James’ wife, Wenfang has a guy as a best friend.

We all know what that means, it screams friendzone no matter how you see it.

There is no such thing as besties among opposite sex, the motivation is always the same.

It’s simply biology at work.

I’m not sure if it’s normal for a woman to have a best friend who is a guy.

It’s not normal for me but it’s something i’ve come to accept over the years. From the moment I knew my then girlfriend, Wenfang, her best friend Shawn is always in the picture.

He is a regular fixture in gatherings and Shawn was present during the first few dates I had with Wenfang.

I mean, come on, we all know how this works. A male best friend? You think something went wrong with biology and evolution along the way? It’s obvious that he was friendzoned by Wenfang, and the only way he can remain close is to adopt the post of a so call best friend.

Shawn was there when I officially dated Wenfang, and he was there at every critical junction in the relationship. He even fucking came to the airport to send us off when Wenfang and I travelled together for the first time.

It made me want to punch that clingy pussy chaser on his face. I want to punch him so hard that he spins around and slam flat onto the floor.

I may appear friendly and nonchalant on the surface but I am wary of him. There is only one reason why a guy will continue to stick around a girl and that reason is not driven by friendship or whatever fancy, rainbow coloured unicorn reasons you can think of.

The only reason it’s biological. Deep down on a primal level, it’s all about the sex. Like the quiet male in the pack of animals, he will bid his time, waiting for his chance to take over the female when the alpha is no longer in charge.

This is also why despite my wife being so close and all with Shawn, I’m never got cozy with him. It was always a surface hello and bye, we never connected.

When Wenfang and I got married, she insisted that Shawn be one of the bestman, I did not put up any resistance because to me, it felt good to be able to see Shawn’s expression when I walk down the aisle with Wenfang. I wonder how he felt knowing that I will be banging his fantasy raw in her wedding gown that night.

My wife also goes out with Shawn on dates. Yes, just the two of them. Cafes, movies, and the occasional swim and gym. I trust my wife 100%, I know she will never do anything behind my back and she has reassured me she treats Shawn like a brother.

Wenfang : He’s just a good friend. The very best one. One who understands me perfectly. Just like you…!

James : Well, we all know what men wants…so you just be careful..

Wenfang : hahaha…not every men is as horny as you my dear…hahah..

James : Horny men are the easiest to read, we wear our emotions on our faces. We have nothing to hide.

Wenfang : yes.yes.yes. My husband is the best…hahah..

James : I’m serious.

Wenfang : Dear, I’ve said this a thousand times. Haha. I’m not interested in him in any way. I mean look at Shawn. He’s like half a head shorter than you, at least 10kg overweight with a double chin. He’s just like a big teddy bear.

James : Girls like teddy bear… they like to hug them..

Wenfang : Not me…I only like to hug you…hahah…

At 1.64m and still keeping her weight below the 50KG mark, saying my wife has a good figure would be an understatement. She hits the gym religiously, but not to the point of giving herself thunder thighs.

I never liked girls with big breast so her 36B cup is a nice snug fit for my palms.

What I really liked about Wenfang are her legs that joins seamlessly with her perky butt. Her butt accentuates the S curve that most girls spend their entire life chasing. Viewing that butt from top down, I would say that is classic teaching material for JAV directors in terms of body shape and picture composition.

Looks are just one part of the equation for Wenfang. She has a very outgoing and bubbling personality that simply draws the crowd towards her. Despite being attached to me, she still receives valentine’s day gifts from men who are not shy about expressing their interest.

She’s hot commodity at her workplace, even receiving a proposal to become the mistress of one of the company’s partners. It was bad enough for my wife to leave that job of 3 years.

While some men may not be comfortable with the amount of attention she is getting on a regular basis, I’m actually quite ok with it.

I’m aroused by it actually. The fact that so many are lusting after Wenfang when they could not have her just turns me on. Sometimes, I even fantasised my wife accepting one of their proposed dates and end up having a one night stand.

While it’s never going to happen, it still makes for rather good wanking material if you get my drift.

Wenfang is not someone who will ever cheat. It’s hard coded into her character and upbringing.

Then one day, something interesting happened.

Shawn, my wife’s best friend invited a group of friends over to his new place. He’s doing quite well in his career, and has bought his own place. A landed property around the Hillview enclave.

