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Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

Shawn, being your typical A level student, has a lot of things on his mind frustrating him. Firstly, there’s the fact that his Prelims start tomorrow, and that he doesn’t understand a single thing about the pile of Econs notes in front of him.

And secondly, the fact that his tuition teacher is extremely distracting.
He can’t help it. Slim and fair, with an innocent face that almost seems out of sync with the killer figure below. A sweet voice tinged with a slightly British accent at times, remnants of her time spent overseas getting her degree from Cambridge. And that, along with her usual way of dressing, in short skirts or denim shorts, with a tank top usually thrown on top, showing off her large chest, at odds with the slim figure she has.
“Shawn? Shawn?”
Shawn snaps out of his daydreams of Vivian again, shaking his head unconsciously, hoping she thinks he was just dozing off or something. He can see her disapproving but amused smile, and deep at the back of his mind, he thinks that she probably knows what he’s daydreaming about, but doesn’t care.
“Shawn, can you please concentrate? Your prelims are tomorrow. You need to do well, right?” Vivian asks, not in a scolding tone, but a concerned one.
“Umm…yes. Yes. Sorry Ms Ng. Just a bit tired. Eh uh, Ms Ng, out of curiosity, how old are you?”
“I’m 27. And that’s not relevant to the demand and supply curve, so would you like to concentrate?”
“But..but…no incentive lah, Ms Ng. Very sian.” He sighs.
Vivian rolls her eyes, reconsidering her decision to teach tuition while waiting for job interviews.
“Okay, how’s this. You get a B a least for your prelims, and I’ll give you something nice as a reward. Okay?”
Maybe it’s the way Vivian leans towards him, her spag strap top barely holding back her chest, or the way she unintentionally flashes her cleavage as she makes the offer. Maybe it’s how she crosses and uncrosses her long, toned legs while she pushes her hair aside, the whiff of perfume sending Shawn’s mind crazy. Either way, he takes her completely innocent offer in a way that is completely out of context, and nods, grinning, imagining her reward to be something totally different from what Vivian actually means.
With an incentive like that in his mind, there’s no stopping Shawn, and he gets an A for this particular exam. He can hardly wait for the next tuition lesson, when the house is empty, and as if to give credit to his fantasies, this time, Vivian shows up in a spag strap and shorts again, making Shawn’s mind go crazy.
“So…A? That’s not bad!” Vivian smiles at him, as she unpacks her bag, unintentionally letting Shawn catch more glimpses of her cleavage.
“Yup. So…what about my reward?”
“Oh? That? Yeah I forgot to bring it for you today. I bought you something nice when I went overseas.”
“That’s it? Oh come on, Ms Ng, we know you meant something else.” Shawn leans over and smirks.
“Like what?”
“Like how you’re going to let me fuck you right now.”
Vivian slaps Shawn across the face, her cute face blazing with anger, as he places one hand to his face, grinning.
“Shawn, I will not tolerate this kind of language and I’m going to make sure I tell your parents-“

“You tell them, and I’ll show these to the world.” Shawn reaches for his phone and holds it out, Vivian’s eyes widening as she sees pictures of her, touching herself, pictures that she had sent to her boyfriend in private.

“Where…where did you get those? WHERE!” Vivian barely can contain the anger and shock in her voice.

“You should lock your phone when you go to the toilet, Ms Ng. It stops people like me from finding out that you’re a slut.”

“THEY’RE FOR MY BOYFRIEND, YOU ASSHOLE. They’re private! I’m not cheap alright!”

“No, but you ARE cheap. And you’re going to let me fuck you now, or else I’ll expose your slutty side to the world. I don’t think it’ll do wonders for your career.” Shawn smirks as Vivian’s face falls, realising she’s trapped.

“Fine. What do you want?”

“Let’s start with you getting naked.” Shawn grins as he sits on his bed. Vivian sighs, locking the room door, then pulling her top above her head, Shawn’s erection growing in his pants as the object of his many fantasies undoes her bra, her large breasts springing free.

“So, Ms Ng, how big are those?”

“36C. Can you just shut up?” She hisses, hoping to get this over and done with, hoping that a relatively inexperienced JC boy should be easy to please. Vivian unzips her shorts then drops them down, pulling off her panties, and just like that, she’s naked and standing there in front of Shawn. Vivian reaches for Shawn’s groin but he swats her hand away, an evil smile on his face.

“What? Don’t you want your fucking blowjob?”

“I want that, and I want to fuck you too. But you’re going to have to ask for it.”

Vivian rolls her eyes and sighs. Her boyfriend always asks for this, and she grudgingly obliges a lot, but the fact that her 18-year old tutee is making her do this is pissing her off.

“Don’t look so angry. Convince me that you want to be my slut.”

