Juliette has a plumbing issue. After getting the plumbers up to her place, she soon realised that not having enough cash at home to pay for the repairs is the least of her worries

Switching on the light in the bathroom, Juliette stepped in with here eyes barely opened. Lowering her sleep shorts, she yawned and sat down on the toilet seat.

A warm stream of pee left her body as she relieved the pressure from her bladder. She has resisted the urge to wake up and pee in the middle of the night, choosing to sleep it off.

The sound of distant thunder rolled across the sky as Juliette stretched herself on the toilet seat. Unrolling a few pieces of scented toilet roll, she dried herself down south before pulling up her shorts.

Turning on the tap to wash her hands, she heard a few loud spurts before a stream of yellowish water started spitting out from the tap.

Juliette : arghhhh… not again.

The workers have been trying to fix a leaking water tank on the roof for the past week. The neighbours on her stack of units are having issues with their water for the past few days.

She stopped the tap and was about to head to the kitchen when she heard this weird hissing sound. Tracking the source of the hiss, she opened the cabinet below her sink where she keeps her spare toilet rolls and sanitary pads.

She saw the water inlet pipe leaking and there is a strong stream of water being squeeze out in between the white tapes of the connecting joint.

Juliette : Oh come on…It’s a freaking weekend…arnghhh!

She went to touch the leak and tried to see if she could tighten the connection on her own.

The already brittle joint gave way with a loud snap.

Water gushed out from the pipe, sending a stream of cold water straight into Juliette’s face.

Juliette : arghhhhhhhhh!

She tried to reach the valve but it was too hard for her to shut it. Screaming frantically as the bathroom starts to flood, she tried everything, using a rag to stop the leak to getting a pail to cover the endless stream of water.

None of it worked. The water kept coming.

Totally drenched and dripping wet, Juliette went to her fridge and looked at the number of a handy man on a magnet that she received in the mailbox.

She had used the magnet to hold up food delivery coupons and ads all these while. She never expect that she will have a need to call the number listed on it.

It connected within three rings.

Juliette : hi I have a burst pipe under the sink. I don’t have the strength to shut off the valve. Can you send someone over quick ?

She gave the man her address and was informed that they have a team 10 minutes away.

Juliette : Oh thank god. Thank you.

Heading back to the bathroom, Juliette did what she could to stop the water from spilling out to the living room. By the time the doorbell rang, she was totally drenched from head to toe.

Opening the door, she saw two Indian men with their toolboxes.

Juliette : Come in quick. It’s going to flood the whole place.

The two workers followed Juliette into the bathroom and it took them less than a minute to shut off the water.

Juliette : oh thank god. Thank you. Ermm… Raja.

She said while looking at the name on the worker’s uniform while dripping wet like she was drenched in the rain.

Raja : No problem madam.

Raja called out to his friend Manesh and said something in their native tongue.

Raja : My friend Manesh go down to car, he take spare parts.

Juliette : ok sure.

Juliette remained at the bathroom, watching Raja work on replacing the burst pipes. She has left her door opened, Manesh can come up after he is done grabbing the parts.

Raja’s phone rang and Juliette could hear Manesh talking to Raja in their native tongue. She assumed they were talking about which pipes or joint to bring up, perhaps also how much to charge her for the plumbing works. She only has less than $100 in cash at home, it’s going to be embarrassing if she don’t have enough to pay them for the repairs.

Perhaps she can do a bank transfer or something.

When Manesh came back up with the parts, Juliette heard Manesh close the door behind him. She heard him lock the gate as well. Curious as to why would he do that, she walked out to see Manesh securing her gate with his own lock.

Juliette : Hey!.. what are you doing!

Manesh shut the door behind him and gave her a smile while looking at her body.

Juliette walked over to Raja, she wants to tell him what his colleague has done, but before she could do that, she looked at herself in the mirror.

She’s not wearing a bra, or a panty under her sleep clothes. The thin material of the top and shorts, after being drenched with water, is practically transparent.

Having been occupied with trying to stop the leak, she totally forgot about the state she is in.

Looking at the dark spots of her aerola and nipple, coupled with her tuff of neatly trimmed pubes below, Juliette then made eye contact with the two plumbers.

As the reality slowly sink in, Juliette realized that not having enough cash to pay the plumbers is going to the least of her worries.

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