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Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

Wah, fuck lah.
That’s the thought that’s constantly running through my head, as Steph and I strip off our clothes and get on our knees next to the sofa, Steph’s eyes wide and brimming with tears of fear and shock, while my face probably just has the usual expression of exasperation. The key turns in Steph’s door, as Judith walks in.

Apparently something is off tonight though, because there’s something different…I look at the floor, my mind racing, trying to figure out what sadistic punishment Judith has for me this time. Then I realise, the difference isn’t about what she’s doing to us.

There’s two men with her, not the friends of hers that she usually brings to fuck us, and she’s looking nervous. A first for Judith (other than that lovely time when I got to give her lots of pain at MBS). Judith walks over to us, forcing a nervous grin onto her face as she grips Steph’s chin and pulls it up, Steph whimpering softly in fear.

“I’ve got some friends over tonight, and they want to be entertained again. You’d better make it good or else I’ll make your life hell.” She whispers softly into Steph’s ear, just enough for the both of us to hear. She must have been nervous enough that she didn’t watch her volume though, because the first man, a lean, muscled guy strides over and grabs Judith by her arm, pulling her back.

“You know, this isn’t the penalty we agreed on.”

“But…cmon, Shawn, I thought giving you two girls would…would be enough to cover for me…”

“Tao’s instructions were clear, and you heard it earlier on the phone. He only asked you for a location that we could punish you in peace. I didn’t ask you for your two bitches (my face goes slightly annoyed at being called Judith’s “bitch” but no one notices thankfully).”


Nabei, stop being such a coward lah. Boss says take the punishment, take it lah!” The other man, a larger, somewhat buff guy growls as he walks over and slaps Judith across the face, and I stifle a giggle. Oh, this is going to be good.

“You two.” Shawn turns to Steph and me. “Sit on the sofa. Since you two are here, I might as well find some use for you. But first, you see what happens if you disobey.”

Judith’s nervous expression turns to shock. “What…what…let me go, LET ME GO, MARK, FUCK OFF!” She yells, as the other guy grabs her and easily pins her arms behind her back.

This is going to be good. I stifle another grin, knowing that eventually I’ll be part of this. But first, my free show.

As Mark pins Judith’s arms behind her, Shawn pulls out a switchblade from his pocket, and walks up to Judith, who goes still the moment he flicks the blade open. “Good bitch, stay still. Wouldn’t want to get cut, right?” He laughs, as he begins slicing at her rather-expensive looking spag strap top and shorts, then rips off her lingerie unceremoniously, tossing the ragged remains of her clothing onto the floor. Shawn pulls out his belt, then uses it to secure Judith’s wrists together.

“You.” He points at Steph. “Your house got a pool, right?”

“Ye…yes…” Steph stammers.

“Indoor or outdoor?”


“Stop fucking stammering or I’ll make sure you get it too!” Shawn threatens, as Steph begins sobbing.

“It’s…upstairs…a…a small jacuzzi…do you…”

“Okay, okay, calm the fuck down, girl. Mark, you follow that girl and go find the jacuzzi. And you.” He points at me. “You come with me to the kitchen.” I stand up, keeping quiet, not wanting to get on their wrong side, as Steph leads Mark up the stairs, Judith being dragged behind, her face now full of fear (for once!).

Have I mentioned we’re all still naked, by the way?

“Hold these.” Shawn digs in Steph’s fridge, pulling out all her long vegetables (a brinjal, a carrot, and a cucumber), then rummages through her kitchen cabinets, passing me a roll of nylon string, a pack of candles, and the stove lighter. He then walks out of the kitchen and picks up a black sling bag, before walking up the staircase.


“Follow lah, you dumb fuck!” Shawn growls, not unkindly, but more of exasperated at his “assistants” being terrified. Don’t we have a good reason to be terrified though?

We enter Steph’s rather expansive (and expensive) recreational room, and once again, I am surprised as to how much money her parents must have. It’s a large stone floored room with a jacuzzi in the center, and rain showers (that expensive type that rains water from the ceiling, no, not the fire alarm sprinklers) all around. Judith is on her knees, her head bowed, as a cold shower pours down on her, and Steph stands in the corner nervously, trying to cover her intimate areas with her hands. Mark stands in front of Judith, grinning, already down to his boxers.

“Ah, you two are here. Come, bitch, let’s go. Time to take what you earned ah!” He laughs, as he grabs Judith by her soaked hair, pulling her towards the bubbling jacuzzi with a grin.

“First, you’re going to fuck yourself with…this.” Shawn pulls a rather large brinjal out of my hands, as the eyes of all three girls widen. It’s definitely not going to fit into Steph or me, but then again…better Judith than us, I suppose. Mark unties Judith and catches the brinjal that Shawn tosses over, as he digs in his sling bag and pulls out a pair of vicious-looking whips.

“And while you fuck yourself…hm, I think no point wasting our energy. You two!” He indicates Steph and me. “Beat the fuck out of her, and make sure she’s begging you for mercy. Oh and Judith…” He turns and grins at her.

