The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

It could have been a normal day for Cynthia. Go to school, try to study for finals, turn down yet another guy trying to hit on her, head back to her room…
But of course, this particular Friday is different for her. It could have been normal for her, of course. Study session with her girlfriends, a good 10km run on the track, a quick shower, telling her track mate that she wasn’t interested in him and then heading to the bus stop with a slightly bitchy grin while sharing the story in her hall chat just to twist the knife …

And then the van pulls up. A quick struggle, a small prick of a needle, and she’s unconscious.

Cynthia wakes up, like so many other girls, in a cell.

As her eyes groggily open, they soon fly open as she realises where she is- in a dim room, cold, with smooth stone walls and a few weird devices lying around. Ominously, there’s even chains and hooks from the ceiling, and a floor drainage grate.

The cell door opens, as the lights snap on. She gives a shocked look as a few men start coming in, and the door slams behind her.

“L…look, there’s got to be a mistake alright? My father’s rich, he can pay-“

Her protests are cut off as someone jams a shock prod into her side, making her twitch, then give a long, loud scream.

“Cynthia Pang? Right?”

“Ye-yes, but look, if it’s money you’re after-“

Another jab of the shock prod, this time right between Cynthia’s legs, right on her inner thigh. The resulting shock makes her scream so loud that it echoes in the cell.

“We’re not after money. Get her ready.”

“W…wait, who are you guys!” Cynthia screams and struggles, but the men are too many, too strong for her, and they drag her over to a wooden frame set up at one end of the room, covered in leather straps.

“Get her set up.”

Cynthia gives her full effort, struggling as hard as she can, but she’s not strong enough. Not strong enough even to resist as they hold her in place, cutting off her clothes with a pair of scissors- first her track t-shirt and fbts, then her sports bra and her tights, leaving her naked. The men pull Cynthia over to the frame, laughing at her pathetic attempts to struggle, then push her down. She’s now on her back, her legs spread wide, her hands restrained so they’re pointing downwards and strained backwards, and her head’s strapped in place too.

“Wait…what…what is this?” Cynthia yells, struggling hard, stopping only out of fear as she feels cold metal against the side of her inner thighs.

“I’m going to shave your cunt. You can either struggle and get cut, or you can stay very still, slut.”

Cynthia wants to fight back, but she knows the consequences. Cursing inwardly, she stays very, very still as she feels the men spray shaving foam over her pussy and scrape away at it, eventually rinsing it off with a conveniently located hose.

“Nice and clean, just the way we like it.” One of them grins, delivering a sharp slap to Cynthia’s cunt, making her scream.

“What…what do you want? What the hell is this?”

“Oh yes, let’s explain before we add in the ring gag.” One of the men laughs, drawing close to Cynthia’s face, enjoying how the shock and fear is making her sharp, elegant features twist.

“See, you’re a rich girl, but someone who knows you is richer- and he felt that you were giving a bit too much attitude to him, being an all-rounded bitch, being a complete pain in the ass…sounds familiar?”

“So? What’s wrong with it?”

“Well, think of us as a reconditioning service. Our main line of service is taking girls that our clients pick, and retraining them to become whores, but we also do provide short term services for breaking girls like you. The client gets a nice big compilation full of photos and videos of it happening, the girl gets sent back with a change in attitude, and we get to enjoy a nice tight young university student like you…”

Cynthia begins struggling and screaming even louder, even more violently. At the back of her mind, she knows she won’t be able to get free, but the shock of hearing this makes her struggle and fight, her yells of fear only getting slightly muffled as one of the men grabs her jaw and holds it in place, sliding in a ring gag to keep her mouth open.

“Your sponsor paid for the weekend package, so let’s get down to it. Maybe by the end of these 2 days you’ll be a nice girl, maybe you’ll still be a bitch and he’ll pay for another round for you, who knows? Either way, I’m just here to enjoy my job- last week, we got to take the 5 day package on Novita and it was fucking amazing.”

“Bro, stfu. Let’s get to work.”

Cynthia recoils with horror as she hears the sound of zippers around her. One by one, the men strip, leaving them wearing just their surgical masks, as they stand around Cynthia, surrounding her with their erections pointed right at her.

“So do we break her first or fuck her first?”

“Does it matter?”

Cynthia feels something hard between her legs. She’s unable to look up as her head’s held in place by another leather strap, but it feels warm and slightly sticky and as it pushes past the first folds of her cunt, Cynthia gives a long, loud scream, filled with protest and fear, escalating to a scream of anguish and pain as the man shoves his cock deep into her cunt, stretching it beyond what any of her ex-boyfriends have, his shaft way thicker than the cocks Cynthia has ridden before.

