The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

There’s a lot of people who might pique your interest, but this is one that particularly gets you going.

You’ve talked to her for a few weeks online. Shared about life, sexted till both of you were dripping and spurting your fluids into your hands and over your floors. She’s acted like quite the nymphomaniac for you, despite her constant caveats that she’s sane and that she doesn’t condone all that in real life, really. For all her extreme fantasies, she’s plain vanilla, sweet, and if you could assign a color to her sex life, it would be the plainest, cleanest white.

But of course, she’s still got those filthy fantasies buried deep down, and she keeps asking you to talk about it. So you decide that it’s time, really, to put some action to your words.

It isn’t easy of course but you take a week off from work. In a crowd, in a group, who’s likely to notice one man? You watch her movements, figure out her routine, figure out where she studies, works, dances, all of it, and plan for the moment when she slips up.

That’s when you’re going to make sure you get to enjoy Isabel.

So one evening, as she’s the last to leave the dance studio, you rush her. At first there’s a struggle, a scream, but you manage to overpower her as you force her back into the room and slam the door shut, pausing only to lock the door behind you. You grab her and force her down to the floor again, holding her wrists above her head, almost disappointed at how your size and strength can overpower the strength in her lithe but toned frame.

“Remember me? So you said you like being fucked like a whore? Let’s do it.” You hiss in her ear.

“Fuck off, you piece of shit. I’d never let you fuck me, you fucking loser.” She hisses back, as you reach into your pocket, pull out an autoinjector syringe bought online and jab it right into her taut thigh.

Isabel soon slumps to the floor, the sedative taking effect. You’ve now got an hour to prepare as you unzip your duffel bag and start taking out your equipment.

All too soon an hour’s up and she wakes up- she’s horrified and instantly begins to struggle, but the gag shoved into her mouth made up of her panties wadded into a ball muffles her protests and shocked yelling.

You’ve got Isabel suspended from the ceiling by a rope that attaches to a carabiner on her handcuffs. One leg is held high in a split by another rope attached to a leather cuff around the ankle, her ankle almost reaching her head, while the other leg supports her in a perfect tiptoe pointe pose, so it’s lucky you left her ballet shoes on, although you’ve left nothing else on her.

You approach and pull out her gag, one hand cupping her exposed cunt, smoothly waxed the day before, almost disappointed that you wouldn’t be the one waxing her yourself to humiliate her. You note that it’s dry- but soon, you’ll make that change.

“So, ready for some fun, you little slut?” You grin.

“I’m not your slut.” She retorts, spitting at you but missing. You shake your head condescendingly as you pull out a ring gag from your pocket, grinning.

“My, my, since you love spitting, let’s see your saliva running like the bitch you are.”

Isabel clamps her mouth shut. You’ve anticipated this, of course, and reach over to the table next to her as you pick up a electric prod and jam it right into her clit- making her scream out, a long, angry scream that gets her to open her mouth wide enough for you to jam in the ring gag and strap it in place. Now her mouth’s held open and as you watch, she begins to drool past the gag, her eyes still full of fire but starting to feel the humiliation of being helpless.

“Think of this as your relaxation. You’re always so tensed up and focused on being the perfect, strong lady, aren’t you? Now you get to be a weak, whimpering little bitch and it’s not even your fault.” You grin as you rummage through her bag and pull out her lipstick, a shade of lovely vivid red.

“Let’s decorate you.”

A few minutes later and you’ve added on to her humiliation. Her toned, slim dancer’s body is covered in writing, contrasting to the fair, smooth skin. PATHETIC, scrawled over her forehead. WHORE, covering her face with the forced-open mouth acting as the O. BITCH TITS scrawled over her breasts, and WHIP HERE scrawled just below them with arrows pointed at each nipple. ANYTHING HERE written over her firm butt, with another arrow aimed at her asshole, and WHIP THIS SLUT over her entire back. FREE FUCKS scrawled over her abs, a big red arrow aimed at her cunt. CUM IN HER written over the left inner thigh, and ISABEL FUCKSLUT over the right inner thigh. Of course, you’ve noticed her ink, her pride and personal marks, and you’ve scrawled over them with the lipstick- essentially cancelling them out, before writing things like SLUT, WHORE, BITCH, USELESS over them, destroying their meaning.

By the end of the writing, you’re hard, and you notice Isabel averting her eyes from your impressive erection, so you slap her and pull her head down, grinning as she closes her eyes.

“You won’t be closing them soon.”

You rummage in your bag again and come out with a new element- a leather collar, thick and heavy, with a metal ring for ropes or carabiners. You loop it around her neck and buckle it shut, as Isabel begins to squirm and scream even more in anger at you collaring her like the bitch that you’re turning her into. You can see her body cramping up already from being left stretched and supported by one leg, which is perfect for your next cruel joke.

