Did a test print of TBW book 1, just collected it hot off the press.

We engaged a designer to work on the book cover and spine. Did a 1st run print for review.

It feels weird holding a book i wrote in my hand.

It’s not in the libraries yet, we’re working on it but there are plans to put some of them out at book exchange corners around the island in the near future.

I’m working on a nice signature.

The signed copies might be worth something when i’m dead, i don’t know.

More details will be available soon.

Do follow http://www.lucasandk.com for the latest updates.

Just to give everyone a bit of a background on TBW series.

Back then when i wrote the 1st book, i was unsure if it would take off. With the genre of works that i normally publish, it’s quite unthinkable to do an action piece which has nothing to do with erotica. The platform where i write on back then is an avenue to share erotic fiction, putting something like this up there might not sit well with the community expecting to read some steamy hot story.

The 1st reiteration of TWB book 1 has erotic scenes which don’t exactly make it a ‘family friendly’ read. However, in order to draw the readers in back then on that platform, i had to do it. They soon realise that this piece is more than just an erotic story.

It is one of heartbreak, sacrifices and tears as well.

Move forward a few years, the erotic scenes have been edited away / toned down to the acceptable limits of a typical novel. The Beast Within Book 1, is now a non-erotic title.

The soft copy is available at http://www.lucasandk.com for free.

If you own a bookstore, or cafe, or you would like to stock the publications, please get in touch with K from http://www.lucasandk.com . I’m just the content creator, K deals with the rest.

The uncut 1st edition of TBW is available on this site for subscribers only, buried somewhere in the archives.

I look forward to the day when i can finally see my books (Non-erotic works) available on the shelves of our library.

James S