Sensual adult fiction from Singapore

Original Singapore Sensual, Erotic & Thriller fiction titles

Downloads subscription

Downloads subscription is an addon feature for subscribers who wishes to download the weekly titles instead of reading them online. I’m still refining the format as i test the new features. Will firm up details soon.

General framework i’m working on is to ensure a certain degree of fairness for both new and existing subscribers. I feel it’s only right that long time subscribers get access to more perks and content. Will announce more details soon. Tier upgraded eligibility will be backdated to the point when you first subscribed, which means some subscribers will go straight to Tier 3 if they wish to get access to the downloads page.

Personally, i feel it’s better to read them online and keep your devices free of such literature content.

Tier 1 – All upgrades will begin at T1.

Tier 2 – Subscribers who stay subscribed for a year gets upgraded to Tier 2

Tier 3 – Subscribers who stay subscribed for two years gets upgraded to Tier 3

Gold –

Launching soon in July 2023

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