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It all started with the mass infection at the foreign worker dorms. Infection rate is high but most of the infected are healthy and they recovered fully with natural antibodies unique to their ethnic group. Herd immunity is strong within the worker’s community but not within the resident population.

There’s another issue with the antibodies, it can only be passed on via fresh semen.

With the virus killing more every day, the decision to make it’s not an easy one, especially not for a young couple trying to start a family.

To get the antibodies, the only way is to let the recovered foreign workers cum raw inside your wife’s vagina. After she gets the antibodies, raw intercourse with the husband would then protect the spouse.

What about the alternatives ?

Well, it’s either the man take it in the ass, or watch their wife take it in their vagina.

Either way, it’s not an easy choice.


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