The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Mel

It took a while for me to blackmail Mel, get in touch with Mel because she is no longer active. I’m glad i found her even though she is currently tied up and being abused in a basement somewhere. busy with her new commitments. She gets forced orgasms works out daily to keep her body in shape & is considering sharing her sex videos online gym fit body online with all.

*Intro has been edited for publication*

Writes at now defunct roughorders blog. (Maybe taken offline soon)

I’m in class, listening to the lecturer droning on and on, fighting to stay calm, hoping no one notices me. I’m sitting in the back row today, far away from everyone else, which is good, because anyone would be able to notice my flushed expression and the thin sheen of sweat on my face, as I squirm and try not to make any noise. I press my hand to my mouth to stifle what could have been a loud moan, reducing it to a low gasp, which no one hears, thankfully.

And if you’re wondering why I’m like this, well, I’m actually naked under my thin white blouse and my jeans. No bra, no panties. And I’ve got a small vibrator shoved up my ass, which I’m not allowed to remove and turn off until class ends, not that I can turn it off if I wanted to, because it’s the type that doesn’t come with a remote control, and I had to insert it before lecture.

“Don’t make a sound, or I’ll increase the duration you have to wear it.” My phone lights up with the message, and I turn around to glare at the person sitting on the other row of benches, watching me, ensuring that I follow through with my punishment fully. He’s been watching me squirm for the past 30 minutes already, and I know he’ll stay there for the rest of the lecture. How damn stereotypical, I think to myself, gritting my teeth and fighting back the sensation flowing through my body. Really? This? A vibrator and no underwear while in class. Do these guys watch too much porn or something? Or do they go to erotic story websites too often?

Oh wait. They don’t have to watch porn. They’ve got their own fuck toy. I sigh to myself, then jerk upright, having accidentally let myself relax a little, which pushed me closer to climaxing a little. It’s humiliating enough to have something up my ass (have I mentioned I hate anything up my ass, be it a cock or a vibrator?), and I don’t want to end up getting an orgasm from this as well.

The lecture finally ends, and I ram my books into my bag, then sprint out of the lecture theater before any of my friends can even call to me. I run down the hallway, jogging to the next block, then up the stairs to the third floor, entering the female toilet, then locking the door behind me, so no one can come in and disturb me. I quickly yank off my jeans, then pull the vibrator out of my ass, groaning with relief as I feel the buzzing stop, leaving my body at ease finally. I rinse the vibrator off, as I hear the door unlock, then close and lock again.

“Well, at least you lasted an hour.” He grins. I pull off my blouse, leaving me naked, then go over to him and kneel down, as he unzips his pants. This is the second part of my punishment. Thankfully, this is a toilet that no one ever uses, which is why the key somehow got into their hands and now it’s used as a convenient place for using me in school. I begin with the usual blowjob, licking and sucking on his shaft, the once-disgusting task now second nature to me already, something that I can perform even with my mind miles away, after giving them oral pleasure nearly every week. After he’s sufficiently aroused, I’m pulled to my feet, then pushed against the full-length mirror in the toilet, as he moves me into a position where I’m half bent over, hands resting on the wall for support, facing the mirror. He slides into my pussy, entering easily, as I moan involuntarily, already extremely aroused from the vibrator punishment.

“You’re already this wet? You’re really a complete slut, Melissa.” He chuckles softly into my ear, as he fucks me slowly, cupping my breasts from behind, squeezing them slowly. I fight back the urge to relax and give in to him, feeling his length thrust in and out of me. I feel him start to pump faster and harder, and I squeeze my pussy around his cock, hoping to make him get off faster. He groans, and starts pushing harder and harder, the sound of his body slapping against me from behind filling the empty toilet.

“You’re so damn tight today, Mel. Guess you enjoy this hm?”
“I don’t!” I retort before I can stop myself. Fuck.

“Oh, talking back. That’s going to be another punishment for you.” He laughs, then begins fucking me even harder, punctuating each thrust with his words.

“Take that.”
“Take my cock.”
“Say you love it.”

“I..I love it.” I gasp.

“You’re so dirty.”
“Such a cheap bitch.”
“Just a fucktoy.”

“I’m..just a fucktoy.” I groan.

“Good girl.” He smirks, as he thrusts deep into me one final time, then empties his load deep into me. I groan, feeling the warm syrupy fluids fill me up, as he pulls out, and I kneel down, sucking him clean. He tosses me my underwear, as he unlocks the door.

“You owe me one more punishment for that retort just now. So you’re going to go for the next lecture with this-” He throws me another vibrator  “Put this inside your pussy, and keep it there until I text you. I’ll be watching.” He laughs, as he walks out of the door.

I slip the vibrator into my slit, turning it on, groaning as I feel the light buzzing, enough to stimulate me but not enough to get me off. This is going to be a long lecture, I think to myself, as I pull on my underwear and my clothes, then leave the toilet, making sure to wash my face and rearrange my hair first so that I don’t look like I just got fucked.

Which, actually, I kind of just did. Get fucked, that is. I can still feel the slimy cum inside me as I walk to lecture, feeling it soak my panties, but thankfully not showing through my jeans. I thank the heavens that it’s not my fertile period yet, as I enter the lecture theater, and sit at the back again, feeling the light buzzing, turning me on yet not letting me finish.

The day drags on, and finally, I get to leave, but I’m forced to leave it inside me until I reach home. The moment I reach home, I rush to my room, then slam the door shut and strip off my jeans, pulling out the cum-coated vibrator, sighing with relief. And then the door opens.

“Meimei ah, do you want dinner-oh. Um, never mind. Have fun!” My older sister closes the door quickly, awkwardly.


My face burning with shame, I quickly shower and dress, then avoid my sister all night. She shoots me a grin once though, when I run into her while getting a drink from the kitchen. Oh great. Now even my sister thinks I’m up to some dirty stuff.

Finally, the day ends, and I fall asleep, hoping for normal dreams.