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‘Now Showing’

Taking a leaf from what the theatres are using, ‘Now Showing’ subscription is a sub for current release only.

Set up as a monthly sub at a lowered price tier, it grants access to the title released only for that particular week on Friday at any one time.

For Eg, if this week’s release comprises of 1 cycled title, 1 new title and 1 archived title, you will see these 3 in this page after login on Friday

If the release is for a title marked (LL) which is a multi episode title, you will see all running episodes in here until the last episode has been released. So if you subscribed when episode 2 is the current drop, don’t worry about missing the 1st episode, you will still be able to read it.

At the bare minimum, you will be able to see 1 current release, & 1 archived title or 1 cycled title upon login.

To sum it up, ‘Now Showing’ subscription is a monthly sub that grants access to titles going into the sub list for 4 – 5 Fridays depending on which day of the month you signed up. I’m setting this up at the requests for those who are interested in only the new works, not the old ones.

Who is this for?

If you have no interest in old titles in the archives, or you already have read most of them. You can consider this tier of subscription. This is also for those who don’t like to re-read old titles, with a ‘Now Showing‘ sub, you are guaranteed at least 4xFriday updates/releases.

Comparatively, for a premium sub, you get access to more than 100 titles and optional reads for full length work during the course of your one month subscription.

Do note that the download option will also not be available in ‘Now showing’ tier.

Access to ‘Now Showing‘ titles will be via this page only. Premium sub owners, please don’t navigate to this page, the access here will not work for you. Go to the usual page/post for direct access.

Now Showing titles

Gate crash games

Perverted bus driver

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