Every few years, Singapore plays host to a group of perverts who compete in to see who can take home the title of Masterperf.

Judges will give a theme for each stage of the competition and contestants will need to think on their feet and come up with the most perverted idea they can possibly do so within an hour using the materials given.

10 contestants are selected from the preliminaries conducted at major tertiary institutions, shopping malls and the business district.

The competition will take place in front of a live studio audience and at each round, contestants will be eliminated until the final battle for MasterPerv Singapore begins.

We shall now go live to the studio with our host, Mr James who writes on  sensualsingapore.com and Ms Juliette, who guest blogs on his site occasionally. They are the host for the event and will bring us live updates from the studio itself.

James : Good morning Singapore! It’s a beautiful day here at studio and I can feel the excitement in the air! What do you think Juliette? I say we have a good crop of contestants these year.

Juliette : I totally agree with you James! I think the judges are going to have a hard time deciding.

The camera pans over to a live studio audience of close to 3000 seated around the competition platform. Four large projection screens hung up in the ceiling facing each direction allows all to get a view of action. The competition arena is about the size of two basketball court. Ten tables, five on each side at three meters length have been set up for the competition.

James : Speaking of the judges, I think we need to introduce them.

Juliette : Yes, the three judges are very experienced themselves and one of them is the previous winner of the MasterPerv 2020 competition!

The camera pans to a bald headed man in his fifties walking towards the judges table on the red carpet. Carrying a 80kg frame on his 1.5m height, Bobby waddles like a cute penguin trying to climb up a snowy mountain. He grins with a double chin and waves enthusiastically at his fans in the audience as they cheered.

James : Bobby Tao Lai Sar is an experienced pervert with 30 years of experience in this field.

Juliette : Yes! He is considered the pioneer in the perverted field and has been sniffing worn lingerie, stealing bras and panties from a young age of 15! Bobby currently holds Singapore’s record for having the largest collection of female lingerie, pubic hair and bodily fluids!

James : Yes, what he has managed to amass shocked the whole nation because god knows what he has to do in order to build up such a collection! Worn lingerie of almost 4000 local Singaporean ladies with samples taken during their prime age of between 18 to 28! That man is practically a legend!

Juliette : I know! He has been arrested so many times, the police has his lawyer’s phone number on speed dial!

James : Did I mention that Bobby is also an active upskirt enthusiast with memberships in voyeur clubs in all major universities in Singapore?

Juliette : I think you mean to say Bobby is the chairman of all the voyeur clubs in Singapore.

James : hahahah… you got that right Juliette… Bobby was the one who laid the foundation for the kind of pervs that the country’s top educational institute is producing. I must admit, the quality of the Pervs are improving by leaps and bounds.

Juliette : what can I say James? Singapore is the best in many things, but the quality of our perverts leaves much to be desired. I guess someone has to step up and take the lead. I remember having my upskirt pictures taken at a train station many years ago, my god, he was using a phone with such low resolution camera and the picture came out so grainy, I wonder what is the point?

James : Oh my, that is terrible. What did you do?

Juliette : I was upset of course, it’s as if having my upskirt taken is not bad enough, it was done with a low quality phone camera. I would have flipped if not for Bobby.

James : Do share with our audience, what did Bobby do?

Juliette : He showed up out of nowhere and stopped me from calling the police.

James : Wow!

Juliette : It turns out that he has been following me around for the past 2 hours and has taken some pretty nice upskirt pictures of me! And the best part, I didn’t even know until he approached me.

James : Amazing! You mean like in some tik tok videos where the creator approached the girl, ask if he could have some pictures of her, only in his case, he already has some?

Juliette : exactly! And my anger just subsided when I saw how nice my butt look in his camera and the way my g-string gets wedge in between my crack is just so sexy. My god I’m love with him. Hahaha

James : outstanding encounter Juliette, although I can’t say the same for many other women who have to put up with low quality pervs. Moving on to our next judge, Frank Pee Lai Kor, from the Singapore worn panties association.

Juliette : Welcome Frank, now Frank has lead a contingent in last year’s national day parade, marching with 36 men with worn undies over their heads.

James : Yes, Singapore really has come a long way now from where we first began, we no longer cared if you are having intercourse with someone of the same sex behind close doors, it’s only natural that we allow anyone who wishes to walk around with undies on their heads to participate in the national day parade.

Juliette : Frank is the founder and owner of Lust Pantito, a chain specializing in matching panty sellers to panty buyers. His non-profit organization has helped reduced panty thefts in Singapore down to it’s lowest in decades.

James : And the last of our judges, the only lady in their midst is, Pris Sucalongkok from Thailand! Very good to see you Pris and welcome back to Singapore!

Juliette : I’m not so sure if you can call Pris a lady James, she still has some of her manly bits left if you get the drift.

James : Yes I am aware of that, Pris Sucalongkok used to be a man but has since transitioned. She gave up her citizenship because she did not think the army suited him. We are definitely looking forward to the wealth of experience Pris brings with her from the entertainment industry in the land of smiles!

Juliette : Alright, without further ado, let’s reveal the theme for the 1st elimination round and introduce all our contestants!

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