Titles of a longer length release will be marked with (LL) at the back of it’s title. (LL) titles span between 2-3 releases. The longer length allows for better character development and more detailed scenes for build up.

This title contains erotic scenes of humiliation, cuckold, crossdressing, interracial sex and it’s essentially a journey of a sweet innocent wife down the path of debauchery while being used as an Arab cum dump in front of her husband. If the above makes you uncomfortable, please give it a miss.

If not, Join James as he witness his wife slipping slowly into the abyss of money, gold and sheer opulence provided by her employer in return for her body and soul.

If you enjoyed old classics like My adventure in the office or My good friend’s marriage, this is a piece you would want to check out. Spread over 3 updates, it’s has a less ‘hurried’ plot development with interesting characters. Besides the usual perverted James, there is also a sadistic Sheik, a Japanese colleague Maiko, the sweet beautiful wife Lydia and a myriad of characters that will come into the picture.

Part 1 – 9700 words

Part 2 – 10200 words

Part 3 – 12300 words

My wife Lydia and I work for a private family office after graduating from university. It’s a small office of eight, consisting of mostly foreigners and colleagues from the UAE. Lydia is the only Singaporean women in the office while I’m the only Singaporean male.

Everyone got alone fine and I have to say, I really enjoyed working in the company. Especially when it’s the place where I got together with Lydia. Perhaps being the only two locals in the company made it easier for us to gravitate towards each other.

We started dating within 5 months of knowing each other, and with the blessings of our boss, Sheik Rasid, we got married.

Now we all know how sensitive these issues are when it comes to working in a small office, thankfully, Sheik Rasid is very cool about it. As long as our work is not affected, he is fine with staff dating each other.

Lydia is someone that looks near impossible to have at first glance. Let me give you a glimpse of what kind of woman she is. Hailing from an all girls’ school from Primary to Secondary, she is brought up properly in a strict family. A good pedigree to start with.

In university, not only is she active in gymnastics, she is also a cheer leader. In fact, if you go on Tik Tok or search some keywords on youtube, you will surely see some of Lydia’s training videos.

Videos of her balancing on her teammates while her spotters and base looks up at her smooth hairless legs disappearing up her short FBT shorts are a dime a dozen.

While everyone looked as if they are really looking out for her safety, I could tell their minds are drifting towards somewhere else. Her legs, her toned thighs, the ways her shorts flare up and reveal the safety shorts inside, the colourful sports bra and those specks of perspiration on her healthy skin. Those are the things her friends and teammates are looking at.

Her perspiration-soaked sports bra, her underarms glistening with sweat, the matted fringes on her forehead and the tight core of hers, those are the reasons why everyone is clamoring to help her when she falls.

All of them wants to cop a feel of her body. It didn’t matter if it’s a graze of her thigh, or a quick rub of her arm. The attention is always on Lydia.

All of these made her so desirable that hardly a week goes by without her getting hit on by strangers along the street. Lydia had a long line of suitors, from classmates as far back as Junior college, to seniors within the same school in university, everyone wanted Lydia. She is always the center of attention.

Blessed with naturally long eye lashes, big round eyes and chic oriental features one would expect from a modern Singaporean woman, Lydia’s only short coming would be her breast.

It’s a modest B cup, something that I would have love for it to be bigger. Other than that, she is practically perfect in every way.

Lydia is the prim and proper girl every guy wants to bring home to their parents, and I consider myself really luck to be the man that succeeded. I was Lydia’s first boyfriend, we gave each other our virginity on our wedding night.

We followed the rules. Proposal, followed by balloting for a flat, then comes the wedding banquet and the honeymoon. We checked all the boxes. I have never been happier in my life.

Just when I thought everything is set for a happy ending for Lydia and me, something happened.

Our lives fell into a downward spiral.

And like the snare of quicksand, it’s a spiral we cannot get out of.

To make things worse, I was there every step of the way. I was there beside my wife as she slowly gets forced into situations she don’t want to be in.

And I was there to witness her transformation from a petite and sweet girl next door, into a sexy vixen that craves sex and accepts her role as an Arab cumdump.

This is not your typical wife sharing story. Given a choice, which man would want to share his wife?

Which man will want to see his wife in the arms of another man?

However, if there is one thing I learnt while working for Sheik Rasid, is whatever the Sheik wants, the Sheik gets.

And unfortunately for Lydia and me, he wakes up one day and decides that he wants my wife.

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