Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.
This series explores a different genre of fetishes that includes foot and heel fetishes, cross dressing, humiliation, sex deprivation, diaper fetishes and other less known fetishes.
It might not be suitable for everyone. If you are not into these fetishes, i suggest you skip this. For those who do, i hope you enjoy the read.
My friends thought I was crazy when I started seeing a girl 9 years younger than me.
Some called me a cradle snatcher, some said I’m a old cow craving for tender shoots or fresh grass. I ignored their comments as much as I could.
It’s true I was turning 30 in a couple of months and my parents kept asking if I had a girlfriend.
Although it had been almost 6 months since I started dating Cindy, I kept the whole relationship hush hush. It’s quite unthinkable for me to bring back such a young girl to my parents.
What if they asked about our marriage plans ?
Or what are out plans down the road ?
Or worst, they want us to apply for a flat.
The thought of the endless questions that would be coming from my mum was more than enough to make me keep Cindy out of the picture for as long as I could.
That was not all.
3 Months into the relationship with Cindy, I realised she had this habit of leeching off me.
Sure, I’m quite safely established in my career, already moving into middle management position in a large reputable company, but I always had been careful with my finances, forcing myself to stash away my pay for emergencies and investments.
Cindy is pretty high maintenance, as a 21 year old, you can imagine the café hopping, the shopping trips and yes, the endless Instagram and social media photos showing off her hot body and nice legs.
Even with my take home pay of 3.7k a month, I have zero savings left at the end of the month.
Cindy wants to be dine in restaurants, good food and wine is a must. Then there is the occasional spa and staycation.
I know my friends laughed at me, calling me a carrot, but what do they know.
Cindy says she loves me and I believed her.
The sex was great, amazing in fact.
She was so youthful and full of energy.
Everything I wanted to try, she would oblige.
From outdoor sex, to a quickie in the park, or even sneaking into the breast feeding rooms in big malls, we did it all.
Her moans, oh my god, Cindy’s moans would trump any Jap porn stars.
I found it hard to control myself when I look at her body and feel it rock against mine as she moaned for me to fuck her harder.
She would turn around and look at me in my eyes while I worked up a sweat.
When I was cumming, she would immediately turn around, get onto her knees and suck my cunt juice covered dick with her sensual lips. Licking up every drop of my ejaculation as she massaged my balls, all the while looking into my eyes.
How could anyone do that if she did not love her partner ?
I know Cindy loves me.
She must.
I did not mind spending a bit more money on her.
On one weekend though, my life changed.
It was a totally turn around as my life literally got turned upside down.
I remembered feeling extra excited during work that Friday evening.
I had booked a staycation in Mandarin Oriental in Marina square.
It was to be a 3D 2N getaway of wild sexcapade.
The thought of fucking my young girlfriend in the hotel room as she moaned for me made it impossible to concentrate on my work.
Cindy had a pair of delicious long legs, yet she is not too tall. At the height of 1.65, it was just nice for me. Her breast is supple and firm, you can feel the youthful bounce in it when you cup your palms over them.
Her pussy is well maintained. Waxed whenever I’m around to pay for it, or it’s always a neatly trimmed grass of pubes.
At around 5.30pm that Friday, Cindy asked if she get a new bag. One that cost well over a thousand.
My heart had a mini attack as I had just bought her one barely 2 months ago.
Naturally I refused and from the messages, she was a little upset.
She claimed that her friends got one each and if they bought 3 in all, they could get a good discount.
Cindy sms : Pleasssseeeeee…….. Karen and xiuwen both got 1…… pleases…..sss….
Tom sms : No…. it’s too expensive.
Cindy sms : L
She did not reply my other messages after that frowning face picture.
At 7.30pm, Cindy turned up at the hotel lobby together with Karen and Xiuwen, giving me a surprise I did not expected.
Cindy : Can my friends join for dinner ?
I reluctantly agreed in order not to lose face.
After a 300 dollar bill, I was ready to pound the shit out of Cindy in the room.
To my surprise, I was shocked that Cindy invited her friends up to the room to take a look.
As reluctant as I was, I just smiled and played along.
How was I to know the moment we entered the room, Cindy asked me to go take a shower together.
Tom : What ? errrr…..
She said it so blatantly in front of her friends that I was taken aback.
Karen and xiuwen just giggled and laugh, saying that it’s ok.
Cindy tells them everything that we’ve done.
I felt a hot flush of embarrassment rise up as I looked at Cindy who was giggling away.
I had done some pretty crazy things with Cindy.
She could not have possibly told them.
I’m not worried about the outdoor sex or the kinky roleplay.
I’m just terrified about her telling them my fetish.
Before I could make sense of the situation, Cindy blurted out what I feared.
Cindy : I told them you like being humiliated …. Hahahaha….. by young girls… haha..
As she laughed, my face turned a bright shade of red.
I was angry. So angry at Cindy.
It was something so private.
How could she tell them to her friends… ?
It made me want to rape her, to force her down and fuck her while she’s tied down and helpless but with her friends around, I was too embarrassed and ashamed to do anything, all I could do was to stand in the room like a block of wood.
Cindy : See…. I told you he like this kind of humiliation. You try… you try…. Lai la…. Come..
I was having difficulty breathing when I realised I did not dare to look at her friends any longer.
Cindy dragged Xiuwen to me and asked me to kneel down.
Cindy : Lick her feet..
Xiuwen : Eeeee… don’t want la… haha… so ticklish…..
The girls laughed and Cindy nudged me, forcing me to kneel down.
When I did, they started clapping and cheering.
Karen : Wahhhh….. yeahhhh…
Cindy ran over to the door and took Karen’s ankle sock which she had just taken off and came back over to me.
Cindy : Look… look…
She pressed the sock into my face and looked at Karen’s reaction.
Karen : Eeeeww… gross la…. I haven washed it for 2 days….
As the room was filled with the girls’ laughter, I could feel my dick getting harder and longer.
Yet coupled with the sense of embarrassment and shame, I could not do anything but kneel there helplessly.
Then Xiuwen dug through her bag and brought out a half-eaten bun.
Xiuwen : Hahaha… nah… give you.
She threw it onto the carpeted floor.
As if that was not enough, she stepped on it, squishing the bun with her toes.
Cindy laughed, chuckling away as she pulled my ear and pressed my head down to the carpet.
As I laid face down, the 3 girls rubbed their feet on my face and hair, nudging and pushing me on the floor as I slowly ate up the bun…………….

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