The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

There are no lack of depraved individuals on this island and i happen to chance upon one other on reddit. ‘Paperstarred’ is that sweet, sheltered girl who is the embodiment of everything prim, proper and demure. In formal wear, i have no doubt she can pass off as a politician or a young C-suite level staff. Working from home in her t-shirt and panties, she is that stay home girlfriend all guys want to have. No longer a sweet young thing, but not yet at the MILF level, i would say the world inside Paperstarred’s twisted mind is a lot darker than mine.

Writes on Reddit

Nick : Paperstarred

“Take turns. Share her. Have fun, boys.”

Nick screamed into the gag, made up of his wife’s panties shoved into his mouth, but there was no escape- the knots were too tight and the men keeping him firmly down on the chair were too strong for him.

In front of him was a nightmare.

“Never thought I’d get to fuck a bitch this tight!”

“She’s nice and firm. All that working out’s paid off for us”

“Claire, right?” One of them read off the sharpie writing scrawled on the dog collar buckled around her slim neck. “More like cumslut.”

“Maybe your husband should have rented you out to pay his debts, because once we’re done we’re doing that. You’ll be getting triple penetrated every day till you make enough to cover the amount.

Nick yells into the gag, his eyes wide. Claire lets out a horrible sob and half-strangled scream as yet another man cums in her, but her eyes are starting to roll back and go blank, her look of defiance and confidence fading into glassy-eyed exhaustion.

It’s been ten hours since the loving couple was kidnapped and brought to an isolated warehouse, and every single second has been nothing but abuse and shame for Claire and Nick, but even more so for Claire.

Her toned, tanned body is glazed with sweat, her athletic physique working against her as it makes the men even more lust crazed. Her breasts, large and firm, are covered with bite and cane marks, her nipples swollen and bruised from hours of abuse. Her hair is pulled into a rough ponytail matted with cum, allowing the men to see her face.

Her face is what makes Nick break down whenever he sees it. Claire’s face has been described by many as beautiful, for sure. Elegant. A twinkle in her eye, showing her confidence, some even calling it “foxy”.

Now, that beautiful face is a mess of cum, spit and tears, her makeup all smeared over with countless loads of cum, her tears cutting two trails through the slimy mess shining on her face. Her eyes are dead, glassy and blank from exhaustion and overwhelming shame, and her mouth hangs open, strings of cum and drool trailing from it as men take turns to fuck her face. Her lovely features are a mess- and they’re further marred by a huge WHORE written across her cheeks in bright red lipstick, Claire’s open mouth serving as the O. Across her forehead a PATHETIC has been scribbled, making her face show PATHETIC WHORE at all times.

As for her body? Her lovely body, toned, tanned and taut?

Claire is glazed with sweat and piss, and cum is splattered all over her. A leather belt is still looped around her neck for the men to choke her with, along with her dog collar. On her firm, large breasts, FUCK WHORE has been scribbled in lipstick, and over her well-defined abs, someone has scrawled USE THIS WHORE with an arrow aimed at her ravaged, sore cunt. Her thighs too, are decorated- her inner thighs both say CHEAP BITCH and USELESS SLUT, while her outer thighs have been used to keep a tally of how many fuckings Claire’s had.

It’s been 15 hours, and so far the tally stands at 110 facefucks, 80 cunt fucks, and 90 assfucks.

Claire, formerly an intelligent and beautiful lady, is a now broken mess, and beginning to lose her sanity. She’s been fucked till she’s near-catatonic, her initial defiance long gone as she carries out tasks unquestioningly, anything to avoid more pain and abuse, even as her darling husband watches her and breaks down sobbing, watching the woman he loves turned into a pathetic wreck all over his mistakes.

“What are you?” One of the men asks, as Claire kneels in front of Nick, her ass in the air, her hands on her thighs, looking up in a well-trained pose that the men beat the knowledge of into her.

“I am Claire, the pathetic fucktoy! I am Claire, the biggest slut in town! I love being used like a cheap rapetoy! Fuck me masters, please fuck me as my useless husband watches!”