“They won’t stop whipping you until you manage to make yourself cum with that vegetable. So get started.”

It’s been ten minutes already, ten lovely, glorious minutes of just slashing the whip across Judith’s body, and already she’s starting to sob, her makeup running, her body covered in red marks as I gleefully beat the hell out of her. Steph is more restrained, still sore from her forced breakup by Judith a few weeks ago, and gives her slightly less vicious lashes, but for me? I know I’m going to get the brunt of whatever punishment Judith has in store once this is over, so I might as well take my revenge while I can.

And I’m definitely taking my revenge. As Judith sobs, she forces the huge brinjal deep into her pussy, her face full of agony from the whipping, flushed red with shame, the men laughing and filming the entire scene on their phones. She’s definitely nowhere near climaxing, so that’s going to be more beating for her…I fight a grin, thinking to myself: stupid, weak bitch. She’s done so much worser to me, and now she can’t even do it herself?, as I aim for her nipples and deliver a particularly vicious smack, Judith’s scream of agony filling the air.

“Looks like the stupid bitch can’t really take much, eh. Judith! I thought your stamina damn good one?” Mark laughs, as he walks over. “You two can stop whipping her already. Judith, keep the brinjal up your cheebai and put your hands behind your back.”. Judith, sitting on the steps into the jacuzzi, whimpering, giving us a vicious glare, complies.

“Now turn around and bend over.” Judith, hands behind her head, a huge brinjal up her cunt, turns clumsily and bends over, the brinjal slipping out as she does so, only for Shawn to literally shove it back up her without any mercy. The scream elicted can probably be heard three streets away, as Judith slumps over the jacuzzi, sobbing with pain, and Mark tosses me an all-too-familiar strapon.

“I heard she liked to use this on you? Or on your friend? Since we’re giving the poor bitch a free-for-all tonight, I’ll let you have some fun.” He grins. I look down at the strapon in my hand, wondering, hoping…it can’t be…right?

“Put it on, and fuck Judith up the ass. If her hands slip from behind her head, I want you to push her head underwater for ten seconds.” Mark orders. Right away, Judith protests, to my surprise.

“No…no no no Mark please not that please…MMPHHHBLLLLLLLLL!” Judith’s protests are cut off, as he forces her head underwater, ignoring her hands beating at him, struggling. Mark holds Judith’s head there for a rough ten-count, then pulls it back up by a handful of her hair, as Judith surfaces, gasping for air.

“Like I said ah, boss asked us to make sure you never forget this lesson. All of us know you hate it up your ass, so you’re going to take it up the ass, and your bitch will be the one taking you. Want to kaobei anymore, and I’ll fucking put sambal on the strapon hor!” Mark growls, pulling Judith’s face to look at him, then giving her several sharp, tight slaps. Deep inside, I’m amazed. It’s wrong, I probably shouldn’t be enjoying myself so much watching another girl get abused right in front of me, but it’s Judith being abused, and surprisingly enough, we both share the same hatred for anal. Funny how she was so eager to force anal on me at every opportunity, if it was something she feared as much as I did.

The hypothesising will have to come later though. Mark nods at me, as Shawn pushes Steph over. “You can be the one to push her head underwater. And you! Make sure she’s fucking screaming! If she doesn’t cum, I don’t care anyway.” He laughs. I take a few short, slow thrusts into Judith’s ass, as she begins screaming and whimpering, struggling, but not daring to take her hands off her head. Well, if she hates it as much as I do, maybe I should be merciful, love your enemies and all that…I think to myself.

“Nghh…ughh…it hurts…AGH! FUCK! Stop…stop please Mel…stop…just fucking stop…it hurts…” Judith begs, as I continue fucking her ass with short, slow thrusts. I continue slowly, still pondering the revelation that we share the same…limit? Hate? and would have continued slowly, until Judith, being the stupid girl she is, lets her mouth loose:

“Mel…just stop…or I’ll…I’ll fucking make sure you’ll pay…you…Steph…even your fucking older sister…I’ll make you regret this-ARGHHHH! NO NO ARGHHHHH!” Judith’s shrill scream fills the air, as I ram the strapon deep into her ass, as far as it can go, then begin viciously fucking her ass. Now I’m pissed, you bitch. And you’re not going to like this.
“Don’t…ever…fucking…threaten…my family…or Steph…don’t even try…to piss…me…off…that way…” I growl, punctuating each word with a hard, rough thrust into Judith. You bitch. You’ve ruined my life, you’ve ruined Steph’s, and even when you’re in this state, you’re arrogant enough to try and threaten others?. “Fucking take it, bitch, like how you fucking made me scream and beg, then ignored me, now you can fucking scream and feel just as helpless as I did!” I yell, as I grab a handful of her hair, noticing subconsciously how she’s gotten it dyed recently, with brownish highlights, but not caring, only focusing on hurting her as much as I can. Judith is now a whimpering mess, sobbing from the pounding she’s receiving in her ass, probably in the same haze of pain she’s put me through many times, but this looks like the first time she’s taking it this bad, so bad that her hands slip off her head. I look at Steph.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Count to twenty!” I yell at Steph, not giving a damn whether the men will object to their instructions being modified. Steph, her face slightly stunned, pushes Judith’s head underwater and instantly she begins struggling, flailing about, fighting for air, as the men move over and hold her arms down, restraining Judith as I continue to fuck her ass and Steph holds her underwater, counting to twenty, then pulling her up for air, Judith coughing and spluttering from the freezing water and gasping for air.

