as I’ve never had an interview conducted in this manner before.

Before I could go on further, Ms Xu asked as she crossed her legs in the chair in front of me, letting one of her bathroom slipper dangle sexily off her toes.

Eve : How badly do you want the job James ? 

I set my portfolio aside and leaned back in my chair. 

James : How badly do you want me to join you Eve ? 

30 minutes later as I sat in front of the Tv, camera in hand, Eve said. 
Eve : You make me go through all this….I’ll kill you if you don’t join me in my new place

My eyes closed and I leaned back. I felt the warmth of Eve’s mouth cup over my dick and i allowed myself to bask in the pleasures she was giving me with her strong suction.

I accepted the job offer that came 1.5 months later.

When I entered the mid size office of 75 staff, I saw a few SYTs, Hot bods, young and outgoing. 

I was not surprised the seat that was assigned to me was right in the corner, in front of Eve. There was no view, I was far away from the SYTs, even further away from the pantry. 

I turned to face her after the HR settled me in. 

She pointed two fingers to her eyes before pointing one back at me with a smile. 

The end.