With great power, comes great imagination. Join James as he indulges in a evening of humiliating fetishes’ with his mistress Yuna.

James approached the girl who is fresh out of junior college at the train station. He double checked the app where he contacted her and saw the text where she described what she is wearing.

Grey cotton shorts and a white singlet may be a common sight in Singapore but one where it comes with a nice pair of hairless legs and ample tits rare and few, especially when blessed with a beautiful face.

James felt his heart beat faster as he walked towards the girl and made eye contact while raising his phone, signalling to her that he is the man she is waiting for.

James : Hi…

Christine : Hi, here you go…

Christine handed over the bag of clothes the man bought off her via the app where 2nd hand goods of every type gets traded everyday.

James : Alright, thanks man.

James handed the cash over to the pretty girl and was about to walk off when she asked if he would like to check the items first.

Christine : ermmm, do you want to check the uniforms first? I put the collar pin separately in a ziplock bag…

James gave her a smile and told her it’s ok.

James : I’m sure everything is ok. Thanks for the uniforms.

He walked briskly away from the train station and towards the carpark a few minutes away.

Christine took the money and looked at the back view of the polite buyer of her old Junior college uniforms and PE attire. She wondered why a grown man will want a set of her old uniforms, especially when he don’t look like he has a daughter of similar school going age.

James drove quickly towards the condominium in a quiet suburb and parked right beside the private lift entrance. He got out of the car and checked the time on his watch, it’s coming to 9pm, he’s already 15 minutes late. His appointment is scheduled for 8.45pm.

When the lift door opened, James saw Yuna drinking water by the island kitchen. James dropped the bag in his hand and immediately got onto his knees.

James : I’m sorry Yuna, I’m sorry I was late…

James looked at his mistress who continued with her 2nd glass of water. He could feel his erection building as he looked at the glaze of perspiration on her body. A white sports bra with black stripes covered her breast while the criss crossed straps intersecting above her waist forced James’ eyes to look at how slim and flat Yuna’s tummy is.

A pair of damp dolphin shorts presented Yuna’s legs and thigh in the same league as how an omakase chef presents his food. Seeing the swallowing action as Yuna drank while glaring at him almost gave James a premature ejaculation.

James : I’m sorry. I…I went to get something along the way…i…I bought something …

Yuna : What did you buy ?

James quickly took the paper bag over and held it up like he was presenting some sacred scrolls to the emperor.

James : I…I bought some school uniforms from a girl who just graduated…

Yuna smiled and she walked over to her slave for the evening.

Like a snake, she slithered around James and hugged him from behind, whispering into his ears.

Yuna : The pervert James bought some 2nd hand school uniforms off some school girl, is that it? Mmmh?

James : arnghhh…yes…

Yuna’s right hand reached down for James’ erection and she started playing with his meat while continuing her verbal tease.

Yuna : Which school?

James: Hoo Chong Junior College…

Yuna : oooohhh… nice…is it because you like the colour? Mmmh?

James : arnghhhh..

Yuna stroked James’ meat while forcing him to verbalise his fetishes.

Yuna : It’s not the colours right…mmhhh?

James: arnghhh..no…

Yuna : You like it because it’s one of the top Junior college isn’t it?

James : arnghhhh yes…

Yuna : and the pervert inside you wants to smell how smart girls smell like? And you think you can smell them from their worn uniforms…? Mmmh?

James : argnhhhh..yes…yes…

Yuna : Not only do you want to smell their uniforms… you also want to…

James : arnghhhh…yes… yes…

Yuna stopped stroking James’ and squeezed onto the tip of his throbbing, excited penis from outside his pants.

She whispered softly into his ears, playing with him in the manner she knows turns him on the most.

Yuna : You want to wear them too…mmmh…?

James : arnghhh..yes…yes… I want to wear them…

Yuna : You sick pervert crossdresser…hurhurhur…

James : Yes…yes… I am sick…arnghhh…

Yuna : The girl you bought it from…is she pretty?

James : Yes…arnghhh

Yuna : Nice… pretty and smart…that turns you on doesn’t it? The brains…

James could feel precum leaking from his meat and he leaned back heavily against Yuna’s post gym body.

James : arhnnn..yes…yes…

Yuna smiled and she took a tuff of James hair before turning him around a little roughly.

James : arnghhhh!

Yuna looked at him in his eyes, giving him a stern expression which she knew he absolutely dig.

Yuna : Take off all your clothes James…now…

James nodded with a whimper and stripped down to his birthday suit, his throbbing cock bulged with excitement as he waited for the next set of instructions from his mistress.

Yuna removed her shorts, revealing a cleanly waxed vagina. Then with one smooth motion, she crossed her arms and lifted her perspiration soaked sports bra up over her head.

She threw the bra onto James’ face before turning towards the bathroom.

Yuna : You are not allowed to wear the school uniforms you just bought James… you shall wear what I just removed from my body…

Yuna gave James a grin that was quickly replaced by a stern glare.

Yuna : If you are not wearing my clothes when I come out of the shower, I will make sure you regret it…Is that clear?

James : yes… YES!!

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