“You…you fucking bitch…Mel…I’ll-NGHHHHH!” Judith’s weak threat is cut off, as she arches her back, her entire body taut with agony as I reach around and grab her nipples, then twist hard, digging in my fingernails like she always does, making sure she feels every single bit of agony. If this is how revenge feels, it feels goddamn fucking sweet, I think to myself, as I let go of one nipple, twisting the other even more viciously as my free hand finds its way down to her pussy, and then i ram the brinjal in deeper, before finding her clit and pinching it, Judith’s shrill, high-pitched screams filling the air all the way. She begins shaking, and I start laughing to myself.

“Are you really going to cum from this, you stupid whore? Guess you’re just as “weak” as you always called me eh? I’ve taken more than this at your hands, you useless bitch, and now you’re the one about to realise that your body isn’t yours to control, it’s in my hands now.” I lean over and whisper in her ear, in a sweet, yet malicious tone, putting all my suppressed frustration and anger into it, as I begin rubbing her clit while pumping the strapon into her harder, ensuring that she has no choice but to submit. I can feel Judith struggling harder and harder, a sign that she’s about to cum, and with that, I throw away the last bit of mercy (not that I had any left.)

“Take that you bitch, take that, take it like the stupid stuck-up whore you are, scream, go on, scream!” I yell at her, as I slap her and pull her head back, my fingers wrapped in her short shoulder-length hair, my other hand pushing the brinjal back into Judith, her agonized screams now dying to short, pained whimpers, her resistance more or less destroyed, as she finally gives in and climaxes, her body shuddering with each jolt of orgasm, her sobs sounding more like gasps for air as she goes limp, letting me continue slamming the strapon up her ass until she goes completely limp and weak. I pull out of her, letting her collapse over the jacuzzi steps, then grab her hair and roughly flip her over so she’s facing me.

“Lick the strapon clean, bitch, or I’ll jam the brinjal up your ass and fuck your pussy next.” I hiss at her, giving her short, sharp backhand slaps whenever she looks away from me. Judith, sobbing, forces herself to lick the rubber shaft clean, gagging on the taste of her ass, as I hold her close to the rod by her hair, only letting go when she has licked every inch clean, as she collapses to the floor whimpering.

And then I realise. I’m standing there, my face still flushed red with sheer anger, the strapon still on me, as Steph stares at me, her mouth open and her face stunned. The men begin clapping for me, laughing, as I realise just how far I’ve gone.

“Dayumn, girl, you’ve got some issues!” Mark laughs, walking over and unbuckling the strapon. I let him do so, my mind still racing from the adrenaline and anger.

“Yeah, damn, where did that come from?” Shawn calls, reclining on a chair, as he gets up and walks over. “I thought Judith said you were well trained into being her obedient bitch? Looks like she was wrong.” He grins. It’s all empty praise though, I think to myself, as I look at Steph, her mouth still slightly open, still staring at me with shock. She thinks I’m just as bad as Judith now, doesn’t she. My mind groans to itself internally.Where the hell did that other Mel come from for the past 20 minutes?

As Mark drops the strapon on the floor, the haze of anger slowly clears from my mind, leaving me standing there panting, glazed in sweat from the exertion. Except this time, I was on the other end, not the receiving end but the…giving, if you can call it that, giving end this time. And I’m still coming to terms with how damn sweet it felt, and yet how fucked up it felt as well. I certainly didn’t know I was capable of being that vicious to anyone.

“Judith ah, Judith, poor, poor Judith…” Shawn laughs, pulling her up by her hair, laughing at her expression of sheer humiliation and fatigue, slapping her face lightly to get a reaction out of her, Judith whimpering softly with each slap to her face.

“I think she’s still fine. Look at that. Confirm can go longer, lor.” Mark laughs, walking over and cupping Judith’s jaw in one hand, then spitting in her face, laughing at her struggling and trying to look away. These two guys have history with her, it seems.

“You were always so stuck up…every time also act like one big fuck just because you were sucking boss’ cock and he liked you…how’s it feel to be out of friends, girl?” Mark continues taunting Judith, as he turns to me, still trying to catch my breath.

“How? What else do you want to do to fuck her up? Anything you like, tonight we let you!”

I open my mouth to reply, but I’m beaten to it.

“Ask her to call that friend of hers. Bring the other bitch over and make her suffer too.” I spin around in shock, mouth open and eyes wide, as Steph, sweet, innocent and shy Steph, with a glare in her face and a look of sheer rage I’ve never seen before, stands up and slaps Judith across the face, then slap her again, and again, and again, delivering a series of sharp, vicious tight slaps. As the guys laugh, amused, Steph grabs Judith by her hair, pulling her head back, Judith groaning as Steph begins slapping her again and again.

