Post update 2/5/2022

Gentle reminder to all subscribers.

Come 1/7/2022, i will be working towards releases of longer titles every now and then.

Please that some titles may span over 2-3 Fridays for the whole story to develop. These will be made known in advance.

The site will still be updated every Friday, either with a standalone title, or an episode of a longer piece.

Title cycling will continue every month to keep the offerings fresh for new and existing subscribers.

Moving forward, you can look forward to short works similar to the ones you are reading now (7-11k words), to longer pieces with less hurried character development and more developed plot lines (20-35k words).

Individual purchases of longer titles will be made available once it has been fully released.

James S

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and i think it’s time to make some changes to the subscription model in June 2022.

Instead of recycling old ideas that will eventually get dry, i would rather work towards creating new worlds and plots with longer stories instead of just weekly short works.

8-10k words is not enough for characters to develop properly.

Eventually everyone will get sick of the type of plots and story revolving around erotica, wife sharing, non consensual, blackmail etc. How many sister in laws can i blackmail before it gets stale?

Or how many wives can i possibly share and how many other imaginary characters can i force non-consensual encounters on before the story starts sounding like a scripture being chanted by a pre-recorded soundtrack?

I’m sure you get the drift.

I want to work on longer pieces with more detailed plot development. I’ve been experimenting a little and looking though my past works. i think 20-40k words will be a nice target to work towards for a short novel. One that allows for readers to connect better with the protagonist and other supporting roles. It also allows for better character development.

For example say, A pinch of salt

A pinch of salt is a short novel about 20000 words, there’s family drama, proper character introduction with erotica all rolled into one.

My love from the star vista, also a family drama with a bit of action and plenty of erotica, this has about 110000 words. The characters are richer, with thicker plots and sub plots with plenty of twists along the way, but a story of this length and plot takes months of work to develop and conceptualize, not to mention a large chunk of My love from the star vista was written in Hong Kong when i’m on a holiday with plenty of spare time.

Currently, there are new titles being released every Friday.

Even when i’m in the midst of releasing a full length work like Skills future or a episodic series like District , weekly releases of standalone titles still continues.

I want to move towards releasing longer pieces with better plot lines. This also mean a gradual move away from standalone titles every Friday. However, having updates every Friday will continue to be the norm until i can write full time.

This may mean either a release of a new standalone title, or episodes from a ongoing series.

This update will allow me to dedicate more time to longer titles with more developed plots.

I understand this change might impact decisions to keep a subscription going but i feel it’s a necessary change. I’m also not very happy with some of the recent titles i released too.

It’s not going to be a overnight change, don’t worry.

I intend to keep things status quo until June 2022. That will give all subscribers plenty of time to decide if you wish to unsub and get individual works, or continue the subscription for weekly Friday updates. Titles will also be cycled in and out regularly on schedule to keep the offerings fresh for new subscribers.

I will post another reminder 1 month before it kicks in so there’s ample time to make your decision.

Thank you to all who have supported my writing all these while, either though subscription or individual titles.

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There is also an ongoing sale at for rebooted full length work ( Non-erotic ). Do check them out.

Here’s wishing all a happy, healthy and prosperous CNY 2022.

Huat ah!

James S