*Impossible meat has been updated to fit the MOPC narrative*

Are you sick of your wife ?

Is she not listening to you ?

Is she not having sex with you as much as you like her to be ?

Being her over to MOPC for an upgrade. We guarantee you will be satisfied.

This piece takes place in MOPC ( Ministry of Population Control )

James stood at the junction of the street where several government agencies stood. He looked at the card in his hand and hesitated while looking at the imposing building.

Taking out his phone, he dialed his best friend Tom.

Tom : Hello.

James : Bro…

Tom : Yes James ?

James : I’m… I’m outside the MOPC…

Tom told James to hold, he needs to find a spot where he can talk freely.

After stepping out of the office, he resumed his conversation with his friend.

Tom : So you made up your mind ? You’re going to upgrade Wen ? you know what that means ?

James : Yes I know what that means….

Tom : Why bro ?

James : I, I think she is cheating on me.

Tom : Dude… you serious…?

James told Tom he has pictures of his wife going to a hotel with her boss.

Tom : what do you plan to do ?

James told Tom he wanted to have the woman he knew back. The sweet, smiling Wen who he knew and dated since University. Not the career minded woman climbing the corporate ladder.

James : when you upgraded Lisa… you…

Tom : shhhhhh..dude… calm down. This is serious… you need to think it through. It’s irreversible.

James : I can see the change in Lisa after the upgrade. She is so much better now. She smiles all the time, she’s smiling, she’s happy. I can tell your marriage is so much better….as for me, I, I have never felt bitterness like this before.

James told his buddy it’s like he don’t recognized the woman he married anymore.

James : I cannot live like this. I cannot go home everyday to her black face and nags. I cannot deal with her insults on me not doing better in life.

Tom : Her expectations are high bro. you should know when you married her.

James : We’re living in a condominium, fully paid. We have a car. We have some investments, some savings. What more does she want from me!

Tom : Your condominium is at the edge of Singapore, your car is a 12 year old Japanese car bro, Wen is high maintenance.

James : Yes I know but I work at the airport, what’s wrong with wanting to stay near my work place instead of staying in town? I don’t care about cars, it just takes me from point A to point B.

Tom : Dude, women don’t see it that way.

James : She keeps nagging about how her friends are staying in Sentosa and Bukit Timah, driving continental cars and all the nonsense. It’s driving me nuts.

Tom : Tell her you have a million dollar portfolio, she might ease up on the nagging.

James : no way, not if she’s going to make me cash out just so we can stay in a neighbourhood with a nice address…I’m sick of this bro, I’m really tired and sick of all these. I just want a sweet caring wife greeting me at the end of a hard day’s work. Is that too much to ask for?

The two of them went quiet on the phone for almost a full minute before Tom broke the silence.

Tom : you have the card I gave you ?

James : Yes, I’m holding onto it now.

Tom took a deep breath and told his friend if he decides to upgrade his wife Wen, he is going to be tumbling so deep down a rabbit hole, he might never climb back up.

James : I just want to know one thing bro….any regrets ? Any regrets after you upgraded Lisa ?

Tom kept quiet on the line for a few seconds before replying firming.

Tom : No.

James : Then I’m going to do it…

James hung up and looked at the special silver card handed to him by Tom. Taking a deep breath, he walked towards the Ministry of Population Control ( MOPC )

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