“Damn, she’s fucking tight. All that track and field training must really do wonders for the muscles.”

The man begins pistoning into Cynthia hard and fast, gripping her thighs as he slams into her cunt, groaning with pleasure as her cunt involuntarily squeezes tighter from the violation, Cynthia’s gagged-open mouth giving out little groans and whimpers as he fucks her hard. This isn’t a slow, gentle lovemaking, it’s a hard, vicious fucking that makes Cynthia gasp as every muscle in her toned, tanned runner’s body goes taut from the strain, the sounds of the wooden frame shaking and the metal buckles on the leather straps clinking filling the room, joining the pleasured groaning of the man and Cynthia’s muffled voice, giving out sounds of anger and exertion. The men are pleased to see that her eyes are still full of fire, the tears barely starting to well, because it means that they’ll have a lot more time with her and a lot more fun breaking her down.

As if things aren’t bad enough, Cynthia feels someone cupping her jaw again, as one of the men leans over, pulls his mask up and spits into her open mouth, laughing at her as she coughs at how disgusting it is. Her disgust is soon amplified as he shoves his cock into her open mouth, the ring gag stretching her jaw till it hurts, as Cynthia begins to take it from both ends, getting spitroasted as the wooden frame begins to creak even louder from the force of two men fucking her hard from both ends. Cynthia begins gagging and choking, her saliva and the man’s precum starting to smear over her face, making it shine as she’s throatfucked hard. She’s never taken it this deep before, and while Cynthia prided herself on giving seemingly good blowjobs to men she’s dated, getting brutally facefucked was definitely not one of the things her relationships have involved.

The first man begins thrusting faster and harder, gripping Cynthia’s thighs harder, but she doesn’t really notice because the facefucking’s taking up all her attention, till he jams himself into her one last time, then Cynthia feels something warm flooding her cunt, making her thrash and struggle more as she feels cum fill her, the humiliating feeling of taking a huge load distracting her momentarily before she’s snapped back to reality from the facefucking, gagging on the taste of unwashed cock violating her cute little mouth, even as she feels someone step up between her legs and ram his cock up her ass this time, Cynthia screaming around the cock in her mouth from the pain of being assfucked while dry. For a girl who’s fine with anal sex, having it done violently without lube is definitely a far cry from the gentle, slow and well-lubed experiments she’s done with her exes.

Cynthia’s facefucking soon ends, as cum floods her mouth, making her choke and gag as the man slaps her, holding his cock in her mouth, glaring down at her. Cynthia knows what she’s getting at, and since there seems to be no other way to get her mouth clear she swallows, gagging as the thick, slimy load works its way down her throat. The ring gag is undone momentarily, letting her sore, stretched jaw close, as the man fucking her ass pushes deep into her and stops, laughing as she gasps for air, panting from the intensity of her fucking.

“Well, anything to say for yourself, slut?”

“Fuck…all of you…” Cynthia gasps, unable to catch her breath properly with a cock buried deep in her ass.

“That’s right, girl, you’re going to fuck all of us. Good, I can see they teach you to count in university.”

Before Cynthia can retort, the ring gag is jammed back into her mouth, leaving it open again, strings of cum and drool starting to slide down her face.

“It wouldn’t be fun if they didn’t fight back, eh?” Another man laughs as he steps up and shoves his cock into Cynthia’s open mouth, fucking her face hard again, his balls slapping her nose as her tortured gagging sounds fill the room.

“Meh, remember last month when we did that Grayce girl? Taekwondo, dance and all? She didn’t last long either. I don’t think some this bitch will last as long, even if she’s got all that fitness training from running.” The man fucking Cynthia’s ass responds, grinning, the men discussing violating her as if it was just another day at work, which is is for them- they’re paid to degrade and abuse beautiful women, which is probably a dream job for many.

The men take turns fucking Cynthia in every hole multiple times for the next few hours, not giving her any break between each fucking. After all, this is about breaking her down sexually, and when they get tired they just swap out for different men, until Cynthia’s been used by countless cocks over a 10-hour period without any rest. By the time they finally stop sending different men in to rape her, Cynthia is gasping for breath, utterly exhausted, her toned body covered with sweat as her muscles begin to cramp up- no training session or marathon has been as physically exhausting as the past ten hours, not to mention mentally violating. Her ass and cunt are leaking cum, her face is a mess of spit, tears and more cum, and her jaw hurts, not to mention her other two holes.

