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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

Christmas season was looking good for Melissa, as a student who also models part-time. Many firms were looking to come up with some promotional activity for the festive season and Melissa had already participated in various shoots thus far. A healthy injection of funds into her abysmal bank account.

See, the problem with Melissa’s modelling career is that she’s average in an industry brimming with attractiveness. On the streets, Melissa will probably turn most heads, but in the industry she had nothing special. She’s ethnically chinese, like 70% of the models, has decent height, long hair, is generally slim and fair like most others, without being especially gifted/asset-heavy anywhere in particular.

Her latest job for the season required her to wear a bikini, but Melissa wasn’t exactly worried as it wasn’t her first time and the expected earnings were good. The whole concept for the club was to promote the place for Christmas, with the special being bikini-donning service staff. In fact, Melissa had already finished the shoot for the physical and online posters, a rather cute and sexy idea where the models had to individually and collectively pose in red bikinis, heels and Santa hats.

All that is left now is for the actual day’s work, which Melissa was told could entail more remuneration since they will be allowed to keep all the tips that they’d received. It was all good fun for Melissa, especially since she had the chance to learn basic cocktails from actual bartenders for the upcoming event. Playing with alcohol that she’d never even drunk before, trying out cocktails specials that were created for the event specifically, Melissa was in fact quite looking forward to it (and the tips).

In the blink of an eye, the long-awaited day arrived for Melissa. Dolling up at the resting quarters alongside other not very well-known models, Melissa scoffed internally at all the make-up, bra padding that they were putting on. Who were they trying to impress in a nightclub where most people could barely see you?

Come showtime, the club was instantly packed to the brim with party-goers trying to have a good time this Christmas. One simply could not walk from point A to point B within the club without bumping or scraping past another human being.

Working at the bar counter, Melissa was happily mixing her drinks, trying to put on her best smile in the hopes for more tips. Sadly, despite the festive season, no one was in a tipping mood, in turn leaving Melissa in a rather sour mood.

“Hey Mel, drinks order for VIP table 2 just came in. Could you prepare them and send them over?” the manager called.

“Oh sure, lemme have a look.”

A few gin and tonics, some specials here and there, trays of tequila shots, nothing too difficult for Melissa. She was thrilled at the prospect of delivering drinks to a VIP table. Surely if any tips were to be earned tonight, it had to be from a VIP table right? Those are probably either really rich people, or rather influential people to be able to get a VIP table on Christmas eve. Probably both?

Enthusiastically, Melissa gathered all the required drinks on one of those huge, round and brown serving trays typically used by waiters serving courses in hotel wedding dinners. It was heavy and required much effort from Melissa to carry.

Careful and fearful of the crowd, Melissa embarked on her journey to the VIP table on the far side of the dance floor.

She could barely take two steps before brushing by someone or having someone bump into her, putting her drinks in a rather precarious state. Each time was a mild scare or a near-miss as Melissa focused on her task, which was not made easy with the heels that they had to wear for tonight’s assignment

About halfway through her route, the crowd got worse and Melissa had to fight tooth and nail to forge ahead. Squeezing past high or drunk party-goers, she would frequently be knocked into, either accidentally or intentionally given that she was after all, only wearing heels and a bikini. Soon, Melissa began to realise it may no longer be innocent body contact that she was receiving. Rather, some were intentionally bumping into her, or copping a feel of her much-exposed ass as she squeezed by.

To Melissa’s horror, with each passing bump or palm, she could feel her bikini bottoms getting looser, presumably from all the grinding. Little did she know, some of those exploratory hands were indeed tugging at the knots of her outfit, loosening them bit by bit on both sides.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Melissa gritted her teeth and persevered through the crowd, hoping to reach her destination quickly without any more hiccups.

Unfortunately, fate was not on Melissa’s side as her bottoms came completely free as she was 80% through. She looked down in desperation to see where it could have gone, but the human tide was unstoppable and she was quickly swept along, away from where her bottoms were left.

Completely barren below, her forest trimmed to a clean, straight strip, Melissa was at a loss. The drinks were still in her hands and she still had her task. Turning back now would entail going through the massive crowd bottomless again, with her task failed and no tips. Whereas persevering a little and she’d reach her destination, albeit missing one important piece of clothing.

Melissa chose the latter, sealing her fate for the rest of the evening.

Unbeknownst to Melissa, it was not only the knots of her bottoms that were coming loose. So when she finally turned up at the VIP table, she was instantly the center of attention as both the male and female VIP guests stared at her completely exposed mound.

“Wow! Talk about special service man!” Melissa heard one of them say.

Bending over to clear some space for the tray, it was the exact moment her the knot of the bikini top came undone, the straps snapping open and out in front.

“AHHH! NOO!” Melissa exclaimed.

“Whooo! Damn girl!” Cheered her guests as the rest of Melissa came into view.

“Come come let us help you.” Two of the male guests called out.

Thinking that they were coming to her rescue, Melissa was so grateful, until the two guys surrounded her and instead of helping her take the drinks off the tray onto the table, they instead helped themselves to her, fully pulling off her bikini top and tossing it into the crowd.

Having nothing but her Santa hat and heels on, blood drained from Melissa’s face at the situation.

Before she could react, Melissa was roughly shoved into the crowd, the two male VIPs following closely behind her.

They were quick to take advantage of the helpless student, who could only shield herself desperately with her arms across her chest and groin. However, that barely did anything as Melissa quickly felt two fingers shoving into her cunt from behind, causing her to wince at the sudden intrusion.

She attempted to push the hand away, but her arms were quickly gotten hold of by strong hands, leaving her unable to defend herself.

Her body was plundered, her neck, shoulders, waist all touched and harassed as she could only look on desperately at the bar that now seemed so far away. People surrounded her on every front, leaving her unable to leave the situation.

The fingers in her cunt were working vigorously to get a reaction from her, which a young body like hers quickly surrendered to. Before Melissa knew it, she was soaking wet, her breasts attacked and her womanhood wanting more.

Closure came quickly as Melissa was bent forward and penetrated right there in the middle of the dance floor from behind. Her breasts swung wildly at the rough action as she moaned hard against her will.

Usually, something like this will result in the action being tossed out of the club immediately. However, Melissa was wearing the Santa hat that identified her as staff, and the guy fucking her was an important VIP so the action was never interrupted.

In fact, it got worse as the other VIP took his turn with her when the first finished deep within Melissa, earning a deep-throated groan from Melissa when she felt jets spurting into her tubes.

Disoriented, Melissa felt someone grab her chin in a tight vice and pour drinks down her throat while the action behind continued.

Melissa had no idea how long she had been fucked or how many shots she drained when the club spotlight shone right at her. The light blinded her eyes and she squinted at the rude intrusion. Little did she realise that the scene of her getting roughed up was now being projected onto the screen as the DJ focused the club’s attention at the model who was getting fucked right in the middle of the club.

This only garnered more attention as now men were pushing to get close to the action, an even worse rate for Melissa. Spitroasted for the first time in her life, Melissa could only close her eyes in embarrassment as the screen showed multiple men using her at the same time, groping, biting, licking any part of her body available.

When the music stopped and the lights came on, Melissa had lost everything. Her Santa hat and heels were long gone, alongside any ounce of self-respect she may have had. She laid lifeless on the ground, no longer bothered enough to hide her nakedness when the lights came on.

Silently, someone picked her up, the fate of the rest of her night unknown…