The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

There are no lack of depraved individuals on this island and i happen to chance upon one other on reddit. ‘Paperstarred’ is that sweet, sheltered girl who is the embodiment of everything prim, proper and demure. In formal wear, i have no doubt she can pass off as a politician or a young C-suite level staff. Working from home in her t-shirt and panties, she is that stay home girlfriend all guys want to have. No longer a sweet young thing, but not yet at the MILF level, i would say the world inside Paperstarred’s twisted mind is a lot darker than mine.

Writes on Reddit

Nick : Paperstarred

Imagine that for some reason, you need to be broken.

Not broken like the boring kind of “oh daddy I’m your good little girl” broken that amateurs play with. Not even broken in the “I’ll do anything for you” way.

Broken, like having your mind completely overwhelmed and burnt out. Being pushed so far that you can’t think anymore, being completely shut down and helpless, your mind gone so far that you’ll take any suggestion, any order, or say anything. Dead eyes, empty shell, the light is on but the house is empty, that sort of thing.

Why? That’s for you to fantasize about on your own. Maybe you’re being broken so that you’ll give up important information. Maybe you’re being broken by a jealous stalker who kidnapped you, or you offended someone and this is their revenge. Maybe you’re just unfortunate and got taken off the streets to become someone’s plaything.

Now let’s imagine a little further, that you’re not so easy to break. You’re strong. Confident. Defiant. There’s a light blazing in your eyes that hasn’t died, even after a few days of brutal gangrape and violent torture. Sure, you might have fainted a few times from being mistreated too energetically, and you might have eventually started screaming after trying your best not to give your captors that satisfaction, but you’re still feisty. Still spirited. And that’s how you’re going to get upgraded to the Platinum Premium treatment.

First they’ll give you a day or so of rest. This isn’t mercy, it’s to let your body fully rest up and recover so you can feel every single moment of what’s next. You’ll be given a shower (and if you refuse, you’ll be hosed down and cleaned up). They’ll give you a decent meal that isn’t served in a dog bowl and isn’t laced with cum and piss. They’ll let you sleep for a full, glorious 12 hours on a soft bed in a nice, warm room with warm blankets.

Of course you’re intelligent enough to wonder what’s going to happen. So you’ll wonder why they’re treating you so nicely. You’ll suspect that your captors are up to something. But exhaustion will win out and you’ll fall asleep. Probably because of the drugs mixed into your food as well, drugs that will ensure you have a good rest so your body can endure more later.

You wake up blindfolded, but restrained. As panic sets in, you struggle, but your body is strapped down tight, so tight that you can barely struggle or move around. All you can do is squirm about and explore the position you’re restrained in, till the blindfold comes off and you realise just how fucked you are about to be.

So imagine a gynecologist’s chair, but modified. Most gynecologists obviously don’t do restraints and all, yes? So you’re on your back, legs spread wide open, and completely naked. Your captors hook you up, make the necessary adjustments, then leave the room after they brief you on what’s about to happen.

Now, let’s take it step by step.

First up, of course you’re going to get your holes pummeled. So there’s two massive vibrating dildos on a fuck machine, aimed at your cunt and asshole and coated in lube and pleasure enhancing gel. How fast or slow they fuck you, and how powerful the vibrations are, are all on random. So they could be pounding super hard and fast for a while, then suddenly slow to a crawl and barely just inch in and out while vibrating weakly. Or they could be pushing in and out super slowly but vibrating at an intensity that could rival an industrial jackhammer.

So that’s it for your holes. What about your body? Well, there’s electrodes all over you. Electrode pads on your inner thighs, on the underside of your breasts, and the soles of your feet. Clamps on your nipples and clit. Obviously they’re there to shock you, so while the fucking machine does its work on your holes, the electrodes also shock you randomly- it could be a weak jolt to your clit for a few seconds, then a sustained blast on high power to your nipples.

Again, everything is at random. You could have the fuck machine and the electrodes slow down or even stop a few moment, then suddenly spring to life again. The physical abuse isn’t complete if it doesn’t psychologically fuck you over too, and the constant anticipation of what’s next is going to fuck with your pretty little head.

But a fucking machine and electrodes are normal. Yes, they won’t feel normal when you’re in the chair being pounded and shocked, but again, we’re going for the Platinum treatment here, the Premium mind breaking. So now that we’ve got the physical element of the torture going, time for the mental element.

