James was just keeping to himself but a group of girls decided to bully a loner like him. He tried to control himself but when all the right buttons are pushed, it wakes the sleeping monster inside him. The girls are about to find out what a quiet loner like him is capable of .

*This piece contains scenes of violence & non-consensual acts that might make some uncomfortable. Please give this a miss if this genre of works is not your cup of tea*

James carried his food tray and scanned the crowded coffee shop for a seat. He found a dirty table tuck near a corner and made his way carefully towards it. The plate of mixed rice with three vegetable choices is his lunch for the day, and the free bowl of diluted corn soup is one of the reason why James always go back to the same stall for lunch.

He set his tray down and began to clean up the round table of it’s used dishes. The previous user did not get the memo about cleaning up and returning their trays after the meal.

James returned the trays and wiped the table down twice. He was about to take a 2nd bite of his food when three ladies approached him to ask if they could share his table.

Lisa : Hi, can we share this table?

Before James could answer, she already set her tray down and gestured to her friends to come over. Two other ladies clad in the same yoga tights and sports bra albeit in different colours put their food down on the table.

Lisa : thanks ya…

The girls shifted chairs around, dump their bags and took up more space then required, forcing James to squeeze his arms together while making space for the other diners.

Lynn : You only one person ?

Lynn asked as she pointed her fork at James

James nodded.

Lynn : Then why did you take such a big table…so inconsiderate…

Lydia : Tsk Lynn…stop it…

Lynn : I’m just being honest…One pax takes a table for 4, if everyone does this, there will be no seats in all the eateries right?

James remained silent, trying to concentrate on his lunch. He scooped a spoonful of rice and piled a few pieces of green leafy vegetables on it.

The girls looked at him and it was obvious they were gossiping about him.

They tried whispering, but at that proximity, James could hear every word. They started commenting on his clothes, the noticed the holes, the discolouration, even the chuckled at the faded logo.

Lynn : Do you work nearby? Haha

James looked up from his food and nodded.

Linda : oh? Which office do you work in?

Lynn : Yeah. Which bank or financial institution?

James never said anything but Lydia noticed the keychain on James’ bag that bore the name of a local bank.

Lydia : DAS bank? What do you do there?

Lynn : Tsk…can’t you tell? He works in the pantry…hahah…

The girls chuckled and when James brought out his own bottled water, all of them rolled their eyes.

Linda : It’s quite sad don’t you think? If you cannot afford to buy a drink from the coffeeshop.

Lynn : to be fair, the canned drinks here are not exactly cheap…but still, bottled water in that crumpled plastic…how many times have you reused it? Haha

James kept his silence and from his bag, brought out a loaf of bread he brought from home. The portion of rice could barely satisfy his hunger, and eating in town isn’t exactly cheap, so he had to supplement his meals with plain white bread everyday.

The girls burst out into elbow nudging chuckle while Lynn mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear that outside food are not allowed in the coffeeshop.

Right about then, a fourth lady appeared at the table. Dressed equally in a provocative white tights and sports bra, she hovered by the side of the table with the tray of food in hand while making gesturing jerks of her head at James.

It was obvious that they were trying to drive James away from the table.

Liwen : ahem…wow…you really know how to choose your seat man…sitting with 3 girls you don’t know…

James was aware of what the girls are doing but he maintained his silence and munched on his bread. Lynn did something unexpected out of the blue. She pushed the chair with James’ belongings on it away from the table, then she took the bottle of water he was drinking from and added it onto the exiled chair.

The 3 girls seated around the table giggled and stood up at the same time. The lifted the table and moved it slightly away from James, casting him out of the group like an outcast.

It didn’t help that the girls are giggling and they found it amusing at the same time.

Other tables turned and looked at them but they exclaimed loudly that James was the one intruding on them.

Lynn : We just want to eat alone, I’m sorry, please go to another table…

Linda : and you should probably work on your pick up line…

Lydia : and your dressing too…

Soon everyone around the coffee shop were casting looks of disapproval at James who was still munching his bread.

The 4 girls settled down around the table they muscled away from James, eating and chuckling at the stunt they pulled.

James stopped munching and looked at the four girls. His eyes traced the curves of their gym sculpted legs and their flat exposed tummies. His gaze lingered at the curves of their full breast held back tightly by the expensive sports bra.

He cocked his head to his side and his body twitched once while the side of his lips went crooked for a brief moment when he took in the white socks with thin black bands going around their ankles. The socks were pulled up 3 inches above their ankles on purpose, drawing more attention to their choice of footwear which also happens to be branded.

James stood up and as he walked passed the table of girls.

Lynn : Pssst…loser is going…hahha

Linda : haha…going to work the pantry of DAS bank probably…hahha

James cast the girls another look and their disapproving gaze fell onto him in a judgmental manner. Like he did not deserve to be in town because of the way he looked, the way he dressed, and the choice of his meals.

James caught a glimpse of a lanyard.

Lynn Chua Mei hui

Financial consultant


He made a mental note of all other details, from office address to email.

As he departed from the coffee shop, the twitching in his body became more pronounced. The crooked twitch on his lip gave way to a toothy grin as he turned around and looked at the table of girls.

He dialled Lynn’s number and she answered it within three rings.

James:  Hi Lynn, this is James here, I got your contact from a friend, Mr Tan…I’m interested in getting some policies. Are you available for a chat later today?

Lynn : Oh hi James sure. I can meet today. Just let me know the place and time.

Lynn tried to recall exactly who Mr Tan was but she brushed it aside barely two seconds later. As long as there is a lead , she couldn’t give two fucks who recommended another sucker.

James gave Lynn the address and time. When he hung up, he could see her pulling fist down in midair as she bragged about snagging another lead to sell her shit to.

James’ head and body twitched again as he smiled towards Lynn’s direction.

It’s not his fault, he told himself.

They triggered him.

They made him do it…

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