The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

There are no lack of depraved individuals on this island and i happen to chance upon one other on reddit. ‘Paperstarred’ is that sweet, sheltered girl who is the embodiment of everything prim, proper and demure. In formal wear, i have no doubt she can pass off as a politician or a young C-suite level staff. Working from home in her t-shirt and panties, she is that stay home girlfriend all guys want to have. No longer a sweet young thing, but not yet at the MILF level, i would say the world inside Paperstarred’s twisted mind is a lot darker than mine.

Writes on Reddit

Nick : Paperstarred

She didn’t think it would happen to her. Maybe it was ignorance. Maybe it was arrogance. Or maybe it was hubris- thinking that she wouldn’t be so unfortunate, that it would be other people, not her that would suffer that fate.

For weeks, the rumors had swirled through the ranks of those protesting in the streets. Black vans patrolling the streets, filled with government thugs picking up protestors and making them disappear. Other rumors spread of the unspeakable fates awaiting those snatched off the streets, a psychological warfare against the ranks of the young protestors fighting to free their country.

And one chilling rumor kept floating up- that female protestors were being targeted. After all, since the dawn of time, the easiest way to demoralise any force has been to target their women. And so, the rumors persisted: that the black vans had begun to switch their targets. That it was the girls who were being snatched up, and driven away to be raped and tortured by the government’s forces.

She thought it wouldn’t happen to her, and paid the price. Fleeing down a street as black-clad gas masked riot police chased her, she tripped as she tried to vault over a bin, and within seconds the men had piled onto her. Forcing her arms painfully behind her back, they half dragged half carried her to the waiting van as she struggled and screamed, her efforts completely futile as the black bag was pulled down over her head. Further protests and struggles were silenced easily as the men pressed a damp rag to the front of the black bag, making her slowly pass out as the sharp chemical odor filled her nostrils.

When she woke up, the fear began to hit. Lying on the cold concrete floor of a cell lit by a single bulb, she looked around to realise that she was still bound with two other girls with her who she vaguely recognised as fellow students. All protestors, now in captivity.

The door opened as their captors, ski masks covering their faces, tossed in cold water to wake them up. The girls were told to get to their feet. They remained defiant at first, until the men unholstered shock batons and began laying into them.

“You’re not very smart, are you? Aren’t all of you university students? Should have stayed in school instead of coming out and rioting on the streets.” One of the men scoffed, as she was yanked to her feet and shoved into the corridor. The men led them down to another holding room, this one brightly lit with a large two way mirror and several cameras on tripods.


The girls looked up, horror in their eyes.

“What, are you stupid? Strip naked, or we’ll do it for you. We’re going to check you for drugs.”

She raised her head, defiance in her eyes. She was a leader of the protests. This wasn’t how she intended to bow to these faceless government thugs.

“I am a law student, and I know my rights. I demand a female officer to conduct the search, and I demand to be searched in a room without cameras for my privacy-“

That was as far as she got before the shock baton whipped into her stomach and cut her off. The man standing above her gave her a few kicks, then began shocking her again and again, her screams filling the air as she spasmed and writhed about, her jeans soaked with her piss.

“Like we said. Strip, or be stripped. But since you prefer the latter…”

The other two girls, defiance broken at the display, frantically stripped every last item of clothing, the men taking them away as they stood naked and shivering. Wooden placards were given to them to hold, the officers asking for their names to be scrawled on the placards before snapping pictures of them.

But not for her. As a punishment for defiance, she was to be an example. While the other two girls underwent a humiliating body search with the officers groping their naked bodies, they dragged her over to a hook and slung her handcuffs over it before raising the chain, hanging her in a painful strappado position on tiptoe. As she writhed about and screamed insults to show her defiance, the men ripped off her clothing, leaving her hanging naked. Their hands ran over her, groping and squeezing, laughing at her pathetic attempts to squirm away, their fingers sliding into her.

“To check for drugs.” They laughed, flexing their fingers in her, bringing angry, ashamed tears to her eyes.