“Fine. I’m…I’m your slut. Give me your cock. Please give me your lovely hard cock, I want to take it into my slut’s mouth, and suck it like the dirty cheap whore I am. I only exist to give you pleasure, my body is a toy for you to use as you please. Let me suck your cock because it’s all I deserve-what the fuck was that for?” Vivian yells, as Shawn slaps her.

“You deserve it?”

“Fine. I don’t. I don’t even deserve your cock and if you let me pleasure it, it’s more than I’m worth.” Vivian spits angrily. Shawn is enjoying every moment of this. All he wanted was a consenting, nice blowjob, but months of repressed fantasies about Vivian are starting to surface, and now all he wants to do is to make sure he teaches her a lesson for all the cockteasing and bitchy behaviour.

“Good, good. I can see why your boyfriend’s a lucky man. But now it’s time for you to do more.”

“Like what?”

“Put my cock between those lovely tits and suck it. Don’t give me that shocked face, I’ve seen the pictures in your phone of you doing it to your boyfriend.” Vivian’s face twists with anger, realising Shawn has everything to ruin her life with, realising she has to give in and comply despite how humiliating this is.

Vivian kneels in front of Shawn, pulling down his shorts and his underwear, his erection springing free as she reaches out one hand to grab it and stroke it, shocked at the back of her mind at how big he is for a teenager. Shawn opens his legs, allowing Vivian to have space as she drops his cock and uses both hands to press her large breasts around the shaft, making him moan with how pleasurable it is.

“That’s right, you’re so good at this. Isn’t that right, you fucking slut?” Shawn grins. His lust is making him more and more vicious, and he’s going to make sure he fully utilises Vivian today.

“I’m not a slut. I only fuck one guy.” Vivian hisses, as she begins rubbing her tits over Shawn’s cock.

“You’re fucking me now, right? Now shut up and get my cock in your mouth.”

Vivian bites back a retort, not wanting to make things worse for herself. She opens her pretty mouth, wrapping her lips around the tip of Shawn’s cock as he groans in pleasure, one hand tangling itself in her reddish-brown hair on the back of her head, pushing her down. Vivian slides up and down Shawn’s shaft, her lips maintaining suction as her tongue deftly flicks around the head and underside of his shaft, while she rubs her soft breasts around his cock, Shawn’s groans mingling with the wet sounds of Vivian slurping to fill the room. Vivian is using all her best moves to try and get Shawn off, her talent at giving great blowjobs honed through hours of sex with her boyfriend.

As she feels Shawn’s fingers tighten on the back of her head, Vivian begins sucking harder and faster, hoping to get him off. Saliva is now running down the side of her mouth along with precum, her lipstick leaving red smears over Shawn’s erection, her hair starting to become a mess as Shawn pulls the scrunchie holding her ponytail in place off, but she doesn’t care, she’s focused on doing her best to suck him off, hoping to feel the blast of warm cum in her mouth soon that signifies the end of this humiliating afternoon, ignoring the fact that it isn’t from her boyfriend.

Vivian’s efforts are rewarded as Shawn pushes her head down, holding it in place, his legs tightening around her as he groans and fires a huge spurt, then several smaller spurts into Vivian’s mouth, holding her head in place as she gags, not expecting him to have such a huge load. While Shawn would normally wank to Vivian all day, he’s been saving his load for two weeks already, hoping to give her as much cum as he could, and he’s enjoying the sight as she slides off his cock, standing up and rushing to the window to spit-

“Nope. Don’t spit.”

Vivian turns around to face him, a look of resignation on her face. She forces herself to swallow the massive load, gagging a little as the sticky fluid slides down her throat.

“Good work, Ms Ng. You deserve an A too. If they had A levels for being a slut, you’d top the charts.”

“Are you done?” Vivian interrupts Shawn’s insult, her eyes blazing with anger, her face flushed red with the shame of just having sucked off her tutee.

“Nope. That was just the start. Now I want you to play with yourself for me while I take a video.”

“Why would I do that?” Vivian hisses.

“Because it’s either you get yourself wet, or I fuck you dry. Either way I’m going to fuck you today, Ms Ng.”

Vivian nods, her shoulders slumping, realising that the only way to get out of this is to comply.

“Get on the table.”

Vivian brushes the books and papers aside, annoyed, as Shawn flicks his phone back on, his cock starting to get erect again at the sight of his lovely tuition teacher spreading her legs.

“Go on, what are you waiting for? Oh and I want you to talk while you do it. Make it nice and slutty, I love how your voice has that angmoh accent to it.”

