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Humiliating conversations are all over including a scene with golden shower.

Fetishes dealing with worn clothes, lingerie etc are discussed.
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Your friend’s sister did something horrible to you many years ago.

Today, she works for you.
Do i need to go on ?

I was a victim of sexual abuse when I was young.

Just in case you are wondering, no there are no catholic priests involved.

I was an innocent 14 year old back then, but that day my life changed.

Why didn’t I report it you ask, how could I ?

I don’t know what to do.

Who would even believe me if I told the truth ?

I’m a guy, and back in the mid nineties, I think there are hardly any news of guys being sexually abused.

It’s always guys doing the abusing. Never the girls.

I was abused by my good friend’s sister, Janice.

Janice is 2 years older than me and I remember having a crush on her for the longest time.

She is the elder sister of my best friend Meng.

Meng and I knew each other since the 1st day we started secondary one. We both love games and we hit if off right away when we realise we both dig Mortal Kombat and Bare knuckles 3 on the sega console.

Almost every day after school, I would head over to Meng’s place since both his parents are at work. We would have the freedom of the house to play games for as long as we like.

There was no one around to bother us except Janice.

Now, when I first laid eyes on Janice, I could feel myself getting excited. Back then I don’t know anything about my body.

I don’t know what is an erection, I don’t know what is masturbation, none of these. The internet was just starting off and it’s something I do not have access to.

I may not know what is an erection but I knew the excitement when I see Janice. She’s older and therefore I see her as more cool than girls my age.

She’s very pretty, her breast is developed and really round. It makes me feel like groping her. Her shoulder length hair, her smile and her toned legs, everything about her is sexy and pretty to a young teenage boy like myself.

The nail in the coffin is seeing her in her school uniforms.

Janice goes to a all girls’ school, one with the signature white blouse and blue pinafore. I think that looks so much better than the boring brown skirt and white blouse the girls in my school wears.

Janice has her own room, she usually leaves us alone when we play games unless we are making too much noise. She has scolded us a couple of times as well when we entered her room without permission to grab stationaries.

My friend Meng isn’t exactly a tidy person.

There are times when I would deliberately walk pass Janice’s room to peep at her.

I like it that she still remain in her school uniforms after school. Sometimes studying in them at her desk, sometimes lying on her bed with her PE attire with her back facing the door.

I would pause a couple of seconds longer to stare at her long smooth legs as the dangled up in the air as she flipped through her books.

The excitement within me is beyond my own comprehension at that time. I hear from Meng Janice has a boyfriend, someone older than her, a blonde hair gangster from some prominent gang or something.

I envy him. Just the thought of being able to hold Janice’s hand gets my heart pumping. I want to hold Janice’s hand, to go to the arcade, maybe watch a movie, eat at a fast food restaurant or maybe even visit the ice skating rink.

Little did I expect my little bubble to be burst by her not too long after.

My innocence was taken away by Janice all in the name of experimentation.

I remember that afternoon, it was gloomy with overcast skies.

There was a thunderstorm building up and Meng and I just went through the entire bareknuckles 3 again. We made instant noodles and settled our afternoon tea.

It was coming to 3.30pm and Meng says he’s tired and he wants to take a nap.

He climbed onto his bed and within minutes, was snoring away.

I don’t mind, I was still collecting rings with Sonic the hedgehog. I don’t mind gaming alone.

Janice was already back in her room almost an hour ago.

I continued to play until I saw Janice appeared at the door of her brother’s room.

She looked at her snoring brother before gesturing for me to stop playing.

James : err… ok… I never on the volume… am I disturbing you ?

Janice asked me to follow her.

She was dressed in her white PE t-shirt with her school crest prominently perked up by her full breast. I could see the hint of the pink bra she was wearing underneath.

That same level of excitement hit me again as I followed Janice to her room.

She motioned for me to be quiet and she closed the door.

I watch her turn the lock and I stared at her.

James : What’s happening ? …everyting ok ?

Janice sat down on her bed and crossed her legs.

She looked at my body as if she was appraising a piece of meat.

The next question that left her mouth left me puzzled.

Janice : You got masturbate before ?

James : Huh??… what is that…. You mean master bedroom ??

I swear I had absolutely no clue as to what Janice was saying back then.

The term is foreign to me. I’ve never heard of it before.

Janice : Don’t lie to me…. I’m warning you…

She pointed a finger at me as if determined to label me a liar.