“Ok. What’s your name?”


“Last chance, girl. What. Is. Your. Name?”

Silence. Defiant glare.

“You know, you said you’re a law student but you’re not very bright are you? Since you want to play tough…”

The crackling of the shock baton barely gave her enough time to tense up in fear before it hit her. The man using it was an artist. He jabbed it all over her naked body, her screams filling the air as she spasmed about, a warm stream running down her legs as she wet herself from the repeated shocks. But still she stayed silent, only gasping out retorts and insults, even when the man began to use the shock baton on her breasts, shocking her nipples and sending her into eye rolling spasms.

“Ah, we’ve got ourselves a fighter here. Observe, you two. This is how we break the feisty ones.”

The tip of the shock baton slid up her thigh, as her body went taut. She began shaking her head, eyes wide in fear.

“No…no no no not there no please.”

The shock prod rested between her legs. Pushing up lightly. Parting her folds.


The tip slides in, pushing into her most intimate place. She shakes her head, frozen, her defiance still showing even in her fear.

“Well, since you aren’t talking…you’ll scream.”

He presses the switch. In that moment as the electricity jolts through her cunt, she snaps her head back and screams, twisting about in her chains, pissing herself again.

“Agghh…ghkk…I’m…St…Stephanie! Stephanie…Chau! Please…please…”

“Good job, Stephanie.” The man grins, as he holsters his baton.

“But we’re not done. We know you’re one of the smart girls. The ones coordinating the protests. So will you be a smart girl…and tell me who the other leaders are?”

Stephanie shakes her head, frozen, unable to bring herself to betray her comrades. But this is it. This is what the rumors were all about.

“Not so smart after all.”

The officer’s hands roam her body, exploring her slim, fair frame. Hands sliding up to cup her perky breasts, teasing her nipples. And then, suddenly, they fall back.

“Make her friends watch.”

The other two girls, still naked, are dragged over and forced to kneel in front of Stephanie.

“This is what we do to trash like you. And this is what will happen to all you girls out there protesting instead of being in school.”

Stephanie’s blood runs cold as the man steps back, and she hears the sound of a zipper as the other men begin to smirk. The chain lowers her down now just enough to be bent over, as he kicks her legs open wider.


Stephanie’s back arches as she clenches her teeth in agony, the officer forcing himself into her dry cunt without any remorse. One hand reaches around to clench a fistful of her hair and pull her back, while the other slides around to the front and teases her clit.

“Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie. Not such a smart girl are you, now?” The officer whispers, leaning forward to lick Stephanie’s neck, making her shudder in disgust even as her cunt clenches around the thick cock buried balls-deep into her.

“Because if you were smarter…you’d realise that you don’t have rights any more. You’re only leaving when you’ve told us everything we want…and everyone has enjoyed you. So fight all you like. Or give in. We’ve got so many delights waiting for you.”

Stephanie forces back a whimper, trying not to show weakness even as her rapist pulls back, then thrusts into her again, raping her in front of everyone in the room.

“Take her friends downstairs. Let the others pass them around. As for this girl…”

He twists Stephanie’s nipples, making her gasp with the pain.

“Let’s start making her talk.”

Sometime during the first few hours, Stephanie lost consciousness. Maybe it was the constant violation as the police officers took turns to enjoy a slim, perky young university undergraduate restrained and bent over naked, all vulnerable for them. Maybe it was when they started using a belt looped around her neck to choke her. Or maybe it was from the constant slapping and punching, or the shock baton being reapplied to her body to make her scream…it was one of many things. It was hard for her to keep track.

Either way when she groggily opened her eyes again, the first thing she sensed was warm, stinking streams of piss splattering against her face, soaking her hair. Shaking her head, she whimpered, feeling the strain throughout her entire body. A crude tally scrawled on her thigh showed that her captors had already enjoyed her ten times…or maybe ten different men had taken her. It was hard to tell, because all she felt between her legs was a raw soreness, with a disgusting slimy warmth trickling down her legs.