It’s a corner terrace located out of the way, deep enough even for the most patient of cab drivers to grumble about.

The gathering is on a Saturday evening. Wenfang and I arrived at 5pm. There’s about 10 guest and it was a rather cozy gathering. I took a quick bite of dinner and while my wife caught up with Shawn and her university friends, I turned on my laptop and did some work because I was due to fly out that evening to Penang.

When Shawn came into the living room and saw me typing away on my laptop, he asked if I would like to project my work screen onto his TV.

Shawn : It’s 75 inch bro, no need to squint your eyes like that replying an email. Haha.

My laptop comes with a decent 13 inch screen and detachable keyboard, it’s good enough for replying work emails and putting together some presentation slides.

Besides, who the fuck will project their work screen onto a 75 inch TV in someone else’s house?

Shawn : No need to be shy, here, it’s always on. You can cast your screen anytime.

Shawn gestured to his smart TV and I almost rolled my eyes at his attempt to show off his gadget.

James : It’s ok. I’m just going to finish up over here.

I was looking forward to my Sunday in Penang before my work meeting on Monday when my boss called me just after I checked in online for my flight.

In fact, I was about to hit the confirm button to call for a taxi to the airport too.

My boss told me not to board the flight because there are some changes in the plan, the client is coming down on Monday to meet us instead.

James : I already checked in online. What about all the bookings and all?

Boss : Don’t worry. Just claim it all from finance, it’s all good. The client received a large order and wants to double the initial contract size. Haha. It’s going to be a good year this year for us.

James:  What! Serious?

Boss : Yah. Anyway, he will be in Singapore with his family tomorrow, and he will drop by our office on Monday.

James:  Ok…

I hung up and I was about to tell my wife that I no longer need to travel for work when I saw the lot of them gathering in the foyer.

It’s coming to 9.30pm and those with families and young kids are making a move.

Wenfang : Dear, what time are you leaving for the airport?

I did a quick visual count and realised that almost everyone is leaving except Wenfang and me.

Wenfang : I’m going to help Shawn clean up a bit before I go. If you need to head to the airport, you go ahead first.

I could have told my wife that I no longer need to travel but I’m not sure why, something inside me decided to keep it a secret.

James : I need to call a cab now…

The moment I said that, I could almost see the twinkle in Shawn’s eye as he tried to keep his expression neutral.

As neutral as he can at least, especially knowing that he is going to be alone in his new place with my wife helping with the cleanup.

James : I’ll pack up and call a cab.

Shawn : Have a safe flight James…

James : thanks…

Wenfang : ok… I’ll quickly help pack up and then grab a taxi back. Will text you when I reach…Shawn, you want to pack some of the leftovers ?

Shawn : Yah. Wasted if we throw them away. I can eat them tomorrow.

I watched my wife and Shawn walk towards the side yard where the buffet spread is set and I felt this weird tingle in my spine.

After I packed up my laptop and kept the charging cable, I went to the powder room on the ground floor.

The bathroom has a small window with louvres above the toilet bowl which opens to the yard. I would not have even paid any attention to it if not for the fact that I could hear my wife and Shawn talking clearly.

Shawn : Can you go to the kitchen and take a few more containers? It’s on the top left cabinet. You need to grab a chair to reach it.

Wenfang : No need la. There’s so many here already.

Shawn : I don’t want to squeeze them all in one box.

Wenfang : Can you be a bit more environmentally friendly?

Shawn : Packing them separately is easier when I heat up. I can’t finish so much in one seating too. Go la, help me take. Quick…

It sounded really obvious to me that Shawn just wants my wife out of the way. I’m not sure why too.

Wenfang : Fine…fine…so troublesome…hahah

Shawn : Thanks…haha..

I don’t know what got into me then but I decided to step onto the toilet bowl and look into the yard through the louvres. Shawn is looking at the direction of the kitchen where my wife went while standing at the buffet line. He looked around nervously and I saw him reached into his pocket.

He almost dropped the small glass bottle in his hand and I heard him cursed at his own clumsiness. I could not believe my eyes when Shawn tipped the bottle of clear liquid into a glass of drink on the table. He emptied the whole bottle before quickly putting it back into his pocket.

I could not believe what I was seeing. My wife’s best friend, just fucking spiked her drink.

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