James : I… I really don’t know what you talking about….what you mean ??

Janice took a deep breath and I saw her look at the door.

Then she said something that shocked me totally.

Janice : take off your pants…

James : why ?

Janice : take it off ! … or you can forget about coming my place to play games in the future…

I hesitated and I’m honestly scared but I didn’t know what to do.

I like Janice, she’s very pretty and in the end I did as I was told.

I removed my pants and let it dropped to the ground.

Janice : Your underwear too…. Take it off..

James ; But… but…

Janice : do it !….

I was feeling distressed. I don’t remember feeling that way ever before in my life. It’s a stressful and scary situation.

I really don’t know what was happening.

In the end I removed my underwear, revealing my bare and small cock to Janice. I was very conscious of my private part. I’ve heard that some of my friends had started to grow pubic hair, but not for me.

There is only the hint of a couple of small strands. I’ve seen some of my friends with a whole bush at the urinal before.

I was literally shaking.

Janice took a look at the door before pointing her finger in my face again. She warned me not to say a word.

Janice : You say anything about this… I will make sure you die… you can forget about ever coming over to my place for games… I will make sure Meng stop asking you along or hang out with you…. You hear me ?!!

I nodded, too petrified to even move.

I’m really just an innocent geek in class. I was one of the nerds, my life revolves around books and games, that’s all there is to my life.

Janice lifted my shirt a little to take a closer look at my cock. I felt so embarrassed showing her my private. I was very conscious of my inadequacy, I used to think having a lot of pubic hair is a sign of masculinity.

I felt Janice touch my dick and I squirmed.

Janice ; Don’t move… I just want to see… !

I remained still as Janice held onto my cock like she was looking at a strange creature in her palm. The feeling I was getting, I don’t know how to describe.

I really don’t know.

It’ this excitement, this anticipation, and all of it mixed with fear and uncertainty. Then I felt my cock undergo a transformation.

Something is happening to it. It started to get harder. It started to get longer.

Blood pumped into my cork, making it swell up and hard. I was afraid. I don’t understand what is happening but the feeling is good. It feels good for that to happen.

Janice continued to look at it then she bent forward to smell my dick.

I was really freaking out by then but I didn’t know what to do.

Janice held onto my cock, forming a ring with her fingers then she started to stroke me.

That feeling is out of this world, it’s something I have never felt before. It’s so comfortable. After a few seconds of stroking, Janice put her mouth to my dick.

James : what are you doing ?? what are you doing !!

Without hesitation, Janice took my cock into her mouth and I was on the verge of crying. I was so scared, I was afraid she will bite me but that feeling. The warmth of her mouth, the tightness of the suction and the wet lick of her tongue on my dick.

I experienced a blowjob for the first time ever that day.

James ; arghhhhh…

I moaned out in a mix of pleasure and fear.

Janice suck me a few times before asking me if it feels good.

I nodded my head. She then tried other ways to sucking and licking my cock, asking me to give her an indication of which one feels better.

I did as she asked.

Does it feel better to suck at the tip ?

Is it better if she suck the whole cock ?

Do I like it more if she leaves her saliva on or suck me dry with each stroke ?

Do I like it if she play with my balls ?

Questions like this came with each attempt to play with my cock.

I know. I really do. She’s not doing this for me.

I’m just a toy to her. An experiment.

She’s doing this to impress her gangster boyfriend.

The one with blonde hair that hangs out at that cool arcade.

The one that can ace all 3 levels of Daytona racing game.

The whole ordeal lasted for about 15 minutes before I was allowed to put my shorts back on.

Janice warned me again before I left her room drenched in perspiration.

Janice ; You will take this to your grave you hear me… !…. don’t you dare tell anyone… I make sure no one will believe anything you say !!

I nodded, more freaked out than ever.

Then moment I left, I went to Meng’s room grabbed my bag and left.

It was a traumatising experience for me but the feeling I had. That mouth thing, kissing and sucking. It feels really good. It gave me ideas, I wanted that feeling again.

I wanted to recreate the feeling. I started to touch myself while imagining Janice is the one doing it for me.

I did not say anything to Meng when we met the next day.

I could feel myself getting worried whenever I head to Meng’s house after that incident. When Janice saw me, she would sometimes give me a stern look as if to remind me of our little secret.

Sometimes she would pull my hair, warning me close to my face. I could smell her breath on my face when she does it and I like it.

It never happened again but I was already broken.

My head has never been the same again. I started to do weird things.

