The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

There are no lack of depraved individuals on this island and i happen to chance upon one other on reddit. ‘Paperstarred’ is that sweet, sheltered girl who is the embodiment of everything prim, proper and demure. In formal wear, i have no doubt she can pass off as a politician or a young C-suite level staff. Working from home in her t-shirt and panties, she is that stay home girlfriend all guys want to have. No longer a sweet young thing, but not yet at the MILF level, i would say the world inside Paperstarred’s twisted mind is a lot darker than mine.

Writes on Reddit

Nick : Paperstarred

Sonia’s long, slim legs were spread wide. Her wrists, tied above her head to the bedframe with rope were red with chafing, while her thin naked body was covered in bruises where hands had gripped her tight.

Whimpering, looking away from the stranger forcing her legs apart as he mounted her and fucked her, Sonia squirmed weakly. She had been tied down to the bed and used for so long that she had already lost track of time. Cum oozed out of her ass, and squelched into a foamy mess in her cunt as the drunk man plowed Sonia, not caring that he was already behind the previous members of the queue, with roughly 30 tally marks scrawled and half smeared on Sonia’s naked body.

As the man using Sonia came in her, he groaned with pleasure, Sonia shivering from disgust at feeling a fresh load of thick, warm cum fill her. He pulled out with a satisfied moan, enjoying the sight of the cum dribbling from Sonia’s raw, well used cunt as he walked over to her mouth and pushed his cock against her lips, enjoying how she obediently sucked him clean, gagging on the taste of mixed cum and her own juices.

The door opened. The next man stepped in. The previous man tossed a crumpled bill into the bucket and walked out.

Sonia felt him climb onto the bed, pushing her legs apart again. She could barely close her legs anymore, after hours of having them spread wide or pushed above her head. This time, the man chose to push her legs up so that he could get a proper angle, then pushed his cock up her ass, making her wince. She had lost her anal virginity hours ago, and while the numerous assfucks and loads of cum were helping her to stretch out and be lubed up, it still hurt her untrained body.

The men didn’t talk at all, just primal grunts and groans, which suited Sonia as a small mercy. Hearing insults and taunts or having to talk dirty for the men would have been worse for her, not that being tied down for men to use for cheap was already horrific. But after having been made to watch the video of her best friend Amanda being used, where she had been made to talk dirty and actively participate in her own rape, Sonia was more than happy to be tied down and used like a set of holes, rather than have to eagerly slut herself out. That way she could still convince herself none of this was her fault…

Except that as this man fucked her, he began to rub her clit and play with her nipples, forcing a small moan out of Sonia.

She hated that. It reminded her how cheap she was becoming. How used she was. How despite this definitely being rape, pure and simple, the fact was that she had been fucked by more than 40 men and orgasmed most of the time.

Letting go of Sonia’s ankles, the man leaned forward and played with her breasts, then began to lick her nipples. Sonia’s back arched. She moaned. She could feel herself clenching down as the man brought her closer to orgasm by rubbing her clit while fucking her asshole.

Sonia whimpered, then squealed out loud, gasping as she came, feeling the man’s load flooding her sore asshole, her partner completely aroused by having made her orgasm from her assrape.

He pulled out. Sonia sucked him clean, fighting back the thought of where his cock had been just seconds ago.

The door opened again, but this time it wasn’t a new customer. The black-clad men wearing surgical masks who were controlling her use came in, and untied her wrists. Sonia could barely move, exhausted and her entire body sore from hours of being fucked roughly, but she forced herself to follow them as they led her across the room, cum dribbling down her legs while she stumbled after them.

The men pushed her over a bench this time, then spread her legs and strapped leather cuffs to them, chained to ring bolts in the floor. Her wrists were tied to similar cuffs that kept them above and behind her head. In her new position, Sonia now rested on a wooden bench that kept her bent over with her legs spread wide and her arms above her head.

Seconds later, she couldn’t help but moan as the men used a warm stream of water to flush out her cum-filled holes. Despite the soreness, it felt good to finally be clean, even if she knew why they were cleaning her up.

The men roughly towelled Sonia dry, tied her hair into a loose ponytail to keep her face clear, and left the room as two men stepped in this time and tossed their fee into the bucket.

This time, Sonia was forced to endure being used from both ends. No longer able to look away and turn her face away from her users, her vision was now filled with a man holding the sides of her head and pushing his cock past her lips, roughly facefucking her pretty face, not allowing her to space out and pretend that there wasn’t another cock shafting her cunt. The men grunted as they spitroasted Sonia, the room filled with the sound of her gagging and whimpering, the wet slaps of their bodies against hers, and the creaking and jangling of the wood and metal as they slammed into her.

Sonia almost wished she was back on the bed tied down and only having to suck the men clean. As her newest two customers finished in her, she now had to contend with sucking one cock clean, as well as swallowing the load of another after each facefuck. While she had swallowed for her exes in the past, she had never enjoyed it, only doing it as a special treat for them.

Another 40 spitroasts. Another few hours of hating herself for constantly orgasming from being fucked in both ends. Sonia swallowed the 20 loads in her mouth, took the other 20 in her holes, and felt them leaking out of her ass and cunt again as the door swung open.

This time despite her exhaustion, her eyes fluttered open with shock, but she knew better than to speak or else face having her ordeal upgraded. Her best friend was led in on a leash, her own body covered in the marks of abuse and looking worse than her. The man holding her leash nodded at Sonia’s direction, with Amanda crawling over behind her.

Sonia didn’t know what was going on, until she felt the gentle swipe of Amanda’s tongue against her cunt, making her shudder and moan. Fighting not to speak, she forced herself to limit her sounds to moaning and groaning, disgusted at herself yet giving into the pleasure as Amanda lapped the cum out of her sore, well used cunt and ass, the gentle tongue action making Sonia cum uncontrollably over and over again after having been shafted violently and carelessly by hard cocks for hours.

After what seemed like an eternity, Amanda was led out again, and the next two men stepped in.

Sonia choked back a sob.

Grinning, not speaking, they stepped over to Sonia and began to use her again.