The gag is unbuckled, letting Cynthia’s strained jaw relax.

“Well, slut, how are you feeling?”

Cynthia has just enough fight left in her to spit at the man leaning over her, the gob of saliva and leftover cum barely missing his face.

“Well, well. She’s still got some fight. No worries, we’ve got till Sunday night to play.”

The men undo Cynthia from the restraints, laughing as she weakly tries to struggle, putting up a token fight, anything to feel like she’s still in control somewhat as they drag her across the room to a different frame. Now she’s strapped in on her knees but suspended above the ground, leaning back with her hands pointing downwards again, forming a sort of triangle with her body, her cunt lips neatly parted by a wedge. Before Cynthia can protest, two large dildos on pistons are mounted just below both of her holes, aimed menacingly at them.


“How about you beg for a facefuck then, slut?”

“No.” Cynthia groans.

“Well then, let’s see how long more your body can take this.”

As Cynthia tries to squirm away, the dildos are coated with a white cream, then aimed at her. They slide into her slowly at first, then remain in Cynthia, but as they begin to vibrate, Cynthia begins to feel a mild burning in her ass and cunt, bringing even more tears to her eyes.

“Wha…what…stop…no…what’s that..” She gasps, her exhausted eyes flying open as it really begins to burn.

“Heating rub. Aren’t you runners familiar with it?”


“It gets better, girl.”

As Cynthia begins screaming, the dildos begin to move in and out of Cynthia on pistons, slowly at first, vibrating in and out of her, spreading the heat rub over her pussy lips as well. The speed picks up, escalating until about 5 minutes later Cynthia is being slammed by the two dildos as if they were jackhammers, hammering on her strained nerves and her badly-abused cunt and ass, but that’s not enough because one of the men walks over with a giant hitachi vibrator, strapping it down to her abs so it’s positioned right on her clit, then flicks it on to full intensity.

Now Cynthia’s being assaulted with pain and pleasure at the same time, overwhelming her, but as if that’s not enough the men clip two wires to her nipples, connecting them to a battery that randomly shocks her, then smear more heating rub over her small, perky breasts, laughing at Cynthia’s struggling. The last addition to her is a ball gag, muffling her screams of agony as her body is relentlessly assaulted, the men grinning as the camera shutter continues to go off, documenting every second of her torment.

Despite the pain from the burning heat rub and the slamming of the dildos into her, Cynthia soon begins to feel her body approaching an orgasm, to her horror. The men laugh as she arches her back as far as the restraints allow her, screaming into her ball gag as she sprays her juices all over, squirming and gasping with the intensity of the orgasm amplified by the rush of adrenaline coming from the pain that’s making her body spasm and cramp with exhaustion.

“Like that? We mixed some aphrodisiac into the heat rub. It’s going to make you cum over and over again at the slightest fucking.”

As the men’s words sink in, Cynthia tenses, trying to distract herself, thinking of everything except anything sexual but it’s futile, the slamming of the dildos into her is just too intense and before she knows it, she’s spasming about again as yet another orgasm sears her nerves, her screaming starting to get more and more high-pitched with each orgasm. She’s shivering with exhaustion, her eyes are starting to roll back and go blur, and eventually Cynthia dissolves into a haze of sexual agony till she’s so spaced-out that she doesn’t even notice the men inserting an IV into her for a quick hydration to keep her going. They won’t give her anything to drink except for cum and other nasty things, as part of the process of breaking her down.

Cynthia faints and regains consciousness several times over this stage of her breaking, but as the hours go by, she’s reduced slowly to a gasping, panting mess, each tortured orgasm torn from her feeling worse than the previous one. Finally, the machines fall silent as the men disconnect Cynthia from the numerous devices, returning her from looking like a Japanese device bondage pornstar to looking like a normal young lady, or as normal as she can look, naked, sweaty and sobbing as they drag her off the frame. Cynthia puts up her token struggle again, but by now she’s so weak she can barely do anything more than squirm as the men drag her out of her cell and lead her down a corridor.

“Stop…stop it…I’ll do…anything…” She begs, as she’s dragged into a new room. There’s a girl in a SQ kebaya in the corner looking resigned as she talks dirty while sucking off a pair of grinning men on her knees, but that’s not what Cynthia notices, she’s wildly glancing around as they drag her past the SQ girl and through another door, until she realises she’s in a lobby of some sort.

