The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

There are no lack of depraved individuals on this island and i happen to chance upon one other on reddit. ‘Paperstarred’ is that sweet, sheltered girl who is the embodiment of everything prim, proper and demure. In formal wear, i have no doubt she can pass off as a politician or a young C-suite level staff. Working from home in her t-shirt and panties, she is that stay home girlfriend all guys want to have. No longer a sweet young thing, but not yet at the MILF level, i would say the world inside Paperstarred’s twisted mind is a lot darker than mine.

Writes on Reddit

Nick : Paperstarred

“You can back out any time. No one’s forcing you. But just remember, you owe us all that money. So either you have a nice drink on camera, or you fuck some guys on camera.”

The man smirked as Emily took the pint glass from him, her hands trembling slightly. Her sultry, haughty-looking face was flushed slightly red with embarassment, her eyes betraying her shame at what she was about to do to pay off her debts.

“Wait. Don’t start yet. You know what you’re supposed to be wearing. Nothing. Let the viewers see that fuckable body of yours.”

Emily sighed as she set the glass down, then unzipped her dress. Letting it fall around her ankles, she pulled off her bra, her full breasts falling free, then removed her panties. Standing there naked in just her heels, she fought the urge to cover herself.

“Now you can continue. Make sure you’re looking at the camera.”

Emily knelt, then picked up the glass again.

“My name is Emily Tan, and I’m a nasty cum loving fuckslut. Cheers.” Emily’s voice quavered just a little, as she raised the glass to her lips and took a sip.

The taste instantly made her gag.

“You like it?” The man laughed. “I don’t even know what’s really inside. Most of it comes from condoms from our customers downstairs…I think some of it comes from the dogs too. You can always quit now and go join the girls downstairs if you prefer not to do porn though. Looks and body like yours, we’ll have you earning enough to pay us off in just two weeks.” The man smirked.

Fighting back the urge to cry, Emily took a longer slurp this time and swallowed, the foul tasting slime sliding down her throat and making her retch.

“How is it? Tell the camera.”

Forcing a smile to her face, Emily took another sip and swallowed, then looked up at the camera.

“It tastes lovely. I love drinking cum so much. I’m Emily and I’m a nasty cum guzzling slut.”

Another gulp. Emily retched again, but forced herself to keep the cum slop down.

“I’m a pathetic cum loving cumdumpster and I love the taste of cum.” Emily’s voice shook slightly, her eyes beginning to turn red as she took another sip and grimaced.

“You’re only 1/3rd of the way, whore. Might want to hurry up.” The man grinned. “Take too long and I’ll give you a second glass.”

Emily shivered at the threat. Her haughty, refined face twisted with disgust as she raised the glass again and took a long gulp this time, gulping down three mouthfuls quickly.

It was a mistake.

The taste of mixed human and dog cum coupled with the disgusting sensation of warm slime sliding down her throat was too much for Emily. Gagging sounds filled the room as she choked on her cum slop and retched half of it back up, the slimy white fluid coating her face and splattering down onto her breasts, messing up the strands of her lovely dark hair resting on her chest.

As Emily leaned over and coughed, tears now streaming from her eyes, the man reached over and picked up her glass, then poured in more cum from a jug, filling it back up to the brim.

“You know the rules, whore. Waste any of your drink and we’ll fill it back up. Now continue anytime you like.”

Emily fought back the urge to whimper as she picked up the glass and took another long slurp, gagging as she forced herself to keep her mouthful of cum down.

“I’m…I’m Emily Tan and I love the taste of cum so much. I hope all of you are stroking yourself watching this jizzmop cumdumpster slut drinking cum like the pathetic bitch she is.” Emily stammered, taking another hesistant sip.

“You’ve got more than 1000 viewers now, slut. Don’t you feel good? They’re all paying 5 bucks a minute to watch you guzzling cum. And in fact…”

The man walked over to Emily, and picked up her glass.

“Someone just paid us a thousand bucks to top up your glass with piss. Too bad, cumdumpster.”

Emily’s face fell, her forced smile slowly cracking as the man pissed into her glass, filling it back up. The cum slop was now slightly less slimy after being diluted with piss, but the smell was worse now.

Raising the glass, Emily took a gulp, and lost it.

Bending over, she retched her guts out from the taste of cum and piss. The earlier gulps of cum came back up as she splattered it on the floor, coughing and retching hard.