“You’re not so haughty now, are you? For a smart, uppity bitch like you, we sure saw a different side of you earlier. Here, in case you don’t believe us-“

A phone was thrust against Stephanie’s face. Her eyes welled with tears of shame, as she stared at the screen with disbelief. While her mind had already repressed the traumatic memories of the past few hours, they had it all on video- at some point during the gang rape, Stephanie had begun to moan and cry out, and had even orgasmed several times even while sobbing and screaming from the pain.

“You like it. And that’s a fact. We’re going to send this to all your protester friends. Let them see one of their ringleaders moaning like a cheap prostitute as she services the men you all wanted to fight.”

Stephanie bit back a sob, hating herself. Hating how her body had betrayed her, how she had blanked out and given in to her enemies, giving them a first victory over her. A first that could lead to many more.

“Talk. Tell us everything you know. And maybe we won’t release this. Maybe you will get to return home and hide in your room, and your friends won’t know what a whore you are, moaning and squirting for us while being fucked by men you hate.”

Stephanie, her spirit bent but not broken, raised her head, fighting the urge to break down in sobs.

“I…I will not give up my friends. LIBERATE MY COUNTRY! REVOLUTION FOR OUR PEOPLE!” She screamed, only to be cut off by a tight backhand slap.

“If that’s the way you feel, my dear Miss Chau…”

Stephanie groaned as a rough hand yanked her hair back, exposing her neck. An officer buckled a rough leather dog collar around her neck, a plastic card holder dangling from it containing her university student identity card. The men lowered her arms off the hook to let her crash painfully to the floor on her knees, then picked her up by the shoulders, leaving her wrists cuffed behind her.

“Enjoy your stay with us, Miss Chau. Until you begin to talk, we’ll let you enjoy our whole theme park of delights lined up for you. Maybe a whore like you will enjoy it so much you’ll beg us to keep you forever. Your friends will definitely get the footage in full High Definition.”

As the men dragged Stephanie from the cell still naked except for her dog collar, she continued to fight back the urge to break down, all the way until the officers dragged her into a tiny, solitary windowless cell with a bare concrete floor and a squat toilet at one end.

“Welcome to your hotel room, princess. We’ll feed you if you behave. Water comes from that toilet…so it’s up to you how you want to drink from it.” One of the officers laughed.

“Wait…wait…uncuff me…please…” Stephanie pleaded, scrambling back onto her knees.

“Good girls get uncuffed. You, unfortunately, are not one.”

The door slammed, leaving a tiny slit of light under the door from the corridor lights. Stephanie curled up into a ball and sobbed herself to sleep, her body sore and bruised, her exhaustion catching up quickly enough.

Her ordeal had barely begun.

When the cell door opened again, Stephanie had no idea if it was day or night. The corridor had no other doors, so she had no idea of knowing how many others were in there with her.

The first sign that her tormentors were back was a sharp kick to her back.

“Get up, bitch. Kneel.”

Stephanie remained still, determined to remain defiant. Or at least the intent was there, right until the stun baton lashed into her body, making her double up and scream.

“Stupid bitch. Why bother going to school if you can’t understand basic instructions? Now get up. Kneel. Whenever this door opens, you kneel.” The officer punctuated his orders with another jab of the baton, making Stephanie scream again.

Stephanie scrambled to her knees, hating herself for giving in yet fearing another excruciating jolt to her weakened body. Her captor, silhouetted and faceless against the light, waved a tin bowl at her filled with cold rice.


Stephanie nodded.

“Well, talk to me. Tell us what we need to know and you can eat.”

“I…I can’t…”

The officer smirked, as he put the bowl to one side deliberately and slowly, then turned back and gave Stephanie a sharp backhand again, sending her to the floor.

“Are you fucking stupid? Do you want food?”

“Yes…yes but I can’t betray my friends…”

“Alright then.”

The officer picked up the bowl and slammed the door shut, as Stephanie sank back onto the floor, sobbing, feeling the pangs of hunger gnawing at her stomach.