Vivian dips her fingers into her smoothly-waxed cunt, forcing herself to play. As one hand rubs her clit and slides along her slit, the other hand reaches up for her breasts, rubbing them, squeezing them and rubbing her nipples, while the other hand works on her cunt, Vivian beginning to get wet as she moans. She’s performed for her boyfriend before, but to perform for this teenage boy is making her face turn red with the shame. A few tears prick her eyes from just how humiliating this is as she starts moaning out in her cute voice, tinged with a slight accent.

“Oh…yeah…fucking hell…I’m such a slut…fuck my pussy…fuck my pussy…uhh yeah…I love it when I squeeze my large tits for you…I love being such a whore…performing for you like a cheap prostitute….fuck me…I want to be fucked…yes…yes I’m so wet…I want to be your whore…” Vivian moans, feeling herself getting wet, angry at herself for complying so easily and for enjoying this, yet she can’t fight the tingling in her cunt, the raw ache that starts to build as she rubs herself faster and harder.


Vivian’s hand pauses, her head thrown back, her mouth open as she groans, on the verge of orgasm.

“Come here. It’s time for you to fuck me.”

Shawn lies back on the bed, his cock rock-hard and erect again, as Vivian gets off the table, an annoyed look on her face. He points at his erection, grinning.

“You’re the more experienced one, right? Ride me, bitch.”

Vivian forces herself to straddle Shawn, biting back more protests, hoping this will be over soon.

“So, Ms Ng, do you want me to cum inside you?” Shawn grins as Vivian lowers herself onto his cock. She pauses, eyes wide.

“No. No. Don’t you fucking dare cum inside me-“

“Then later, I want to finish on your face.”

“Fuck you-” Vivian sighs as Shawn waves at her phone, grinning, reminding her about his power over her.

“Yeah, fuck me. That’s right. And I want you to moan while you do it. Talk dirty to me.”

Vivian begins to move her hips up and down, grinding back and forth as she moves herself up and down, feeling Shawn’s cock fill her with each downward movement. She can’t help but bite her lip- her student is huge for someone his age, and she’s been away from her boyfriend for too long, feeling someone fuck her is making her feel pleasure even though it feels so wrong, so messed-up for her to be riding her student instead of her boyfriend. Shawn reaches up to cup Vivian’s breasts as they sway about, squeezing them lightly, enjoying how he’s making his tuition teacher moan like a slut in heat.

“Talk dirty, Ms Ng.”

“Yess…yess…fuck me Shawn…fuck me with your huge cock…I love it…I…I love it in me…oh fuck yes that feels so good…I love being your dirty slut and riding you like a whore…fuck me harder, yes…yes squeeze my big soft tits I bet you love it you fucking sexy boy…fuck me harder…yes…I feel so good…”

Shawn groans, gripping Vivian’s breasts harder, making her wince as she forces herself to keep going, to keep riding her student, squeezing her cunt with each downward movement to try and get him to cum faster. Shawn grins, noticing how Vivian’s trying her best to be a slut for him, and notes that she’s beginning to close her eyes, showing signs of enjoying her fucking despite the circumstances it’s being given under. Vivian, without realising it, is lost in her pleasure, as Shawn begins to tweak her nipples, taking note of how each light squeeze makes Vivian clench her cunt tighter and moan just a little more intensely.

Vivian’s head is now inclined backwards, her dark hair tinted with streaks of red cascading down her back and billowing about like a curtain as she tilts back and moans, her mouth open with forced pleasure, the feeling of getting fucked after so long making her feel amazing despite how shameful it is, feeling an orgasm building from the cock of her student. Shawn smirks as he realises his power over a woman older than him and he enjoys it, making sure to squeeze Vivian’s breasts in a rhythm with each downward movement onto his cock, as she begins moving faster and faster until she throws her head back, her mouth wide open.

“Uhhh…UHH…FUCK YES! FUCK ME! FUCK! FUCKING SQUEEZE MY TITS YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! FUCKING USE ME YES!” Vivian is screaming at the top of her voice now, her slightly angmoh-tinged accent making Shawn even harder, if that is even possible, her breasts bouncing and her pretty face flushed red as she loses control to the pleasure. What started out as a nonconsensual fucking is now purely consensual and very welcome to Vivian- she knows she’ll regret it later, but the feeling of having her cunt stuffed full of cock is so good, so longed-for that she’s willing to deal with the guilt later of being fucked to orgasm, no, fucking someone to orgasm, another man, and a younger teenager at that. Shawn’s having the time of his life and he reciprocates Vivian’s yelling with some of his own, squeezing his tits as he growls to Vivian, talking dirty to her.

“Yeah, that’s right Ms Ng, aren’t you just a dirty fucking slut? You filthy whore, getting so fucking horny from riding me like some cheap bitch, that’s right, moan for me, slut, moan. Aren’t you my slut? That’s right, Ms Ng, keep squeezing that cunt like you should, ride me till you cum like the good little whore you are.”

