The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

There are no lack of depraved individuals on this island and i happen to chance upon one other on reddit. ‘Paperstarred’ is that sweet, sheltered girl who is the embodiment of everything prim, proper and demure. In formal wear, i have no doubt she can pass off as a politician or a young C-suite level staff. Working from home in her t-shirt and panties, she is that stay home girlfriend all guys want to have. No longer a sweet young thing, but not yet at the MILF level, i would say the world inside Paperstarred’s twisted mind is a lot darker than mine.

Writes on Reddit

Nick : Paperstarred

Knowing that people can get off to one’s writing alone is a rush, really. A rush like no other.

All she had to do was to write down her fantasies and post them online in the form of fictional stories. She didn’t need pictures of herself. She didn’t need to flash her body or start an OnlyFans. Her mind alone was enough to turn people on, and that was how she liked it.

Sure, in real life, everyone saw her as the total opposite of who she was on Reddit. Innocent. Classy. Demure. Confident and high flying, detached, almost living up to the ice queen everyone thought she was. But deep down, inside, every day she went home and played with herself imagining being broken and ruined, violated and turned into a blank eyed whimpering mess through the most horrific rape and torture ever.

And then one day, it happened for real.

It started out as a normal day for her. She got up, went to work, spent the day at the office alternating between her meaningful career and texting readers. Talking to her friends and colleagues, while checking comments posted on her stories. A juxtaposition between two worlds of sane and depraved.

Most of the comments had been normal, at first. Creeps describing what they’d like to do to her. Incels trying to simp for her or crawl into her DMs hoping she’d sext them or even let them take her out. Men with double lives like hers, texting her to ask her questions.

And then recently- a slew of disturbing comments and DMs had been appearing more and more. She tried to ignore it at first, but it eventually became a daily thing. Opening up her notifications would show her comments like:

“We should go look for her. Maybe she’s really as hot as she sounds.”
“If she has so many fantasies, we should make them come true for her.”
“Anyone good at stalking? If we all come together we can find out where she lives.”

It didn’t worry her at first. She used a pen name. She didn’t post any details of what she did for a living, or any hints of where she lived, other than the Country itself. Heck, she didn’t even have any pictures other than a black and white blurred out profile picture.

But then the DMs began.

Photos of her from the back in a crowd.Photos of her on the train.Photos of her from her ballet and modelling days, dug up from private social media.

And then the text DMs.

“I’m getting closer.”
“You live alone, don’t you?”
“Hello, Lovinia.”
“I liked your dress today.”

She tried to dismiss it. After all, she did take MMA classes and was a pretty decent fighter. She lived somewhere quiet where she’d notice anyone following her. And besides- no actual threats had been made. It felt stupid to go to the police to report DMs, especially since they would then find out about her writing and the subreddits she browsed, and dismiss it as just a fantasy.

She tried to ignore it, until it was right in her face.


It started as a normal night. She was leaving the office late on a Friday, ready to head home and have a few drinks to relax. She was dressed conservatively enough- white blouse, black skirt and black jacket, black heels, with her black-brown hair tied up in a ponytail. She picked up her bag and walked out, locking the office behind her.

Now this was the part she hated. To get to the bus stop, she had to take a short cut through an alley that the lights were temporarily down for construction work. Normally she was fearless, but the recent DMs and comments had unsettled her. Clutching her bag tight, she walked as fast as she could.

Until she felt the hand on her shoulder.

Before she could spin to break free, the arm snaked around her neck, and she felt the cold steel of a blade held to it.

“Ah ah ah. No funny moves. Be a good girl.”

She tensed up, mentally kicking herself. Of all the days not to wear her jeans- that way her own knife could be in her pocket.

“Drop the bag.”

She moved as slowly as possible, trying to keep the man calm. This was probably just a robbery. She would give him all her money and jewelry, he would fuck off, and she would get away with it. After all, she was well-to-do enough that she could accept the loss.

And then two more men walked out in front of her. Black masks covered their faces, as they reached into a bag.

