The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

There are no lack of depraved individuals on this island and i happen to chance upon one other on reddit. ‘Paperstarred’ is that sweet, sheltered girl who is the embodiment of everything prim, proper and demure. In formal wear, i have no doubt she can pass off as a politician or a young C-suite level staff. Working from home in her t-shirt and panties, she is that stay home girlfriend all guys want to have. No longer a sweet young thing, but not yet at the MILF level, i would say the world inside Paperstarred’s twisted mind is a lot darker than mine.

Writes on Reddit

Nick : Paperstarred

“Scream for me, whore! Scream!”

Francesca obliged the man currently raping her asshole, her hoarse voice letting loose an ear-piercing scream of agony as he yanked hard on the string tied to the pair of needles that had been rammed through her nipples a few hours earlier.

“Now beg. Beg me to cum in you. Do it, slut.” The man snarled.

“Please…please finish in my filthy asshole…please use me like your slut…” Francesca whimpered, her voice cracking with shame and laced with exhaustion. Stripped naked, tied up with her hands above her head and bent over on tiptoe, Francesca was a perfect example of how broken a woman could look.

Her lovely fair skin was covered with bruises and cuts, along with cigarette burns and the scrawls and smears of sharpie bodywriting and tally marks, while her silky dark hair was now pulled into a rough ponytail, matted with cum and piss. Her makeup was completely messed up, her pretty face covered with cum and tears, and cum oozed down her legs from her gaping, sore holes.

In short, she was a broken, pathetic mess.

But as the man continued fucking Francesca, she desperately moved her hips to fuck him back, clenching her asshole, hoping to make the man satisfied even though her entire body was cramping and strained with exhaustion and agony. The reason for her enthusiasm despite her lack of consent or sexual experience was simple.

Facing her, Francesca’s husband groaned weakly. He was bent over a side table, naked as well, his hands tied behind him. And as the men raping his newly wed wife took turns on her, he, too, was receiving the attention of the other men, fresh out of prison and not the type to fuss about having a hole to fuck. Gagged, all he could do was groan and scream into the piss-soaked rag that was formerly his wife’s panties, as the men anally raped him over and over again.

“Work harder, bitch! Every man using you is one less in your faggot husband’s ass. Or maybe you like seeing it? Huh?” The man raping Francesca taunted, as she sobbed, their honeymoon villa now turned into a living hell for the newlywed couple. Her husband had been forced through the indignity of watching Francesca forced to orgasm on her brutal rape over and over again, her virginity taken from her followed by every last bit of her dignity as she went from newlywed virgin bride to being fucked airtight within hours. He had not been spared either, with the sound of Francesca’s moaning and squealing as she climaxed making him spurt his own load all over the floor, the obscene sounds of his wife’s orgasms mixed with the anal rape making him finish.

The man using Francesca’s aching shithole groaned as he flooded her guts with more cum, then pulled out with a wet schlick, making her moan horribly as her asshole gaped from the sudden emptiness. Moving over to her mouth, he pushed his slick and dirty cock past her lips, forcing Francesca to suck him clean. Francesca obediently sucked and licked her mess of shit, cum and blood off his cock, fighting back the urge to retch and gag at the taste- after all, the first time she had puked from having to suck her own cunt’s mess off the man raping her, the men had beaten her, then made her lick up the mess, then made her piss herself by jabbing her with a cattle prod ao she could lick up that puddle too.

As Francesca hung there limply, sobbing and leaking cum, she heard the man raping her husband grunt and gasp, then finish deep in his asshole too. Pulling out, the man walked over and made Francesca suck him clean as well, the rapists laughing as they cracked open more beer from the villa’s fridge.

“You know what, you two haven’t had a chance to have a proper honeymoon yet. We should fix that!” One of the men laughed. The rest chortled in response, as they untied Francesca and pulled her over to her husband, who was dragged to the sofa, still bound, his cock standing stiff from the stimulation of having been raped all day.

“Go on, do it! Time to consumnate your marriage, lovebirds.” The man holding Francesca ordered, giving her a shove.

