Titles of a longer length release will be marked with (LL) at the back of it’s title. (LL) titles span between 2-4 releases. The longer length allows for better character development and more detailed scenes for build up.

James marries Sarah, a woman he met for the very first time at a cafe. It was a chance encounter, one brought about by mistaken identity. No one in their right mind will marry a stranger, but both James and Sarah had different agenda to go ahead with the marriage. While the typical Singaporean path is to date, fall in love, get a BTO before settling down and starting a family, James and Sarah did it from the reverse. Who is to say you can’t get married first before falling in love?

James finished the last sentence of the novel he is working on and started composing a mail to his editor.
He attached the file and hit the sent button before stretching at the seat. He jabbed his fork into the last bite of croissant and raised his hand, intending to catch the attention of the cafe owner behind the counter.

The cafe owner saw James’ signal and knew he wanted another expresso, giving him the thumbs up right away just as a lady walked into the establishment.

James never expect Sarah to pull out the chair in front of him and sit down. With her shoulder-length black hair, Sarah was a beauty; a 26 year old with features of a confident woman and the posture of a model. Her grey dress was classy, making James forget about the thoughts of his work as he can only focus on the aura she exuded. She had striking features – almond-shaped eyes, delicate lips, and a well-defined jawline. Her skin was smooth like porcelain, framed by the gentle curves of her face.
If there is the image of a perfect woman that he would love to take as wife, she would be the one.
Her pulling out the chair and sitting in front of him left him with his lips apart and a shock expression on his face.

Sarah looked at the man who put up his hand at her when she stepped into the small cafe.
First impression is good she thought, she could tell that James was an attractive man; one who seemed to take pride in his appearance and physique. He looks a bit different from his profile photo, but then again, that was just a side shot. He did say he look different now that he lost a bit of weight.
She looked him up and down, from his slicked-back hair to the way he was dressed in a smart shirt and khaki pants. He had a young but mature vibe, which Sarah liked.

Sarah could tell James is nervous, like she caught him off-guard. She like that, being nervous like this told her he is not a player. Those fuck boys are usually too smooth with their words. She laughed internally at the thought of how sweet it was to see a man being so nervous around her.

Sarah : Hey, I’m Sarah. I’m very busy, i’ll go straight to the point. Let me finish first before you talk. What’s your name by the way? Or do you want me to call you roboedit0733

Sarah asked in a teasing manner, referring to the username of the man she chatted with online.
James : errr…ok…i’m James…

James didn’t know what to say, he know Sarah probably got the wrong person but as a writer, he is curious about how this chance encounter will pan out, besides, she is just damm hot.

Sarah : I’m 26, i work late almost every day, even on weekends. I have no money, no house, no car, no pets. I don’t have any vices, except perhaps for food. I’m done, now it’s your turn.

James nodded and decides to give his own introduction.

James : I’m 28, i work as and when i want. I have no money, no house, no pets, no car and my vices are probably coffee and food.

Sarah : Do you smoke?

James : No…do you?
Sarah : No. Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases?
James almost fell off his chair.
James :NO…

Sarah : Good. neither do i, but i guess only a comprehensive test will tell isn’t it. Are you game to do it?

James could not believe what he was hearing, his mind cycled through the possibilities of a woman asking such questions on a first date, the only conclusion he could draw was probably Sarah is a sugar babe looking to kick off a relationship with a new sugar daddy.

Sarah :Why? you have something to hide?
James : I’m a virgin for fuck sake…
Sarah’s eyes widened a notch and she sat back in her chair at James reply.

Sarah : Dude. calm down. it’s just a questions.
James : I’ll do the fucking test if you do it…
Sarah : Great, it’s done then, we’ll schedule a couple test. When are you free to do it?
James : I could do it today

James snapped back, a part of him eager to proof that he is not someone who sleeps around easily. Not that he has much opportunities to since he has never had a relationship serious enough to progress to that stage.

Sarah : Cool , i’ll make a few calls. Can i borrow your laptop?
James : What?
Sarah : go to the registry of marriage.
James : And?
Sarah : We’re getting married. book the earliest date.

James looked at Sarah who did not appear to be joking.
Sarah : what? any problem? You did say you are ready for commitment.

James looked at the beautiful woman seated in front of him, he didn’t know anything about her beyond what she just said. Yet something inside his heart told him this is a rabbit hole worth crawling down into.

James : Shouldn’t i propose first?

Sarah : oh right…the Singaporean way? Apply for a BTO?

James turned to his laptop bag, undo a key ring and held up the metal ring in front of Sarah.
She smiled and held up her left hand.

James could not believe what he was doing even when he was uttering the very words that came out of his mouth.

James: Will you marry me Sarah?
Sarah stretched out her hand and accepted the ring that James put on her finger.
Sarah : Yes James…yes…

The two of the logged into the registry of marriage to register their intend to get married and a date was set a month from that day.

Sarah : I have deleted the chat app, that’s my committment to you, i won’t be chatting with others, i hope you can do the same.

James : Ermmm..i…
Sarah : I’m rushing for time, give me your phone.

Sarah gave herself a miss call and said she will text him after she finish work.
Sarah gave James a wink and left the cafe.

When the cafe owner served James his expresso, she asked James if everything is ok.

“All good?”
James : Yeah.

“You seemed a little shaken.”

James : Yeah…i just proposed and she said yes..

“Oh congratulations! Is that the lucky girl?”

The cafe owner said the next drink is on her and James thanked her for her generousity.
He packed his laptop and stood up to leave the cafe. As he pushed his chair back, he accidentally hit the man behind him.

James : Oh i’m sorry.

The man, who is still trying to refresh the chat app he used to talk to Sarah removed his earbuds that were blasting music told James’ it’s cool, unaware that Sarah has mistaken James as him.
He looked outside the cafe, trying to see if he could catch a glimpse of any lady approaching before popping his earbuds back in and returning to his music.

James stepped out of the cafe and he pinched himself on his cheek to be sure he is not dreaming.
His phone rang and it was his editor, Joseph.

Joseph : There’s a problem with chapter 3, i think you accidentally deleted something.

James : I’m getting married.

Joseph : to one of your imaginary characters?

James : No i’m serious. I met a girl at the cafe, she asked me to propose and we’re getting married.

Joseph stopped talking for a couple of seconds before replying.
Joseph : Actually it’s not that much of a rush, take your time to write. Maybe have a good sleep, try to take things easy. Destress a little, go for a massage, surf some porn…you know…just chill… if you need to talk to someone, you can call me…

James : I mean it, i’m getting married! i’m not drunk, i’m not high on drugs, i’m perfectly sober!

Joseph exhaled fully before taking a deep breath.
Joseph : Then there can be only one explanation. You are being scammed.

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