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Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

When she thought about it, there really wasn’t any other way things could have gone.

After all, Kimberly couldn’t have stopped her father from running away. Couldn’t have stopped her mother from passing away a few years after getting remarried to a complete bastard. And really, with all that had been going on in her life, she had already done her best to not give up- doing well for her N levels, getting into the NITEC of her choice, and joining a CCA that fed her passion for singing and gave her beautiful voice a chance to shine.

So it would have been surprising, if she had the time to think about it- it would have been surprising how she had eventually given up on this.

And as Kimberly turns the key to the rusted gate of the two-room flat she shares with her stepfather, she sighs to herself- but she’s resigned by now, it’s been almost a year and while at first she used to resist and protest, right now, she’s become conditioned into just accepting it and hoping it will end someday.

The living room is dim and smelly, but she can make out four guys sitting around a table playing cards, and one of them has no chips at all, and is clearly broke.

“Girl? Is that you? Go into the spare room. You know what to do.”

Kimberly sighs, as she drops her bag and kicks off her shoes. Opens the door to the storeroom, with just one old and worn out mattress on the floor. She hesitates, then begins to unbutton her white blouse, dropping it in a corner before unzipping her skirt and adding it to the pile. A bright purple bra and a pair of blue panties join the pile, along with her white ankle socks, as Kimberly looks at herself in the mirror.

Kimberly isn’t particularly beautiful- her best friend once called her a 7/10, and in a school of ah lians willing to dress to please, her bright colored bra and her slightly red-dyed hair are her only concessions to trying to stand out. But she has a nice slim figure, a cute face and perky, small breasts, along with a firm ass, which add up to form a cute, petite girl with bright eyes.

Eyes that will soon be blank in a few hours time.

The door opens, as a man walks in- one of her useless stepfather’s gambling friends. He grins as he looks over Kimberly, sitting on the floor naked trying not to look reluctant

“Why so sad, girl? Your father told us it’s your 19th birthday, cheer up!” He laughs, knowing the taunt will cut deep.

“He’s not my father.” Kimberly hisses.

“That’s right, your real daddy abandoned you and your slut mother too, that’s why I’m lucky because Tan out there got to have a slut like you as his stepdaughter. All the better for me. Now you want to do what you know you’re gonna do, or you want to keep talking and we charge him more?”

Kimberly looks down, and decides to take the easier option, hating herself deep down for doing so.

“Good. Now put that guailan mouth to better use.”

Kimberly gets onto her knees, as he unzips his pants, his erect, unwashed cock springing out, smacking her forehead, leaving a wet mark there. As the man looks down at her, leering, Kimberly sticks her tongue out, fighting the urge to puke at the taste of his sweaty cock as she licks the underside of his shaft, then traces it around before she wraps her lips around and gives his cock a tentative, slow suck.

“Mmm…you’re so good at this, you fucking bitch. Drop out of ITE lah, go be a prostitute.” He taunts, as Kimberly forces herself to begin sucking, one hand cupping his balls and massaging them like she was trained to, the other hand on the base of his cock stroking it as he places one hand on the back of her head, knowing that Kimberly hates being treated like that, but enjoying her hatred-filled eyes as she forces herself to suck him off, doing her best to get him to cum quickly so she can end it. Her tongue scrapes into the underside of his cock head as the foreskin slides back, making him moan loudly as she licks the slit of his cock, making him hornier and hornier until he pushes her head down, hard, and she feels the first disgusting spurts of warm, slimy fluid fill her mouth.

“Here’s your birthday cream cake, slut.” The man laughs as he pulls out and watches Kimberly force herself to gulp down his load, laughing as she grimaces at the sharp taste of his cum. He puts his hand on her head again, as she automatically lowers herself down to lick him clean, hating how she’s been so well-trained, hating how she no longer fights it, hating how she knows he’s only the first, as he zips up and walks out…

Because every week, these men come over to gamble, and her stepfather is more than happy to lose, because all he has to do is to let them get their payment from enjoying his lovely stepdaughter. And because Kimberly, by now, is too mindfucked to think just how wrong it is, conditioned by the repeated weekly use, because by now, Kimberly knows that to fight it wouldn’t do any good because they’d just force her anyway and it would hurt more.

The door opens, and this time the other two men walk in. Kimberly’s head, looking down at the ground, snaps up as she notices that there’s more than one man in the room.

“Wait what- you guys said only one at a time! That fucker said only one at a time! You guys said if I behaved you would go one at a time!” She protests, as they grab her and slam her onto the mattress, one of them taking out a rope from his pocket to lash Kimberly’s slim wrists together.

“But you just misbehaved, Kim.” One of them chuckles, knowing Kimberly hates being addressed affectionately by them, the two of them holding her struggling body down as he strokes her cheek. Kimberly’s wrists are tied together in front of her now, above her head as she squirms, tears beginning to well in her eyes.

“Please don’t…I’ll be good…you know I hate it when there’s more than one…” She can barely recognise her voice- from the lovely, angelic singer to the broken, pleading tone she now has.

“But that’s the point, we love it when you hate it.”

Kimberly struggles and sobs. The screaming only lasted for the first three months into this arrangement, so now all she can do is cry as it happens. As one man holds her down on her back and pulls her head backwards so that he can shove his sweaty cock into her open mouth, the other spreads her legs wide, and begins licking her slit. Kimberly squirms and whimpers, but her pleas for mercy and her begging them to stop is muffled by the brutal facefuck she’s receiving, while the other man, satisfied that his attention has gotten Kimberly wet enough, spreads her legs as wide as they can go then shoves himself into her hard, making her sob and arch her back as she feels him begin to fuck her mercilessly.

