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Wife sharing

0 thoughts on “Wife sharing

  1. Great story. Was expecting the usual blackmail routine but you really turned it on its head.

  2. Very well written. It hits hard. Especially the end. Rene loved James so much. Yet he didn’t know. She did drop hints here and there that she knew more than she should. But James was just obsessed with her body. They did take that final photo together. πŸ™‚

  3. Great story. so hot. Love hearing the female perspective on how they get turned on by ‘forbidden’ lust.

  4. Still prefer being able to download and read offline.
    The increasing cost is getting too much. Cannot compare this to Netflix.
    I think under $5/month for a few selected reading is still acceptable..

    1. Hi Rikimaru,
      I understand your concerns. I know the site is nowhere near to netflix in terms of contents but i hope to get there one day.
      Monthly sub cost is fixed upon initial sub, so the increase does not affect subscribers already on the platform.
      With the upcoming updates, i will be looking to introduce other sub options in the future, perhaps weekly/Bi weekly access. That will bring down the sub cost.

      Individual purchases still works the same and you can still download the file for offline reading. πŸ™‚


  5. Just wanted to say that this is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. Almost had some withdrawal symptoms when it ended..

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like it!

      My love from the star vista was written back in 2015/2016. I really enjoyed working on this piece. The bulk of the plot and storyline is written in Hong Kong when i was there for a holiday. I remember sitting at the cafe on the peak, enjoying the cooling weather and sipping my coffee while i typed away.
      It’s been a while since i worked on a piece of such nature, will try to work on similar plots under the (LL) series for subscribers πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Eugene,
      Thank you for your review. I’m not sure why it’s not showing, and i can only read the first 7 words of it.

  6. Hey James just wanted to give you some affirmation to your theory about the mooncakes. As someone who is in the F&B industry and belonging to a company which has a restaurant that sells mooncakes every year, I can confirm with your that the classic mooncakes (brown skin ones with red bean or lotus pastes and yolks) are usually made by a few famous bakeries. Most hotels and restaurants get their mooncakes from them. The only difference may be the custom molds for the mooncake design and of course, the packaging.
    So you are definitely right. Everyone is just paying for the packaging and branding year in and out.

    1. Branding matters especially in Singapore. I’m tempted to pick up Baking, maybe start selling SS mooncakes next year. Bundle it with a SD card loaded with stories.
      Maybe releases for a whole year.
      Makes a good cover for those who want to get the titles but don’t want to use their card. Haha

  7. For some reason after so many years, i look forward to re-read this story again and again. Keep up the good work James.

    1. There’s a lot of interest for this piece. Was hoping to keep it closer to CNY. I’ll bump it up the release schedule.

    1. I hope you liked it! No plans for a sequel at the moment, but i want to try working on longer romance titles with similar bitter sweet endings πŸ™‚

      1. Hi, it says page is not found when click on the β€œGet full downloadable version with photoshoot album + 3 video files”

  8. Can i not download free to read? I subscribed premium and would love to have these available to read on my devices even when i am unconnected to internet.. BTW, when is part 4 of the Heart of change series coming out ?
    cheers in advance

  9. Hi, I have purchase the story but the mp4 is not able to download as the file could not be found. Thank you

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