“Listen up, Judith. A year ago, I didn’t know who you were. I didn’t know what you wanted. You sent your friends, pulled me into that van while I was walking home, and now my life is changed forever. Your psycho friend decided that a minor argument over a CCA election was worth destroying my life for, and so I ended up in your house being tortured over my entire March holidays. You decided that I my body was your property and when two random thugs decided to use you instead, you then took revenge just because I followed what they ordered me to do, something that I did because I wanted to avoid being raped by yet more strangers. And what did you do? What did you fucking do, you psychotic pubor?!” Steph hisses, viciously, as Judith gasps in pain, her eyes screwed up shut as Steph slaps her again.


“Go on, weren’t you so proud of what you did? Thinking it would let you own me?” Steph yells, as she grabs Judith’s nipple and twists it hard, making her scream. The men are now holding Judith in an armlock, still on her knees, bent back, enjoying the show from Steph.

“I…I made you dump…Martin…” Judith gasps.

“That’s right, bitch. You made me dump the one guy who made everything bearable, after degrading me and destroying my entire life bit by bit. I had to quit gym and drop out of the school team because you purposely scheduled your little torture parties on my training days. I nearly flunked my A levels because you made me study while being raped at the same time. But guess what? Looks like this time, you pissed off the wrong girl.” Steph spits in Judith’s face, then stands up, her face flushed and full of rage. This is a Steph I’ve never seen before, the quiet, submissive girl who would rather get tortured than fight back now transformed into a force of sheer rage.

It seems that by starting the ball rolling, I have now unleashed something far worse. I stand there, my mouth hanging open in shock as well, as I watch Steph unleash her tirade at Judith. Steph looks at the men briefly, and even though I’m screaming in my mind please don’t please don’t please don’t encourage her further, all it takes is a nod from the men, as Steph strides out of the room, walking in about a minute later with Judith’s handphone.

“You’re going to call the bitch. You’re going to pretend that you want her to come join in another of your sick little parties. And then when she gets here…” Steph looks up at the men.

“She’s all mine. Got it?”

“Oh, of course.” Mark breaks his silence, barely unable to control his laughter. “But the whole point of this is to punish Judith what. How leh?

Steph looks me directly in the eye, and at this point, I know there’s no going back.

“Clara destroyed my life, I’ll make sure she pays for it. You guys can join in and try her out. But this bitch…” Steph looks at Judith, slaps her again to stifle her whimpers, then looks at me again. “Leave her to Mel. I’m sure the former best friends have some catching up to do.”

Swee lah!” Shawn laughs. The men tie a rope to Judith’s wrists, still tied behind her back, then secure it so that she’s bent over, on tiptoe, legs apart and hands behind her back. The classic position she used to torture me with, that leaves a girl open and vulnerable to anything. Then as Steph slips on a bathrobe, the men follow her out, laughing. I grin at Judith’s tear-streaked face, as she looks up at me, pleading.

“Please, Mel, I know you’re not crazy like that Steph-ARGHHHHHH!” I slap her to keep her quiet, then pick up her panties and ram them into her mouth.

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Just wait here and think of all the lovely things that are about to happen. But first, I’m going to browse instagram.” I grin, as I walk out the door, and grab my phone from the living room, then walk back upstairs and begin snapping pictures of Judith, as she shakes her head and screams.

“Who shall I send these to? The head of FASS? Maybe every single member of our old team? Or our old clique? Maybe your new cca? They’d love to see how kinky you cheerleading bitches get.” I grin at her, as she shakes her head, muffled protests from behind her gag. And for the first time ever, I see fear in the eyes of Judith, the same eyes that used to show nothing but disdain as she thought of new ways to torture and humiliate me.

“The situation is completely reversed today, you stupid whore. You…in that position…tied up like this…with your panties rammed in that stupid mouth of yours…while I sit here and contemplate…” I hear a door slam and Clara’s screaming, and grin, as her screaming fades away. “Looks like your best friend’s here. New best friend, that is. Weren’t we best friends?” I smile at Judith sweetly, picking up a cane and stroking the tip across her chest, enjoying the sight of her squirming.

“The fact is, right now, you should know how I felt, being in the exact same position I was many times at your house. But a bit of physical pain will never compare to how much shit you put me through. And you know what? Karma, bitch. Your comeuppance is here.” I make sure I continue smiling at Judith, smiling so sweetly throughout my entire speech, enjoying how unsettling it feels, knowing just how much turmoil her mind must be in now, trying to imagine what her former fucktoy is about to unleash on her. I step over, and pull the panties out.

“Mel, come on, I know you’re reasonable, I know you’ll stop this if you just think about it and-” Judith screams, as I thwack the cane down on her ass, then ram her underwear back into her mouth.

“I just wanted to hear you scream, dumbfuck. It’s giving me inspiration for what to do to you next.” I grin at her, my face right in front of hers, eye to eye, enjoying her look of sheer terror. Oh, how the tables have turned indeed.