She couldn’t help it. She struggled as they forced a pair of zip-tie cuffs over her wrists, pinning her arms behind her back. The man holding the knife to her neck pulled it away, not wanting to damage their prize too early, and that was her cue to squirm free and try to run, her hands still tied behind her. But running in heels and a bandage skirt was never a speedy choice, and within seconds one of the men tackled her to the ground and jammed a rag between her teeth, pulling it tight and tying it in place to muffle her indignant screams and curses.

“Fuck, she’s feisty.”
“Told you she’d be fun. And she really is that hot in person, damn.”

The comments froze her blood cold. These weren’t ordinary robbers. They weren’t going to rob her.

These were the men who had been stalking her through her writing.

She screamed and struggled as one man sat on her back, straddling her while the other two bound her ankles together. She thrashed about and tried to kick them, but they were too many to overcome, and as she tried to break free, one of them slipped a black bag over her head and she felt someone pressing at her neck, and the next thing she knew, all was blackness.


When she woke up, she was back home. That alone was terrifying. But what made it worse was the fact that she was on tiptoe, dangling from the ceiling. The zip ties on her hands had been replaced with thick leather cuffs, and a rope attached to them went through the ring in her ceiling that she normally used to hang her punching bag.

She was still clothed, with her mouth still stuffed with a rag and another strip of cloth around it. And as she groggily shook her head and groaned, the 3 men drinking beer in her kitchen heard her come back to life and strode out, grinning at her.

“Hello, bitch. Recognise us?”

She shook her head.

“You shouldn’t. But we know who you are. You’re Paperstarred. Or should we say…Lovinia?”

At that sentence, her eyes flew open wide. Shock. Horror. Fear.

These were the men from her DMs. And now they had her helpless. And she knew what was going to happen. And as the men saw the realisation hit her, they laughed.

“We’re going to have some fun with you today, Lovi. Not just today. For as long as we want. We’re going to let you live out all your fantasies and you’re going to thank us for it. And once we’ve had our fun we’re going to rent you to all your other readers too and let them enjoy this cockteasing bitch. Don’t you like to write about being gangraped? Now you can have it for real.”

The one addressing her laughed. He was slightly overweight, and obviously unwashed. A typical internet basement dweller- exactly the type that she would never want to date, but fantasized about being raped by for the disgust factor. And now he was stepping forward and running his hands over her slim body, squeezing her ass and tits, his hardon obvious through his pants from having his hands finally on a real woman for once.

She tried to kick him, but his friends held her legs, as he reached up and ripped her blouse open, buttons flying everywhere. She groaned into the gag, her entire body tensed up as she shook against the restraints, feeling his hands snap the fabric and yank her bra cups apart, then cupping her perky, firm breasts and squeezing so hard that she saw stars, screaming into her gag cries of anger and pain.

“Fuck, these are so good.” He moaned, yanking her jacket and torn blouse open so it showed more of her body- toned from exercise, with perky breasts and nipples beginning to turn stiff from the cold and from fear.

“Did you design your tattoos yourself? No wonder you won’t show off your body online, with markings like that. No worries, they’ll be what your friends use to identify you when we start your livestreams.” He smirked.

She began struggling harder at that threat as he caressed her body, then ran his hands along her sides and ripped open her skirt’s closure, letting it fall to the floor. Her panties followed next, the black cotton hardly putting up any resistance to his greedy hands.

Hanging there by her wrists, as good as naked, Lovinia fought the urge to cry, giving her best face of anger and defiance as far as possible, trying to show these men that they hadn’t defeated her.


As she felt the first rapist slide his fingers into her dry cunt, she squirmed, struggling and screaming, cursing the fact that she had bought an apartment on this floor precisely because the other two units were empty and she liked the silence. Now it was working against her- no one would hear the screams, or the laughter of the men as they fondled her all over, enjoying her naked body.

“I think the slut’s getting wet.” One of them laughed, a skinny nerdy type with massive spectacles and acne, looking to be still an undergraduate. The thought of being raped by someone half a decade younger definitely disgusted Lovinia- but yet as he knelt between her spread-open legs and gave her cunt a long, slow, lick, she shuddered- hating how her body responded to it.

“Fuckkk…she tastes so good.” He moaned. “Hold her open. Let me prepare her for you guys.”