“Want some counterpain?”

She looks hesitant, knowing there’ll be some sick joke behind it. There is. As she screams and writhes about, in full view of Isabel, you coat a huge vibrator with counterpain and shove it up her ass, knowing full well just how much she dislikes anal play.

Within a minute, the screams begin again, distorted by her forced-open mouth leaking strings of drool. The counterpain makes her writhe about as it makes her ass feel like it’s on fire- and as you step up and hold a huge hitachi vibrator to her cunt, the contrast of pleasure and pain makes it even worse for her.

“Tell me you’re my slut and this can end for now.”

She shakes her head defiantly. You sigh to yourself, expecting it. You’d be almost disappointed if you didn’t get this much resistance out of the fierce, determined girl that you’ve been enjoying.

“Alright then.”

You snap a pair of nipple clamps onto her nipples, erect with cold and fear- vicious ones with teeth, not sharp enough to injure but enough to make it really hurt. As she screams, you start moving the vibrator up and down her cunt, keeping it at the highest setting till it sounds almost like a power drill.

“Come on, Isabel, this can end. Just tell me what you are.”

As you hold the hitachi in place, you raise the electric prod, and her eyes fly wide open. Isabel practically screams her next sentence, distorted by the ring gag but still lovely to hear in her voice.

“Pls pls pls nt tht nt tht IMM YRRR SLT! IMM YR SLT!” She screams, as you jab her clit with the prod anyway to make your point.

“That was good, slut. You’re learning.” You unbuckle the ring gag as she groans, strings of drool hanging down her chin and dripping onto her chest.

“Now repeat after me. I’m John’s slut, Isabel Ng, and I want to be used like his pathetic whore.”

“Please don’t make me do this- AGH! OKAY! DON’T JAB ME WITH THAAAAATTT!” She howls, her head arching back as you repeatedly shock her clit, sending agonized spasms through her already-tortured body.

“Say it. Say it for the camera.” You wave at a camera on a tripod, that’s been recording this entire night so far.

“I’m…I’m…John’s slut…Isabel…Ng…and I want…to be used…like his…pathetic whore.”


“What? I just said- AGH! OKAY! STOP! I’m John’s slut! Isabel Ng! I want to be used like his….his…pathetic whore!”

“Now scream that you’re a slut.”

“ISABEL NG IS A SLUT!” She screams, her tone angry yet anguished, feeling the electric prod resting lightly on her clit reminding her not to fight back.

“Good, you’re learning.”

“Please let me go.” She begs. You’re almost disappointed. Begging? You’d have thought she’d fight back all night and keep you busy. Still, it doesn’t mean you’re done just because she’s bent a little.

“Oh, I’ll let you go, all right.”

You undo the clip holding her leg up to the ceiling, then undo the one holding her wrists up. Isabel crashes to the floor painfully, her first scream of indignation followed by little groans and whimpers as her entire body begins to cramp up- hours of ballet can never be as exhausting as hours of ballet followed by the torture she’s just gone through. You step up to her and pull her onto her knees, her wrists still tied behind her back as you force her to face the dance studio’s mirror.

“Look at yourself. I want you to look at yourself.” You hiss.

“What the fuck-no no no nononononononono please don’t fuck me please don’t fuck me please I’ll do anything no not there no don’t fuck- MEEEEEEE!” She screams as you pull back and jam your erect shaft into her tight cunt with one stroke, not stopping till you bottom out and your entire shaft is in her, clenching at the intrusion, her cunt wet from the forced pleasure of the vibrator.

“You said you were my slut, weren’t you? So I’m just doing what I should do to my slut. Scream it.”

“What?” She chokes out the word, anguished as she squirms, still feeling filled up by your cock, feeling humiliated and dirty.

“Say it. I’m Isabel Ng and I’m your slut. Say it.” You hiss as you reach below her and tug on the nipple clamps, making her whimper.

“I’m…I’m Isabel Ng and I’m your slut.”

“Good. The next time you say it, you’d better fucking scream it. Got it?”

Without waiting for your response, you start thrusting, pistoning your cock in and out of Isabel’s tight cunt. It’s heavenly- just the right combination of warm, moist, slippery and tight, and you’re the one using it, not the countless men who fantasize about getting to use it- this desirable, lovely lady is all yours to enjoy and to use like a whore. A personal whore for your fantasies and your enjoyment. You grin as you hear little moans coming from her, despite the humiliation and shame that she surely must be feeling right now.

“Looks like someone loves my cock, eh? What are you?”

“I’m Isabel Ng…and I’m your slut…” She pants.

“Louder.” You tug on the clamps again.


“Good girl. Let’s get you off first, like a slut should.”

