Sensual adult fiction from Singapore

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In the works

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Currently working on

1. Short works of various titles, a mix of erotic and non-erotic works.

2. A re-write of all 3 full length work. The beast within, Big trouble in little india, The house in Bukit Timah. I plan to edit the stories with some help and remove or tone down the sex scenes so the books can be published.

Structure and content will change slightly for all 3 stories. There are parts where it can be improved in the 3 pieces. I plan to add more details and remove unnecessary scenes without affecting the storyline. I will be publishing the re-write under a new pen name. One with no association with this current one.

3. The street

A new concept piece i’m working on. Imagine a Kowloon city-like no mans land in Singapore. A narrow piece of street that although physically in Singpaore, sits on land that belongs to the Malaysian government. A street that the strict laws of the country could not penetrate. A street where anything goes.

Criminals, drug addicts, the sex trade all thrive within this street with a dense population of 50000. It can be a paradise for the rich, it can also be hell for the poor. One thing is for sure, it’s a place where even the police avoids.

4. Magic Season 3

I’m developing the plot lines for Season 3 one and off. Expect more fights, more confrontation and a deeper look into the world of magic from shops selling armor to medicine.

Will share more details soon.


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