The migration has been ongoing for close to 2 months and there’s still like half of the subscribers on the old platform. Will be sending out a reminder to those still on the old one soon.

If you have been active on the site, you would realized that the archives has been streamlined into several categories.

Archive I – Female POV/xdress/Cheating

Archive II – Twisted/Non-consensual

Archive III – Non erotic

Archive IV – NTR/Wife sharing

Currently, subscribers can access latest premium sub titles + all archived titles. That’s close to 200 titles at a single month’s subscription by my last count with more being added every month.

Premium subscription is set at 30, and will continue at this rate till 31/12/23.

Come 1/1/24, there will be changes to the subscription access.

New subscribers starting from 2024 will no longer get access to Archives. Access will only be granted to subscribers who signed up by 2359 hours on 31st December.

There is no need for you to do anything. Upon login, you will see the titles you have access to. At your user profile page, you will be able to see the amount of access you have as well.

New subscribers coming on from 2024 onwards will only gain access to the archives after a few months of continued subscriptions.

It will be set at 2,4,6,10 months for unlocking each archive.

Archive I – 2 months

Archive II – 4 months

Archive III – 6 months

Archive IV – 10 months

Tiered privileges from 1-3 will be enhanced , it’s still work in progress. I’m sorry for the delay. I’m spending a lot of my time writing, will allocate time to iron out all the administrative matters.

Tier 1 – 12 months of subscription

Tier 2- 24 months of subscription

Tier 3 – 36 months of subscription & beyond

Gallery is still in a mess, facing a bit of challenges uploading videos and images. Will sort this out eventually. The general direction I’m headed will be gallery access for subscribers who have stayed on for a given period of time, Eg Tier 1 onwards. There will no ‘pay and get immediate access to any tiers, archives, or galleries.’

It will be structured in a way such that you subscribe only if you enjoy my writing and the imaginary worlds I create.

It may sound confusing and all but most of it will be automated. Alternatively, you can also just get stand alone titles when they are released.

Trading/selling of your subscription account is allowed. Work out your deal with whoever you are selling it to, just leave me out of it. I only need to know which email address to transfer your account privileges to.

When the site has a thousand titles and you have an account that could access all of them, your account will be worth a bomb by then.

After taking in some feedbacks, I agree with some suggestions to allow temporary rent of high access account. For eg, you have an account that has access to all archives, you want to transfer the privileges to another email for a period of 1 month. It can be done. After the period, it goes back to you, so technically you can sell your access for a month, (you lose yours in the meantime), then take it back after.

Since this translates to additional admin work on my end, so buying me a kaya toast set would be nice . I decided to peg the cost to the cost of an average Kaya toast set at $5.

More details will be available, will dedicate a page to sale, transfer & rental of subscription account soon with it’s own FAQ.

So here’s the short update I have for the site for now.

Will be updating my diary soon and it’s back to my writing for the final installment of TBW series’ Home’

James S