The first man, perhaps turned on by Kimberly’s crying, doesn’t last long- he thrusts harder and harder till Kimberly is gagging and choking, but then he gives her one last hard thrust and pulls out, emptying his balls all over her face, Kimberly whimpering as she feels the warm, sticky fluid coat her cute features, mixing with her tears and the ruined makeup. The sight of Kimberly with cum all over her face and hair is too much for the second man and he fucks her harder and faster too, eventually burying himself in her for one last hard thrust, then letting Kimberly feel the warmth flood her cunt as he pulls out and the men pull her to her knees, ignoring her uncontrollable sobbing as they make her lick their cocks clean before pushing her back onto the mattress, still tied up, cum on her face and hair and leaking out of her cunt.

“What do you say, Kim? Come on, or we go one more round on your asshole.”

“Th…thank you…for renting this…this slut…” Kimberly stammers, in between sobs, as they laugh and leave the room.

“Tell your stepfather to get better at cards and maybe you can have a break. But we don’t mind having you every week too, it’s a good debt.” She hears them mock her one last time, as the door slams.

But the worst is about to happen, right now.

Right on cue, as Kimberly lies there crying, cum on her and in her, naked and hating herself, her wrists still tied together, the door swings open.

“You know, I don’t like having to use you to pay the debts, girl.”

She cringes at the sound of the hated voice.

“But…you seem to like it, right?”

Kimberly, unable to resist and bite back her retorts any more, struggles to sit up and glares at the stepfather she despises.

“I don’t fucking like it. Why don’t you sell YOUR ass to pay off your fucking debts from your fucking lousy gambling skills? Why the fuck am I the one, why is it ME who has to fucking get used every week by your friends when it is YOU WHO ARE THE ONE WHO FUCKING- AHHH!” Kimberly’s angry shouting is cut short by a tight slap across her face, as she smells alcohol on her stepfather’s breath- never a good sign.

“Oh, girl, girl, didn’t I tell you? Whenever you get so worked up…”

Kimberly’s eyes widen as the door closes.

“It makes men want you more.”

As Kimberly tries to move away, her stepfather grabs her and pushes the bottle of cheap whiskey to her lips.


Kimberly keeps her mouth shut and shakes her head, her eyes wide in panic.


Backhand. Scream. Backhand. Another scream. Kimberly opens her mouth as her stepfather upends the last of the whiskey over her face, washing away some of the cum but making her cry more as the alcohol stings her eyes.

“I told you men like you more when you fight back right, girl? So now I’m going to give you a birthday present. Happy 19th, girl.” He laughs.

Kimberly’s protest is cut off as she screams at the top of her voice, her singer’s voice distorted into something harsh and filled with pain and fear as her stepfather grasps her small breasts and squeezes as hard as he can, not caring that he’ll leave bruises, not caring that his fingernails are digging in. As he releases his grip, he grabs her nipples and twists them harder, pulling them away from her body, pulling Kimberly up to him by her nipples before letting go, letting her fall to the mattress as she begins to shake, sobbing from the pain. Her wrists, still tied in front of her, flail helplessly as he kneels between her legs, kicking them wide open.

“I gotta thank your whore of a mother for one thing- she left behind a good bitch for me to use.”

Before Kimberly can feel any worse about the taunt, she already feels the pain as he rams his cock deep into her. Each thrust makes her small breasts bounce, each thrust makes her wince with pain, but what hurts more than the brutal fucking, what hurts more than having her stepfather grab her ass as he fucks her, is the words that bring about uncontrollable sobbing from her as it breaks what remains of her mental strength, just like countless other times before this.

“You like that, don’t you? Your mother gave birth to such a cheap slut, no wonder your useless father ran away and left you two, cos he didn’t want to see a whore and her bitch daughter. Look at you, so dumb, then come home and get fucked by me, I purposely lose just so I can watch and hear a bitch like you get what she deserves, body so nice just for people to enjoy, you should just strip naked and lie down outside your school so people can give you what you enjoy- you enjoy this, don’t you?”

Kimberly shakes her head, and receives a vicious twist on both her nipples for her mistake.

“SAY IT! SAY IT ALL!” He yells, giving her another tight slap.

“I like it! I like being fucked like a slut! I love it! Fuck me! Please! I’m a whore! I’m just a bitch for you and your friends!”

“What did your mother give birth to?!”

“A useless pathetic cum dumpster!” Kimberly chokes out each line past her sobs, each line a well-rehearsed routine beaten and fucked into her every week.

“Why are you here?”

“Because…because I’m so cheap my parents don’t want me!”

Kimberly feels the thrusting get harder and faster, and as she looks in the mirror, she begins to feel a familiar sensation- not an orgasm, but something more overwhelming. Her eyes begin to roll, her body begins to shake and she can feel cold sweat, and her stepfather is too drunk to notice as he pushes his cock deep into her one last time and cums, then pulls out and fires more all over Kimberly’s tear-streaked face, holding her up by her red hair, dark with sweat, then pushing her onto the mattress and stepping back, laughing as he looks at his stepdaughter beginning to shake and spasm with something he doesn’t recognise or care about, her eyes rolling back as she begins to mumble to herself.

“Please…don’t…don’t hurt me…” She whimpers, barely conscious as he pulls her head up again to face him.

“Hey, slut, what are you?”

“A…a ssssll…sluttt…” Kimberly can barely mumble as her mind begins to tip over the edge.

“That’s right. Clean up after yourself later.”

As a final insult, a yellowish stream of piss begins to spray over Kimberly’s naked, shivering body, but by now she’s too far gone to notice or care.

Hours later, she wakes up on the mattress, back to painful reality, her wrists untied and her clothes tossed haphazardly onto her naked body.

Kimberly clutches her clothes to herself and begins sobbing again, contemplating a reality where this might never end.