I look at Clara, handcuffed to the bed in the spare room, as she struggles, making the cuffs clink and rattle, her eyes wide, her mouth stuffed with a spare rag I found lying around, and smile at her. She’s in that black spag strap as usual, coupled with her blue shorts, the quintessential “Come on guys, I accept everyone and anyone” outfit that I’ve seen her in whenever she decides to entertain herself by meeting me in public and bringing me somewhere for her friends to use.

“Well, looks like you’re a bit surprised, Clara.” I smile at her, my mind racing with all the lovely possibilities. “Remember how you felt when I woke up? I didn’t even have any time to think before you got your friends to start…start hurting me.” I wince a bit, remembering that day, then continue. “All I ever did to offend you was to go against you when it came to cca issues. I thought it would be constructive and good to change some of the things you were doing as the Captain. But that’s not the point. You know what’s the point?” I smile at Clara, as she continues struggling, her eyes meeting mine. I can hear Judith’s faint screaming and Mel’s yelling from the other side of the house, and I’m secretly happy to hear it.

“The point is, for one stupid little argument, you could have just done something normal, like spread gossip or slapped me or just kept quiet and graduated. You were a senior I actually respected, until you decided to be a complete psycho, and repay one small argument with kidnapping me and ruining my entire life slowly and painfully, not to mention taking my body and turning it into something cheap for you to play with.” I continue walking around Clara, as the men lean against the wall, smoking and watching me. I feel like telling them not to smoke in my house, but at the same time…I don’t think I want to push my luck and lose this golden opportunity to finally let all my frustration out.

“Eh, girl ah, are you going to talk until she starts pleading for you to shut up? If you want us to fuck her just say lah.” The one called Mark speaks up, tossing his cigarette out of the window.

“No, guys, see, Miss Clara Koh here, who dresses up so nicely in school and pretends to be just a tease, is actually someone who enjoys pleasing men, sometimes more than one at the same time, only that she does it willingly, unlike me. And while herbs exist to make someone tighter, which she has been force feeding Mel and I, by the way, I think she’s probably still quite loose, so it won’t be that fun…” I grin, looking at Clara, knowing her mind must be racing, trying to think what might happen to her.

“But, of course, I’m sure you want to try her out. After all, being in her university’s track and field team would have given her lots of stamina to last while you guys have your fun, enough stamina to make sure she’s still able to feel every little bit of her retribution later.” I smile, making sure to make myself look innocent and shy as always, the sweet smile on my face keeping everyone in the dark of the true turmoil going on in my mind. “So go ahead, please do what you like to her.”

Mark laughs, as he stands up. “Well, about time. I was supposed to pia that Judith, but I’m sure she’ll be just as fun…” He pulls off his boxers, as I lean against the old table in the room, watching with a grin on my face.

“Actually, if you just rape her like that, it won’t make a difference. She’ll actually enjoy it.” I smile again, innocently, playing the part of the quiet girl who just wants to let the men have fun, let them think they’re in charge, while I make sure I get my revenge.

“Okay lo. Eh, Tan!” Mark waves his hand at the other guy, the one they call Shawn. “You take her mouth, on?”

I raise one hand. “Actually, that won’t be enough.”

Mark glares at me, warning me that I’m about to use up the little bit of goodwill that I had from earlier. “Girl, you wanted us to punish her for you, and we’re doing that. Continue talking some more and we’ll leave her alone and fuck you till you black out.” He growls at me, as I quickly step over to the other table, knowing that I have to keep the men on my side.

Act sweet, Steph. Act like the innocent and quiet girl everyone thinks you are, act demure, act like you don’t know what you’re doing, and run the show quietly.

“Actually, I was thinking you could use this.” I pick up a tube of menthol rub, and a pair of clothespegs. “She used to enjoy using these on me. Maybe you could…you know?” I stifle a giggle. Keep it together, Steph.

Wah. You’re fucking sadistic, girl. I like!” Shawn breaks the tension, walking over and snatching the menthol rub and clips from my hand, slapping my ass as he walks off. I control the urge to retort. People have done worse, Steph. Let it go. “No, I just want her to feel like how I felt, so she can feel some remorse. After all, she did make me feel like…like I wasn’t worth anything…”

“Okay lah, I get it lah, she made you feel cheap la.No problem girl! Chill! My balls have been itching all night, I need to pia someone, and you’re letting us have her, okay lor! Don’t keep talking!” Mark waves his hand, irritated, desperate to relieve his own pent-up sexual tension.

Men. How predictable.

“Yes…that’s right.” I keep my voice calm, hiding the quavering in my tone, born of joy at seeing my tormentor about to be punished. “You see…to her, the most important thing is to feel validated by letting men worship her. So if you use her, just use her and that’s it, like a throwaway toy…” I smile at the men.

“Wah, girl, you have some issues too, like that other friend of yours. Okay lah! I’ll make sure…” He slaps Clara across the face, as she squirms. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t get any pleasure. I’m feeling generous, do favour for you lor.” He grins. “Eh Shawn! You coming?”

As Shawn rips the gag out of Clara’s mouth and the men begin using her from both ends, pinching her tits and slapping her, not caring for her pleasure, I can only lean back against the wall, grinning to myself.

