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Joe has always been picked on by the students in his class. He has been bullied all his life, even as a teacher, he feels he is a failure. The students he teach are all smarter than him, and he is the subject of frequent pranks in class too. He accidentally comes across an artefact which allows him to freeze time, and he intends to use it to teach all his students a lesson. One that they will never forget.

The girls in class nudged each other on the arm, daring the other to try and ask Joe the question they have in mind. Liwen and Meihui did a quick game of scissors paper stone and Meihui lost the game.

She chuckled and raised her hand, clearing her throat at the same time.

Meihui : Cher…Mr Joe…

Joe stopped writing on the board and turned around, facing the class of 35 girls from one of the most elite education institution in the country.

Meihui : Which school did you come from?

Half the class giggled as Joe adjusted his geeky spectacles.

Joe : I graduated from the…

Meihui : No one asked you where you graduated from, we want to know which school you went to!

Everyone was laughing by then.

Liwen : We know you graduated from the factory like every other teacher…haha

Joe : Class…please settle down and pay attention to…

Meihui : We already know what you want to teach Cher…our tuition have already covered every thing from now till end of the year.

Stephanie : Exactly. Everyone of us got full marks for the test paper you set last week, just chill la…haha..

Liwen : does that make you wonder if we are all very smart, or you are just not good enough to teach us?

The whole class roared with laugher as they took turns taking jibe at Joe.

Joe : That…that is very rude of you Liwen!

Joe said with a voice so soft that it was barely heard above the din the girls are making.

Liwen : You can sue me in court Mr Joe…haha..my parents will love to do something interesting with their law firm instead of helping others file for divorce and fight custody battles. haha.

Stephanie : Cher, i think if you will just leave us alone, we will do better.

Joe : Class, Class 4.1 please settle down…

The heckling continued and Joe was trying hard not to break down into tears. The class is smart, the girls are all intelligent and their families have more resources compared to the rest but they are all so spoilt.

Meihui : Mr Joe, you look like you are going to cry…i need to get this on Tik Tok. It will definitely go viral…haha…

Liwen : You probably need to tag it under, “neighbourhood school teacher cannot take pressure and cries in class” hahah

Everyone laughed and Joe went back to the table. He knocked on the table several times to get the class’ attention but the heckling continued.

Joe clenched his fist, he just want all this to stop. Why can’t he be posted to a normal school with kids who actually want to learn?

He reached into his bag and he shouted in horror when he felt his hand touch something soft. He looked in and realised it was filled with sanitary pads.

Joe : arghhhh!

The girls roared with laughter and teased Joe, reassuring him that those were all new. Suddenly, Joe felt a smack on his back, then another, and another.

Joe : No stop! stop it! this is not the kind of behaviour you girls should have!

One after another, the girls ran towards Joe and slapped a sanitary pad, sticky side down onto Joe’s shirt and pants.

No matter how he tries to remove them, more will come. His hair, his face, even his groin were not spared as a few dozen pads were stuck onto his body, arms and limbs.

Joe screamed and ran out of the class and everyone cheered. The principal came by and saw what happened, she chided the girls for their behavior as Joe ran all the way to the sports store to calm down.

He shut the door and quickly removed the pads from his body.

Joe : arnghhh..arnghh..arnghhhh!

By the time he is done, he is covered with perspiration and he huddled up by a corner of the sports room filled with various sporting equipment from basketballs to netball bibs.

He tried to fight back his tears. He has always been the target of bullying growing up. He blames it on the way he looks, his features somehow just draws all the bullies towards him. Joe didn’t know how much time has passed when the door to the sports store opened.

Meihui : Mr Joe? You in here?

Joe : Is that you Meihui? What do you want?

Stephanie : We’re here to apologise. We’re sorry, we went a bit overboard…

Liwen : Where are you Mr Joe?

Joe peered through the cages holding hula hoops and composed himself. He needs to get his shit together or he will risk embarrassing himself in front of the girls.

Joe : I’m here. just stay there, i’m coming out. It’s dusty and there’s a lot of old stores here, i don’t want you girls to trip.

Joe stood up and start to make his way to the girls.