I got bolder.

I would steal Janice’s panty home to sniff them. Sometimes when Janice is in the shower, I would take her school uniforms to smell and even lick the bits near her armpits.

I even put her worn socks in my mouth once.

It got to the point whenever I’m at Meng’s place, I wished my friend would fall asleep.

When I got access to the internet in the middle of secondary 3, my world became a whole lot bigger. I learnt how to masturbate and cum.

I would even steal Janice’s worn bra after school, taking a particular interest for her bras on the days she has PE lessons.

That smell of her sweat, that scent, I will never forget.

I would promptly return her lingerie to the basket the next day when I reach Meng’s place. I’m just so thankful her family does laundry once a week.

Eventually we all grow up.

Life goes on.

I completed my O levels, went to a good junior college and to university.

I had girlfriends, flings, and fuck buddies along the way. I objectified women as my tools for sexual gratification. I was never interested in a relationship, it’s either you are ok with satisfying me sexually or we can all move on.

Blessed with naturally good looks, I had my share of fun over the years.

Married women, colleagues, sweet young interns, I fucked them all.

Yet there is still a hollow bit within my heart.

It feels as if something is missing.

Janice. I blame her for me turning out in that manner, I blame her for corrupting my mind.

Every now and then I would think of Janice. Picture her in her school uniforms and me taking her on her bed.

In the blink of an eye, a couple of decades flew by.

I’m now in my mid thirties and a high flyer in a multinational company.

I have a team of 22 staff managing operations in Asia excluding Japan.

Life has been good to me.

Being single also allowed me to concentrate on my career. At age 35, I have a fully paid up 2 bedroom condo in bukit timah which is being rented out.

I chose to stay with my parents in their HDB flat. There’s more than enough space for me. I have a company car, they pay for the cashcard and the gas, and I fly every month for meetings with other smaller teams stationed abroad.

It was one of the best period in my life.

I just didn’t know it would get better.

A lot better.

My boss from Europe gave me a call, saying that I will be getting a deputy.

I have a choice of 2 candidate. Both females.

HR will be in touch and I was to evaluate their performance over the course of 6 months. With a deputy in place, my boss was hoping I can work on getting a foothold in the middle eastern country within the next 30 months.

I did not have time to go through the credentials of the candidate but the girls arrived and HR wanted me to meet them.

My colleague from HR told me there was an obvious candidate base on experience and qualifications but I will have the last say. They will be working with me eventually.

James : Ok sure…. Bring them in.

When the door opened, I felt as if a stone had been dropped on my chest.

2 ladies, both looking amazingly hot in a tight body hugging dress and heels entered my office.

Our eyes met and I immediately set my eyes on one of them.

She saw me.

Her eyes.

She recognised me.

I could sense the hesitation in her steps.

HR made the introductions and I could see her avoiding my eyes.

I could feel a burning desire building inside my body.

That anger, that bottled up emotions. Everything is pushing for a release.

HR : James, this is Cheryl….

Cheryl : Hi…

James : Hi… nice to meet you….

HR : And this is Janice…. She used to be head of operations in Cambodia, and she comes highly recommended by Spencer…

Spencer. Ah… my brother from a different mother. That crazy bastard brought me to the craziest spots in Thailand and Cambodia. I’ve worked with him for almost 7 years.

His recommendations are never wrong but this.

This is something different.

This is personal.

I spoke with Cheryl alone for 30 minutes before I sent Janice in.

I would see her hesitation once more. I bet she never thought the things she did during her younger days would come back to hunt her.

Janice : Hi…. Hi James…

James : Hi Janice…. Sit…

She sat, crossed her legs and rest her hands on her thigh.

She has grown more beautiful over the years, womanly charm oozes from her no matter which angle you look.

Her figure is still as good as I remembered.

James : How’s Meng ?

Janice : good… good… he’s a doctor now….

I nodded.

A moment of awkward silence followed and Janice broke the silence first.

Janice : I’ve always been a straight talker… I don’t see why this should change anything….. I want this position….

I nodded expressionless.

Janice : I need this position…. I’ll do anything…

I looked at Janice in her eyes. She is well aware of the transaction at stake.

James : Say that again.

I watched Janice swallow a gulp of her saliva and she repeated her last statement.

Janice : I’ll…… I’ll do anything….

If there is one thing I learnt in adulthood, is that the most powerful tool at your disposal is leverage.

With the right leverage, you can do anything.



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