It’s been 2 weeks since James started work at Hotel Del Anna.

While it has been a real eye opener for him, not a single day goes by without issues. Every little matter has the potential to be blown out of proportion by the larger than life characters that work there.

The guests too, bring with them additional baggage from their lives you would not normally expect in a tourist grade hotel.

It takes a bit of getting used to but James finds himself looking forward to getting to work each day.

Arriving at the hotel like usual at 7.30am in the morning, James was surprised to see his boss, Anna, up and about. She usually sleeps in late till 10am unless there is a need for her to be up early.

Holding 2 phones, she plastered both devices on each ear while nodding and trying to control her temper.

Ni Ma, the chef is standing by her side, ready for the next order by the queen while Ah Wu, topless except for a blue apron and shorts, stood beathing heavily and perspiring like he just came out from a gym gestured for James to quickly go over.

“What is happening ? “ James asked. “ why is everyone here so early?”

“An exhibition.” Ah Wu said.

“What ? An exhibition?” James asked in surprise.

The ballroom on a separate wing functions as a banquet hall occasionally but most of the time, it’s kept close. Hardly anyone comes here for a banquet, not to mention a business meeting or function.

When Anna finally hangs up both phone, her scream echoed throughout the hotel lobby.


Ni Ma, the giant chef almost dropped his knife while Ah Wu slowly backed away from Anna.

James stared at his boss is horror as she panted angrily for air.

Whatever exhibition this is going to be, it’s probably one that she would have chosen not to host if given a choice.

“Is everything ok?” James asked.

“We’re going to host a night exhibition James. It’s only for one night. Prepare the ballroom.” Anna said.

“How many guest are we expecting.” James asked. “What are we exhibiting?”

Han came running into the lobby with a look of horror on his face.

“Boss…boss….” Han said while gesturing towards the hotel entrance. “ He’s, he’s here.”

“We’re not ready!” Anna exclaimed but it was too late.

The door to the lobby opened and an imposing figure with golden hair stepped into the lobby. With thick moustache and eyebrows also dyed a shade of blonde, the 1.9m man carried a large carrying case in his right hand.

His eyes looked bloodshot and he looks angry like a starving lion.

His golden mane and well built body told everyone he spent as much time in the gym as he did in the saloon.

“You’re too early!” Anna shouted at the man much to her staffs’ dread.

Anna looked like she is about to start cursing at the guest when Han covered her mouth while Ni Ma grabbed her by her waist while Ah Wu formed a protective barrier between a angry hotel owner and the new guest.

“Settle him in James.” Ah Wu said while displaying Kungfu stance as he retreated with his colleagues.  

James has grown used to ridiculous display of theatrics like this and his work ethics demands his professionalism.

Walking over to the man , James introduced himself as the new manager of Hotel Del Anna.

“May I take your bag sir?” he said.

“You may try.” He said as he handed over the bag.

“errrr….ok…” James reached for the bag with both hands and upon taking over the handle, feels as if he is holding onto a ton of gym weights.

The bag landed on the floor with a lour thud and the laughter of the guest is like the low roar of a lion.

“HAHAHHAHAHAHAH! you are too weak to hold my bag.” Xie xun said.

The door to the hotel opened again and James jaws dropped when he sees a group of nuns lead by a elderly woman walked into the lobby.

Upon seeing the nuns, Xie Xun stopped laughing. With an agile twist, he put some distance in between him and the nuns while inserting his right hand into his carrying case, lifting it up effortlessly while pointing int at a 45 degree angle to the ground.

The elderly nun immediately charged towards Xie Xun.

2 seconds before she got to him, another nun threw her a wrapped bundle.

Xie Xun pulled a large sabre from his carrying case while the nun unsheathed her sword. The clash of steel drew sparks and James’s jaw dropped for the umpteenth time since he started work at Hotel Del Anna.

“No FIGHTING IN MY FUCKING HOTEL!” Anna screamed from the balcony at level 2 and the 2 culprits separated immediately.

James looked at the intricately detailed dragon slaying sabre held by Xie Xun and the heaven reliant sword still vibrating from the early clash in the nun’s hand and muttered under his breath, unable to believe what is in front of him.

“Oh fuck off….

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