With a pressing urge to satisfy his wife sharing fetish, James did the next best thing he could do without breaking the law. He engaged a staging service provider to play out his fantasy scenario. Everything looked so real, so perfect. It’s almost like the AI generated video is his wife herself.

James swiped on his phone through the endless tik tok videos while lying on the bed. From videos of girls gyrating their hips and dancing in sports bra, to deliberate attempts to position their bodies while clad in provocative clothing to create the perfect thirst trap post, you can literally find all manners of masturbating materials on the platform.

It’s modern day porn wrapped up and packaged with a bow for married men like James. He turned to look at his wife who is tired from a long day in the office. With her back turned at him, he knew it was going to be another futile attempt to try and rouse her for sex.

He will just have to take care of his needs on his own.

However, he has grow sick of masturbating to videos and pictures. The thrill is just not there anymore. He has a terabyte of leaked videos in his personal cloud but try seeing the same thing over and over again, you will eventually get bored.

There is only so many times you can look at the leaked video of a former influencer on her knees giving a blowjob before the images failed to garner a response from your penis.

James has tried everything from Jap AV to amateur webcams in order to satisfy his needs but to no avail.

He has a wife sharing kink though, however, it’s a fetish that his wife has no intention of indulging him in.

Melissa : I have done all your weird kinks and fetishes dear! What from school uniforms to sailor moon costumes, I even dressed up as tomb raider for fuck sake… I’m not doing any wife sharing or hot wife stuff! Period !

That was how the last conversation ended when James tried to broach the subject of trying something new in the bedroom, like the introduction of another man to spice things up.

James was about to scroll through another video when he saw an advertisement popping up on the app. He wanted to hit the skip button only to realized that it cannot be skipped. He will have to sit through the whole presentation if he wanted to continue watching the next video of two 18 year old in short skirt trying to take a video of themselves from bottom up.

‘Hello there, do you know 95% of successful, confident men have something in common?’

James sighed and grumbled under his breath.

James : Not another investment crap…

 ‘I bet you don’t, let me tell you what it is.’

James was about to put down his phone to grab a drink when he heard something that made his ears perk up.

‘95% of successful, confident men have a wife sharing fetish. Yes you heard that right. They want to share their wife.’

James sat up immediately from the bed and rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not seeing things, or in this case, hearing things.

He looked at the advertisement that has gone from a series of texts into a presentation by a charming looking man.

‘They crave to see their wife happy, satisfied and screaming in pleasure while taken by a stud. It’s true, wife sharing is a very common fetish.’

The timer on the forced ad ran out and the ‘skip’ button lit up, indicating to James that he can skip that particular video if he wanted to.

However, he remained glued to the screen, his eyes transfixed on the words that appeared in tandem to the man’s presentation.

‘And if are still with us by now, I know you get exactly what I mean. You crave to see your wife enjoying herself with another man. Perhaps she did not want to tell you about her past lovers, perhaps she refused to share about her sex life before she met you, but you cannot stop thinking about it yes?’

James subconsciously said yes to the video, feeling silly at his reply.

‘The more she refuses to tell you, the more curious you are. You are curious about how she has sex with her ex-boyfriends, you are curious about how she moan, or if she enjoyed herself more with them than you? You are curious how she looks while moaning in pleasure while having it delivered in deep hard thrust right into her sanctum.’

James : yes..yes!

‘And this urge festered and grew, you want to see it happen. Maybe you tried talking to your wife about your fetish, and trust me guys, you will face rejection. You will get rejected by your wife because why ?’

The man in the video smiled before lowering his voice.

‘Because you married a decent and sweet girl, one who you determined is wife material, someone who you will raise your kids and walked the rest of your life with. You did not marry a whore who will readily spread her legs for another man just for your fetish right? ‘

James : Yes of course… you are right..!

‘Besides, if your wife agrees readily to sleep with another man, it will take away the arousal and excitement, isn’t it?’

James nodded, agreeing with everything the presenter is saying. He felt as if he could read his mind.

‘Trust me, I know the dilemma you are in. On one hand, you really want to see her in bed with another man, on the other, you know that is something that will never happen. Not unless you want to end up on the news if you get my drift.’

James chuckled at the presenter, he like his sense of humor.

‘So what do we have here? A fetish that needs to be satisfied, and an uncooperative wife. Am I right?’

James : yes..yes you are right!

‘what if I can offer you the next best thing? What if I can offer you our staging service ? A service whereby our in house models, one which fits your wife’s profile in terms of height, weight and body shape dresses up in the same outfit as your wife?’

James could feel his heart racing as he listened intently to the presentation.

‘Imagine the model on your matrimonial bed, wearing exactly what you wife wore to office the day before from her lingerie to her heels…does that excite you? ‘

James nodded eagerly, waiting for the man in the video to continue.

‘imagine that woman being pounded by a stud, a man with chiseled abs and a hard cock while you take a video of what is happening. With a bit of clever editing, who will know that is not your wife?’

The man on the screen broke out an evil grin and James could feel the excitement rising in his gut.

‘will your friends know it’s not her?’

James: No!

‘will your wife’s colleagues know it’s not her?’

James : No!

‘Imagine showing that video, less the face of course to a close friend, telling him that you caught your wife fucking another man on your matrimonial bed…imagine showing that to your relatives when filing for a divorce. Imagine, masturbating to a video like this, where your beautiful sweet wife in her office clothes is being taken hard, moaning loud while being fucked by the security guard that patrols your condo. It may not be real, but in your mind, you can make it as real as you want it to be.’

‘And we will help you stage everything. We will take care of every detail from the length of the model’s hair right down to her manicured nails. We will find a talent with facial features as close as we can to that of your wife. You want to see that smooth fair yellow skin of your sweet wife under the coal dark skin of a foreign worker? Do you ? hahaha.’

‘if you would like to find out more, click on the link below to our very special staging service’

The man did a swipe of his arms and a web link appeared at the bottom of the video before finishing up his presentation with a final sentence.

‘Are you my friend… one of the successful and confident 95%?’

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