“No…not like this…please…”

“Fucking do it, or we cut off his balls.” The man snarled, giving Francesca a tight slap, then stubbing out a cigarette on one of her breasts, making her scream, her chest and body already covered with countless such marks.

Francesca whimpered, hating herself as she straddled her husband’s erect cock, her gaping cunt and ass still oozing cum. The men laughed as she lowered herself slowly, clearly hating the thought of her husband’s cock joining the countless men who had sampled her lovely holes all day. As a good religious couple who had saved themselves for each other’s wedding day, this was the complete opposite of how she had fantasized her first time with him happening- but now, instead of being gently and lovingly taken on her nuptial bed, here she was. As the tip of his shaft parted her inflamed, cum-oozing pussy lips, the men watching finally got bored of her hesitation and gave her a hard shove, impaling her on the full length of her husband’s erection.

“There you go! Now you can share your special first time! Go ahead and give him a kiss.”

Francesca whimpered, shaking her head, but as the men waved the cattle prod menacingly, she had no choice. She leaned forward, one of the men pulling out the panty gag from his mouth so that the couple could lock lips and kiss, hating every moment of their twisted and forced intimacy.

“Now move. Go on, drain his balls. We know you can ride like a five dollar hooker now, we’ve been teaching you since yesterday!” The men ordered. Francesca began to move her hips, sobbing uncontrollably at the sheer horror of the situation, riding her husband’s cock as her sore body screamed with agony. The two of them were slapped whenever they tried to close their eyes, forcing them to look at each other while Francesca rode him, her cunt clenching down with each thrust into her just like the men had trained her.

Despite his sore asshole and the debauchery of the whole ordeal, Francesca’s husband couldn’t help but react to the feeling of his wife’s pussy, since after all, it had been one of the things he was looking forward to after the wedding. And despite the horrific circumstances of their very first time together, to his infinite shame, he soon began to feel his balls tightening as he gave a long, tortured groan, gasping and giving anguished sobs of guilt mixed with pleasure as he came, adding his own load to the many loads flooding Francesca’s womb. The men laughed as he slumped his head forward, while Francesca whimpered, hating the entire situation and herself.

“Alright, whore, clean him off and get back to work. No slacking off.”

Rough hands grabbed Francesca and pulled her off her husband, as cum oozed out of her and down her legs. Pushed to her knees, Francesca took her husband’s cock into her mouth and sucked it clean, tears streaming down her face, her eyes widening as she realised he was getting hard again.

“Actually you know what? Finish him off.” One of the men ordered. Francesca whimpered, but she had not a single ounce of resistance left, her spirit completely broken. Bobbing her head up and down like their rapists had trained her to do, with her lips wrapped around his cock, Francesca’s husband groaned at the sight of his wife sucking him off, yet another long-held fantasy coming true in the worst way possible. The combination of his wife finally giving him a blowjob together with his inexperience was too much for him to handle, and within minutes, Francesca’s mouth was filled with a few more spurts of cum from her lover, his balls almost drained from having been assfucked constantly to orgasm by the gang, as well as the experience of having finally fucked his wife just minutes ago.

“Look at this limp dick loser, can’t even satisfy his wife. We should sell him off and keep his woman!”

“No…please don’t…don’t…I’ll do anything…” Francesca pleaded, even as another man dragged her off her husband and slammed her over a table to have his turn with her.


“Yes…anything…I’ll…I’ll suck all of you off, I’ll let you all…all use me at the same time…I’ll do anything…”

“So in short, whatever we’ve been already doing? Can’t really change our minds, bitch.” Francesca’s pleas were cut off with a sharp backhand to her face, followed by her strangled gasps as the man fucking her began to choke her to make her clench tighter around his shaft as it speared into her sore cunt.

The newlyweds’ booking for the villa was for the whole week. They had given strict instructions to the staff not to disturb them, so that their honeymoon could be spent in privacy and intimacy with each other.

As the week continued, so did the intimacy and privacy.