The next time the door opened, Stephanie was starving. It had already been 36 hours since her last meal and since the officers had captured her, but she had no way of knowing that.

Before she could even scramble to her knees, the first thing she felt was a sharp kick from a booted foot, sending her back onto the floor, unable to balance with her hands still cuffed behind her. As she gasped, the air knocked out of her, the officers began to jab her again and again with the stun baton, making her scream and writhe about, pissing herself over the cell floor as they laughed at her torment.

“Okay, get up, bitch.”

Rough hands picked her up. The black bag went over her head again, as they forced her to walk with them down a seemingly endless corridor. The sounds of a few doors opening were all Stephanie heard next, followed by the sounds of buckles and clamps as she felt herself slammed over a table of some sort, a belt strapping her down over her back and her bound hands raised high above her head, with her legs kicked wide apart and strapped in place.

The bag came off.

Stephanie screamed in shock. Definitely louder than the other girl facing her, also strapped down in a similar configuration about a few meters apart. Enough to see each other’s faces. Enough to see the shock and horror in each others eyes as they recognised each other.

And enough for Stephanie to see the bruises all over the other girl. The dead look in her eyes. The signs of her spirit already having been broken by their captors.

“Remember her? It’s your friend Lynnette. Weren’t you students all in the streets screaming that you wanted to see her again? Well, it’s time for a happy reunion!”

“What…what have you done to her? You animals! YOU FUCKING BASTARDS! HOW DARE YOU!” Stephanie screamed at the top of her lungs, both out of fear and out of rage at what the men had done to her friend.

“We only did to her whatever you’ll be facing too if you don’t talk. So are you ready to talk?”

Stephanie, her eyes burning with a new fire after seeing the abuse of her friend, clenched her jaw and looked up defiantly, knowing deep down that her next words were about to bring her to a whole new depth of pain and humiliation.

“Never, you fucking monster.”

As the first zippers slid down and men stepped up behind Stephanie and Lynnette, pushing into them, the room soon filled with the sounds of grunting and laughing, mixed with whimpering, screaming and sobbing, and eventually, reluctant moaning.

When Stephanie next came to, she was already back in her dark, cramped cell. Her hands still cuffed behind her back, Stephanie groaned weakly as she felt the sensation return to her body.

If there had been a mirror and enough light to see with, Stephanie would have been horrified at the state of her body. While she definitely felt the muscle strain and the soreness between her legs, nothing could have prepared her for the actual sight.

An impressive array of bruises covered her slim frame, coupled with lots of still-legible but partially smeared writing with a marker, all insults and taunts about the defenseless captive. Stephanie’s face and hair were still coated with sticky, drying cum, while more leaked from her asshole and cunt down her thighs.

And to top it all off, the tally on her thigh, now smeared, stood at 50. She still wouldn’t have known if it meant 50 loads, or 50 different men.

The men had not shown her any mercy. She had lost count of how many men took turns to have their way with her. Lynnette had not been spared either- while Stephanie was still only being violated by one man at a time, the men had unchained her at some point and made Stephanie watch while they took her with two men or even three men at the same time.

Stephanie shuddered in fear and disgust as the memories flooded back, tormenting her till she passed out again from exhaustion.

The door to her cell opened again. Stephanie scrambled onto her knees, a tiny part of her hating how she was already being conditioned by her captors. But the fear of the stun baton was fresh in her mind, and her body was becoming too weak to resist more abuse.

The first thing that hit her though, wasn’t the corridor lights. It was the sound. A tablet came into view, with a video playing.

“Recognise that slut in the video? Remember those sounds?”

It was a video of Stephanie. Strapped over the table, being railed hard by an officer. The camera moved from a side view to a front view, showing that Stephanie had gone from screaming in defiance to moaning in pleasure and mumbling nonsense while her eyes rolled back, the officer yanking on her hair while fucking her hard.