The men laugh as Claire chokes out her speech, something that they beat into her and raped her repeatedly while making her repeat it over and over again.

“Give your man some of your love. Go on.”

Claire is pushed over to Nick. Some part of her still not shut down by the haze of pain and shame is shocked that he’s hard, shocked that the man she loves is having a huge erection from the sight of her having been used like a cheap cum rag for hours.

“Suck him off, whore.”

Two huge vibrators are brought over as Claire lowers her head to Nick’s cock. They’re jammed into her once-tight cunt and asshole, Claire giving a tortured groan as the vibrations assault her nerves, the pleasure feeling more like agony now as her cunt and ass are stimulated, sore and painful from the hours of rough, merciless gang rape.

“Stop hesitating and fucking SUCK!”

One of the men yells, as he raises a belt and brings it down onto Claire’s ass, her firm ass already covered with so many whip marks. She screams, as she quickly leans forward, one hand expertly cupping Nick’s balls and massaging them while the other strokes his shaft. Claire lowers her head, wrapping her scarlet-painted lips tightly around his cock and begins to slide up and down, her tongue trailing and flicking the underside of his shaft, slurping sounds filling the room as she sucks her husband off in her sluttiest way possible.

And slutty is how Nick always liked Claire’s blowjobs- while she had always been an expert at pleasing him in bed, Claire had always loved to suck his cock even more. Somehow, the feeling of her man’s cock in her mouth and the taste of his cock and cum was what turned her on, so much that she’d be fingering herself and have orgasms even while sucking him off. Claire would ensure she gave her darling a sloppy, slutty blowjob every 1-2 weeks at least, piling on her makeup to drive him wild.

Today Claire’s been forced to use her talents and expertise with sucking cock on countless strangers, she’s given so many slutty and sloppy blowjobs that they’re becoming second nature to her, and the makeup is definitely piled on. The only difference is Claire isn’t making eye contact with her man this time, because she can’t bear to see the look on his face, can’t bear to think that he might actually be enjoying this despite himself, the sight of his once dignified and proud wife on her knees, a ravaged, pathetic mess, sucking him off right after sucking off more than a hundred strangers.

He cums in her mouth, groaning horribly as he spurts the warm sticky fluid into his darling’s mouth, contributing to her humiliation.

Claire automatically swallows and licks him clean. It horrifies him, to see something she once used to put passion and lust into, turned mechanical, almost as if Claire was now just a blowjob dispensing whore.

And she is.

The men drag Claire over on her leash as one of them brings in a sybian. It’s their next torture in line for her. As she’s made to face Nick, she’s strapped down on her knees, straddling the device, not knowing what will happen next. The first vibrations catch her by surprise, but the embarrassing gasp of initial pleasure is soon taken over by a scream as it assaults her nerves, and that scream is soon muffled as men begin taking turns to fuck her beautiful face, the tally now being scrawled on one perfect breast in permanent marker.

“You love seeing her like this, don’t you? Remember, this is your fault.” One of the men taunts Nick as he notices his cock, flaccid after Claire’s best blowjob ever, beginning to harden again at the sight of his darling wife being raped in her mouth like a filthy fuckslut off the streets. Gone is the smart, well known lady he used to love, replaced by a whore who’s willing to keep her mouth open for the facefucks and let the men pull on the belt to choke her, anything to avoid the cane landing on her firm breasts or on her taut body.

“By the way, every load she takes earns her ten buck. You owe us quite a bit, remember? Maybe you should watch your gambling.”

The men laugh as they untie Nick and lead him to the door, his pants still unzipped. As they shove him out the door, he can hear Claire whimpering again, followed by the sounds of slurping and gagging as yet another man begins to fuck her face.

“Come back for her in a week. She might have earned enough to cover your debts by then.”

As the steel door slams, cutting off the last few pathetic sounds from Claire, he sinks to his knees, head held in his hands.