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Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

“Gooodd….eveningg….Miss….Hong.” Chris dragged out the usual morning greeting for teachers mockingly, seated in a chair and leaning against the wall as Jamie entered the small classroom next to the indoor sports hall. Jamie sighed to herself, wondering just what she had done to deserve being raped and turned into a sex slave for her own students, as she closed the door behind her, a look of apprehension on her pretty face.

“Um…what about your friends?” She asked hesitantly.

“So desperate to be gangbanged ah cher?” Chris sneered. “Relax, I’m just here to get you ready. Put this on.” Chris tossed Jamie a bundle of clothes, laughing as she failed to catch it, with one white blouse fluttering to the floor.

“You can change here. Not like I haven’t seen…and used every part of you already, anyway.”

Jamie, her face flushing red, obediently unzipped her light blue dress, letting it fall to the ground. She then unhooked her bra and pulled off her panties, folding her clothes neatly and placing it into a pile before picking up the first of the pile of clothing Chris had tossed to her, her eyes widening as she realised what the outfit was.

“You guys are sick.” She muttered.

“Ah, ah, that’s being defiant, cher. Remember, defiance gets punishment you know?” Chris laughed, as Jamie pulled on a set of white cotton lingerie, then buttoned up a white blouse, finally pulling on a blue pinafore to complete the convent schoolgirl outfit, along with white ankle socks and a pair of cheap white converse knockoffs.

“Seriously?” She sighed, as Chris stood up and kicked the chair back, pointing at a makeup set on a table next to her that she hadn’t noticed.

“Complain any more and I’ll make you bring your own clothes to destroy.” Chris grinned, fully aware of the power he held over this teacher despite her being six years his senior. Jamie fell silent, obediently covering her face in thick makeup like a whore, then followed as Chris opened the door for her and walked down the staircase, headed for the male changing room of the indoor sports hall. Jamie followed behind unwillingly, knowing that she was about to be in for another round of abuse and use.

As the door swung open, Chris yelled. “Eh, guys, happy Friday night! Here’s your reward for a good training!”

Jamie could have died of shame and horror on the spot.

About 14 other guys, including Sean, Malek and Siva, were gathered inside, all naked, either towelling themselves dry after their post-training showers, or leaning around waiting for her arrival. From what it seemed, the entire Upper Secondary rugby team had showed up to use her, and as Jamie did the mental calculations…she wanted to turn and run screaming, the thought of having 15 students take her too much for her to endure.

But the night had yet to begin, and Jamie’s Friday night was about to become one of her longest nights ever.

“Remember we told you about Miss Hong? How nice and tight she is?” Siva laughed, as Chris pushed Jamie into the center of the shower area. “Now’s your chance guys, you can do what you like. We’ve been making her suck us off as and when we like for 2 weeks already but I bet you her cheebai is still nice and tight!”

“You sure she won’t kao bei ah?” One of the other boys yelled, a lustful grin on his face.

“No lah, we got all sorts of fucking slut pics of her. She tries anything, we make her famous.” Siva glanced at Jamie, making eye contact as he spoke, reminding her of the blackmail power the boys had over her.

“Okay lor. Start simple. You guys are fucking epic by the way, asking her to wear that! No wonder you kept asking your girlfriend to lend you her uniform!” Another boy laughed, as he walked over to Jamie.

“On your knees, slut.”

Jamie knelt, feeling the wet floor of the shower begin to soak into the hem of her pinafore.

“Suck.” He ordered, pointing at his cock.

Jamie, fighting back tears, opened her mouth hesitantly and began licking the tip of his cock, thankful that at least the boys had showered earlier. Her tongue traced the head, slowly sliding over the shaft as she cupped his balls while one hand began slowly jerking him off. Jamie’s face was fully red with shame now, as she lowered her head and took the shaft into her mouth, beginning to bob her head up and down while her thick layer of lipstick began leaving smears on the cock she was servicing.