On your head, firmly secured in place, is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Top quality ones, no expense spared (I mean, if whoever is torturing you can afford the chair and fuck machines and the whole setup, a $500 Sennheiser shouldn’t make much of a difference to their wallets). Again, everything’s on random, including the volume of the playback which goes from barely a whisper to the volume level of a Metallica concert, or the length of the audio being played.

What’s the music? Classical melodies, perhaps? Smooth jazz? Epic music from movies and trailers so you can get your body raped and shocked while feeling as if you’re taking part in an epic battle (which is kinda true, you’re fighting to survive and stay sane)? Christmas music, perhaps?

Nope. It’s you. Well, mostly you. High quality recordings of all the noise you’ve made over the past few days when they raped and tortured you. Screams. Moans. Panting. Groaning. Your swearing and cursing and protesting. Your high pitched squeals when they went all out on you. And all of that is mixed with other audio as well- the screams and moans from other girls they’ve broken before you, and audio from other girls who are enjoying themselves- the symphony of violated girls and satisfied girls in your ears, chipping away at your mental resolve.

Now for the final touch.

Surrounding you are 5 screens. No matter where you turn your head, you’ll be faced with a screen. Blu-Ray quality high definition picture, widescreen, so you can watch what’s on them. Sure, you can close your eyes, but you’re going to need to look at the screens for the final part, actually.

What’s on the screens? Obviously it’s you again. High-definition video from every angle, of the past few days. Every single way you’ve been used. Every sick and depraved way you were raped and abused. But it would be boring if it’s just you, so they’ve spliced in clips from other girls that they’ve enjoyed, as well as clips from porn which range from hardcore brutal torture and rape porn to intense but consensual clips of girls really enjoying themselves. And the final touch- you’ll love this- is that they’ve spliced in very ordinary clips and photos as well. From where? From your social media. Photos and videos of your past life, your ordinary life not being broken in some windowless basement in this infernal device. That should fuck with your head quite well, especially when placed alongside all the other fucked up videos.

But that isn’t all.

At the bottom of each screen, there’s two little boxes. Each of them have a sentence in them, and a little counter next to them that starts with the number, say…999?

And this is where everything comes together. You see, technology has come a long and beautiful way, and one of the best innovations in the last century has been text-to-speech and voice recognition technology. And so, each of the sentences on the screen (how many are there? Five screens, two lines per screen, you do the math) has a single degrading phrase on them.

It can be a short and simple one, like “I am a slut”.

Or it could be a long, elaborate one, like “I, (your full name), am a pathetic rape loving whore who deserves to be broken and put up for sale”

There’s ten lines. Some of them are just to degrade you. Others are aimed at your worst insecurities, and meant to completely break you. You can imagine on your own what the lines on the screen will be, but the point of displaying them is simple. You’re going to have to scream each of those lines 999 times. Each time you say the line, the audio will (hopefully) be picked up, and the counter will reduce by one.

“I AM A SLUT!” – 999

“I AM A SLUT!” – 998

And so on and so forth.

If you don’t say it loud enough? The number won’t go down. If you are saying a particularly long sentence and have a massive orgasm halfway from the fuck machines? Sentence wasn’t completed, nope, not counted. If you’re unable to say it properly because you’re already gasping and panting, or clenching your teeth as you ride out another wave of orgasms? Nope.

When does everything switch off? When does the assault on your holes stop, the electricity turn off, the screens go blank and the audio fall silent? When you say every single line 999 times. Will fainting be a blessed relief from this? No, when you wake up, the machines will still be going. Will you somehow manage to dehydrate and go into a coma and finally be free of this? No, they’ve already anticipated that and they’ve got an IV drip in you keeping you hydrated and awake (and who knows, they might even mix some drugs into the drip that could do things like intensify every sensation your body is feeling, or keep you fully awake so that you have to experience every second of this horror without blanking out).

By the time you’ve finished everything, the aim is to break you so completely that your mind will be a total blank. Your eyes will be dead. You’ll let your captors do anything to you, you’ll do anything for them, even get down on your hands and knees and drink from a urinal while a dog fucks you, simply because you’d rather do anything than face another round in the chair.

How long can you endure it before your mind shatters? We’ll see.

And that’s the way you break a bitch.