Titles of a longer length release will be marked with (LL) at the back of it’s title. (LL) titles span between 2-4 releases. The longer length allows for better character development and more detailed scenes for build up.

Follow James as he journeys through the 18 levels of hell in this mythical and magical journey. If you enjoy works like Magic, this should be right up your alley. This title contains erotica, scenes of gore and carnage. If you are offended by certain cultural practices, demons, ghosts and gods, give this a miss.

If not, i promise this will be an interesting journey through hell with James.

James held onto the bra in his hand and he ran as fast as he could down the stairs.

‘Stop him!’

‘Stop that fucking bra and panty thief’

He jumped down half a flight of stairs, landing on both feet.

‘Stop him!’

James could hear more and more neighbours joining the chase. It may be the middle of the night but the commotion is waking more households up. He heard a loud slam of metal gate and almost slammed right into the old man that walked out of the house.


James : get the fuck out of my way!

James cannot stop, he has to keep going.

Each flight of stairs has 10 steps, he literally flew down 5 steps before jumping the rest of the way while using the railings as support.

Landing on the ground floor, James stumbled and almost fell forward as he waved his hands about to catch his balance. Stumbling forward into the grass turfing, James almost went head first into the incense burner commonly found at the bottom of HDB estates.

The flames from that one right in front of him is still burning, with flames licking half a meter up into the air. He stepped across burnt offerings and kicking over candles as he cut across the large piece of green and towards the road.

He could hear the commotion behind him as more residents came out of their houses. James dashed onto the road with the bra in his hand and by the time the blare of the horn reached his ears, all he could see were the bright headlights of the container truck.

James : fuck! aGHHHHHH!

The truck rammed into James, mowing him down beneath it’s carriage before it’s wheels went over his head. The driver heard the sickening crunch as he shouted while righting his steering wheel for control.

He felt his rear wheel go over James’ body once more before the truck came to a stop.

The residents stopped by the side of the road, all of them too shocked to move another step forward. The driver of the truck did not dare to get out of his vehicle. His heart is thumping so fast he thought he is getting a heart attack.

It’s not his fault, he thought to himself.

That man just jumped out into the road without warning. He has a dash cam on board, the camera can proof he is innocent. He is also sure his truck is within the speed limit too.

Still, as the reality of what just happened sink into the driver, he found himself trembling as he looked at his large side mirror.

A long trail of blood could be seen on the road along with the mangled body of the victim. In the hand of the victim held a woman’s lacy bra.


James felt thing stinging stab in his body before everything around him became woozy and surreal. The next thing he knew, he was standing on the opposite site of the road.

He could see his own mangled body under the truck. People started screaming. Vehicles came to a halt and several motorist got out of the vehicle.

James could not believe his eyes as he looked at his own hands. He feels ok, he touched his own body. There’s not a single scratch on him either.

James : Hey…hey everyone… I’m ok…

He walked across the road and started waving to the residents by the side of the road. Everyone ignored him.

James saw the driver of the truck come down. The driver’s leg gave way and he collapsed onto the floor when he saw the mangled body, the spilled guts and open skull of the man he rolled over.

James : Hey..! HEY!…I’m ok!…i’m…I’m…

James stopped talking as he looked at the figure coming towards him. A figure that is impossible to ignore. A man with the head of a horse.

James : What the fuck….

The figure rode a motorcycle and he seemed to pass through every obstacle along the way. It didn’t matter if the obstacle is a human or a vehicle, he just passed right through.

As if the sight is not bizarre enough, James heard the roar of a super car behind him. Turning around, he saw a BMW Z4 racing towards him on the road that is against traffic flow.

The car swerved and drifted on it’s side before stopping three feet away from where James is standing. The driver for that vehicle is a figure with the head of a bull.

James : No fucking way…

James muttered as he backed away from the two figure who are staring at him.

James : 你好。我的名字是。。

Horseface : Fuck you James… we speak English..

Oxhead : Get in the fucking car.

James : I’m dead…I’m dead…? I’m really dead…?

The two figures looked at James’s mangled body before turning to his soul.

Oxhead : What the fuck do you think that looks like to you ?

Horseface : Your physical self is no more James, what is left is just your soul.


James shouted and backed away from the two figures. Shaking his head and cursing out loud, he refused to accept the reality of what just happened.

James : NO…NO… please no…! The ambulance is coming… the paramedics are on their way I’m sure!

Oxhead : You think a doctor can put that together again?

Oxhead said while nudging James’ body with his foot.

James : Don’t do that! That’s my fucking body!

Horseface : You’re a mess of flesh and bones on the street James… it’s going to take a while to scrap you off the ground…

Oxhead : Come on let’s go… we have a schedule to meet…!

James:  NO..no…no! please…wait..wait…wait….

James kicked and struggled but was lifted off the ground by the two figures and forcibly strapped into the sports car that no one else could see except him.

He tried to release the safety belt but it will not come off.

The engine roared into life and James asked where are they taking him.

Oxhead revved the engine and James could feel the seat vibrate.

Oxhead : We’re going straight to hell James…We’re going straight to hell..

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