“Fuck…cher, you damn good at sucking cock sia.” He moaned, one hand tangled in Jamie’s hair as she continued sucking, not daring to displease the guys.

“Yeah, we’ve been making her give us blowjobs at least once a day for like two fucking weeks.” Malek laughed. “Lots of practice to make her less of a frigid bitch.”

“I like it.” The one being sucked off by Jamie grinned, as Jamie continued, giving her best effort to try and end the night as soon as possible, hoping in vain that making everyone cum faster would help her go home sooner.

“Don’t worry ah cher, we’re all clean. People our age don’t fuck much, and when we do, it’s people our age anyway. So we’re all going to cum inside you as much as we like today.” Sean grinned. Jamie, her eyes widening in horror, whimpered as she continued sucking on the cock in her mouth. Today had been her “clear” period, the time of the month when she could fuck safely without a condom or the pill. Jamie usually saved such times for her boyfriend, but today was about to go very differently. She was snapped out of her self-loathing thoughts as her head was grabbed and shoved down, held in place as spurt after spurt of cum was fired, hitting the back of her throat and making her cough, the tears welling in her eyes spilling over and causing her thick eyeliner to begin running, adding to her look.

“Good job, cher. A1 at sucking cock.” He laughed, as Jamie licked him clean before he stepped back, and another two boys came over. Jamie obediently leaned forward, only to be stopped by Malek.

“Ah, ah, ah, put this in first. Get yourself ready for later. Unless you want to be fucked dry.” Jamie whimpered, all hopes of having only her mouth used tonight evaporating as she slid the buzzing vibrator under her skirt and into her cunt, using the panties to hold it in place. With the vibrator constantly buzzing, enough to get her wet but not intense enough to help her climax, Jamie leaned forward again and placed one hand on each cock, beginning her double blowjob, fully aware of how much of a complete whore she looked like right then, turning her head left and right to give each cock equal attention.The slurping sounds began to fill the locker room, Jamie trying her best to please them to avoid any punishment, while the other boys began to take their phones out and snap pictures of their teacher degrading herself, adding to Jamie’s feeling of shame.

“Remember ah, keep these to wank but don’t fucking post them online, she’s still our property.” Chris threatened, as the two that Jamie was sucking off began filming her performance, laughing at her. Jamie was now crying openly, the tears spilling down her face and smearing the heavy makeup as intended. Taking the cock on the left into her mouth, Jamie forced herself to swallow yet another load, even as she jerked the one on the right off, feeling his cock jerk in her hand followed by the warm sensation of spurt after spurt of cum hitting her face. A small whimper escaped Jamie as the next two walked over and stood on both sides of her, ready for their turn at her cute little mouth, Jamie feeling completely dirty from the experience. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had given her boyfriend oral, but now, after two weeks of constantly sucking her blackmailer’s cocks, she had now been upgraded, or to be more precise, downgraded to the level of a sex toy, left to kneel and suck cock after cock. This time, both of them insisted on finishing over Jamie’s face, inspired by the earlier load, leaving Jamie’s face a mess of tears, cum and spit along with her makeup as she jerked them off over her face like a cheap pornstar.

“Alright I think she’s ready. Let’s go, we’ve got till Saturday morning to use our whore anyway.” Sean stood up and stretched, as the boys grabbed Jamie and pulled her up. Jamie walked over to one of the changing benches, Sean pushing her onto her back and pushing her skirt up around her hips, pulling her panties to one side and pulling the vibrator out.