Lovinia shuddered in disgust as the undergrad went back to lapping at her cunt while the other two held her legs open. She was starting to subconsciously assign nicknames to them- the fat slovenly one who seemed to be in charge was the Incel, the one lapping at her cunt was the Nerd, and the one who had yet to speak but was obviously the muscle of the trio was the Douche.

As the Nerd gave her cunt a long, slow lick, she threw back her head and groaned, hating it as she squirted all over his face.

“Fuck, we’ve got ourselves a nasty slut here!”
“Told you she’d be good. Fuck, I’d have raped her if she was a 5 or 6 but she’s at least a 9 and she’s actually such a huge whore!”

She shook her head frantically, trying to deny it, even as the Incel stepped forward and rubbed her clit till she groaned and started squirting again.

“Don’t deny it, slut.” He whispered, leaning forward and licking her neck and ears, enjoying how she recoiled with disgust as he pushed his erect cock past her slick folds with ease, estatic at the thought of losing his virginity this way.

The Incel fucked with no discernable rhythm- just hammering away, stopping to catch his breath from the physical exertion, gripping her hips and wrapping her slim legs around him as his belly slapped her crotch. His shaft was at best average sized- but feeling the silken clenching of his first real woman was too much for him and within a few minutes, he was spurting warm sticky jizz all over the insides of her cunt, pulling out with a groan and using her jacket to wipe himself clean.

“Fuck, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve saved that up for you. I hope you love it- didn’t you comment somewhere that you’ve been single and haven’t gotten laid for years?”

The Douche finally spoke, a slow grin on his face.

“Yeah, and look at her, she’s loving it. But you made the front all messy. So I’m going elsewhere.”

Lovinia screamed into her gag, struggling frantically as the men lowered the rope, so they could bend her over to raise her ass high. The other two watched with glee, as the Douche spat on her asshole, then began to run his cock up and down her slit, making her squirm with anticipation.

“Cunt…or ass? I hear you hate anal. Want to beg me to put it in your cunt?”


The allure of fucking her relatively less-used asshole was too much for him to waste any more time playing mind games for now. With only his saliva as lube, he shoved his cock up her ass, making her arch her back and shriek into her gag, pissing herself over the floor.

Then he began thrusting.

Lovinia fought it as long as she could but eventually she let out a moan. Unlike the other two, the Douche knew what he was doing and as he fucked her ass with a good rhythm, he reached in front and began playing with her breasts, squeezing and fondling them and toying with her nipples, making her groan from the feeling.

“That’s right, I remember you like your tits played with. And for all that you claim to hate anal, looks like you’re loving it, right, Lovi? That’s right. We know everything about you. Might as well submit now.”

As the Douche began slamming harder and harder, Lovinia’s groaning and whimpering became wordless, her body shaking as she clenched her teeth, making “ngh ngh ugh ugu nn nn ngh” sounds and grunts, her eyes rolled back as the Douche rearranged her guts, his cock actually of an impressive enough size to make her feel it.

And then one of the other men picked up the hitachi that he found while rummaging through her toy drawer, and pressed it to her cunt.

The effect was impressive. As the pleasure hit her clit, Lovinia arched her back again, squealing into the gag, clenching tight around the cock in her as she came hard, her body shaking and her eyes rolling back. The effect was just too arousing and as her ass clenched on the Douche, it milked him dry, spurting her asshole full of his cum as he moaned and clenched her breasts so hard they would leave bruises later.

Then silence as he pulled out with a wet pop and wiped his cock clean on the shreds of her blouse.

And then whistles and cheers.

“Holy fuck she really is a slut!”
“Is it really rape if she likes it so much?”
“She says people like us disgust her, but look at how fucking horny she is for our cocks!”

As the men laughed, hurling insults and taunts at Lovinia, she sagged forward, the wrist cuffs still holding her up, tears finally streaming down her face which was burning red from shame and anger. She could still feel both loads slowly leaking down her legs, and as the men walked back to the kitchen for more beer, she was slowly beginning to accept the reality- that this wasn’t going to go well for her at all.

To be continued?