“And this was from being fucked up your ass. Such a whore! Tell me, how many men have you had? Are you spreading those lovely legs to motivate your fellow protestors daily? Going on your knees and letting them use that pretty face?”


“How many men have tried you before this? Come on. You’ve already been used by every man in this building. It’s not like you have any dignity or worth left.” The man sneered, enjoying Stephanie’s obvious discomfort.

“Uh…tw…two. Two boyfriends.”

“Too bad you aren’t with them. You should have stayed home and pleasured them like a good whore, instead of coming out.” The officer taunted.

“Anyway, I’m here to feed you. But since you rejected your food earlier, let me ask you again- want to talk?”

Stephanie felt tears prick her eyes, as she shook her head, still barely holding onto enough spirit to defy her captors.

“That’s okay. Let’s see how long you last before you collapse from weakness and we tube feed you. Can’t have one of our best whores dying on us. Unless…”

The officer unzipped his pants.

“You can skip talking for today and earn your meal another way. How about that, Stephanie? You can still open your mouth, without having to say a word.”


“Oh well.” The officer chuckled. “Keep rejecting our offers, eventually they’ll get worse. You saw how dead inside your friend looks? It’s easy. But since my pants are down anyway…”

Stephanie bit back a whimper as the officer began to take a piss over her face, the hot stinking fluid splashing off her pretty features, adding to the mess of cum all over her face. Once done, he zipped up, laughing at Stephanie’s attempts to stay emotionless, her eyes betraying that she was clearly humiliated by her treatment.

“Maybe I’ll be nice, after all.”

He picked up a small handful of rice from the bowl and held it high, then let it splatter to the floor.

Stephanie refused to move.

“Oh well. Your choice.”

As the door slammed shut, Stephanie was truly grateful that the officers were not around to see how desperate and pathetic she looked as she scrambled forward to lick up every last grain of rice from the piss-slick floor, grimacing at the taste, sobbing as she realised just how far she had sunk.

Hands still cuffed behind her, Stephanie sank back into a restless slumber born of exhaustion, not daring to think what tortures awaited her next.

It took another days before the first crack in Stephanie’s iron resolve began to show.

After a restless few hours alone, Stephanie’s eyes fluttered open. Locked in her cramped, tiny cell, she remained slumped against the wall, still naked with her hands cuffed behind her. Other than the tiny slit of light below the door, there was no contact. Not a sound at all. Only the silence, and her own sobbing as she contemplated her situation.

Sitting alone in the darkness, fear began to build as she considered what her captors would do to her next. As a leader of the student protests, they would want to wring every last drop of information out of her, whatever she knew. And as the past couple of days since her capture had shown- rape and torture was just the beginning.

As the hours ticked by, starvation and thirst set in. Stephanie began to shiver, feeling the cold draining her energy along with the lack of food and water. The darkness and silence amplified her weakness, making her lose track of time till the cell door opened again.

“Good evening, Miss Chau. Want some food?” The officer holding the metal bowl grinned down at her as she turned away, the bright light searing her eyes after hours in the dark.

Stephanie forced herself to remain silent, feeling her stomach growling even so.

“Alright then. Too bad for you.”

As the cell door swung shut, Stephanie scrambled over, her cuffed hands making her fall over from a lack of balance.

“Wait. WAIT! Please. Please. Please…give me some food.”

The door swung back open as the officer grinned down at her.

“You want food? You know what to do.” He placed the tin bowl down and unzipped his pants.

“Have your appetizer. Come on.”

Stephanie weighed her emotions. Revulsion. Disgust. Shame. Anger.

Hunger won.

Getting on her knees, tears welling in her eyes, Stephanie leaned forward and opened her mouth, licking the tip of her captor’s unwashed cock before wrapping her lips around the shaft, sliding down as she began to suck his cock. Her captor groaned as he placed one hand on Stephanie’s head, fingers tangled in her hair as he pushed her head down making her gag and splutter, not letting her up for air, forcing Stephanie to desperately inhale through her nose as she forced herself to continue sucking and licking, hoping it would end soon.