“One in her mouth. Let’s teach her what being our fucktoy really is!” Sean laughed, as one of the other ruggers grabbed Jamie’s head and began roughly fucking her face, his hands tangled in her hair as he slammed his shaft into her throat, making Jamie gag, Jamie not daring to close her mouth, forcing herself to keep it open even as his balls slapped against her nose, making her feel even dirtier. The sensation of being facefucked was soon joined by the feeling of Sean slamming his cock into her, Jamie’s legs spread wide as he gripped her hips and pounded her fast and hard, Jamie beginning to sob openly from the shameful feeling of being fucked both ways. Sex was something intimate and private to be shared with someone she loved, but that ideal was now nothing more than wishful thinking for the pretty young teacher on her back getting penetrated by two cocks at the same time. Sean began slapping Jamie’s ass with each thrust into her, watching her wince and laughing at her attempts to avoid grazing the cock in her mouth with her teeth despite the stinging from each hard slap on her ass.

“Still so tight ah cher? Looks like all your exercise works.” Sean taunted, squeezing Jamie’s breasts through her clothing, as he thrust deep into her one final time and began spurting his load into her, Jamie sobbing from the feeling of warm cum filling her cunt. Pulling out and wiping himself on her skirt, he stepped back, the next in line taking his place as he began to fuck Jamie.

“Don’t give her a break! I want everyone here to enjoy her at least twice tonight.” Chris laughed, as Jamie swallowed yet another load of cum and began getting facefucked by another cock. For the next couple of hours, Jamie’s world was transformed into nothing but a haze of getting fucked in every hole over and over again, the boys pushing her into different positions to enjoy her as they took turns using her tight body, Jamie sobbing uncontrollably throughout the seemingly endless gangbang. Cock after cock slammed into each of Jamie’s holes, including her ass, which elicited a loud scream from her muffled only by the cock she was gagging on as they began triple-penetrating her.

Somehow, being fucked while wearing clothes felt more humiliating to Jamie than being fucked while naked, and coincidentally, as Jamie glanced at the badge on her pinafore during a rare moment of rest as she was pushed onto her hands and knees in the shower area, she realised that it was from the exact same convent that she had been to in Secondary School. Back when she was a teenager, she had never expected to be fucked like this, and as the next fucking began, snapping her out of her thoughts, Jamie felt her pinafore ripped off, tossed into a corner of the shower, followed by the buttons of her blouse ripped open and her bra snapped open from the front.

“Too much fucking clothes on you, cher. Nice tits, by the way.” One of the boys fucking her from behind whispered in her ear. Jamie would have retorted, but she was too busy gagging on yet another cock, this one more brutal than usual, slapping her face in between thrusts. As her eyes rolled up from the lack of air, she realised it was Chris, the boy with a meaningless grudge against her, but she couldn’t have cared less as she began choking, her gasps filling the room as she struggled for air, with a cock slammed deep into her mouth and hitting the back of her throat.

Jamie felt her shredded clothing and lingerie being pulled off, the last shreds of her dignity already long gone as another three boys came over, this time forcing her to ride the cock of one seated on the bench while the other fucked her ass and one fucked her face, a scene reminding her of her initial, brutal gang-rape that had led to tonight. These three seemed to be the last of the 15 cocks for the first round, as after they had finished filling Jamie’s holes with their cum, they stepped back and Jamie was allowed to collapse on the floor of the shower, sobbing and whimpering, utterly exhausted, panting from the exertion of having been fucked over and over again endlessly. If going from her boyfriend’s cock to four cocks had been a huge jump, going from those four to suddenly taking fifteen was even worse than the marathons that Jamie occasionally ran on weekends.

But there was no rest for her. Even as Jamie lay on the floor in a mess, with cum leaking out of every hole, she felt Malek kick her.

“Get up and go shower, bitch. Time for your next round. Put on a nice shower show for us, won’t you?

Jamie, too exhausted to get up, sobbed.

“No…please…don’t…I can’t…just…just end this now…I’m begging you.”

“Ah, told you the bitch was useless. Eh cher, I know being a cum-covered slut is your natural state of being, but unlike you, we’d rather fuck a clean slut sometimes. You can always call your boyfriend to come over later when we’re done, if you really like being fucked while covered in cum.” Malek gave an exasperated sigh as he dragged Jamie up by her hair, the others laughing as he looped a rope tightly around her wrists, securing them behind her back, then threw the rope over one of the metal bars on the ceiling and hoisted Jamie painfully to her feet, arranging her so that she was bent over on tiptoe with her arms held high behind her back.

