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Downloads subscription FAQ

What is downloads subscription?

To put it simply, it allows you to download the weekly published content instead of logging in to read it. There are different tiers for downloads subscription. Some are for existing subscribers who wish to upgrade their membership, while some are suitable for new subscribers who would like to enter the warp fantasy worlds that i built.

How do i join the download sub tier 1 (T1)?

I’m in the midst of testing out the new functions. Most details will be available soon

Upon successful sign up, you will get access to download current week’s title + subsequent week’s releases as long as you remained subscribed.

How do i login?

You will receive an email with the login link & details. You can also send yourself a one time email login link.

This is a separate access from your usual premium sub login . In my opinion, there is really no need to download anything. Just read them online and save your hard disk space, but if you wish to keep a copy, this is an option to consider.

Do i need to pay anything for the download subscription (T1)?

Yes. (T1) is a monthly subscription.

How much content can i download for (T1)?

Upon signup, you will get access to weekly published title + previous week’s title. The longer you roll over the subscription, the more content you will get access to. Access to archive titles and older works will also unlock itself gradually.

Access to download more files will be unlocked at the 3,6,12,24 month mark.

At the 24 month mark, you will have gained access to download all the archived titles and current ones available within the premium subscription.

What if i stop my subscription halfway?

The count will reset itself. For eg, if your sub stops rolling over at the 3rd month, and you decide to sub again, the count resets to 1.

Will there be other tiers of membership?

There will be 3 tiers eventually base on my roadmap. T1, T2 & T3. More details will be available soon.

T1 – suitable for new/casual subscribers who would like to keep a copy of the titles instead of buying individual copies.

T2 – upgrade option for existing subscribers to download the titles.

T3 – Access to entire season. Eg All titles published in 2022 etc.

When will this new membership tier be launched?

1st July 2023

I will be using this period until then to test out the various functions.

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