“Oh, that’s a pity. Guess you’re starting again. Lick it up.” The man ordered.

Emily hesitated, still coughing, doubled over on her knees.

“Or…you can give in now. I’ve got quite a few bets riding on whether you give in and decide that you’re not so proud after all…you can stop this torment by using your body instead and becoming the whore we all know you are.”

Emily let out a low whimper, her mind starting to seriously consider the alternative- fuck ten men on camera, or continue the cum drinking performance.

Her pride won over her disgust for now. Getting onto all fours, Emily began to lick at the mess on the floor. As she lapped at the floor, tasting the disgusting mess, she felt a warm stream start to soak into the back of her hair, the stinking liquid dripping down over her head.

“Someone paid five hundred for this. Thank him.”

“Thank you…for the shower…to clean up this filthy slut.” Emily forced the words out between licks, finally getting back on her knees when the floor looked clean enough. The man handed her the glass again, now full to the brim again with more cum.

“Go on.”

“I’m…I’m Emily Tan and I love the taste of cum in my fuckslut mouth.”

Emily was starting to get used to the taste as she forced herself to take a large mouthful, then another, hoping that if she drank it quickly, she wouldn’t throw it back up. Gulping down mouthful after mouthful of slime, she eventually made it to half the glass.

“Getting close, whore. But guess what? Someone paid for a top up!”

Emily’s head sank, her eyes filling with tears of defeat as she held up the glass, feeling the steady stream of warm fluid trickling in till it was full again. She looked at the glass, now full of a disgusting mess of cum and piss.

She opened her mouth. She forced herself to place it to her lips, fighting the urge to retch at the stench.

“I’m Emily Tan and I love guzzling cum and piss from strangers.”

Emily forced herself to gulp down as much as she could, hoping to finish it quickly before someone paid to top up her glass again. But as the taste overwhelmed her, once again she ended up on her hands and knees, retching as the foul slop splattered out of her mouth, her tormentor grabbing her head and pulling it back so it ended up on her face and body instead, adding to her broken look.

“Almost 3 quarters this time. Not bad! Let’s get you a refill.”

Emily heard the jug of cum filling up the glass again. Defeated, she sank her head.

“I…I can’t do it any more.”

“Care to repeat that?” The man smirked.

“I can’t do it. Please. I’ll do anything else…just not this.”

“Finally. But you’re going to have to beg for it.”

“Please…please use me.”

“No, no, you know how the viewers want to hear it.”

“Please…please I’m begging you. Emily Tan the fucktoy wants to be used on camera. Use me and fuck me hard please. I can’t take any more cum so please just use my slut holes instead.” Emily whimpered, tears now streaming down her face.

The man grinned, and as he tapped on his phone, he picked up the glass of cum and overturned it over Emily as she knelt there sobbing, feeling the warm slop cascade over her face and hair.

“Now you look ready. Get in position.”

Emily moved to get on her back but the man kicked her, irritated.

“No one wants to fuck you in a mess like that. You know how the viewers want it. On all fours, like the bitch you are. And face the camera.”

As Emily faced the camera, she felt someone grab her hips and then the first cock pushed into her. Defeated, her haughty features totally coated with cum and piss, her face wearing a broken expression with glassy eyes, she sobbed as she was taken over and over again on camera, feeling each load filling her cunt and ass with warm sticky cum like the mess covering her face.

After the 10th man pulled out and let Emily mechanically suck him clean, she finally collapsed onto her side, clutching herself, shaking and sobbing from the entire experience as the man took a piss on her to finish off, the warm stinking stream doing little to wash off the mess of cum all over her.

“Good performance today, slut. A few more rounds of this and you might be able to pay off your debt.”

The man tossed a key in front of Emily, then switched off the cameras and walked to the door.

“I want this room clean before you leave, or else this session today doesn’t count towards your debt. Got it?”

“But…but there’s nothing here to clean with…” Emily stammered.

“You’ve got lots of cloth right there.” The man waved at Emily’s dress and lingerie, laughing cruelly. “Or if not, you can use that mouth of yours, not like you haven’t already tasted everything.”

The door slammed, leaving Emily behind still curled up and sobbing, covered in cum and leaking even more from her holes, unable to comprehend how she was even going to clean up the room, let alone go home without being completely plastered in cum.