Jamie burst into a fresh round of sobbing from the pain, but her agony was ignored as Malek kicked her legs apart and began hosing her down with the hose from under the sink that the cleaner normally used. Jamie whimpered from the feeling of the icy water splashing over her battered body, squirming and screaming as Malek aimed at her face to blast off the loads of cum and makeup smeared all over, then flushed out her cum-filled cunt.

“No fucking hygiene. Aren’t you way older than us? You should be setting a better example!” Sean mocked, watching Jamie’s forced shower with a look of amusement on his face. The entertainment was interrupted by the sound of Jamie’s phone ringing, followed by Chris tossing it over to Malek as he turned off the hose.

“It’s your fucking limp-dick boyfriend. Answer it and act normal, unless you feel like telling him that his cheap slut of a girlfriend is being fucked by a group of people way younger than him. And we’re probably doing a better job than him.” Chris ordered Jamie. Jamie gulped back her tears, forcing her voice to sound normal, as Malek slid the phone’s “slide to answer” option.

“Dear? Yes, I’m alright…just tired. Yes, had a long day. I think I’ll meet you on Sunday at church? Yeah, no, nothing’s….nothing’s wrong, just that CCA was very tiring today. Yeah, it’s alright. Okay dear, love you too. See you.” Jamie forced her voice to remain normal, and as the call cut off, she began sobbing even more, feeling the full shame of being tied up, naked, and having just been fucked by countless cocks, in sharp contrast to the loving voice of her boyfriend over the phone.

“Well, since you’re all nicely tied up like this, it’s time to punish you for your stupid comment earlier…” Chris grinned, kicking Jamie’s legs open again, Jamie realising that she still had her shoes on, the feeling of wearing nothing but a pair of cute schoolgirl sneakers even more humiliating than she had thought.

“It was just one word…” Jamie whimpered weakly, afraid of what the punishment might be.

“Aren’t our school rules clear? Defiance is defiance and must be punished.” Chris sneered. The other boys watched with interest. Chris’ grudge was well-known to the other boys on the team, and while they found it irrational, it still promised for a good show to watch him take it out on Jamie’s helpless body. Chris lit up a cigarette, blowing a cloud of smoke into Jamie’s face and watching her wince, then begin struggling violently as he held the glowing stub near her nipples.

“Kidding lah, no need to worry cher. We like your body too much to damage it permanently.” Chris grinned, ignoring Jamie’s weak gasps of “No, no, no, no, please.” as he continued puffing away, holding out one hand. Siva handed Chris a belt, as he placed the cigarette on one of the shower pipes, then turned on the shower directly above Jamie, letting the cold water blast down over her naked body.

“I don’t know if this will make it hurt more, but even if it doesn’t, at least you can go back to being the frigid bitch you are, and I’ll warm your fucking body up.” Chris laughed. “You’d better count, or I’ll make this even longer.”

“How many you gonna give the slut?” One of the other boys called, as he held up his phone to film Jamie’s punishment.

“What’s the usual punishment in school ah? How many strokes? Three right? So she’s twenty-three, twenty three times three…wah cher. You damn suay. 69 strokes. Or you want to 69 later?” Chris taunted, as he drew back his arm, then delivered the first stinging lash of his belt to Jamie’s pert ass. Jamie jerked forward, her entire body taut, a strangled scream escaping her mouth as the boys cheered.

“You didn’t count. Let’s start again.”

Chris gave Jamie another hard whack with the belt, again hearing only a scream.

Cher, you need to learn faster. Last chance.”

Whack. No scream.

“Eh, pass me the white tube from my locker.”

