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A light hearted Rom-Com between a police officer and a seemingly unlucky chap who keeps getting misunderstood. Everything James did, it appears as if he is breaking the law, but there’s more than meets the eye to the things he is doing. Follow their comedic encounters and watch them fall in love with each other eventually.

Juliette got out of her car after finish speaking with her superior. She has just spent the night at the station going through hundreds of hours of CCTV footage and she managed to find the critical evidence to prosecute.

She’s exhausted, hungry and she was looking forward to head home for a shower, but first, she needed to eat. Juliette went to a nearby hawker centre for breakfast after dropping off some documents at the prosecutor’s office. Her stomach is rumbling and she could not be bothered to find out what is good at that particular food centre. She simply went to the one with the shortest queue and ordered a plate of bee hoon, piling it with a variety of fried food and vegetables.

It’s not a cheat day but she felt that she has earned that meal.

Taking a sip of her black coffee, Juliette let out a satisfied sigh. It’s always the simplest things that gives you the most satisfaction.

She tuck into her food and two bites later, her attention was drawn to this man walking around the food centre with his phone and a stack of $2 bills in his hand.

James : Lai Uncle Lee, what number? ahhh? 2331. 2 big 2 small. Ok Money come…ok…Auntie Ling, same number? 3356, $2…ok got it…Uncle Sim…3388, $2..

Juliette could not believe her eyes. That man was blatantly walking around the food centre collecting 4D bets from all the old folks having their breakfast.

She tightened the grip on her chopsticks and she could feel her blood starting to boil. She came from a family of gamblers, and she hated gambling. Growing up, Juliette had to contend with harassments by loan sharks and legal debt collectors knocking on their door. Her father ran away after accumulating a shit load of debt, leaving her mother to deal with it.

Her mother too, was a gambler and when she could no longer deal with the stress of repayment, she too, bolted, leaving Juliette all alone to fend for herself.

If not for her grandmother, she would probably be dead in the streets.

Juliette stuffed another mouthful of bee hoon into her mouth and her glare intensified on that guy still happily walking around the tables.

With each table of bets he collected, he entered it into his phone and moved down the line, getting closer and closer to Juliette.

She put down her chopsticks and checked that she has her service revolver strapped securely around her ankle, then she reached for the handcuffs at her back, covered by the windbreaker she is wearing.

Juliette thought about her hot shower and day off, contemplating if she should just let this slight. Pretend she never see anything and let it go.

Then she saw James approach an old lady on a wheelchair.

James : Auntie Goh…you still owe me $2 from last week…you like that, i won’t take your bet ah…

Juliette could feel the flames of fury stoking in her belly by the sight of James trying to take money from a wheelchair bound octogenarian.

The disposable chopstick creaked in her hand before snapping into two.


James took the money from Auntie Goh and came up to the table just beside Juliette.

James : Uncle Beng…what number you want today?

Juliette slammed her palm down on the table, startling a section of the bustling hawker centre. Before James could react, Juliette grabbed his right arm, twist it around his back and pressed his face down onto a plate of half eaten Chee Chong fun.

James: arghhhh!

Juliette : How dare you do this in broad daylight!

Juliette turned to all the seniors who placed a bet with James and gave them a piece of her mind.

Juliette: Don’t you know placing bets with bookies are illegal! How can you do this? They will not honor your bets! If you win, they will simply run away!

James : arghhh…wait…wait…i can explained..

Juliette : arnghhhh. shut up!

James : mmmmmhh!

James tried to right himself and it was a mistake. Taking it as James trying to resist, Juliette tripped him and wrestled him to the ground as everyone around the hawker center gasped in astonishment.

James : arhghhhh!

Juliette grabbed his neck with her legs,forcing James’ face against her thighs as she puts him in a triangle choke.

James, could feel himself losing consciousness and he quickly tapped on Juliette’s body, not knowing he was smacking her butt.

Taking it as James trying to be funny, Juliette was determined to cause him more pain.

By the time she slapped her handcuffs on James, he was practically half dead and drooling onto the floor of the food centre.

Juliette stood up and kept a foot on James’ back, taking in the shocked and flabbergasted expression of the residents.

Juliette: Don’t…don’t place your bets with illegal bookies…

Juliette panted as she wiped perspiration from her forehead.

Uncle Sim stepped forward and picked up James’ phone. He shuffled towards Juliette and tapped her on her shoulder.

Juliette : yes?

Uncle Goh showed Juliette the app James was using to key in the bets for the elderlies. It was not some illegal betting app or website. It was the official Singapore Pools betting portal.

Uncle Sim : James is a volunteer in this district…all of us are old, we cannot stand and wait in line…

Uncle Lee : Yes, and he comes over once a week to help us place 4D bets…

Auntie Ling : And he only allow us to place max $4…

Everyone around Juliette held up their phones, showing her the screen shot of their bet confirmation placed by James.

Her jaw dropped and inch as she looked at everyones’ shock faces and then she looked at the man on the ground who looked like he needed an ambulance.

There was a moment of awkward silence and it was broken by the metallic squeak of a wheelchair. Bodies made way for Auntie Goh as she held up a phone with cracked screen, showing the screenshot James sent her moments ago.

Juliette swallowed a gulp of saliva as she looked at the raised hands showing their phone screen. She felt as if she was in a hunger games movie.

James stirred and Juliette quickly removed her foot from his back.

There was only one thing left to do.

Juliette : I am…so…fucking…sorry…

Part 1 – 10600 words – released 18/8/23

Part 2 – 10000 words – released 25/8/23

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