“Mmm, fuck, that’s good. You practise a lot back on campus? Is that how you got into law school, you dirty slut? Or maybe you’ve been giving your fellow protestors some motivation between causing chaos daily! Such a whore you are.” The officer taunted, relishing the sight and feeling of the beautiful young undergraduate whimpering as she sucked on his cock, her hunger and fear making her push her dignity aside for the moment.

As Stephanie continued to suck him off, she felt both hands grip her head tight and tense. Speeding up her pace, Stephanie bobbed her head up and down, trying her best to maintain a tight suction with her lips while forcing herself to keep her teeth from grazing the shaft, not wanting to anger him. Her tongue continued to lavish attention on the underside as Stephanie sobbed pitifully, feeling the shame of having to desperately kneel and suck off her oppressor for food. This was nothing like the blowjobs that she once used to show her love to the boys dating her- it was an exploitation of her oral skills for survival, and she hated it.

“You know what to do next, whore. Don’t waste any of it.” The officer grunted as he pushed Stephanie’s head all the way down. Stephanie fought the urge to retch as the thick, sharp-tasting mess filled her mouth, spurt after spurt till he pulled out, groaning with pleasure.

“Swallow it. Or else you’re not getting any food. Go on, whore.”

Stephanie whimpered as she forced herself to gulp down the slimy mess, wanting to puke but forcing herself not to. The man pointed at his cock, still shiny with Stephanie’s spit and his cum. Stephanie knew what he wanted, having done it for her past boyfriends after sucking them off. As she bowed her head, defeated, and leaned forward to lick it clean, tears of shame streamed down her face, her tongue tracing over the man’s cock and lapping at his balls till he was satisfied.

“Alright then.” Her captor grinned, tossing the tin bowl to the floor with a clatter, amused at how Stephanie’s starving eyes followed every grain of cold rice that splattered out of the bowl.

“Eat up. You’ll need your energy for later, slut.”

As the door slammed shut, Stephanie leaned forward, her hands still cuffed behind her making it hard for her to eat cleanly. Desperately licking up every last scrap of rice, Stephanie slumped onto the floor and continued to sob.

Giving up her dignity for food was just the first crack in her resistance. She had no idea what “later” meant. But she didn’t want to think about it.

Later, as she found out, was yet another nightmare.

The cell door swinging open was accompanied by a bucket of cold water, shocking Stephanie out of her exhausted stupor. Dragged to her feet, the men once again pulled a black bag over her head before grabbing her by the arms and forcing her to stumble with them down several corridors.

When the black bag was pulled off, Stephanie found herself in yet another brightly lit windowless room. Disoriented, she could barely put up a fight as her captors slammed her over a bench, then hung her up bent over with her wrists painfully wrenched above and behind her back again.

“Welcome back, Stephanie.” A masked officer entered the room, cupping her jaw with a rubber-gloved hand, sounding amused as she spat at him weakly, the feeble gob of spit missing him.

“My, my, you’re still defiant. This isn’t good. Why don’t we save the questions for later then- I think you could do with some softening up first. Gentlemen?”

Stephanie began to squirm as one of the officers gripped her jaw, the interrogator stepping back so he could force a wire gag into her mouth, forcing her jaw wide open and leaving her drooling humiliatingly. As her indignant cries of protest filled the room, Stephanie heard a loud crack followed by pain searing through her buttocks.

“Oh, damn, that sounds good. More!”

A long, thin bamboo cane was briefly waved in front of Stephanie’s face, making her eyes widen from horror even as they welled with tears from the pain.

“Yeah, that’s going to hurt you real good. Come on. Make the bitch scream!”

Loud thwacks filled the room, Stephanie’s screaming distorted by her forced-open mouth. The man wielding the cane flogged her naked body mercilessly, lashing the thin rod all over her but focusing especially on her ass. A few lashes landed on Stephanie’s chest as well, making her arch her back and scream, her eyes going black momentarily as the cane landed right on her nipples. Her torturer was clearly very well-practiced with hurting women, and the beating showed how much he enjoyed it too.