Jamie felt something splatter over her breasts, through the haze of pain. Chris rubbed it over her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples, then stepped back and waited, laughing as Jamie’s whimpering was transformed to screams of sheer agony.

“Muscle rub and cold water. Interesting right, cher? Now let’s see if you still want to diam diam. the next place I’m going to put this is on your fucking slut pussy.” Chris threatened.

As the belt slashed through the air, Jamie, her mind already on the verge of blacking out from exhaustion from her marathon fucking and from the pain of muscle rub on her tits accentuated by the cold water, forced herself to respond, fearing to make her punishment worse.

“On…one!” She gasped, feeling the belt hit her ass again.

Chris grinned, the sensation of demonstrating his ownership and control over the older woman giving him a rush of adrenaline.



“Four! Five! ARGH! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!” Jamie screamed as fast as she could, as Chris slashed the belt across Jamie’s ass cheeks viciously in a left-right-left-right rhythm, the boys now standing in a circle around her and watching her punishment.

“ARGHHH! ELE…eleven!” Jamie screamed at the top of her voice, as the belt hit her breasts this time, her small, perky breasts already in pain from the muscle rub and cold water.

“Twelve! Thirteen! Fourteen! Fifteen! Please stop-Sixteen! Seventeen! ARGH! Eighteen! Nineteen! Twen…twenty! Tw…twenty-ONE ARHHHHHH!” Jamie arched her back, her eyes rolling back from the sheer agony as Chris slashed the belt across her breasts this time in the same rhythm, then ended it by dropping the belt and twisting her nipples viciously, pulling her upwards by the sensitive, sore nubs.

“I said count only right, cher? You want to fucking defy more is it?” Chris turned off the shower, then spurted a huge glob of the muscle rub onto his palm, using nearly half of a brand-new tube. As Jamie struggled, he kicked her legs apart again, then slapped the entire glob of muscle rub onto her pussy, Jamie screaming from the excruciating sensation as he rubbed his palm along her pussy to spread it all over, then used his fingers to rub more of the muscle rub onto her pussy lips. Jamie’s entire world was nothing but pain, the shame and humiliation of the moment forgotten as she struggled and trashed about futilely, the ropes holding her firmly in place.

Chris spurted more of the rub onto his thumb and forefinger, then clamped Jamie’s clit firmly between them and began rubbing the menthol rub onto her clit, this final act of punishment to Jamie’s already overused and sore cunt making her scream and scream till her voice was hoarse, pleading for mercy incoherently in between her screams, the begging and sobbing falling on deaf ears as Chris slid his fingers into Jamie’s cunt and began working the muscle rub into her from the inside, the burning making Jamie thrash about until it was too much for her and she finally fell limp, her eyes rolled back completely, Jamie fainting from the pain and exertion, the punishment too much for her to take even with her stamina from constant exercise.

“Enough rest, slut.” The small mercy of blacking out was soon cut short, as the shower turned back on, the cold water waking Jamie up and adding to the burning in her cunt.

“Please…just…you’ve had enough…just stop here…I promise…I’ll…do anything…I’ll let you boys use me all you like…just stop doing this to me…” Jamie pleaded, throwing away any dignity she had left, degrading herself by offering her body, anything to stop the torture.

“Not yet, cher. We must complete things, you know? Don’t you teachers always say finishing your work is good? I can’t just abandon something important halfway, you know.” Chris replied sarcastically.

“Oh, and since I stopped halfway because you were being a disobedient bitch, then you know what comes next. You’re the teacher in charge of NPCC, you know what I’m going to say next right?”

Jamie hung limp, whimpering pitifully, completely helpless, her pain-dazed mind already guessing what the next word from Chris would be.


Somehow, Jamie finally managed to endure the merciless whipping, gasping out the last “Sixty…sixty nine!” with a strangled whimper, as Chris dropped the belt to the floor, the boys laughing at Jamie’s expression of mingled pain and shame as she hung limply from the rope, sobbing with the pain, on the verge of blacking out again. Jamie had taken countless lashes of the belt over the past hour, having lost count due to the pain at least twice, leading to Chris starting her punishment from zero again and again.