That’s right, just use her like that, make her feel like she’s not worth anything. The stupid bitch prides herself on being able to attract and have any guy she wants, right? How’s it feel to be the disposable sex toy now, Clara? Your stupid little superiority complex made you ruin my life just because I opposed you once, I bet it must kill you to be used by people for their own pleasure, not yours, when you’re not in charge for once. I snap out of my internal monologue as Clara screams shrilly, Mark having covered a vibrator in the menthol rub and rammed it up her ass.

“I heard her friend used to do this to you hor.” He laughs. “Judith always used to have all these stories about what she did.” He continues thrusting into Clara, her choking and gagging filling the room as Shawn uses her mouth roughly, brutally, not caring about Clara’s tears streaming down her face with her makeup.

Everything’s going according to plan, really. The golden opportunity appeared, I took it, and now everything is working out so damn well. I quietly swiped the toys when I was bringing the men to the spare bedroom, taking a few every time I left the room while waiting for Clara to get here. I made sure to put something on, but I made I sure I remained in my underwear to keep them aroused. It was slightly worrying that they’d lose control and start using me first, but thankfully describing Clara’s body to them and showing them her pictures made them distracted, and allowed me to manipulate the situation until Clara showed up. Then it was just a matter of veiled suggestions hidden in seemingly innocent comments, coupled with my sweet, innocent-schoolgirl smile, and…

How, how in the world did all that come out of you, Steph?

I toy idly with the leather end of Mark’s belt, my mind running through the possible things to do to Clara next. Deep inside, I wonder, just how fucked up am I, once I’ve been pushed over the edge?

I’ll leave that for another time. I hear Judith’s voice again, faintly, along with Mel laughing. I hope she’s having fun. She deserves it too. And I sure as hell hope I don’t turn into a psycho like them…like Clara, like Judith…

So I manipulated the men. I suggested and cajoled and acted all sweet. And then, when asked, I came up with a plan to destroy Clara just as badly as she did for me. Am I a psycho? Am I just as bad as those two? Am I?
I continue idly speculating, Clara’s muffled gagging and gasping for air filling the room, debating in my mind as I wait for the men to finish part one of…of infinity, of Clara’s new life.

“Judith ah Judith…how do you like me now?”

I stifle a giggle, as I push another ice cube up Judith’s ass, hearing her muffled screams behind the cloth in her mouth, as she struggles, the water dripping out of her ass onto the floor, her eyes rolled back, on the verge of fainting with the pain.

“You don’t like your ass being played with…who would guess? I hated anything in my ass, so you made sure you took every opportunity to torture me that way, but…you hated it too? Were you trying to transfer that hate to me?” I laugh, slapping Judith’s face to keep her conscious. I’ve been abusing her, all to myself, for the past 1 hour already, and it has been flat out amazing. First, menthol rub on her nipples, then a pair of binder clips. Then the giant vibrator she loved to use on me, jammed into her pussy, for a 15-minute long game of making her keep it in by clenching her pussy, because if she let it slide out, I would slap it back in hard enough to make her scream. And now, pushing ice cubes up her ass and letting them melt slowly…just long enough for her to savour the pain.

“It sure feels bad to be the one on the other side now, no?” I laugh at Judith. “Now you know how I felt. Then again, I bet you knew how I would feel, looking at how nicely calculated every single torture session was. What did I ever do to you, hmm, bestie? Is that term right? Bestie? You were my best friend ever and we used to be on the same side, remember?” I laugh, looking at Judith wincing, her eyes screwed shut, as she groans, the freezing ice up her ass definitely an agony to her.

“Oh, don’t reply, I know what happened. You went over the edge. Maybe it was my fault too, because you were my best friend, and I knew you were jealous of all my successes, but I didn’t soften any impact to you, I didn’t even think of how you might have felt being best friends with me when you were constantly failing at everything.” I grin, thinking back.

“Yes, Judith, I was an arrogant bitch back then, I’ll admit it, and I’ll admit how I behaved probably pushed you to do what you did. But really? We couldn’t have talked?” I idly flick one of the binder clips, watching her wince, a little whimper escaping her mouth. “We couldn’t have sat down, discussed things, you know, instead of just getting your friends to kidnap and rape and abuse me? What pushed you so far? That one incident after the results? That was ages ago, you know.” I sigh to myself theatrically. “We were best friends since Primary 5, you know. As much as I was an arrogant, annoying girl, riding the wave of success and not stopping to think about how much I hurt my best friend by not thinking about her feelings…”

I look her in the eye. “Is it wrong to want to share my happiness with my best friend? And even if I wasn’t thinking of your feelings, would it have been so hard to just tell me and cut me down with words, instead of, hmm, turning me into some kind of sex slave?” I hiss my final words out at her, then walk over to the bag with the toys.

“I’m not going to talk you to death, don’t worry.” I grin. “I believe in actions before words, as always. And it’s just you and me and it’s the entire weekend. Just like how you used to do things to me, except now it’s you who suffers.”

