The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

There are no lack of depraved individuals on this island and i happen to chance upon one other on reddit. ‘Paperstarred’ is that sweet, sheltered girl who is the embodiment of everything prim, proper and demure. In formal wear, i have no doubt she can pass off as a politician or a young C-suite level staff. Working from home in her t-shirt and panties, she is that stay home girlfriend all guys want to have. No longer a sweet young thing, but not yet at the MILF level, i would say the world inside Paperstarred’s twisted mind is a lot darker than mine.

Writes on Reddit

Nick : Paperstarred

The only thing Andrea could do was lie there and cry. Her feeble attempts at struggling were long exhausted, her screams for help and pleas for mercy had been ignored all night, and all she could do was to lie there, defeated and broken, and hope that the men would be done soon.

Her wrists were now gripped tight together in front of her, not that she was still struggling anyway, having given up on fighting by now, but the man using her liked how it felt to restrain her. Andrea’s legs were spread wide, the man raping her pinning her down with his own legs as he pounded his cock hard into her cunt, making her whimper with each hard thrust into her.

Hours ago, she had been out for dinner with her friends to celebrate her completion of her final University exams. Dressed in a demure, pristine white dress, Andrea had done her makeup to perfection and headed out for a night with them.

Sure, she had stayed out a little too late, but she was already 23 and about to enter the working world. Shouldn’t she behave like an adult? Besides, nothing had ever happened to her at her area.

Those thoughts were all forgotten now as she lay there sobbing, feeling the hard thrusting into her. Andrea’s lovely dress was now rags, having been used to tie her up, choke her, or for wiping clean. Her bra and panties were discarded too, the men having gagged her with them at first but then removing it so they could fuck her innocent looking face. Andrea lay there on her back naked, her surprisingly decent sized breasts bouncing as she was pounded, her body covered in bruises from being brutally groped all night.

The man raping her began to pound faster. Andrea whimpered and pleaded but she knew they wouldn’t care, the men laughing instead as the one fucking her thrust hard into her, then began flooding her with cum, Andrea groaning in horror and defeat as she felt the hot thick spurts flooding her womb, her cunt clenching and milking his cock from her instinctive attempts to fight him off. She was innocent and inexperienced, but she knew enough to know that there was a good chance her rapists had knocked her up by now- having been raped countless times raw all night.

The man pulled out, laughing at Andrea as she slumped limp, a frothy mess of cum and her juices dribbling out of her cunt, churned up remains of the countless fucking she had taken all night. The men had forcefully shaved her bush earlier to make her look more fuckable, and her cunt hurt from how many times she had been raped all night. As her latest rapist wiped himself off with a shred of Andrea’s dress, another poured some of his stale beer over her face, making her squeal a little and squirm, forced to wake up instead of spacing out.

Andrea had been taking a short cut past the construction site along her way home when the men first saw her. She had begun to walk faster when they began calling out to her and whistling, but in heels, there was only so much speed she could have, especially when they chased her down and pinned her to the floor.

Dragging their prize back, her screams stifled by one of their tshirts, Andrea soon found herself pinned to the floor inside a shack made of metal sheets as her captors chattered away, drinking and helping to strip her naked, their lust inflamed by having a pretty undergrad at their mercy, cocks hard and ready to defile an innocent girl. Her screams when they took her virginity soon faded to whimpers, only to escalate to screams again as they taught her how to suck their cocks while using a lit cigarette to encourage her to learn faster.

Andrea’s defiance had crumbled quickly enough. She had no idea how long she had been there, lost in an endless haze of having her body groped, her cunt fucked and taking cock in her mouth. She had almost refused to rim the men, but a lit cigarette to her cunt solved that refusal within seconds.

Andrea just wanted the night to end, but she was far from done. The men continued to drink, leaving her lying there naked, leaking cum and crying, but she caught snippets of them pointing at her and motioning bending over. It couldn’t be that…not what her friends at school had joked about…right?

Andrea began struggling frantically as the men reapproached her and flipped her over, positioning her on her knees bent over, one of them gripping her wrists and pulling them behind her. Her exhaustion was an afterthought, replaced by sheer panic as she felt a probing at her asshole, the only hole left untouched all night.

“No no no no please i’ll do anything i’ll suck you all off again i’ll let you use my vagina please just not there anywhere but – YAAAARGH! NOO! AGH! PLEASEEEE!!!”

Andrea’s shrill screams filled the air, the men laughing and recording her as she arched her back, screaming herself hoarse, her eyes rolled as the man deflowering her asshole worked his way in thrust by thrust, Andrea being so tight that by the time only half his cock was up her ass, she slumped forward limp, her head lolling, a string of drool hanging from her open mouth.