“You’ll do anything, right?”

“Yes. Yes. Just don’t fucking-“

“Tsk tsk, bad language, looks like the whore’s still got some attitude.”

“Wait what-no no no NO-“

The ring gag is pushed back into Cynthia’s mouth as the men chain her up. Now she’s restrained in a position resembling a dancer or gymnast- one ankle raised high in the air forcing her legs into a painful split, the other leg taking all the strain, her wrists cuffed above her head to balance.

“You’re the lobby whore today. That means anyone who comes by gets to use you, whether for training, stress release or for fun. We’ll be back later to see if you’ve cured that bitchy mouth of yours.”

As Cynthia shakes her head violently, a look of pleading in her once-feisty eyes, the men walk off, laughing.

It doesn’t take long before the men start arriving. Cynthia screams through her ring gag, muffled pleas for mercy and for help falling on deaf ears as they fuck her hard. It seems like there’s not a single moment when she isn’t being violated from both ends, her body struggling to take the strain of balancing on one leg, every muscle taut and strained, her stamina and fitness pushed beyond its limits as the men take turns to fuck her over and over again.

Her struggling doesn’t make it any easier on her either as the men start to mistake her squirming for defiance, instead of her attempt at balancing, and begin to abuse her even more just to see how much more they can break her down. At first they start out with hard slaps to her ass and her cunt, but soon it starts getting more sadistic, with the men using their belts to lash Cynthia’s breasts, or slapping her face or twisting her nipples hard as they fuck her just to hear her tortured, muffled screams. One particularly sadistic man holds a lit cigarette up to Cynthia’s eyes, letting them widen as she sees the glowing ember of it, followed by a ear-piercing shriek of sheer agony as he jams his cock into her mouth while stubbing out the cigarette on her nipples, Cynthia’s eyes rolling back as she almost faints from the sheer pain of it.

“Damn, she almost swallowed my cock when I did that. Let’s try it again!”

Cynthia, barely conscious, is brought back to reality from the sheer agony of having the cigarette applied to her other nipple.

“She clenches really tight too!” One of the men chortles, his cock buried deep in Cynthia’s ass, one hand fingering her sore cunt just to watch her squirm from the forced pleasure.

“Boss said no permanent damage though. Use this.” One of the men hands them a shock prod. Cynthia’s eyes, blurry from tears and exhaustion, widen again as they wave it around for her to see with a cheeky grin, then jab it right onto her clit. The resulting scream feels like a vibrator around the cock of the guy facefucking her, and her ass clenches so tight that the one fucking her ass immediately climaxes, filling her with another load of cum.

“Fuck, that was amazing. Let’s do it again.”

The men start making it a game, fucking Cynthia while they jab her randomly with the shock prod. They soon start to figure out her sensitive spots- her nipples and clit of course, but they find that jabbing her between her asshole and cunt produces a similar tight clenching and ear-piercing scream, and they start shocking Cynthia while they fuck her, till she’s reduced to a even more pathetic mess, sobbing and whimpering, her face covered in tears and spit and cum, each gagging and choking noise sounding even more strained than the last.

Hours go by before the men come to undo Cynthia’s restraints, but even then, it’s not over for her- they laugh, comparing her current pitiful state to the feisty, bitchy girl from a day ago, but there’s one more item on the list. Cynthia is dragged to a chair, her exhausted and limp body briefly hosed down with icy water to wake her up and clean her, then thrown a towel and a small plastic bag with makeup in it.

“Touch yourself up. Look like a slut.”

“Why-ARGHHH!” She screams, her knees buckling as she collapses, the shock prod having been jammed into her left breast and held there for a 10-count.


“NO! No! No! I’m not! I’m not! Please don’t-don’t please dont-NYARGHHHHHH!” Cynthia’s eyes roll back into her head as her back arches, the man holding the prod to her clit and holding it there till her muscles give out and she collapses flat onto the floor, weakly panting.

“Are you still going to be a bitch?”

“No…no sir…no…”

“Make up. Now.”

Cynthia fumbles with the bag weakly, plastering on lipstick and eyeliner and powder till she looks like a cheap harlot- exactly the look the men want.

“Get up.”

Cynthia meekly walks down the corridor as the men escort her, limping and sore, unable to even walk straight, her cunt and ass so sore that every step makes her wince. They lead her into a different room- filled with random men, alcohol, and music.

