This is a work of fiction

If there is a will, there’s a way.

I share a cubicle with Belle. She’s one of the pioneer staff in the small office of 10 along Tras street which i worked in.

It’s a small startup company so resources are pretty limited. The size of the office is comfortable, we have a small pantry, meeting room and everything a office needs.

My initial complain was that the cubicles that i work in was a little too small.

It’s those that’s shaped like a really stretched ‘C’ . If you see it on plan, it would look something like this.


I have to say it made me feel a little claustrophobic at first but all negative feelings magically disappeared when i realised who i was sharing the cubicle with.

My cubicle mate was on leave for the 1st 2 days that i was there but from the pictures on her desk, i knew i struck gold.

Her name is Belle.

She’s a hot young mother of 1. From some of the old birthday cards on her desk, i found out that she had just turned 28. The pictures depict a happy family of 3.

Belle is tall, taller than i am and she had this innocent look of a school girl. She wore spectacles in some of the photos which led me to deduce that it was more for a decorative purpose. Her breast is full and round, definitely more noticeable after she gave birth as i compared the pictures.

My boss, Malcom, who doubles up as the HR manager, briefly introduced me to my colleagues and made a passing remark about Belle.

Malcom : Any questions just ask her, she’s very helpful.

I spent the 1st 2 days getting familiar with the office and of course, snooping around the cubicle of Belle.

The bulk of my pay and benefits comes from sales and competition is stiff within the office.

Commission is good, there’s is just a small problem, colleagues are not too fond of talking or socialising with each other.

No one lunched with each other from what i noticed, everyone just guards their territory like a lion from the 2 days i was there.

If you venture too close or asks too much questions, you can instantly feel them retreating a little.

Sure, they will help you if you need help finding the correct printer or  where to get stationary or which forms to use for what purpose, but once you ask for samples of past reports and works, they would find some excuses and point you to the decade old folder of forms and templates.

I would not say my colleagues are hostile, just not too friendly and helpful.

Having been through a couple of days in that office, i had no high hopes of being too friendly with my cubicle mate Belle.

July 17th  2013



I caught a whiff of the strong perfume before i felt a tap on my shoulder

I swivelled around in my chair and my eyes first caught sight of her mid section before drifting upwards to meet her eyes.In my mind i was already anticipating our meeting. From her pictures, i’ve already fantasised and masturbated to her image countless times.

I was greeted with a tight mid section that was wrapped tightly by the black dress Belle was wearing.

I stood up and realise i was about 7-8 cm shorter than Belle when she’s in her high heels.

Belle : Hi…. i’m Belle…

Ray : Hi there, i’m Ray….

We exchanged some pleasantries that that concluded our first chat.

I did not expect Belle to talk much with me.

Why ?

Because i’m short, a little fat and i’m definitely ugly.

This is an honest opinion from myself.

At only 1.55, i’m considered short for a guy. My lousy diet of fast food and my weakness for sweet stuff did not help either. Weighing almost 70kg, i’m like a potato walking on stilts.

Not only do i not have a good figure, i had a bad acne problem. It was pretty bad and the doctors said it was my diet and i had to control it but i paid no heed to their advise.

With such looks, needless to say, i had no luck with any girls at all. What made me feel worst was that sometimes even working ladies reject me, disgusted with the way i look.

Belle hardly spoke with me that day, and things remained the same for the rest of the week, Unless it was absolutely necessary, she barely even looked at me.

I understand

I really do.

I’m ugly and fat. Which girl would want to talk to me ?

Who would even want to look at me ?

But it doesn’t matter to me. I had grown use to it over the years.

I told myself to try and concentrate on my work but i can’t.

Belle’s fragrance was driving me insane. It made me feel so arouse that i cannot concentrate on my work .

I wanted to talk to her, to be friendly to her but i knew she was rather put off my my looks.

Unknown to her, i had brought along a stainless steel mug which i strategically positioned it such that i could see her reflection.

Her back view.

Everytime she adjusted and crossed her legs, i could see.

Everytime she leaned back and stretch, i could see.

Everytime she pulled her blouse or skirt down while she stood up…. i could see.

July 26th  2013



It was coming to the end of my 2nd week at the office and no one asked me out for lunch. Most of the guys lunched alone anyway but i felt that angry stab of jealousy when i overheard Belle calling a cubicle mate out for lunch.

It made me feel angry, left out.

Unknown to Belle, i always plugged in my headphones when i’m at my desk, but nothing is playing.

It’s just a old headphone that was a little too small for my earhole, that way, i can pretend i was listening in to music while eavesdropping on Belle.

I could see from my mug reflection that she would occasionally turn and check on me when she’s about to make a call, or perhaps surf the net. I would always pretend to be busy, or tapping my fingers to the rhythm of music i was supposedly listening to

I was in early that morning to wait for Belle.

For the past few days, i had observed and roughly picked up her habit.

She would come in, turn on her PC before heading to the pantry. She would log in only after she gets back with her coffee.

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap and a loud tap of the enter key

7 taps + 1 enter

7 keystokes password.

Of that i was very sure.

That day would be a little different. I wanted to try my luck.

I wanted to see if what i had in my mind would work.

I wanted to know her password.

I want to access her computer.

I want to know her secrets and read her mail.

I checked that no one was looking when i got in and i discreetly loosened the usb plug for Belle’s keyboard but kept it lodge at the port.


Belle arrived, her perfume sending blood rushing to my manhood.

If only she knew what her smell was doing to me, if only she knew how her smell was giving such a fat, ugly and disgusting man an erection. I wonder how she would feel.

I heard the PC being switched on and from the reflection, i saw her look at my back view before putting her bag on the chair and heading to the pantry.


Belle sat down and tried to type in the password.

Nothing happened.

I saw she tried again but stopped halfway when she realise the asterisk sign was not appearing on the screen.

I was expecting her to perhaps check the connection, or maybe ask for my help but she did not.

Instead i heard her call the IT guy for help.

I felt a little angry, she would rather trouble the IT guy than ask me if i knew what was wrong.


I saw a rather tall and slim guy came over and started checking on the keyboard. Immediately he checked the connection and exclaimed.

IT guy : Wah lau…. plug loose la… see can liao…

He plug it in and tried to type in a few letters but i think nothing appeared. He did it again the 2nd time before asking Belle to key in her password to try.

He gave up the seat for Belle and barely moments later i heard him spoke.

IT guy : Haha… how come none of you guys change the password one.

Belle : Aiyah… easier to remember. haha.

I felt a sudden jolt of excitement as several possibilities ran through my mind. My default password given by IT was my surname follow by the last 4 digit of my phone extension.

My heart was thumping but i forced myself to keep calm.

I could not help but feel my anger rising as i hear Belle chat with the IT guy. I hope lunch time comes soon, i hope my guess about her password is correct.

I could not wait to get my hands on her PC, explore her secrets.


Most of the office were out for lunch and the nearest colleague was pretty far away.

I checked that the coast was clear before i quickly tried Belle’s surname and the last 4 digit of her extension.

The password box disappeared and i was in. 

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