The rapists laughed. They had chosen their thickest and longest member to be Andrea’s first assfuck. While no one was keeping score, Andrea’s cunt had been raped 12 times already, and her mouth 10 times. But taking the assfuck proved to be the final straw for her.

Not that they cared. Andrea was snapped out of her unconscious refuge by a sharp pain as they jabbed a cigarette into her nipples, then poured cold water on her head, making her snap back to reality, sobbing as she felt how full her asshole was.

“Please…stop…take it out…NGH! Please! Use anywhere else! Please! Stop! No no what are you doing DON’T DO THAT! NOO! PLEASE! DON’T MAKE ME- UHHHH! NOOOO!”

Andrea squealed as the man using her began to rub her clit with one hand, the other hand still gripping her wrists. It was a trick the men had learned from raping other girls- getting them turned on to loosen up their bodies and take cock easier.

Andrea had been kept on the edge all night, the men’s brutal rape of her cunt stimulating her for sure, but the horror of it all being too much to let her fully reach orgasm. The buildup and pent up frustration repressed by her trauma betrayed her, her body responding to its baser instincts as her rapist continued to rub her clit, then began fingering her and pressing on her G-spot while he leaned over and licked her neck, Andrea shuddering and crying as she futilely tried to fight her body’s urges.

Arching her back, she squealed as she came hard, bucking her hips, involuntarily backing herself onto the cock up her ass and taking it to the base, screaming from the pain of a full cock up her ass and the pleasure of her shameful orgasm. Her cunt squirted all over the floor, flushing out some of the cum still in her as she shuddered and cried.

“You like? More?” The man up her ass laughed, continuing to finger Andrea.

“No…no just take it out…please don’t make me do that…you can rape me but just don’t- UH! NO! NOOO! UGHHHHH!”

By the time the man raping Andrea’s ass came in her, flooding her guts with cum, she had been forced to orgasm another 3 times, each shameful climax caught on camera as the men filmed her cumming while being assraped. He pulled out of Andrea with a wet pop, then made her lick him clean. Andrea subserviently knelt and licked, her resistance completely broken by now. The next man ready to go came over and pulled Andrea back into the doggy position, Andrea crying and just completely broken, knowing that they were going to keep going, sobbing as she felt another cock push into her asshole.

By the time her third assfuck was over, Andrea was barely conscious, her spirited sobbing reduced to weak gasps and whimpers as she sucked on the latest cock to cum in her ass, licking it clean while cum dribbled out of her gaping asshole. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take, or whether the men would keep going, and was too spaced out to notice that there were now additional men in the shed, having been called over by their friends to sample Andrea’s lovely body.

As the next man pulled Andrea over, making her straddle his cock, she could barely hold the squatting position, collapsing to her knees with a whimper, her entire body cramping from the exhaustion.

“Eh eh. Cannot stop.”

One of the men gripped Andrea’s jaw and forced her mouth open, pouring in some of their foul-tasting beer followed by some Red Bull.


Andrea’s pleas were ignored. Her reluctance to keep going was soon broken when one of her captors undid his belt and looped it around her neck. Yanking on it, Andrea’s strangled cries filled the night as she forced herself to ride the cock impaling her sloppy cum filled cunt. An ear piercing shriek was followed by the laughter of the rapists as another of them knelt behind her and thrust himself up her ass, making her spasm and shake from the feeling of being stuffed full of cock, her moans and panting next to be muffled as one of them shoved his cock in her mouth and began to fuck her face.

Everything hurt. Kept barely conscious by the beer and energy drink, Andrea wavered on the edge of exhaustion and unconsciousness, forcing herself to keep trying to move her hips and keep her mouth open, completely defeated and just wanting to keep them happy to avoid more choking or punishment. They used her. They came in her. Andrea was fucked airtight over and over again, while her hands were stretched out and made to stroke off cocks too.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of cock after cock, Andrea finally woke up lying in a corner, leaking cum from every hole, in a puddle of piss. As she shakily pulled herself into a seated position against the wall of the shack, she noticed that it was night time again, and there was a new group of men seated at the other end passing around beers and playing cards. One of them, pausing to take a swig of his beer, noticed her moving, and dropped his cards.

“Hey, she’s awake!”

Leering at Andrea, the men stood up and approached her, their cocks tenting in their pants at the sight of her huddled in the corner, naked, pathetic and beginning to have a panic attack as they pulled her up and led her into the center of the room.

Andrea’s sobbing and screaming would continue late into the night.