Stephanie ran a finger along the shelves and made a face at the amount of dust in the old sports store. These were equipment relegated to cold storage. No one comes in here to grab their sports gear anymore. The new ones donated yearly by their alumni are located right by the field itself for easy access.

Joe : you girls shouldn’t be here. You should be in class.

Liwen : Mrs Soh want us to apologise, so here we are.

Meihui : Just to set the record straight, she asked us to apologise, not that we really want to. I mean it’s just a joke Mr Joe, i’m sure you know that right? haha

Stephanie : Exactly, it’s just a harmless prank what…haha

Stephanie shrugged and accidentally knocked a bowl of tennis balls over. The balls thud and rolled all over the room. The girls tried to reason with Joe while bending down to pick up the stray tennis balls.

It was then Stephanie noticed an old stopwatch on the floor.

She picked it up out of curiosity.

The watch was a tarnished silver with its front covered in dust. She wiped the face and noticed that there were numbers still legible on it. It was an old mechanical stopwatch with faded yellow numbers. Its hands moved gracefully around its face as if it had never stopped working before, even though years have passed since anyone last touched it. While its exterior is rusty, its interior is still well preserved with gleaming metal cogs and wheels.

The low and high hand movements are hypnotic to watch. Stephanie pressed the button to stop the movement and she felt a prick on her finger.

Stephanie : ow fuck!

There is an embedded needle and Stephanie watched the blood disappear into the metal with amazement.

Stephanie: Hey guys, you need to look at this…

Stephanie walked out to her friends and she froze.

Everyone seemed to be frozen in time. Even the tennis ball that Meihui threw at Mr Joe is frozen in midair.

Stephanie : what the hell?

Stephanie pressed the button again but the needle did not prick her this time. With just a normal click, everything went back to normal.

Meihui and Liwen were still teasing Mr Joe while she looked around the sports room in amazement. Stephanie examined the wound on her thumb. Joe noticed her and asked if she was ok.

Stephanie : Yeah. i…i cut myself on something i think.

Joe : Huh? let me see. What happened?

Stephanie : I…i don’t know. It was this stopwatch…

Joe took the watch and turned it around for a quick examination.

Stephanie : It just…it just like…

Joe pressed the button and he too, felt the prink of his finger as time froze. Joe turned around and he shouted.

Joe : arnghhh!

Meihui had a fake cockroach out from her pocket and she was about to put it on his head while Liwen had another sanitary pad in her hand.

Joe : What are you all doing?

Joe exclaimed but all three girls remained stationary. They didn’t move, they couldn’t talk. They just remained there, frozen in time.

It took Joe a few moments to realise what was happening. He turned the stopwatch around and read the small inscriptions on the metal casing.

And as he read, a smile slowly broke on his face.

Joe looked at the three girls in front of him. He walked towards Liwen. He has always found her to be rather well-developed for a girl her age. Her full breast always drew his eyes’ attention. He liked the fact that her pinafore is getting a little short for her height, the hem of it is a couple of inches above her kneecaps.

Joe waved his hands in front of the girls, he even tried to jab them in their eyes to be sure this is not another prank.

He mustered up enough courage and cupped his palm around Liwen’s breast.

Joe : arnghhhh…

He kissed her on her cheek and sniff her neck. Joe reached under her pinafore and his fingers felt the recessed valley of Liwen’s privates. He stroked her several times before pressing his finger to his nose.

Joe : sNIFFFFFF! arnghhhhh!

Then he took a step back and he started laughing. He laughed and he laughed. All the times he has been bullied by these girls, all the times he was picked on.

He is going to return it all to them. He love the silence in particular. It’s so quiet, no one to call him names, no one to tease him.

Joe kept the watch in his pocket and his hands reached for the buckle around Liwen’s waist. He unbuckled it, watching her belt drop, he lifted her pinafore up above her head and threw it to the side.

Unbutton Liwen’s white blouse from the bottom up, he reveal a pair of sweet school girl white bra protecting a firm and supple 34C tits.

Joe removed the blouse and pressed it to his nose, giving the part where the underarms rest extra attention.

Joe started laughing as he unbuckled his pants in the dusty old store room.

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