After what seemed like forever, the last stroke on Stephanie’s body cracked through the room. Her slim body was now covered in red lines and dark purple bruises, with her ass and breasts showing thin lines of blood even from where the cane had landed too hard, while Stephanie hung limp in her restraints, half unconscious from a haze of sheer agony.

“My, my. Looks like our guest is injured. Can’t have any infection, you know…”

Stephanie felt her head jerked up sharply by a hand in her hair, the interrogator slapping her till she opened her eyes weakly.

“Don’t think we’re not going to take care of you. We love you healthy, especially nice fuckable students like you.”

Stephanie felt something cold wiped across her bleeding body, followed by the sharp smell of medicinal alcohol and the searing pain as the alcohol disinfected and sealed her wounds. She screamed once again, squirming weakly as the men stepped over to her, many of them now with open zippers.

“Nnn…nnn…nntt thttt…” Stephanie whimpered, her words distorted by the gag forcing her mouth open. Her captors surrounded her. Laughing, taunting her, mocking her helplessness. As the first two cocks slid into Stephanie’s asshole and mouth at the same time, the room filled with the sound of slapping flesh and sobbing. Stephanie’s weak pleas for mercy were soon drowned out by the grunts of enjoyment from the men spitroasting her.

When Stephanie next came to, she found herself in a new position. Strapped into a metal frame on her knees facing down, Stephanie’s ass was raised up while her ankles were secured forcing her legs apart. Her wrists were still cuffed behind her and raised up, forcing her into a stress position while a chain clipped to her dog collar kept her from looking down, forcing her to hold her head upright. Straining to look around, she realised that she was now facing a large two way mirror, allowing her to see her own reflection in the glass.

What she saw horrified her. Her once elegant and beautiful face was now a mess of bruises, with cum all over her face and hair, piss dripping off her lovely dark hair tied into a rough ponytail. Her body was covered with more bruises and marks from the whips, as well as small red marks from where the officers had extinguished their cigarettes on her naked body- many of them stubbed out onto her breasts. Scrawled insults in permanent marker covered her body again- and the tally marks were now too many to possibly count. Finally, her slim, toned body was glazed with a sheen of sweat and piss- with cum still trickling down her legs from her well-used holes.

“You like it?” One of the men asked, smirking at Stephanie’s facial expression of shame and horror as she checked herself out in the mirror. Stephanie sobbed, unable to reply coherently even with the gag removed from her mouth.

“You’re…you’re all fucked up. How could you do this? Why would you?”

“Because we can. And anyway you seemed to be enjoying yourself. My men told me you moaned like a whore in heat all the way.”

The tablet returned, waved in front of Stephanie’s face. On the screen, to her shame, was exactly what the man described- during her brutal gangrape over the last few hours, Stephanie had hit plenty of orgasms, moaning and whimpering all the way.

“N…no…it’s just my body! I don’t like it! I DON’T ENJOY THIS!” She protested, utterly humiliated by the idea of her body betraying her to her captors.

“Well, you can deny you’re a whore all you want. That’s fine.” The man grinned.

“But tell me. Are you ready to talk?”

“No…no…you can’t keep doing this to us…”

“Oh well.” The man stood up, then picked up his radio.

“Bring her friend in.”

The door opened again, the officers dragging in another squirming girl, also naked except for a bag over her head. A similar metal frame was dragged over so that she could get strapped down as well, now facing Stephanie with her head also pulled back by a chain to her collar but the bag left on to still cover her identity.

“You see, Miss Chau, even if you don’t talk, we can still use you. Your friend here also knows many things that we want to…so if you don’t talk, she will. Especially when she sees what we’re going to do next.”

The bag was yanked off the other girl’s head. Both girls looked into each others eyes, horrified as recognition dawned in their exhausted minds.