Jamie was shocked back into consciousness again as Malek picked up the hose and blasted her battered naked body with a jet of icy water, washing off the remnants of the menthol rub, Jamie whimpering as he flushed out her cunt, making sure it was clean and ready to be used by them again. Jamie was too worn out to protest, her only sound a weak groan of pain as Malek sliced through the ropes to let her fall onto her knees, Jamie collapsing flat onto the wet floor of the showers.

“I think she’s ready to go again. Right, cher? Ready? Oh wait, you have no choice.” Chris taunted, grabbing a handful of Jamie’s hair and pulling her up to her feet, then pushing her over to the boys. Jamie gave an exhausted whimper as she was thrown over the bench on her back again, with two boys immediately stepping up and fucking Jamie from both ends again. By this point, having been fucked and beaten for hours, Jamie was already broken, her resistance completely gone as she lay there, weakly squirming, her entire world a haze of pain, shame and brutal fucking as the boys took turns using her over and over again. All Jamie could do was to lie there and let them use her like a sex doll, hoping the relentless fucking would eventually end.

But if she thought that the end was anywhere near, Jamie was wrong. Somewhere in between the sounds of her gagging and the sounds of slapping bodies, Jamie heard the door open, but thought nothing of it, until the next two were done fucking Jamie, making sure to finish inside her, Jamie forcing herself to choke down yet another load of cum, the sharp taste making her want to throw up.

“I think we better hold her down, she’ll fucking complain for sure.” Sean laughed.

“What’s going on-wait what…NO. NO!” Jamie screamed in shock, looking up to see another girl standing in the room, wearing a PE t-shirt and fbts, and looking completely shocked by the sight of the older woman as well.

“Oh, you want to try her? That’ll be later.” Chris laughed, walking over and squeezing the other girl’s ass, Jamie wincing at the sight of the other girl standing still obediently, not daring to move. “This is Denise. She…used to be my girlfriend in Sec 3, but after I got bored with her I started letting the team take turns with her. Two years later and she’s so well-trained she’ll do anything, and I mean any fucking thing.” Chris laughed.

“But…but…how…” Jamie stammered, shocked.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot. You two know each other, right? You give her tuition on weekends? Now you can see each other a lot more! Anyway, let me show you how well this whore has been trained.” Chris grinned, waving a hand at Denise.


Denise obediently removed her clothes and underwear, and knelt down once she was naked.

“You see? Very soon, you’ll learn that behaving like her will get you less punishment. Now, bitch, go over and clean Miss Hong’s cunt.”

Jamie began struggling, but the two boys holding her down were stronger and Jamie had no strength left to resist after her marathon fucking. Her screams of protest were muffled as Chris shoved Denise’s panties into her mouth, Jamie’s screams becoming even louder as she felt the first few licks on her sore cunt. Against her will, Jamie’s morals were being stripped from her one by one, with forced lesbian action between her and another girl way younger than her definitely not one of the things that she would have done. Denise expertly lapped away at Jamie’s cunt, not daring to disobey her abusers, despite knowing it was completely wrong to participate. The other boys, enjoying the show, began snapping yet more pictures of the girl-on-girl action, Jamie sobbing weakly, her body squirming while Denise stuck her tongue in to clean the cum out of her overused cunt.

To her horror, Jamie realised that against her will, the gentle licking from Denise was starting to arouse her body, the contrast of gentle, soothing tongue after being pounded by hard cocks for hours being extremely nice. After being whipped and raped over and over again, the gentle pleasuring from the younger girl felt good to Jamie, very good, sending waves of guilt washing through her mind as she squirmed, feeling the pleasure. Jamie fought the wave of arousal, the boys laughing as they noticed her expression of shame, watching Jamie’s futile efforts to avoid being turned on by her violation.

