James finally receives his citizenship after working in Singapore for more than a decade. He intends to celebrate it with a bang.

This piece contains a large amount of Hokkien lingos, Chinese & Singlish

James held onto the wrist of the sex worker Lily he is having intercourse with above her head. Keeping his breathing steady, he continued thrusting his penis into her vagina.

Standing around the bed, are four pimps, each from one of the most established legal whorehouses in Geylang. Four tattooed men, cigarette in hand stood with their arms folded as they looked at James go.

Lily is one of ‘angpai’ (Top girl) operating in Geylang. Hailing from Penang, Lily has been plying her trade in Geylang for the past year.

Lily bit down on her lips as she tried to tighten the grip of her vagina walls but her well trained muscles are no match for James’ relentless thrusting. She could feel vigor of youth, the angst of a middle age man, and the experience of a seasoned whore mongering adult all rolled into one in James.

He has been thrusting into her non-stop for 8 minutes. It might be sound like a lot but non-stop thrusting for 8 minutes is a big deal for Lily when 90% of her clients finishes in 5 minutes with multiple changes in position.

Lily has always pride herself in being able to control her own emotions and body such that the men will always climax before her. However with James, she is no longer sure.

His thrusting, the power of the delivery, it was mind numbingly good. It reminded her of what it is like to be a little girl. It reminded Lily of the time she first had sex with her boyfriend in school, both of them tasting the forbidden fruit for the first time.

James let go of Lily’s hand and held up her legs by her ankles. He continued thrusting hard, filling the room with the flopping smack of body against body.

James first set food in Singapore from New Delhi, India. He came here as a painter, working for a small construction firm. While others like him are contented with just painting, James is not.

He picked up skills and languages fast, doing everything his fellow country men refused to do. He practiced English, Singlish, Dialect and Chinese with anyone who is willing to speak with him.

In a matter of years, he gained the trust and appreciation of his boss who sent him for driving lessons. He began ferrying workers around on top of his painting duties.

Still, he is not satisfied with just a higher pay and more responsibilities. He knew he is destined for more in life.

Lily finally gave up trying to suppress her moans and started screaming out loud in pleasure. A unique kind that can only be delivered by the forceful thrust of a thick, veiny penis covered with skin that is as smooth and dark as premium chocolate.

Lily : ernghhhh..ernghhhh..ernghhhhh!

Her moans sent trembles into the shaking fingers of the pimps around the bed.

Dan lit up another before his first is finished. Nam put out his stick and turned to his friend cum competitor running another whorehouse down the road. Wayne. Both of them exchanged a look but said nothing. Ben was the first to speak.

Ben : James bro, she is made of flesh and blood ok ? go easy on her.

Lily : ernghhh..ernghhhh..ernghhhh!

Lily’s screams is getting a pitch higher and she is tethering on the edge of an explosive orgasm. One in a magnitude that she has not experienced in years. Yet James kept going, barely breaking a sweat.

James hugged onto both of Lily’s legs and thrust away.

He has worked hard for Singapore, building houses and infrastructure for the country. From a work pass holder, he skilled up. He learned whatever the boss wants him to. From a painter, he became a site manager, graduating from being a pass holder to getting permanent residency in Singapore after 12 years.

Of course a blemish free record helped.

James stopped thrusting but before Lily could catch her breath, he flipped her over and entered her again, sending her screaming in orgasmic bliss as he did her doggy while holding onto both her wrist.

You would have thought permanent residency is the furthest James could achieve but he is not done. He wants more.

After 18 years in Singapore, he has gotten the coveted pink IC. He is now a Singapore citizen.

And he intends to celebrate it with a bang.

Lily’s vision blurred and she finds herself smiling uncontrollably. She has serviced hundreds of men and although she moaned like each of those men took her to heaven with their tool, it was all an act.

It’s what she do.

For James however, it’s different.

He is not sending her to heaven.

To Lily, James is putting the heaven into her, stuffing her tight hole with bits of it until she explodes.

Dan : James, bro, calm down man….she’s going to pop at this rate…

James did not slow down. He kept thrusting, faster, harder, deeper.

Lily’s moans rose up sharply like an orchestra reaching it’s crescendo before the clash of cymbals echoed towards the audience.

Lily :ernghhhhh! Oh FUCK! eRGNHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Lily screamed and hit her orgasm while still being thrust into by James. She tugged at the grip, her body twitched and went into spasm as James penis pushed relentlessly into her.

Not only did Lily squirted with her orgasm, she peed herself for the first time. Still James continued thrusting into her, redefining what sex is to Lily.


Nam : Bro James…James! Enough…!

Wayne : James…she cannot take it anymore!


Still James kept thrusting.

Dan : Alright. Alright. James. You win. What do you want!

Ben : James! Enough! Stop!

The four pimps urged James to stop as Lily’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she exploded again into her 2nd orgasm barely minutes after her first. She started drooling and losing control of her bladder again.

Lily screamed like she has been blessed by the god of orgasm herself. Never has she felt an orgasm being that explosive before. It’s like mainlining it direct into her blood vessels

Dan : James! Stop! How long you intend to take.?

James let go of Lily’s hips, cross his hands around his chest and roared.

James : arghhhh.. 我干她forever! ( I’m going to fuck her forever, never going to stop )

Lily blacked out as James’ roar echoed throughout the streets of Singapore legal whorehouses.

Wayne : Bring the defibrillator!

In that instance, all the pimps in the red light district are in consensus of one thing.

James is going to ruin every girl of theirs if he cannot be satisfied that night.

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