James decides to annul his marriage so the woman he loves can have a better life

What does it mean to Annul a marriage?

It is a legal procedure to dissolve a marriage and declare it null, it meant that the marriage never occurred in the first place.

What is the difference between an Annulment and a Divorce then?

Like a divorce, an annulment dissolves your marriage. However, an annulment declares that your marriage never existed at all. This is unlike a divorce which ends a marriage without denying its previous existence.

After a successful annulment, both parties’ marital status will return to “single”, unlike in a divorce where parties will be known as “divorcees”.

I want to share with everyone something that happened to me.

I annulled my marriage because of my love for my wife, or rather ex-wife.

Ours is a marriage that ended in separation because of our love for each other.

It happened because of a series of unfortunate events that seemed to pile on one after another.

This is going to sound so weird but it’s a complex situation. One that appeared to be within control, or rather, a misunderstanding. However, as one thing leads to another, everything starts spiralling out of control.

I met Christine when I was in university. We hooked up during orientation and we dated for a couple of years before I decided that Christine is the girl for me. She is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

By then, Christine and I were both working in our first job and the future looks bright for both of us. We both got job offers from the civil service and accepted it even before we graduated. Christine and I were the envy of all our friends then, a cushy job, stable career progression and bonuses.

This was during the peak of the credit crunch back in 2008 by the way.

With a stable job and career, it’s time to take our relationship to the next level.

I popped the question and Christine accepted.

In early 2009, we tied the knot when I was 27, Christine was 24. It was a simple ceremony attended only by close relatives and friends. We even skipped the wedding shoot to save money for our new place. Besides, when banks are collapsing in 2009, spending money on a bridal shoot seemed a bit wasteful.

2009 was a year of great change for Christine. The market is showing signs of recovery closer to end of the year then and companies are hiring again.

She got an offer for a job in a small investment firm and she accepted it. The pay increment is close to 50%. A really tempting offer when both of us are just designated farmers in the civil service if you get what I mean.

The value being stamped on our head on the day we joined is like a modern day caste system. We’re not scholars, the only track we can take is the farming route. This is one of the key reasons for Christine’s jump.

Going from the civil service to the private sector is a rather huge adjustment for Christine. The pace is a lot faster; the stress is multiplied many folds but being an adaptable person, Christine took only a couple of months to settle in.

At 1.63m tall, Christine manages to keep her weight stable at 49kg over the years. Her body is proportionate, and she is blessed with a nice rack and great legs. In fact, it was her legs that attracted me to her when I saw her running around in FBT shorts during orientation.

Her sweet smile and electrifying eyes are a bonus.

The only flaw perhaps I can find in Christine was that she is easily influenced.

She is too nice to say no.

Too nice to reject others.

In fact, I had to be the one to fend off prospective suitors back in university for her.

This is something I cannot do in working life.

And being in the finance industry, it’s a plus point especially if you are a lady, who happens to be good looking.

And the cherry on top is that you are single.

Now, here’s the thing. Christine applied for the job before we were officially  married so on her personal particulars, she is listed as being ‘single’.

So it was agreed between Christine and I that we will just keep quiet on this.

We’re not big on social media and sharing of photos so there’s practically no information of us available online. It made the lie easy.

Being labelled as ‘single’ came with it’s opportunities and within 4 months, Christine is doing so well at work that she is making twice what I was making.

Then complication starts to set in.

Complication in the form of an eager colleague.

One who started going after Christine.

And it is because of this, it spun off a series of incidents that led to my annulment.

Christine and I annulled our marriage not because we don’t love each other anymore. It is the exact opposite.

I agreed to annul the marriage and give up the woman I love, for a very simple reason, because I love her.

I love her so much, that I am willing to put up with seeing her enjoy the rest of her life with another man. A better life than what I can give her.

I will put up with her being in his arms.

I will put up with her being fucked by that man every night.

I will put up with her enjoying a life of luxury when she became his wife while I quietly look at her from afar.

I will do it, because of my love for her.

And it all started from a company dinner….

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