I pull out the vibrator, grinning as Judith’s eyes, swollen with crying, widen and stare at it. “That’s right, you’re happy it’s out of you, right? But you know what? I think you’re fucked up enough to enjoy being used. Like that time on your birthday when you willingly let all those men use you after they had me. So you know what? Today…” I pick up a jar of Tiger Balm and begin coating the vibrator in it. “Today…I think what will really fuck you up would be to suffer without anyone worshipping you like the slut you are.” I grin, as I ram the vibrator up Judith’s ass, pushing the half-melted ice cube deeper. The muffled scream is loud enough to fill the room, as every muscle in her body jerks taut, Judith flailing against her bonds futilely, her eyes rolled back from the sheer agony of Tiger Balm and melted ice up her ass.

“Now, Judith…” I pull out the gag, letting her whimpering and gasping fill the room, the sound of sheer agony as she writhes about, fighting the burning in her ass, a shrill whimper escaping her mouth. “That hurts right? No wonder you used to punish me with that. But I can make it so much worse…” I grin, as I apply Tiger Balm to yet another vibrator, then tap it lightly against the entrance to her pussy, making her struggle even harder.

“No…no…please…not that…not that please Mel…I beg you…” Judith manages to gasp out a strangled plea, as I place the vibrator on the table, where she can see it, then lower her down so that her head is now hanging at a perfect level…to make her feel even worse.

“Not so fun now when you’re the one being punished and humiliated, right? No men to worship you now, right?” I pull a stool up and sit in front of Judith, knowing that I’m going to regret what I’m about to force her to do, but who cares, right now?

“You’re going to lick me out, and if I don’t squirt in your whore’s face fast enough, I’m going to ram the vibrator into your pussy, then spread the rest of the jar over your tits for good measure, girl. So go on. Show your former ‘bestie’ how much you still love her.” I grin, opening my legs and pushing Judith’s face in between. She resists at first, until I give a hard yank on the binder clip on her left nipple, making her scream into my thigh, the scream stopping as I let go of the clip, then starting as I tug on the other one.

“Go on, weren’t you so desperate to make me lick other girls out? It’s your turn, bitch!” I laugh, as Judith begins lapping at my slit frantically, using all the effort she can muster. I suppress a moan, not wanting to let her know she’s doing anything right, but to be honest, to use the cliche, it feels so wrong yet feels so right. She must have done this several times before, because it’s not long before I can feel the orgasm coming, yet, I force myself to clear my head, knowing that it would be all too easy to let that bitch get me off, and escape the punishment. I stand up, and slap Judith across the face.

“Too slow, bitch.” I lie, despite feeling my juices running down my legs. Judith looks up, her eyes wide with fear. “No. NO! Mel, please, please, I tried, I fucking tried-AAAAAARGGHH!” Judith’s shrill scream fills the air, as I walk around the back and slam the vibrator up her pussy, the Tiger Balm searing every nerve in her. I stand and watch, amused, as Judith begins to struggle and shake violently, two coated vibrators in both her openings now, her entire body glazed with sweat, tears streaming down her face, flushed a lovely shade of crimson from the exertion and shame. I take out my phone and snap a few more pictures, laughing as she tries to look away and slapping her to make her look at the camera.

“Now, we’re going to play a game. Remember whatever you used to do to me? So…what are you?”

“What…no…you’re crazy…NGH!” She gasps, as I yank on both the binder clips.

“Say it…come on..”

“I’m…I’m a slut…” Judith gasps.


“I’m a bitch…NGH!” I tug again, laughing.

“Whose bitch? Go on, say it all out, like you forced me to memorise…”

“But…AGH!” I give Judith a vicious backhand this time, then walk over and pick up the cane.

“Next time, I’m going to make sure your ass is bright red. Go on, what are you?”

“I’m…Mel’s bitch…her cheapass slut…to be used…and given away….as she wishes…her fucktoy…I’m just a whore…who exists to be fucked…and to pleasure people…” Judith whimpers, as I tap the cane lightly against her breasts.

“Whose tits are these?”

“These…whore’s tits…are yours…are the property of Mel…” Judith gasps, as I flick them with the cane.

“Glad to know you’ve learned your place, Judith.” I chuckle, as I swat her chest with the cane anyway, making her scream. “You see…it’s not as fun when you’re the one getting her pride stripped from her, is it?” I laugh.

“Now…let’s finish this off.” I undo the rope, letting Judith crash to the floor, then throw a towel at her. “You have 1 minute. Wash yourself up, and then get back here and kneel.”

“What the…AGH!” Judith screams, as I yank both the binder clips off her tits without warning.

“Do you or do you not want to end this?” I grin at her. “Come on, former bestie…better listen…or I’ll call your two friends back to play after they finish with Clara…oh and-” I hold up a can of pepper spray from the duffel bag (Pepper spray? I’m fucking glad that I’m in control tonight, not her) “-if you try to fight back or run…I think I can overpower one well-fucked and worn out bitch by myself.” I grin. “So shower.”

“You’re a fucking psycho.” Judith grits her teeth, as she struggles to the shower, unable to walk properly.