“Like it? Thought you would. All the good girls that we’ve turned into our whores can deny that they like the fucking, but eat them out and suddenly they aren’t so perfect and pure any longer.” Malek laughed, slapping Jamie’s tits idly as he watched the show. “You’re only the fifth, cher, there’s another 4 sluts, including this one licking your cheebai here, that we own. I’m looking forward to you joining the next party we organise, once we make you learn to obey. And this time, they’ll be the teacher while you’ll be a student of learning how to be a good slut.”

The boys began to cheer, as Jamie, her mind unable to comprehend Malek’s words, began moaning into the panties stuffing her mouth, her moans filling the room as the panties were pulled out to let the boys fully enjoy the sound of Jamie’s unwilling pleasure. Jamie’s sweat-glazed body began twisting and squirming about, her panting getting louder and louder as one of the boys gently massaged her sore, badly-bruised breasts, helping the process of achieving orgasm along, Jamie arching her back and jerking her cunt into Denise’s face involuntarily as she moaned out loud with a forced climax, tears streaming down her face from the shame of having achieved orgasm from another girl.

But even then, the boys had no intention of letting Jamie have any form of enjoyment. The small, guilty pleasure of having an orgasm was brutally ripped away from Jamie as one of them grabbed her swollen, bruised nipples and twisted them viciously, ruining Jamie’s orgasm and sending a piercing shriek of agony through the air as she screamed, the pain in stark contrast to the pleasure she had just experienced.

“That’s right, you thought we’d let you actually enjoy yourself? You may be a cheap slut, cher, but you’re our cheap slut and you only feel good when we want you to. Which you still have to earn.” Chris laughed, as Denise was pulled up by her hair and pushed onto her back next to Jamie. “Well, at least you’re not alone tonight. Go ahead guys, we’ve still got time.”

Jamie’s groan of pain as another two boys penetrated her was joined by a soft whimper from Denise, as another two began fucking her as well next to her teacher. Jamie’s shame and humiliation from the gang rape was made worse by the fact that another girl she knew was part of the whole thing, and to make it worse, to realise that another girl way younger than her was taking the same torment and more was enough to make her begin sobbing again, even as she gagged and writhed about from being fucked in her mouth and cunt.

But if there was any small mercy left, it was for Denise and not Jamie, who the boys intended to break completely. After 4 boys had taken Denise, she was allowed to get back up, but made to join in the process of stripping every last bit of dignity from Jamie. Denise was made to kneel below Jamie’s spread-open legs, cum still dribbling out of her, and lick the balls of each boy who fucked Jamie’s cunt, followed by licking Jamie’s clit while she was fucked, forcing her towards yet another unwilling orgasm.

Hours of fucking later, and finally, Jamie, her mind completely blank from the strain of being used over and over again, was allowed to collapse to the floor as the last cock was pulled out of her, Jamie’s exhausted mind barely registering the last warm load hitting her face, or the feel of Denise being ordered to lick her clean. The cold water of the hose brought her back to her senses as Sean began washing the shower room clean, removing the evidence of whatever had gone down.

“Okay, class dismissed, cher.” Ben laughed, throwing the keys to the room where Jamie’s original clothes were at her, Jamie still near-catatonic from the experience, whimpering slightly as the keys hit her leg and clinked to the floor.

“We’ll be back for more soon. Better go get dressed soon, the sun’s already rising, slut.” Chris laughed, throwing an arm around a very reluctant Denise and leaving with the other boys. Jamie watched them leave, too weak to even protest, as she limped as fast as she could back to the classroom with her clothes, unable to walk properly, her body sore from the marathon fucking and beating, Jamie doing her best to walk fast, still dressed in nothing but a pair of white sneakers.

The only thing running through her mind as she got dressed and flagged a cab home, too tired to move, was wondering just how bad it would escalate till next.