“You’re on rent for the last 6 hours of your stay here. These men have paid good money to have a nubile young university student like you humiliate yourself for their pleasure. I might add, this is your final test- if you act like a bitch to them, they can call in security any time to take you away and swap you with a different girl, and once we call in security to teach you a lesson, I might add that the fuckers down over there are way more sadistic than us…” The man chuckles, shoving Cynthia in and locking the door.

The next few hours that follow are a complete haze to Cynthia, so exhausted and defeated that she can’t even remember much- she remembers a haze of sex and pain and humiliation, being fucked multiple times by multiple men even when she’s half-conscious, and being made to perform for the men, who are more than happy to force a classy bitchy girl like her to humiliate herself by acting like a hostess from a sleazy KTV, pouring them drinks before sucking them off, or holding shots in her mouth while sucking them off too. Some of the men are even more sadistic, making Cynthia fuck herself with a bottle for their amusement while they drink and watch her perform, Cynthia breaking down and sobbing as she climaxes from it.

At some point, the amount of alcohol they’ve forced Cynthia to drink finally gives her some blessed release, and as the exhaustion and drinks take hold, she finally passes out, just as the men finish their time with her and begin filing out of the room, leaving her curled up on the floor, sobbing and panting, her body a mess, her face twisted with shame and pain as she blacks out.

The next she knows, Cynthia wakes up back in her cell, with one of the men standing against the wall, smoking and watching her.

“Learnt your lesson yet?”

“Ye..yes…please…please don’t hurt me any more…” Cynthia whimpers. The loud, feisty bitch from 48 hours ago has completely vanished, just in time for Sunday evening- the end of her sponsored weekend of being broken sexually.

“Clean yourself up. You’ve got 5 minutes.”

Cynthia hurriedly washes herself using the hose, feeling shameful as the man watches her shower, but desperate to feel clean in some small way (though she knows she’ll never feel clean again, especially after she’s been fucked by nearly a hundred different men).

“Get dressed.”

The man throws Cynthia her schoolbag. Her old, sweaty track clothes are still in there, but she doesn’t care, she pulls them on, relieved to finally be dressed again, as the man grabs her and cuffs her hands behind her, blindfolds her, then jabs her with another needle, making Cynthia weakly slump as she blacks out again.

When she wakes up, she’s in the back of a van, 3 men with her as they uncuff her. She can see the buildings of NTU through the tinted windows of the van, and a glorious sensation of relief floods Cynthia. She’s home. She’s fine. She’s going to be released-

“One last thing. Suck us off. Prove you’ve learnt to be a well-behaved whore, not a bitch any more.”

Cynthia’s head hangs with defeat, knowing that she has no choice, she doesn’t ever want to go back to the Island. She unzips each man’s pants and sucks them off one by one, forcing herself to give her best effort despite her exhaustion and her sore body. As they cum in her mouth, she swallows each load, gagging as she chokes the sticky fluid down, the men grinning as she licks them clean obediently and licks her lips, desperate to please.

“Good, looks like you broke fast enough. Let’s hope your sponsor agrees too. We’ve sent him all the footage of your lovely weekend.”

“Please…please don’t release it…” Cynthia begs.

“Oh, nah, part of the agreement our clients sign is to keep it private. Unless, of course, he decides you’re being a little bitch again…so behave, won’t you?” The men grin, patting Cynthia on the head condescendingly.

Before she can respond, the van door opens and they push her out, letting her collapse onto the kerb like some disposable call girl. Her school bag is flung at her, and as Cynthia recoils, a folder is flung at her too, photographs flying out and landing all around her.

“You might want to pick those up before someone sees them. They’re your souvenir from this week.”

As the van speeds off, Cynthia desperately picks up all the photographs- they’re A4 sized HD printouts, showing her in various positions being fucked and abused by different men, a sordid reminder of her painful and humiliating weekend being broken. She’s embarrassed to see just how many of the pictures have her showing a facial expression of exhaustion combined with sheer ecstasy, the result of multiple orgasms forced from her when she was exhausted and blanked out.

As she hurriedly shoves the folder into her bag and limps back towards her hall room, it’s all she can do to hold back her tears as she bundles herself up in her blanket, hoping to take a ten hour long shower later, hoping that no one sees her, not daring to check her phone, and hoping that her mysterious “sponsor” won’t send her for another round of breaking- the bitch has definitely been silenced, but now it’s whether she’ll remain left alone.

And for her mysterious “sponsor”, who now has several GB of footage of Cynthia being used, he’s enjoying himself, wondering what he can do next to the girl who was once a total bitch to him…