Without any warning, you begin fucking her, fast, deep and hard, like a machine. You grab her long hair, a lovely dark brown streaked with red, and you wrap your hand it in as you tug on it, forcing her head back to look into the mirror at her face, streaked with tears of anger and shame and covered in writing. You fuck her as she whimpers and moans, pleading softly for you not to do this, till you feel her body stiffening and slam your cock deep into her, then rub her clit as she groans and spasms, approaching an orgasm.

“Say it.” You growl.

“I’M ISABEL NG AND I’M YOUR SLUT! Please don’t continue moving please don’t fuck me please don’t make me have an orgasm from this please stop stop stop stop please I beg you- nghh nghh no no no NGHHHH!”

You see her eyes roll and her teeth clenching, you feel her cunt clench tighter than it has all night as she orgasms around your hard cock, her juices splashing over you as she moans, humiliated at having been fucked to orgasm by a stranger’s cock after being degraded and abused. You leave your cock in her as her orgasm slowly wears off, laughing mockingly as she slumps forward, panting and gasping for air. You don’t have to say anything. She’s just had the most intense orgasm ever, and it was from being raped. You’ve made your point, and as you tug on her nipple clamps again, she says it, almost resigned.

“I’m…Isabel Ng…and I’m your slut.” She gasps. You look at her eyes in the mirror. There’s some of the original fire and light in them, sure, but she’s already halfway along the road to being broken. And that’s what you want.

You pull out of her, and as she looks up hopefully, her hope falls again as you walk over to in front of her.

“Suck it.”


“You’re done, I’m not, whore. Now suck it or I’ll make you regret it.”

She sobs as she opens her mouth, leaning forward, her core muscles keeping her balanced with her hands still restrained behind her. She winces, fighting the urge to gag as she tastes your sweaty cock, still slick with her own vagina’s juices. You groan as you feel Isabel start to lick your balls, then suck on your cock, putting all her experience and talent to use as she sucks you off- lips wrapped tight for enough suction, tongue dancing along the underside of your shaft, head bobbing up and down as she slurps on your erection, her eyes utterly full of humiliation as she uses her mouth to pleasure a stranger.

Not to mention that you know just why this humiliates her. You know about her oral fixation, her love of giving blowjobs and how using her mouth to pleasure someone fascinates her, and how she gets horny from giving head, and by forcing her to use all that on someone that just fucked her and degraded her, you’re corrupting what gives her sexual pleasure for your sexual pleasure- not hers any longer.

Her reluctant but well-given blowjob soon brings you close and as you settle into a comfortable rhythm, one hand on her head tangled in her hair while the other films her blowjob, you push her head down and spurt two blasts of cum into her mouth. As she recoils in shock, you pull out and spurt the last few spurts of your load all over her face, making it worse-adding to the ruined makeup, the running eyeliner, the writing and the red flush from the exertion.

“Swallow it.” You hiss, noticing her leaning forward instinctively to spit. She obeys, gulping down your first two spurts of cum, fighting the urge to puke. You know she’s swallowed plenty of loads. You also know that it’s the fact that it’s her rapist’s load that’s making it so hard for her to swallow.

You also don’t give a fuck.

As Isabel slumps back onto the floor, still on her knees, you take in the sight of this beautiful lady that you’ve just made into your whore. Her tight body covered in sweat and writing, her thighs shining with her juices, her elegant face ruined by writing and a mess of cum, spit, makeup and tears smeared all over. Eyes bright with tears, the fire in them beginning to fade, as it will over time as you continue to do this.

But for now, you’ve enjoyed yourself and you’ve got to go back to work. And of course, first, some housekeeping. You pull out the vibrator and force her to suck it clean, laughing as she gags on the taste of her own asshole. You pack up the ropes and the other torture implements that you didn’t get to use, and zip up your bag. As Isabel lies on the floor, still tied up with her wrists behind her back, a limp and sobbing mess, you pause to look at her one more time on your way to the door.

“What are you?”

“I’m Isabel Ng and I’m your slut.” She answers, almost resigned by now.


“Can…can you uncuff me?” She pleads.

“Oh, no. You’re my slut, aren’t you? So I get to do as I please. I promised the security guards a little bribe after all- to make sure I could have the studio for a few hours and that they would ignore any sounds.”
Her eyes fly wide open in horror, as you step aside, allowing 5 burly men to pass you by into the room, already sporting bulges in their pants from the sight of the helpless girl tied up naked and used on the floor- the same girl that they see every week when she comes for ballet practice, the same girl they’ve jerked off to countless times, the same girl who’s teased them for fun at times, the same girl who shouted at them once for trying to harass one of her dancers.

“Have fun, boys. Just make sure she isn’t damaged.”

You look Isabel in the eye- right in her fear-filled, no longer confident, no longer assured eyes.

“We’ll be in touch, slut. Have a great night- I’m sure these men have plenty of things they want to do to you.”

As you close the door behind you and walk off into the cool night, you can hear the muffled screaming begin.