“Always nice to see a happy reunion. We picked up your friend Jamie last night but she hasn’t been too talkative despite satisfying an entire platoon of the riot squads yesterday. In fact, she’s a lot better than you- she had to be forced to cum, unlike you, the whore enjoying herself with our men.” The officer taunted, prodding a stun baton into Jamie’s cunt, making her scream, distorted by a similar wire gag holding her mouth open.

“But you see…maybe watching her friend suffer might make her a lot more willing to talk…either to save you, or save herself from suffering like you.”

A casual wave of the hand beckoned forward more guards, eagerly unzipping their pants as Jamie squirmed about in the rack, helpless to do anything other than glare angrily at the guards. Pulling back on Jamie’s hair, the first guard got behind her and forced his cock into her cunt, making the captive student groan into her gag as she felt her first rape for the day begin.

“STOP! STOP IT STOP IT PLEASE! NOT JAMIE! DON’T DO THAT TO HER-“ Stephanie’s screams of protest were silenced as the men jammed another gag into her mouth, forcing her jaw open again.

“Shhh. You students. So talkative. Your other holes are so much better, and cause so much less trouble.”

The first man raping Jamie grunted as he thrust deep into her, then pulled out, her cunt flooded with his load. Another eager guard took his turn, this time penetrating Jamie’s ass, making her widen her eyes and scream into her gag as she felt herself stretch around the thick shaft.

“So…you see, we give you the chance to talk, but you don’t talk and now we have to silence you while we use you. So much for being smart university students! You’re not learning!” The interrogator laughed, reaching over to pull out Jamie’s gag for a moment.

“So. Ready to talk, Miss Leung? If not, you’re going to watch your friend suffer while my men continue to enjoy you.”

“FUCK YOU!” Jamie screamed at the top of her voice, partially from anger and partially from the pain of being anally raped.

“FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL OF YOU! LIBERATE MY COUNTRY! REVOLUTION FOR MY PEOPLE! I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU GOVERNMENT DOGS! YOU’RE ALL DOGS!” Jamie yelled at the top of her voice before a tight backhand cut her off, the gag shoved back into her mouth.

“Yes that’s right, you’re going to fuck us. You’ll fuck all of us today. How smart of you. And you guessed what else happens today…”

The door opened again. Stephanie watched Jamie’s eyes open with sheer horror and fear, making her panic as she wondered what could possibly be behind her.

“Funny you should call us dogs. Because while all of us fuck you…we did tell you Stephanie was going to suffer so you can watch the consequences of your defiance. And now, you’ll see who’s the real bitch.”

Stephanie shook her head, screaming into her own gag. No, not that, not that please, it can’t be that, her mind screamed.

Then she heard the clicking of clawed feet on the floor of the interrogation room, the panting and whining behind her, and then the feel of paws placed on her hips, with something probing at her cunt.

“NNNN! PLSSS! NNNNTTT THSS!” Stephanie screamed at the top of her lungs, but it was no use. And as the interrogators continued to take turns to violate Jamie, Stephanie’s mind soon went blank as she felt the long, thin canine shaft enter her.

By the time every interrogator in the room was done using Jamie at least twice each, she had been forced to watch Stephanie satisfy at least five dogs while the men raped her.

When the gags were yanked from the mouths of both girls, they could hardly wait to spill everything they knew, desperate to stop any more of the depraved torture.

Unstrapped from the frames, the men led Jamie and Stephanie away, pushing them back into Stephanie’s cell together. As the door slammed, Stephanie and Jamie held each other, sobbing into each other’s arms till they passed out from the trauma and exhaustion.

The next time the cell door opened, the two girls were led to a yard and hosed down, then forced into a van with bags over their heads again. They would soon find themselves in a different compound, spending their days servicing the riot control troops out there fighting their former comrades. As for the footage of their brutal interrogation and torture, the student protesters were soon horrified by the videos of two of their former leaders breaking being released on the internet, in a calculated move to demoralise them.

For Jamie and Stephanie, the reality was clear in the end. Their resistance had been completely futile.