“So are you, Judith.” I laugh.

Oh, the fun’s just beginning, girl. I think to myself, as I begin filming her agonised shower. As Judith gets out, I wave her up against the wall.

“All you have to do now, is to play with yourself.”

“What the fuck?” Judith screams, only to be cut off by another slap.

“Yup, play with yourself. Oh, and act like you’re enjoying it. Moan as many slutty words as you can. A media undergraduate shouldn’t have trouble with her english, right?” I giggle. Judith glares at me, as she begins playing with herself, rubbing her pussy and cupping her breasts, forcing herself to moan all sorts of filthy words and phrases about herself, while her face continues to flush red, and tears well in her eyes, glaring at me as I film it on my phone. I know the humiliation she’s feeling, having gone through it myself, but she’s probably feeling it tenfold tonight, because hey, the girl that she’s been taking all her angst out on is now in charge.

And it’s about to get worse, I think to myself, as Judith jerks taut, her juices spraying across the room, then falls limp, gasping. Before she can say anything, I quickly snap a handcuff across one wrists, then the other to the window grilles, effectively restraining her on the floor, then snap a few more pictures.

“Now…Judith…looks like you’re the real whore. Beaten up by another girl, forced to eat her out, and still able to play with yourself?” I grin at her, as I begin typing on my phone.

“You’re just as fucked up yourself.” She hisses.

“Oh, still as proud as ever. But you won’t be so proud when you see this…” I turn the phone screen to face her, and her face goes blank, her jaw falling open with shock.

Because there’s an email composed on my iphone, an email with all the pictures and videos of her humiliating herself attached, and a few of her eating me out as well.

An email addressed to everywhere., chio-eves.tumblr, sgerotica,com, singapore hallsters, gutter uncensored, nearly every single erotica-related blog in Singapore, and some overseas ones as well.

“Just because you’ve always been threatening me. Go on, plead, girl. And before you try to threaten me with a counter-threat…” I pick up Judith’s phone, and open the back, showing her an empty SD card slot. “You see, when you want to blackmail someone, always make a copy. You don’t have to leave it lying around if you want to keep your blackmail material secret, but at least you have a backup…” I grin, as I show Judith her SD card, then snap it in half. “I know you too well, stupid bitch. We were best friends for too long, after all.”

“Mel…” Judith finally finds her voice, a strangled plea escaping her lips. “Please…no…”

“Oh yes, I forgot, I left something out.” I grin, as I pull out her wallet, searching through, then add a photograph of her NRIC to the email. “There we go. Anything else you’d like me to add?”

“Please Mel…don’t…you’ll…please…my whole life…it’ll just end…” Judith is pleading now, her eyes streaming tears. Oh, how the fucking tables have turned.

“You ruined my whole life too, Judith. Just think of this as payback, bitch, because today? You’re the one about to feel the pain.” I look at her, my eyes steeled, my voice hard, as I put the phone in front of her face, and as she screams in shock, I press Send.

“Enjoy your new-found fame, Judith.” I grin. “Perhaps now you’ll have all the men you want, worshipping your body, just like you enjoy so much.”

I settle down against the wall, grinning. I watch, as the men finish with Clara and come in to use Judith, but by that point she’s still in shock, and barely puts up a fight as they take turns with her. When they’re done, they pack up, laughing, not knowing what I’ve done, as they take Judith and Clara out of the house, mentioning something about “bringing them back for the night.”, but frankly, I’m still lost in the afterglow of revenge…

Until Steph, still in her underwear, comes over and sits next to me, offering me a towel.

“Mel, you alright?”

“Yeah babe, I’m alright. Why?”

“You have this crazed gleam in your eye…” She speaks carefully. “And so do you.” I retort, laughing. “I heard you went full-out crazy on Clara.”

“Yeah, well…I’m actually worried I might have gone too far. I made her facetime her boyfriend while she was um…using her mouth on one of the men.” Steph confesses, her face red with embarrassment.

Seriously, girl, you’re cute. You’ve gone through all sorts of humiliating sexual gymnastics, you’ve probably done every single thing in the Kamasutra, but you can’t just say “…while she was blowing someone“? Guess you really were an innocent, sweet girl deep down.
“Well, I can one-up you.” I grin. “I made Judith masturbate, then I filmed the whole thing and sent it all over the internet-” “WHAT?!” Steph’s shocked exclamation cuts me off.

“What? Might as well let her be the scandal of the month, that’s bound to stop her-“

“You saw those guys! She has all sorts of connections, and while they might have been giving her a penalty, she’s still probably quite high up in wherever they’re from! Don’t you realise how much trouble we could be in?” Steph looks at me, her eyes wide with shock.

“Uh…I think it should be fine…right? They’re probably too busy now, they took her back to their place, and besides, scandals like this blow over quickly…” I quickly throw out the words, anything, trying to reassure Steph, but deep down, inside me, my entire core is sinking into a vortex, trying to figure out the ramifications of what I’ve just done, and just what might happen as a result of my moment of losing control.

This might not work out to be that awesome, after all. I think to myself. Fuck.