Vivian groans. Somewhere at the back of her head, this is shameful, she knows, but it’s so good, just so fucking good, and she keeps moving faster and faster, her eyes rolling back into her head as she slams herself down onto Shawn one final time, the cue for him to grab her breasts and squeeze hard, digging his fingers into her large, firm globes-

“FUCK YESSSS! FUCK! YES! UGH! FUCK! THAT’S IT! FUCKKKKK. SQUEEZE MY BIG TITS YOU LITTLE FUCKER THAT’S RIGHT FUCKING MAKE ME- YEESSSSS!” Vivian howls, throwing her head back, gasping and panting as she begins squirting her juices out around Shawn’s cock, shoved deep into her cunt. It’s all Shawn can do to hold himself back and not cum at that moment, so arousing is the sight of his beautiful tuition teacher straddling his cock with her naked body convulsing about with an intense orgasm as she pants and gasps, completely spent. The orgasm is so intense that Vivian’s in a daze as Shawn pushes her off, pushing her onto her knees as she collapses to the floor, gasping.

“Ah, ah, ah, slut, we’re not done. Come on, Vivian. Vivian? VIVIAN!” Shawn yells, giving Vivian a tight slap, bringing her back to her senses briefly.

“Uhh…call me…Ms Ng…you fucking disrespectful asshole…” She moans.

“I’ll call you whatever the fuck I want, Vivian slutwhore cumdump. Now finish me off. Jack me off over your slutty little face like a good bitch.”

Vivian is so lost and dazed that she complies, reaching one soft hand out to start stroking Shawn’s cock, still shining and wet from Vivian’s juices. Shawn moans, holding his phone in one hand to film the sight of Vivian, naked and on her knees, stroking his shaft, giving a perfect handjob, with Vivian too out-of-it to fully comprehend his actions.

“Talk dirty to me, Vivian. Make me cum.”

Vivian begins stroking Shawn faster now, completely on autopilot, her brain still momentarily short-circuited from the intensity of her orgasm from her student.

“Cum for me Shawn…cum all over my face like a good fucker..that’s right, fucking cum all over my slut’s face…I’m Vivian your cumslut…fucking…fucking spray that warm load all over me and make me look like the pathetic whore I am…I love your fucking cum, so cover me in it, decorate me, make me a work of art…I’m nothing with your…that’s right, that’s right…fuck! Yes! Fucking cover me!” Vivian gasps, as Shawn groans, hitting an orgasm, making sure to film the sight in his phone as Vivian’s pretty face is decorated with his load, saved up for days for this one glorious moment, his warm, sticky load splattering over Vivian’s face and hair, with some spurts landing over her tits as well, Vivian moaning and flinching with each warm splat to her face.

“What must you say, Vivian?”

“Thank you…thank you Shawn for your cum…I love it…” Vivian groans. She’s on pure autopilot now, her brain acting as if she was pleasuring her boyfriend, just to rationalise the whole event.

“Good girl. Now, listen up.”

Shawn leans close to Vivian, showing her his phone screen.

“I’ve got everything today on camera. And you know it. So we’ll keep this our little secret, alright? Nothing gets out, today never happened.”

Vivian nods slowly, beginning to snap back into reality sharply.

“Good, good. Now, Vivian, here’s the other thing. From now on, since I’ve got this, you know I can tell you anything I want, right?”

She nods again, realization dawning in her eyes.

“Not bad, you’re a smart lady. Now, Ms Vivian Ng, here’s my deal.” Shawn smirks. “You continue to do whatever I want, when I want it, and we’ll keep today our little secret. If not, well…I wonder how your boyfriend would react to this wonderful video of his darling girlfriend acting like a total whore while fucking her student harder than the cheapest whore?”

“But… but…” Vivian finally finds her voice, stammering.

“Nope, just listen. I own you now, Ms Ng. Now I’m going to take a shower. You can clean yourself up, but no shower for you. And no getting dressed. We’ve still got another 30 minutes left for today’s tuition lesson, so let’s go through my homework…but you can do it naked, because I feel like it. Got it?”

Vivian nods, biting her lip, holding back a retort.

“Good girl.” Shawn laughs, patting Vivian’s head humiliatingly as she remains on her knees while he walks to the toilet, whistling cheerfully.

Vivian’s completely lost. She’s 27, and attached, but she’s just fucked her 18 year old student to the most mind-blowing orgasm in a long while, and given him a plethora of blackmail material to use on her. It’s either she sluts it out for him from now on, or she loses her life.

The innocent, good-girl side of her rebels, but the other side, the side of Vivian that screamed and orgasmed hard on Shawn’s cock begins to wonder: is it so bad after all?

She’ll have plenty of time for Shawn to explore the answer with her.